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Healthy body, healthy mind! According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, it is highly recommended that either children or adolescents participate in daily physical activities or events, at least 60 minutes daily. As you might know, physical activity has academic benefits as well; students that practice any physical activity improved their concentration and memory. There is also another fact that in FinishBuild we believe is important when it comes to having physical activity at school, for both children and youth; this could significantly reduce the number of overweight in students.

Students as well as athletes need safe, durable, and high-performance flooring; because this can help them achieve good results in all the activities they develop in this specific area of the school. FinishBuild takes into consideration all these aspects, and because we are a flooring company, we strive to accomplish the previously mentioned statements as well as gym floorings that look extraordinary.

Proving an optimal learning environment for students has to be an essential goal in any educational institution; this should go in conjunction with an inspiring area where students can produce endorphins (chemicals in the brain) that regulate mood, pleasure and pain; therefore they feel good about themselves and their academic performances. Thinking about a place where physical activities can be developed in the school, we could not think about any other one but a gymnasium and the different options people have in order to select the correct one. When you are looking for the products that help you achieve the flooring look you want, you may consider the following aspects: they need to be easy to maintain, quick to install, and look great, yet are durable enough to take a beating from thousands of students and still last for years.

Today’s flooring market offers a wide selection of alternatives for you school gym so you can opt for the one that better suits your needs. Among the gym flooring options we can mention for instance: tile, synthetic surfaces or maple.

How often and how to keep your school’s gym looking its best?

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Every type of flooring requires particular steps in order to be installed and have an exceptional performance; yet the only feature all types of flooring have in common is that they need regular attention whether in the daily or weekly care, as well as in the monthly or annual maintenance.

When we refer to daily care, we mean that depending on the use and traffic, dust mopping with damp mopping or autoscrubbing will be enough to make flooring looks great. And we believe frequent mopping is important since either students or teachers track the grit and grime every day, and cleaning them will help remove dirt and soil; these are the biggest cause of floor wear. As we have mentioned, depending on the traffic in your school gym, it would be necessary to dust many times a day, so make sure your cleaning crew perform this task, they will help the school extend the life of the gym flooring.

Burnishing is another monthly key alternative to consider when maintaining your gym’s flooring. It is recommended to remove scuffmarks and restore gloss. You can also opt for any spray-on floor restorers that are now available in any home market; these sprays enhance your flooring’s shine but please be careful to choose the specific product you need, sometimes people decide on products meant for resilient vinyl tile floors and use them on wood or synthetic surfaces: big mistake!. Once your cleaning crew has performed the burnishing task, they can use a dust mop with a microfiber mop, in order to pick up any remaining fine particles.

Most of the schools prefer to perform the yearly maintenance task during the summer time, because classes are not in session and traffic is at is at its lowest; however, there are some other schools which consider winter or spring break as an ideal time to the perform the gym’s maintenance. Whichever the proper opportunity you consider performing the maintenance of the gym is, make sure that you do not develop it when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when humidity is greater than 80 percent.  Referring to the products that best take care of your flooring surface, the alternatives are limitless. However, from FinishBuild we would like to recommend you to choose a brand that offers a large selection of products, so you can have many options to select. Either water or solvent-based products, could suitably work on your flooring maintenance, but do not mix them together without consulting the FinishBuild’s advising center, these types of products will maximize the life of the shine on your gym’s flooring.

By developing these schedules maintenances, you will certainly observe that the frequency your school’s gym flooring needs to be resurfaced will decrease, and this ultimately will save your school money.

Interesting alternatives to protect gym school’s flooring

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Since there are many special activities that take place in school’s gymnasiums, for instance; proms, pep rallies or homecoming dances, we have thought about some options that may benefit you when it comes about protecting your flooring.  Additionally, FinishBuild likes to pay attention to every single detail, that is why we have also considered the fact that for school gyms, people wear different shoes, special events can result with food and drinks spilled on the floor. Consequently, none of these situations are good for your flooring finish, they actually reduce the life of your gym’s surface and we know it is a costly investment for schools in general. These are some options you can consider to protect the investment you have made: vinyl sheets and carpet tiles. You may wonder why? Well they are budget-friendly, and the covering process is finished quickly.

Vinyl covers advantages

  • Vinyl covers are easy to roll out; therefore, the covering process is finished quickly.
  • They are available in different sizes and thickness; this would depend on the particular time you will use the vinyl covering.
  • Vinyl covers’ maintenance is great! Quick mopping will be enough to clean them up.
  • You will find them in a great range of colors; so you can choose the one that best expresses your school spirit!

Even though vinyl may causes health problems due to the fact that it has been tested as the most toxic flooring material, if installed in outdoor areas where there is a proper air circulation, vinyl sheets should not be a problem. Protecting your flooring’s surface is important and these alternatives will help your gym’s flooring looking great longer, what will also turn into a positive impact on the school’s savings.

Carpet tiles advantages

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  • They are easy to install and store; so installing them is finished quickly.

  • Carpet tiles feature a non-slip backing; which provides an outstanding traction.
  • Most of them carry limited warranty.
  • Carpet tiles cleaning stage is simple! Just vacuum them and that’s it.

FinishBuild knows your school gym flooring represents a large investment in time and resources, so a proper installation, and the right protection during special events or specific functions, will help keeping the look of your flooring in the long term. Remembering tips which might be irrelevant such as: spills on the floor should be removed immediately and when cleaning them, do not use products that leave a residue because it makes the floor slippery, are the most important considerations we can ask our customers to have in mind.

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