FinishBuild or BuildDirect Tile Flooring? Two Options One Choice. Build Direct Review. Best Tile.

Conforming to an article published by the Pew Research Center, the use of Internet in the consumers’ purchasing journey has a great impact on their final choice. This is due to the fact that gathering information about an online search, in order to be guided on the steps to purchase any online product, has significantly evolved in the last years, and it seems that every day people need previous review regarding any product which is offer on the web, before making the decision to acquire it. Among the flooring companies that are currently in the market, we believe that FinishBuild and BuildDirect flooring truly know customers are more informed than ever, and this is something that we in FinishBuild totally like; because when people read and analyze all of their options, it is easier for them to deal with a wide range of choices among hardwood, laminate floor, flooring building materials, bathrooms, kitchen, engineered floor or porcelain/ceramic tiles, flooring products, flooring wood, and thus decide for a good flooring company. FinishBuild is able to satisfy the requirements of our customers, therefore reach the first top positions on clients’ choices.

Have you heard about FinishBuild’s Offers?

FinishBuild was born as a determined project in Doral, FL in 2015. Today is a young company that has as its main goal helping customers by offering to them everything related to home products; and because we are a young company, we feel enthusiastic with the idea of bringing fresh propositions to your building or makeover project. With a motivated team that feels ready to assist you during your home project journey, FinishBuild offers an attractive online range of flooring options that goes from laminate flooring to porcelain and mosaic tiles.

Furthermore, we also count on an accessories line that would add the look you want for your designing project. We have to notice that the entire home products we work with, are made by well-known brands, recognized around the world and they are guaranteed. In addition, all of our products are delivered to your home as soon as you let us know your order, thanks to our shipping service.

Moreover, FinishBuild has a showroom where you can find samples of our products and corroborate that we are selecting only the best for you. Likewise, in FinishBuild we have our own advising blog center and social networks; where you can learn tips and get inspired by ideas regarding to how to combine your flooring choice with the right furniture, as well as how to keep it clean and looking great.

Important stages FinishBuild considers in any flooring project

FinishBuild would like you to know that we are going to do our best at helping you reach your designing ideas. There are two key stages to have a great flooring experience, and long- lasting results throughout any building or makeover process:

      1. The flooring provide

      2. The flooring installer

Regarding to number one, we must say: we have it covered! In FinishBuild we work on your flooring designing dreams by combining creativity and motivation, what lead us show you that possibilities are real. About stage number two we are pleased to tell you that there is an installing center at your complete disposal, with good trained people who can assist you. You count also on our advising blog center and social networks, where you can find useful articles related to tips and ideas which may give you better perspectives about what you want when it comes about: laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, engineered flooring and porcelain tile flooring or any other home product.

FinishBuild understands that you might want to consider all of your options before selecting a flooring company to develop your building or makeover project. We totally support you when it comes about analyzing among all of your flooring companies options before convince yourself for any of them, however you must know this: FinishBuild works based on the best interest of customers, and that is you.

Do you know Build Direct Tile Flooring?

It is a Canadian flooring and home products company, launched in 1999 that has supplied customers worldwide. They offer a good variety of flooring products and services, which can be ordered online and delivered to your home in a simple way.

Build Direct counts on a Learning Center and a blog which offers to their customers among others; installation, maintenance tips and trendy ideas thus, customers can get inspired by some of the suggestions Build Direct recommends. This company also has a clearance section in its website where clients can find which products have a special discount, and so they can take advantage and purchase them.

Build Direct has also published contributed articles in well-known press, such as: Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., and TechCrunch. This has allowed them to consolidate the brand in the home market.

What do and FinishBuild Offers share?

Both FinishBuild and Build Direct based their work on ethical and honest values, which is essential in the process to make people trust the brand (orders, installers, shipping, warranty, manufacturers, timely).

These two companies main aim is to provide customers with high quality products, and also offer the best prices.

Neither FinishBuild nor Build Direct believe that once you have the materials you have ordered, their task is finished but they are more than able to assist you in every single stage of your project.

Not sure about whether to work with BuilDirect Flooring or FinishBuild? Take a look at the following factors. BuildDirect Review.

In FinishBuild we decided to compile a short list, based on 3 factors (in no particular order) that make us different than our competitor, Build Direct:

Unlike Build Direct flooring, in FinishBuild you have the installing center service, which gives you the opportunity to be assisted through your building or makeover journey; so as we have shown in our website, we are with you since the first moment you opt to work with FinishBuild, until the installing stage that will give your renovated space the perfect finish.

We are a company in constant progress, which allows us to grow along with your designing project experience and this will certainly help us to boost our foundations, in order to improve every day and be the company with the best clients and products in the future. Being a young company that strives to excellence, will make us stay in the home products industry in the long term.

From South Florida, FinishBuild is ready to improve the way we show and sell our services and products. This is why we are striving to make our online sells service better in every selling experience, so we satisfy our customers’ needs and in the same manner, we fulfill one of the goals we have set up from the beginning.

Now that you are well- armed with the basic information on the best these two companies have to offer, consider the materials your building or makeover project requires so you can properly fit your needs with the perfect company for you. In FinishBuild we want to ensure that customers are getting the best for their individual needs regarding to their flooring alternatives; that is why we need to remind you some aspects about the potential company you would choose, so you can consider them and thus make your final decision:

  •     Variety in the offered home products
  •     Brands that provide the materials each company sells

Even though it would be easy for you to prefer a different flooring company, choosing FinishBuild as your best partner in any of your flooring design project, will suitably provide you with excellent and appealing finishes in the space you needed to restyle, as well as results that keep their good look in the long term.

FinishBuild’s team keeps updated regarding to flooring, interior and exterior design new trends, and it is truly glad to hear and help you through constant communication, from the moment you contact us until you start your project at home or office. Both FinishBuild and BuildDirect e have plenty of flooring designs to provide. FinishBuild has selected them in detail; furthermore, it offers its products with all the support of great manufactured flooring brands.

Whichever the company you decide to work with is, build with the heart…