FinishBuild goes VIP with Flooring Airlines Options

Part of the desire of improving oneself comes from the constant thought of an unsatisfied feeling. Improving resides on the fact of keep learning and nowadays more people have chosen to travel in order to get this personal growth.

On 2015, According the article “International tourists hit record 1.2 billion says UNWTO”, by written by Karla Cripps, tourist traveled outside their countries boarders for at least one 24 hours. The United Nations World Tourism Organization report that over 2014 ant the 2016 there is been a rise consecutive average growth.

In relation to air companies, it is hardly ever regarding the product, it is about the experience. Since the transportation process corresponds only to a few minute, two days top, between connections, Airlines usually focus on delivering an unequaled customer service. As a result, VIP Lounges, or boardrooms are created. These spaces not only aims to provide a charmed pre-experience but might also be offer an comfortable space to relax. VIP Lounges are often vacant to international first class and top-tier passengers. First class lounges are usually more exclusive and will have extra facilities over business class that are more in line with the European/Asian concept of an airport lounge.

VIP Profile

VIP Lounge areas in a small number of conditions where an amenity is offered only in the business class lounge, first class passengers are permitted to use the business lounge if they wish. In any case, a person with first class lounge access almost automatically has access to the business class lounge, however lounge agents may get confused when passengers choose to use a smaller amenity than that to which they are entitled. As a result of admission requirements are settled, which make the area even more outstanding than the regular ones. FinishBuild has settled a couple of flooring options based on your personal style or special requirements. As follow:

Flooring options

Regarding the atmosphere that figures on these kinds of areas, dress code is wished. Therefore, in order to install a proper floor we might to take into account that maybe large groups of passengers travelling together will be at the discretion of the lounge administrator. Agreeing on this level of rank, a few flooring products should be contemplated as a possible choice. On the other hand the fact that children are also permitted admitted into the VIP embarking room.


Vinyl flooring comes in planks, tiles and sheets, each of which require a different installation process. Some vinyl has tongues and groves while others do not. For example, sheet vinyl comes in one large, well, sheet that you lay out and cut as needed. With such variation in vinyl flooring, you may pick the material you’ll use for your stairs based on ease of installation and your project’s requirements.

Versatility. Matching the versatility of your airline personality can be covered with vinyl flooring looks. If you are looking for consistent look and a steady surface, then vinyl is the perfect combination. Many business managers prefer vinyl tiles for Lounge areas due to the fact they are simple to install. However, sheet flooring may be ideal if you need to wrap the vinyl around the edge of the stairs. Consider the look you want for your stairs and the installation process that will be easiest for you when deciding on a type of vinyl flooring.

Porcelain tiles

If you are 100% focus on the service and do not want to spend extra caring & maintenance on your flooring products, then you might want to give it a try on porcelain.

Stain resistance. The stain resistance of ceramic and porcelain tile varies depending on its capacity to resist moisture. Glazed tiles and even some unglazed tiles resist all types of stains and can be cleaned easily with some guidance. Nexus Grey porcelain, for instance can be a possible candidate for a luxury look for VIP lounge areas. On the other hand, VIP lounges usually provide complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and even light snacks such as, cheese, soup and pastries. In case of liquids or food misfortune situations, porcelain is a good ally on easy stain cleaning procedures, porcelain tile surfaces do not retain antigens or allergens, nor do they absorb fumes, odors or smoke.

This feature enables good hygiene and makes these tiles a suitable flooring material for any environment where hygiene is essential. Because color is fired into a tile’s clay body (in the case of unglazed tiles) or onto a tile’s glazed surface (for glazed tiles), fading does not occur. The colors in ceramic tiles do not fade even if exposed to direct sunlight and its color-leaching UV rays.

What about laminate?

A classic look is never undesirable. By adopting forest appearances, such as PINE, MAPLE, CHERRY or OAK, you can also create a refined atmosphere. Finish Build can also offer you a variety of shades such as almond, toast WALNUT or BARIL OAK. FinishBuild Laminate flooring products can offer you a variability of many color, textures and shades. So, if you are looking for versatility and forest connection that reflects you uniqueness before flying, then laminate flooring style might do the job for you.

Sound reduction. Laminate flooring can be a reasonably good choice for sound reduction with the addition of a quality underlayment. Generally, VIP Lounge areas are preceded by chill atmospheres where users can focused on different activities, therefore a quite floor product is wanted and well appreciated. In addition to absorbing sound, laminate flooring products combined with a layer underlayment will add a feeling of solidity to the floor and reduce the hollow percussive sound that footfalls can produce when laminate flooring is floated over a subfloor without the benefit of underlayment. The underlayment pads a laminate floor much in the same way that a pad works under carpet, adding give for extra comfort and insulation for overall warmth.

Keep it clean with FinishBuild

Regarding FinishBuild flooring products, maintenance is very easy going, take into account that vacuum-time do not have to be and harsh time. As long as you keep in mind light not abrasive cleaning products, and a good soft wipe assistant is good enough. Relating to scratching situations, it is pertinent to be aware of heavy furniture.  Maintenance of your flooring areas would allow you to assure the best floor tiles performance. Keep into account that breathing in a dusty atmosphere can cause asthma and chronic sickness in both children and adults. Consequently, choose wise, we hope this article help you on luxury rooms, such a VIP lounge room.

You start, we Finish!