Factors to Consider Before Installing Tile Floor

Your house’s flooring serves as the foundation of its interior, therefore having good quality floors allows you to have underfoot surfaces that look great even without all the furnishings and wall decors. Due to the fact that flooring is a permanent part of your home, it is essential for you to select good quality floor materials that not only enhance your home interior design but also improve your entire living lifestyle. Selecting good quality flooring is as important as executing the right steps and considerations before installing it. As society keeps developing, homeowners’ flooring needs grow and so today they are looking for unique ways that led them to improve their individual home living styles, thus having top- quality floors at home is a need.

Floors make the entire home a stable and intact space; when it comes to tile flooring, I need to highlight that this is one of the floor types that have notoriously increased in demand due mostly to it adaptability, designs, sealants and eye- catching accents. In this post I would like to focus on tile floor as it has the ability to add comfort and elegance to any room of your home, at the same time this type of floor upgrades the value of your property; make sure you have considered the following factors before installing tile floors.

Decide If You Are Going to Keep or Not Your Baseboards

Considering whether or not you will remove your baseboards before installing your new tiles is a key step as most flooring types need a small gap between the edge of the floor and the wall in order to allow room for movement. On the one hand if you do not remove your baseboards, that gap I just mentioned must be covered with a convex molding whose cross section is a quarter of a circle, this may affect the trim’s aesthetics, that convex molding is known as a quarter round. On the other hand, you will not need any quarter round if you decide to install new baseboards once your tile has been installed, thus this guarantees a clean aesthetic that is often a chosen method of many professionals.

Check If you Have Foundation Problems

Pay special attention to the foundation of your flooring, because if it shifting, your tile will too and therefore this can lead to undesirable cracks and breaks that will turn into more money investment as you need to repair them; moreover those foundation problems are not precisely eye- catching. In case you do not have foundation problems, then you should not have any inconvenient regarding tile breaking or cracking.

Tile Installation on a Second Floor or in a Home with a Pier and Beam Construction

Since tile requires a waterproof subfloor when it is installed on top of wood surfaces, otherwise it will swell and thus will break or crack, you will need to install cement board to ensure that this problem does not occur.

If You Are Planning To Paint

In case you want to roll out the new flooring before you paint, a common suggestion is to do it before installing tiles, this way it is easier as you do not have to worry about splattering paint on your new floors. However, it is possible that your walls will have a few nicks after the floors are installed and thus it will definitely get a little dirty. What many pros prefer is to paint over any blemishes that happen during installation, perhaps you might want to consider this idea.

Are You Considering Refinishing Your Staircase With Your New Flooring?

When tiling a staircase, one of the most important aspects to consider is figuring out how you are going to finish the edges of your steps. Tile rarely has a matching stairnose piece available, so that leaves bullnose which is a piece of tile with a small rounded edge; think of a Schluter strip as your main option. Bullnose and unfinished edges will blend better with the rest of your tile.

Kids or Pets

if you have kids or pets, take a look at color body and through body porcelain tile because even though they are a little bit different, each one ensures extra scratch resistance so you are not going to see a notice marks; fortunately tiles are well- equipped to resist foot and paw prints.

 Your home needs to be a place where you can relax after a very long tiring day at work, so comfort from your feet should be a priority you need to cover by installing an exceptional piece of good quality tile flooring. Steeping on comfortable flooring make you feel good, without even notice it, this is what makes easier for you to tell the difference between a regular floor and an excellent quality tile floor.

Fortunately, the tile industry focuses on ease your life by working on really suitable choices for any of tile application you need to do at home; rating tiles in a scale from Class 1 to Class 5, being 1 the less resistant to abrasion and 5 being the most resistant. Once again I need to highlight that right tile installation will depend on both, the type of flooring you are looking for and the research on the flooring brands shortlisted you make before making the finale decision to purchase that important and permanent decorative piece for your home.