Exceptional Care Tips for Your Lawn

You’ve probably noticed that when it comes to home interior tips and ideas, articles and magazines that give you options and ways to improve the appearance of your spaces are vast; but have you ever wonder what are you doing in order to improve the look of your home’s exterior, for instance your lawn? This article is dedicated to this important yet sometimes forgotten area of your home; in FinishBuild we believe that unlike home interior design, which has its basis in eye- catching and great looking details, lawn care is not just a vanity project but a significant aspect that improves in a great way the environment of your home’s exterior. Lawns that are in good shape provide you and your family a quality outdoor space to use and enjoy, thus your quality of life as well as your family’s increase; not to mention how much value your property gains. Start this home improvement project by taking your time to study what your lawn needs, maybe it is about pretty simple things such as more sun, water or fertilizer, once you get those down it is time to move on all the settings your lawn requires in order to look its best.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Lawn

A gorgeous lawn starts with proper preparation and the selection of the right grass, so good maintenance certainly keeps it growing and looking really beautiful. These are some key tips we would like to share with you, in order to make your lawn performing at its best.

Right Soil Is Basic

Before to start this great adventure, be aware of the preparation and planning stage, they both are essential for a successful lawn project. Prepare the area by making sure to banish weeds and choose soil that won’t crust over or compact into lumpy ruts. Setting soil is one of the most important steps; test the pH of your soil in order to know if is ideal for plant growth. A soil test also determines if your soil is neutral, alkaline or acidic, allowing you to adjust the soil to the appropriate pH level for your planting purposes. Ask your local Cooperative Extension office to test your soil sample and nutrients levels, the analysis might take a few weeks but definitely will save from pouring money into the ground. As an extra suggestion, we must let you know that soil can be tested at any time; however fall or early spring are the best seasons to do so, because it gives you the opportunity to make adjustments before you plant your garden.

The Seeding Choice

In this stage of the project it is recommended to first identify the type of turf that is currently growing in your lawn; then and base on your region, select the most suited turf type, keep in mind the specifics requirements of your yard. The seeding process can be made by either hand or with a method known as hydroseeding that has become popular in the last years. This method helps to solve one of the principal problems of hand seeding which is dispersal of seeds, hydroseeding also mixes both fertilizer and binding agents thanks to a pulp made from virgin wood fibers. You can also opt for rolling out a carpet of sod, this will be the quickest way to add beauty to your lawn, but remember that sod is expensive and in case your lawn is going to cover a large area, make the numbers!

Mowing Time

When it is time to mow your lawn, many garden experts agree on mowing height; this means to do this less and not more. Try raising the mower to its highest so you just need to mow only the top third of the grass when you cut; the taller your grass is, the better the root development will be. When you properly mow your grass, you instantly increasing the density of the lawn, and in turn weeds decrease. In this stage we need to highlight that before performing any maintenance, cleaning or inspections on your mower make sure that if you are using a gasoline powered mower, you unplug the spark plug wire as instructed manual suggest; and in case you have an electric mower, disconnect it from its power supply, all the blades and moving parts must come to a stop.

Do Not Forget About Water

They say the best time to water your lawn is the early morning due to the fact that the sun will help dry the grass. Frequent shallow watering tends to lead to lead to thatch that unsightly web of dry brown runners just above the soil. On the other hand, weekly water soaking does help roots extend deeper into the soil; watering deeply prevents annoying chinch and bugs, which is a pest that contribute to attach dried, stressed out lawns. In FinishBuild we believe that is better to water less often but for extended periods, and to test if you are watering your lawn enough, you can set an empty can next to your lawn sprinkle, when you notice that there is about a 1/0 inch of water in the can, then you will know it is time to turn off the sprinkle.

Feeding Is another Way to Show Some Love


Not because the healthiest lawns own this attribute you will think that they do not need a solid meal. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient your lawn consumes, having said this it is time for you to look for a mix of fast and slow release fertilizer which helps greening up your lawn in a quickly way. Feed it over time and remember that in the north, optimal feeding time is in fall and spring. In the south spring and summer are the best seasons to achieve a proper feeding result.

Keep Weeds Away!

Crabgrass represents the pest in any lawn gardener’s existence; however do not take wrong by thinking that herbicides are essential to a healthy lawn, actually many experts avoid their use. Focus on growing such healthy grass that chokes out the invaders naturally. Remember to regularly mowing because it tops off weeds, before they have a chance to scatter their seeds.

By taking few simple actions and regular maintenance you can make your lawn a source of pride, a focal point in your neighborhood and a place for your family to play and relax. Remember that how you care for your lawn is proportionally related to where you live; base on this we need to advise you to use the most suitable regional lawn care so you keep your lawn healthy. Stay tune and give our caring and maintenance tips a try…you dream it, we Build it!