Essential Features for a Kitchen with Industrial Feel

What started out as an efficient and functional work area several years ago, soon changed into an unmistakable style which greatly chains affordability and practicality, and that can be appreciated in contemporary homes or penthouses. Being present across generations, industrial style remains one of the trends look that beautifully shows the charm and coziness of an essential area in any home: the kitchen. So if you have decided to give a try to this amazing home style, now is the perfect time to create exactly what you have been always aiming for; in FinishBuild we are pleased to contribute in your project and in this opportunity we have to mention that you can count on us not only with the flooring feature but with some many more elements you will love your kitchen renovation to have.

Determine your industrial kitchen layout and walls appearance

Optimize the kitchen’s space focusing on functionality and you and your family’s needs, space plays an important role in this home project, so depending on how much of it you have, you might think the different shapes you can give to this area; for small spaces consider taking advantage of the vertical space and choose stack counters or shelves high up on the walls, we can also suggest double duty kitchen pieces that will help you to have bigger storage without occupying a lot of space. If a large kitchen area is your case, you can try on L- shaped or U- shaped design, this last one is u favorite because there are a lot of possibilities you can think of when decorating the big center island or peninsula.   Subsequently, since it is a style that mainly expresses raw textural beauty; brick, concrete or tiles will work really nice as your walls alternatives. Bick walls stand as the current leading selection, due to the extraordinary texturized finish impact they reflect in your kitchen. Whether you decide on any of these three wall options; exposing steel surfaces (which is a very common characteristic in industrial style) also add good value, then strive to harmoniously match this element with your flooring selection.

You industrial kitchens floor

The variety of beautiful material options and the different styles available in the flooring industry nowadays has never made kitchen floors look so good; fortunately today’s flooring is designed to be low maintenance and durable. When deciding on your industrial design kitchen, function and high stains resistant materials must be a priority for you; since cooking usually requires long periods of standing and walking back and forth, cushioning or comfortable underfoot surfaces will help you prevent back issues. Among the alternative we can offer; porcelain tile, wood laminate, bamboo and vinyl tiles are the most suitable for this home improvement project. Each of these flooring products has incredible features that will fit in your kitchen design, they are made by well known flooring company around the world and this is why we definitely recommend you any of them.

Add more storage in your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen can be a challenging experience since it is probable you have, or would like to have a considerable amount of items. In order to storage all your cookware, bakeware and small appliances, include cabinets in your island, hanging pot racks is another good option, inserting pullout storage, overhead pot storage is awesome for saving some more space, and if your collection is made of cooper, will be even better,  investing in a cart are some other choices we can suggest. Additionally, you can always free up a little bit of space in your industrial style kitchen by storing occasionally used kitchen elements in your basement.

Our favorite industrial kitchen décor ideas and accessories

In FinishBuild we know you look for a truly exceptional industrial style kitchen, so beyond all the obvious job of installing the right floor which fits in with the walls and make the space very functional, we believe it is all about details that give your kitchen a distinctive personality and project you own taste and not going down with the generic decoration patterns. Having said this, we have a selected an interesting list with ideas you might take into consideration in order to find the balance between modern finishes and edgy overtones that the style delivers:

  • Islands are centerpieces in any industrial kitchen; you can make them look pretty and functional at the same time. There is a wide range of industrial kitchen islands in the home market, you can find them with storage enough to accommodate everything you want, for instance: dishes, wine bottles, books, magazines and many others things that come to your mind.
  • Metal surfaces made of stainless steel; to add your kitchen a nice sense of practicality.
  • If it is about lighting; industrial lamps will be more than welcome in your kitchen, our suggestion? Match them with lovely vintage chairs to achieve a well balanced style.
  • Continuing with the lighting aspect; oversized pendants are one of the latest trends in stylish industrial kitchens.
  • Try something different; and install bamboo kitchen cabinetry, you can also integrate a railing for kitchen utensils to create an eclectic industrial kitchen look.
  • Entertain your guests and cook for your loved ones; place a large table in your kitchen where everybody is in the kitchen for all parts of the meal.
  • Who says industrial kitchens have to be always designed with neutral colors or only stainless elements? Add an excellent contrast by choosing a bold color for the cabinetry with the exposed brick and rustic wood flooring, to recreate a wonderful modern and unique look.
  • When it comes to countertops; granite and marble are elegant and wise alternatives, while limestone or stainless steel countertops materials are more in vogue.
  • Frosted cabinets will complement any modern industrial style, and if you are looking for a more inexpensive suggestion; nice painted cabinets will add a good looking touch.

Industrial style kitchen do not necessary need to remind us cold spaces with a lot of metals of some sorts; FinishBuild considers you can always add your personality and taste to any of your home improvement designs. Regarding to your kitchen with industrial feel, by having color and contemporary items you will certainly make the space warmer and more inviting.

Show off your style, add some personality and you are good to go…you start, we Finish!