Essential Cleaning Steps: Make Your Life Easier

Marvelously designed home is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you are in the quest to buy a house, or contemplating a remodel of it; at this point the financial responsibility is one of the first considerations you pay attention to. Once you have reached your goal, the following aspect you should focus on is the time and labor that your gorgeous home requires in order to keep it looking as good as the first day you accomplish your dreamy home. As you might intuit, this post is about essential cleaning steps you might want to follow in order to maximize the appearance of your home as well as get all of the tasks done and still have time to create good memories with your loved ones. In FinishBuild we truly believe that the key is finding the balance between having stunning home’s spaces and minimize the cleaning time that such areas need.

When designing or executing a makeover in your home choices in layout, finishes and furnishings play an important role on the impact that a determine amount of time will be needed to clean everything; homeowners often tend to ignore this factor. There is nothing like a well- designed and functional home, with exceptional finishes and beautiful furnishings; however poorly maintained spaces ruin all the beauty that your house can perform. This is the reason why keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks is essential for you to avoid headaches or wasted money in repairs which could be avoided.

Whether you decide to do the regular clean-up of your home, or you call up your local handyman to help you out; make sure to take good care of your home in general so you will have rooms that look gorgeous for years to come. These are some steps you might want to keep in mind in order to accomplish a home that will be cleaned and happy in the long term.

Essential Steps: Exteriors…let’s start at your home’s curb appeal!


Rinsing off dirt and debris

To accomplish this task the right tool you will need is a pressure washer, this type of tool usually comes with an assortment of color coded spray and each one has a different spray. You can control the pressure, from high- pressure pinpoint spray to a wider and low- pressure spray. For instance, if you want to clean your home’s siding, low- pressure spray tip is ideal to achieve such task. Pressure washing is also a great option in order to remove algae stains from fencing, which is a typical sign of poor maintenance in an exterior.

Get the Deck Clean

Pressure washer will be your best tool to wash your deck; use a tip that produces a spray about the width of a two by four with medium pressure. The key in this cleaning task is to keep the spray moving, avoid to just focusing on one specific spot for too long, otherwise you could damage the surface permanently. As a final touch, you can apply a wood preservative; this contributes to prevent discoloration.

Clean Out Gutters

Gutters tend to especially accumulate leaves from the fall season or sediment from winter snows; as you clean the gutters, you can also check for cracks in the seams. A good way to clean them out is by using an old chisel on order to scrape the old caulking out and dry the area; then you can apply a new bead silicon sealing coat, this will keep water from getting behind the gutters and rotting the boards.

Get Rid of Faded Flowers

Removing faded blooms from your planters and container gardens does way more than just neaten things up; it actually directs your plants’ energy away from making seeds that turn into more foliage production, and thus more flowers.

Essential Steps: Interiors…cleaning them based on their prime material


As you might know, this is a terrific material either for walls or tiles. Glass is a versatile, modern and sleek choice that furthermore is non porous, this makes it nicer and easier to clean keeping stains or bacteria away from you and your family. The tight product to clean glass is white vinegar, if your spray it on your glass surfaces you can immediately notice that eats way from some mineral deposits and soap scum. White vinegar has incredible attributes, and we absolutely recommend it instead of using abrasive products. Scratches are common damages that your glass surface can suffer, so when it comes to the tool you need to use to clean glass; a supply of clean and soft cotton or microfiber cloths are your best alternatives. On the other hand in case you need to scrub, a soft bristle brush will be enough to scrub the area with causing any scratch. The best way to clean your glass surfaces up is by applying the cleaning product you have opted for, allow it to break the dirt down, wait for a couple of minutes and then take your sponge, strive to work from the top to the bottom, left to right (this technique ensures a streak- free shine).


A common choice for countertops, bathrooms countertops or showers walls or even floors, granite is well- known for its stunning colors and designs, not to mention how resistant is to scratches, stains. Even though this material is very strong, it cannot handle all of the cleaning products that are available in the market; for instance, vinegar or lemon can cause etching or strip the sealant off the stone. You rather opt for pH neutral cleaners such as castile soap or dish liquid. Regarding to the proper tool to make your granite looks awesome, a microfiber cloth to wipe, as well as a non scratching sponge are your best alternatives. How to apply the cleaning product on your granite surfaces? Shake the product and squirt it in an even pattern; then wipe off and see how the surface dries and shines.

Hardwood (floors)

We must start this cleaning step by mentioning that hardwood is a beautiful and elegant flooring option, however requires extra care and maintenance. Even if your hardwood floors come with a varnish, it will be needed to wipe up spills or stains in order to avoid them getting into the joints between floor planks, that will result into moisture damage. Since it is a very popular flooring option nowadays, there are obviously plenty of cleaning products for your hardwood. However a great solution that will not fail at making your floor performs exceptionally is hot water, a small squirt of dish liquid and a capful of vinegar. Of course there are many other homemade options, strive to find the one that best suits your hardwood flooring’s needs; remember that less product is better.

Furniture that Truly Shines

We cannot finish this post without mentioning what modern home design has taken as a must-have décor; high gloss furniture is here to stay and we do agree that it is gorgeous, sleek and clean. As it is made to perform its gloss, this type of furniture tends to scratch, dent or chip easily, so making the wrong decision on the cleaning product represents that the piece of furniture ends up worn or even damaged. The best product to accomplish a good cleaning of high gloss furniture is water, but do not use too much! Otherwise you can warp the lacquer. As an ideal tool to clean this type of furniture, a flat optical cloth is your best choice, this tool is able to polish and shine without basically any product as well as does not cling on to small pieces of debris which can scratch.

There are three basic aspects you need to keep in mind to properly maintain any object of your home, in FinishBuild we call it the essential cleaning triangle, and they are: the right cleaning product, the right cleaning tool and last but not least, the right cleaning technique. Whether you create an online or on paper list of your home’s tasks, you can be sure that this will be an excellent way to plan regular tasks for each weekend, so you will not end up too overwhelmed by all the cleaning activities you need to be done at home. The process of taking care of your home is quite similar to the one you do with your car; in order to keep your car’s engine healthy and performing at its best, you need to regularly change the oil, so empower yourself with these essential steps we have mention and go ahead! Upgrade your home’s spaces with the right cleaning items and ideas, enjoy of well-maintained rooms you feel proud of for years to come…you dream it, we Build it!