Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!Laminate flooring market has gained ground along the years due to its constant improvements. It is not a coincidence that today’s laminate markets are vastly different from first styles that were introduced during the late 1970s.  This market has certainly kept up with all the latest trends, making floors look more modern and stunning than ever before, not to mention the technology and outstanding finishes that allow floors last longer and increase their durability. As these flooring features appear, chances to design and update home areas are plenty; and with this statement, from FinishBuild we would like to show you how laminate flooring could accurately work on your walls (yes, you have read it right, walls!). As everybody knows, laminate flooring was meant to be installed on the floor; nevertheless there is one more way to use it and it is on the wall, whether you want to install it as an accent material, perhaps to cover an entire wall or just part of it, as a wainscot for instance. Besides these alternatives, laminate flooring is greatly recommended after a previous remodeled wall, which you consider is necessary to re-design; so instead of going through the time and expense of doing some extensive drywall repairs, it is suggested installing laminate flooring on the wall.

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy” Juan Montoya.

Reasons to warm up your room with engineered wood flooring on the walls.

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!

Since it is a versatile and hard resistant construction material, FinishBuild will show you some good reasons that will probably make you consider installing laminate flooring on your walls:

Extraordinary visual

By choosing any of our laminate flooring brands to develop your home project, you will enjoy a gorgeous wall design; and since we replicate wood patterns, you will also create a beautiful natural look.

Excellent value

Because there is no need to turn to a really expensive wall makeover process, that will maximize out the entire budget in order to reach your wall designing idea, when you have the opportunity to give your home great style for less with this laminate flooring alternative.

Painless installation

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!As well as it is easy to install on the floor, using laminate flooring on your wall will ease the installing process, thanks to the tongue and groove shape that creates tight connection, and moreover you will count on a locking system that will last a lifetime on your wall.

Durable and scratch resistant

In case you want to makeover a room that has a high traffic of children, and as you might know laminate flooring is high scratch resistant so you will be enjoying this benefit on your wall too.

Earth- friendly choice

You will play in the green team and that is a wise decision for your wall, because our laminate floors are eco-friendly since they are produced from millions and millions of wood waste.

Amplified style

This is our favorite reason! It is well- known that nowadays customers are requiring to their designers more and more awesome ideas to project in their home areas, and the flooring market is answering the call. Our brands are continuously coming up with multiple options to capture the look homeowners want, so thinking about a proper laminate flooring look for your wall is not a senseless idea after all.

How-to steps

In order to achieve the new look of your old wall, It is not necessary to hire a carpenter; just a well done installing process will be enough to recreate the look you are searching for or to match the floor with the walls, to complement the style of your room.

Pisos de Madera 300x300 Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!Determine the board layout

This is the first step to install any laminate material on your wall; decide whether you want to place the boards horizontally or vertically. And in any case, dry- lay your installation out and pre-make the cuts so that once installation step comes, you will simply track the pieces up.

Consider the wall layout

After you dry- laid the installation in the pattern you will wish to use it on the wall, so using a stud finder locate the wall studs and mark them proportionally with a pencil and a bubble level. Now it is time to center the installation so you have the same size cuts running all the way up the sides, this means, the same size cuts at the floor and ceiling. And at this point is time to determine if you want to run the wall vertically or horizontally.

Time to make the cuts

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!They are mostly necessary in order to make boards fit into vertical and horizontal space of the installation wall, the ends of the boards meet perpendicular whether walls or corners, so when it comes to cut off them try to use a compound miter saw, this will be a quickly and efficiently way to cut the boards. In this step it is important to make notice that you may need to cut the boards down lengthwise as well, either at the top or the bottom of the wall (in case of horizontal installation) and into the corners (for vertical installation). Our recommendation would be to use a circular saw for lengthwise cuts.

Installation stage

Based on your decision to do a vertical or horizontal application, it is important to execute a good row during this step. Apply glue in a zig- zag way to the back of the laminate material you have chosen with a caulking gun, next up set the first row in place and smoothly tap the pieces of that row together with a rubber mallet. In case you are making a vertical installation, adjust the bottom first row accordingly with the shims to support the installation; repeat the same step for the wall gap between the first row of vertical material and the corner you start out of. If you have decided on a horizontal installation, work your way up from the bottom to the top, pressing each row firmly onto the wall so the adhesive sticks. It is fundamental to make sure that each row locks into place with the row previous and the adjacent pieces.

To take into consideration

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!

  • The following are some considerations you might have into consideration while giving the luxurious look to room’s walls you have decided to renovate.
  • For ease your installation, mark the entire length of the stud as it runs from top to bottom so you have a clear line of sight all the way up the installation surface to guide your nailing.
  • To prevent damaging any permanent surfaces, make sure you have the boards set up on a appropriate cutting surface.
  • Wear safety gear during cutting.
  • To further mount the pieces into the wall across the horizontal installation stage, you can use a brad nailer set at a 45-degree angle on the tongues; although it is not required since the adhesive should be enough.

Any of your design ideas is possible in laminate flooring, even those ones that seem to be difficult to achieve, for instance laminate planks on your wall. FinishBuild totally encourages you to make your home a unique, warm and inviting place where friends and family who come in feel welcome and can enjoy in each room you have revitalized not only for them but for you.

Keep your design home project positive…you start, we Finish!

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