Engineered Flooring and New York Times

b1 1024x567 Engineered Flooring and New York TimesThis section is dedicated on a New York Times article by Fred a. Bernstein. Even though was publish on 2011, Engineered Floors Are Getting Serious provided us an interesting review of why engineered flooring products are so popular on many construction fields.

To start, FinishBuild is glad to show you a little introduction to a few engineered flooring product users that support this ecofriendly material as a solution to special measurement areas but with a classic look that resembles nature uniqueness. Take for example, supporting engineered flooring products, Lee F. Mindel, an architect with Shelton, Mindel & Associates, Mr. Mindel said, that he has used engineered floors -which eloquently refers to, irreverently, as B.L.T. sandwiches- in boats and airplanes, where thickness and weight are crucial.

Regarding resistance factors, supporters of engineered floors also note that engineered floors are not subject to the “cupping” or “crowning” (respectively, concave or convex warping) that are major complaints about traditional wood floors. These important fact relays on the quality which makes engineered flooring products valuable in places with much moisture or buildings where large windows mean that every flaw will be seen under bright light. They can also be precut to fit rooms precisely, avoiding the possibility of sharp edges, a big advantage in dwellings without baseboard moldings.

Environmental benefits

Another fact that is well highlight on the article is the fact that engineered flooring products are almost one-quarter-inch thick, which means that a piece of wood would produce one solid floorboard can produce four or more engineered boards. James Caroll, who owns LV Wood, also contributed on adding that the under-layers of engineered floors are made from fast-growing, and therefore rapidly renewable, trees.


Engineered Hardwood

 When it comes to laminate flooring it is important to mention that engineered wood floors are not laminate. Laminate flooring does not contain wood, and if it does, is on a very low amount of wood.

According to BuildDirect Company Engineered hardwood flooring products are prepared by gluing a real hardwood veneer to a core board made of plywood or high density fiberboard. Because its assembling method, engineered hardwood is further dimensionally stable than solid hardwood, meaning that these flooring products will not contract or expand on the exposure of humidity or temperature changes.

Kindness of engineered hardwood can be display on its cost. In relation with other flooring materials such as solid hardwood, for example, engineered hardwood is generally less expensive.

Another particular characteristic is its diversity and multipurpose feature. Engineered boards can usually be installed on all positions, including beneath grade. It also tolerates heat exposure, allowing planks to be installed over radiant heat. And furthermore, its well base structure can agree on concrete subfloor installation.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that not all engineered flooring products can be rub down or sanded, floors with veneer thickness less than 2mm should be refinished-evade. This matters relays on sanding the top layer more than once or twice may expose the base layer underneath.

Non warp or squeak floors

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Engineered Flooring is prepared with hardwood thin pieces, came with a crisscross layering manufacturing, which seems a suitable option for floor conditions that require a strong flat for extra weight and strength, avoiding warps or squeak issues. Its core is usually plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) and the top layer is composed of a of hardwood veneer which is glued atop the core to mimic nearly any species of hardwood.




FinishBuild online store

Engineered hardwood has the natural characteristics of the selected wood species, and at Finish Build, kinds like EARTH FRENCH OAK, WARM SUNSET, are available if you are in the mood for a forest pigment. The reason people tend to choose engineered hardwood over natural hardwood is because the greater moisture and heat resistance. This is due to the layers assembling process, engineered flooring floorboards normally has three or more layers. Therefore, there is superior stability with the company of additional layers. The core layers may be made of plywood, high density fiberboard or hardwood. For example, Vanier engineered flooring has five to seven hardwood core layers.

At our 2016 catalog we currently count with brand such as, Parkay Floors which offer you clear shades that goes from, BROWN VALLEY, PEARL FRECH OAK, NATURAL FRENCH OAK to more smooth colors like NIGHTFALL, ROCKY MOUNTAIN.

Engineered floor maintenance

 As your skin, flooring layers are also significant. If the area in which your hardwood floors are laid has a broad window, protect your floors from the direct sunlight by using sheer drapes or blinds.  Hardwood floors may be ill and affected by ultra violet rays.

According to HomeFlooringPros, a broom is the first main step in order to get rid of dust, dirt and debris. Subsequently a slightly-damp mop can be used to remove remaining debris. If you have tough spots, try to use non-abrasive products, water mix with a few drops of lemon juice and a bit of common soap, will be enough to remove stains. Once again we remind you that ammoniac or steam cleaner because you might create the right conditions for moisture spreading.

Remember that ecological floors would always match with ecofriendly products, so do not be afraid of trying new natural ways of cleaning your engineered flooring products. FinishBuild flooring products performance has a very special positive influence by keeping nature and wood-look styles. So, whether you are thinking about a home redesign project with comfy and warm purposes, engineered flooring could be the finest choice for your house, family and planet health itself.

Engineered flooring not only can reflect your personal style but also your personal values as well. By acquiring these types of products you are contributing to the planet, by saving earth lung flora.  FinishBuild staff hopes that not only physical beauty came into your living accommodations, but also a new vision for what is important to human race, which is preserve life above all.





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