Effective Ways to Make Homes Smell Delicious

Did you know that our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than our other senses? This perfectly explains the reason why scents may affect us even more than any other sensation; this is then the best motivation you can find in order to strive to have a home that smells good. Doing some research we found out that in accordance with “The Smell Report”, our olfactory receptors have a direct connection with the limbic system which is the most primitive part of our brains and was created to be the seat of emotions. Therefore smell sensations are relayed to the cortex; this is where cognitive recognition takes place immediately after the deepest parts of our brains have been stimulated.

Keeping your home scented and fresh must be an essential aspect you need to pay attention to. It is true that there is a wide range of options that promise to make your home a fragrant oasis but this may not last in the long term; these choices are only a quick fix when you know your friends or special guests announce they are about one hour to arrive, but it would be better if you could get to the root of the smelly problem and eliminate those unpleasant odors from your home for good.

Fragrances are great complements to a gorgeous home; they bring life to the air making any space feel a truly area of well- being. The best part of such a home attribute is that nowadays there are a lot of simple and varied ways to add scent to any room of your home; it is just a matter of select the proper ones for you and your family, and then enjoy of the pleasant effects.

Naturally Scented Home

Fresh air as simple as that! This is one of the best natural ways to keep your home smelling good. Fresh air will be a perfect choice if you are a person who likes to wake up in the morning and open the windows until going to bed at night. The downside is that this idea will probably make your home a bit dustier, but it is fine if you enjoy of neutral smelled environments.

Nature has so much to offer, a clear evidence of this is the variety of natural scents you can use to diffuse around your home. Citrus, herbs or forest fragrances are perfect to make your home smells really good; scented olive oil candles are excellent as you can add a touch od any essential oil on them and enjoy of an amazingly scented candle for your home, for instance your living room.

Homemade diffusers are probably the easiest option you can opt for, to make them you need only few items which you are most likely already have at home; you will only need a small spray bottle with a few ounces of water and some drops of your favorite essential oil, done! You will have a diffuser filled with a nice fragrance to be sprayed out in any room of your home. Because of their calming or enhancing properties, lavender, citrus options like lemon, tangerine, wild orange and grapefruit are the most popular natural choices.

Natural homemade potpourri is another great option for perfuming your home and you can choose it not only during the holidays, but for anytime of the year; it only takes a few steps and there is no need to dry any ingredient, you just need to boil a saucepan, add sliced lemon, orange peels, your favorite herbs like cinnamon sticks, essential oils, simmer on low heat and this is how the delicious smell of it will be carried throughout your house.

Potted plants are not only made to look gorgeous in your home, but also to function as air purifiers so keep them in mind. Palm tress, orchids and peace lilies are just some of the options you have.

Best Scents Items Created By Man’s Hands

Candles are one of the most common options you have to add both the right ambience and a subtle aroma to your home’s rooms. In FinishBuild we like to suggest strong scents in your candles, because they will fill a room even when they are not lit. Scented candles are great options for every room of your home, from the bathroom, or the kitchen to the bedroom; however it is recommended to change the scent of your candles to suit according to the season. Floral scents in spring and fruity scents in summer are ideas that might give you a reference to best suit your candles depending on the season. Another significant attribute of scents candles at home is that they contribute to create the mood when it comes to share time with your love ones.

Chic incense sticks if properly choose (no generic or superficial scent) tend to be an addictive option to make your home smells delicious; they smell just great. We know scents are a matter of taste, but less fruity scent and more forest incense sticks is the right way to dress up a space with a toasty finish that makes it warmer.

Cotton ball perfumed are certainly an old trick to deodorize either your bathroom or bedroom. By just soaking cotton balls in your favorite essential oil, and truck them around the house out of sight for instance, between cushions, behind furniture or vacuum canister you will enjoy of little whiffs of pleasure when walking around your home; they really work to make your house smell good.

As you can realize, fragrances are directly linked to emotions; they can strongly influence your mood. The sense of smell is the first one to develop, and influences 75% of our daily emotions and desire, so why not to work on a home improvement project that keeps your home smelling delicious  and give you a more positive everyday experience? From choosing lavender for your bedroom to have a good night of sleep, to opt for citrus scents in your home office that brightening the mood and improve concentration, options are vast and they sensibly can help you feel even more relaxed and comfy in your own home. Fresh fragrances and daily housekeeping will make you succeed in such amazing home improvement…you dream it, we Build it!