Earth- Friendly Roofs: We Just Can’t Get Enough!

As the awareness of global warming grows (fortunately!), people around the world are becoming increasingly ecological. Nowadays it is very common to know earth- friendly conscious consumers who are progressively finding new and more creative way to go green, raising green roofing options to new heights. Few days ago we shared with our readers an article related to what we consider are the 5 best roofing materials, after we published it we realized that there is still information about the vast roofing materials alternatives that there are available today. Based on this, green roof options are what we would like to develop; in FinishBuild we believe is an excellent way to complement our last roofing post.

As we have already mentioned in our previous roofing materials post; roofs are those structures which protect us from the elements. Therefore, the importance of a great material selection for it is essential and with today’s innovative roofing alternatives, it is even more often to find new kinds of roofs that can do more than keep you and your family out of the rain and snow. In fact, now it is possible to install roofs that make your house cooler, and thus make you feel more comfortable while they give your air conditioner a break.

Environmentally Friendly Roofs

Recycled Shingles

This is perhaps the greenest choice you will find; recycled shingles are made from waste material, for instance: plastic, rubber, wood fiber and more. In fact, if you are willing to make your roof an earth- friendly one, you can also opt for recycled- content shingles.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • What makes them an excellent eco- friendly option is the fact that they can be made from clean post- consumer waste, which is that waste from home, or post- industrial waste, those wastes from factories In any case, the resulting product is a nice looking shingle that you would never know was made from “waste” materials.
  • Recycled shingles reduce energy consumption and pollution, because they help divert waste from landfills.

Go environmentally- aware with Solar Shingles

If you are striving to have a home that does not only look eye- catching from outside, this is an ideal roof for your project; solar shingles are new solar products that perform as a great alternative to photovoltaic (PV) panels. They perform elegance and simplicity at their best, not to mention how space- conscious solution can be.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Solar shingles are ingeniously made to blend with regular shingles, and therefore you won’t need to make a full roof makeover.
  • Even though this is option will initially need a considerable investment, it can be well worth it to consider the economic benefit in the long term; you will watch your electric meter spin backwards, and in places where selling electricity back to the local power company is available, you can install enough building- integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) and sell the remaining electricity.

Standing Seam Metal Roof


Green homeowners decide on metal roofs more and more, because this option can be also found in its recycled content version.

Wondering about its benefits?

  • Content metal roofs are extremely durable, long lasting and light reflective; roofs with these characteristics are definitely a great investment.
  • The downside about this choice we cannot deny is that this green roofing option needs to be analyzed carefully in areas with heavy snowfall, because it can slide right off metal roofs, and potentially create huge drifts around the perimeter of your house; so you might need a plan for dealing with it.

Salvaged Clay Tile

Keeping usable tile out of landfills, this roofing material is still highly coveted today; it give your home the look of elegant historic homes

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Salvaged tiles are durable and natural.
  • This roofing alternative is even longer- lasting than metal; and can be also found in lighter colors, this is a big plus since you will be taking home a material with all the cool- roof benefits.
  • Some drawbacks you need to be aware of is that clay tiles are expensive and considerably heavy; so you might need some reinforcement of the roof, therefore you must add this fact to your budget.


Vegetated roof

Yes, you have read it right! Grass is not always greener in your front lawn, and to prove this we can tell you that this is a roof which is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium that has been planted over a water proof membrane. Believe or not, this is a sort of lawn that will absolutely look beautiful as part of your outdoor design. We need to thank Germany for giving us such a modern and green roofing option.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Green or gardened roofs help lower your energy bills.
  • They also perform excellent at lowering greenhouse emissions.
  • Help reducing storm- water runoff and also provide a habitat for surrounding wildfire; which contributes to reduce your stress levels.

As you may see or hear, environmentally- friendly living alternatives are becoming more and more popular, hopefully they will increase even more in the future; today is more frequent to walk on streets paved with recycled concrete, or having a neighbor whose home’s siding is made of eco- friendly material; what was missing in order to complete this earth- friendly pack was the roofing aspect, and as you could read it is pretty much covered. Moreover, we often see hybrid or electric cars on the highways; these are really important steps that society is making towards a significant change that benefits all of us. In FinishBuild we consider that today is a great day to modify some aspects of our journey; start being more energy- independent and more eco- friendly; using clean source of energy is an amazing beginning.

Reduce your dependence on those home products that need dramatic earth consume, and give our environment a break by opting for solar energy and renewable alternatives that will reduce as toxic emissions as possible…you start, we Finish!