Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home Review

  DOG DESTACADA 300x138 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home Review

Dogs are –in most of the cases- the first pet in American households, and in most of the cases are consider family members. While some have dogs for companion purposes, safety reasons, or just for fun motives, dogs are not only an unconditional love source but also a connection to nature in the sense that get the best of humankind and compassion.

Dogs are far relatives of wolfs, which are well-known for being strong canines, that even though they like to haunt in groups, wolfs are recognized for its self-determining sense of leadership and self-sustainment. Through the eras human race and this creatures began to establish alliances where, both parts benefit and work as a team. As you see, nowadays, we are not that far from that ancient agreement, they provide and we provide.DOG 2 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home Review

I personally love dogs, and at FinishBuild I have had the opportunity of writing about what are best flooring options materials, which are the best and new dog bed accommodations and now, I would like to share ideas regarding dog feeding stations. When it comes about best man’s friend, spoiling is a natural habit that most of us develop when we establish a solid connection. So, whether is buying a cool rubber toy, food snacks, or a nice bed cushion, there are always more in order to spoil these little fellows. I happen to own three dogs, each one of them come from separate families and two of them were rescued. Even though they are not inside home or an apartment, they are very attached to every single member of our family.

DOG 3 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home ReviewWhen it comes about feeding our dogs, we have managed to do it outside in order to avoid messy or spill situations. Nevertheless, they all have its own personal bowl when lunch-time arrives. It is very cool to see, how repetition has helped my dogs to recognize which spot is their own. You can make you dogs eat in any place you virtually have imagined. Patience is vital to train your dogs, therefore in case you happen to have them inside your house you can also make it happen. Choosing a spot is very important, with dogs you cannot swing between spots. In order to learn, dogs must own a permanent feeding spot. This is precisely when spoiling and creativity get together. Dog feeding stations are an original way of setting your dog’s spot, so whether is installed in a customized island kitchen or even in an assembled kitchen drawer, we can always find a way to add a dog feeding station.

DOG 4 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home ReviewYellow Brick Home on its blog offers a very interesting alternative, not to mention creative, regarding a dog feeding station for a DIY project. This project embraces the idea of founding a functional dog feeding place in a corner with bowls, subsequently assembled in plywood boards into a personalized corner. It is important to mention that ergonomics plays a vital role for dog comfort, since they do not have to bend over, Jack and CC definitely notice the difference.

Let’s take a look of plywood, this material has a lot to offer when it comes to modular additions inside the house, due to the fact that sizes are unlimited and thickness can fluctuate, you can find just the one your project might require. In the case of a dog feeding spot, plywood boards do not have to be too thin. In the case of the corner yellow brick home panels are 2 – 1″ (2′ x 2’/each).

What I personally enjoy as part of FinishBuild team, is that this article besides offering me a well-specified review -about the materials and tools used in the project- also teaches me how to do it in such an easy way that, I almost believe I could do it myself.

Another important fact that I also consider important to mention is that empathy is key in order to really catch the attention. People need to feel there’s more outside, that there are people who cares about the same things you feel passionate by.When I started to seek for creative ideas for FinishBuild news, Yellow Brick Home came up with its genuine touch which I found charming, however what really got me was the fact that they love dogs as much as me, and this was what actually kept me reading. Since my dogs live outside home I have come with some suggestion in case any other dog lover might want to apply this Yellow Brick Home idea but in an outdoor area.

Dog Feeding Station: What to take into account for an Outdoor Plan

  1. DOG 1 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home ReviewIn the case you might want to use leftovers for any other occasion or even weak fixing, I suggest you to try with 3/4″ panels. In addition since this structure might be in contact to harsh nature elements, I think it would be cool if this corner dog feeding station is built in a solid compacted way, as a corner box addition.
  2. Dog bowls can vary and play some nasty tricks in the installation process, therefore I believe is very important to measure and double check this holes in the plywood boards. On the other hand, if you really want to be sure of the bowls fitting in, when drawing them in the plywood leave a small space between the guideline and cut it around. This, in the case you use other materials such as Laminate flooring products can actually be useful, since temperature influences in decreasing and increasing boards, there would be no troubles with your dog’s bowl.

You love it. We love it too!

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