Decking with safety

  Every time summer comes, we think about how our fun will be in the heat of the sun. We think what the song of the moment, maybe. But what we almost never think about is what fun it will be like if we do not make sure.

When of outdoor spaces are treated there are two important characteristics that we must take into account to resist the intensity of the sun and the rainy mode that sometimes alternates. It is true that she must possess high performance and durability to face the season that is but it is also true that we do not notice many other characteristics that guarantee us that much fun we are looking for.

They are just two words: easy maintenance and non-slip

The pool of the place that is in our charge usually is a paradise of distractions, amusements and, apparently, only pleasure. But if we do not have the right qualities, we can move from laughter to an emergency room only by a fall. Not only there, any place near the water can be thought of as a present danger territory: a terrace, the living room, the dining room itself. With the slips no one knows what the final result will be.

In many places they use tests to test soil slip, these are usually internationally regulated and their degree will depend on where they are used: residential, public or sanitary.

Most people believe that safety, durability and aesthetics in terms of floor are characteristics that are not linked by the same thread. Have a floor that complies with regulations to avoid falls.

The diversification of products allows these three edges to be joined without the aesthetic being sideways. In these times, the production of new ceramic production processes allows for more and more products that can be combined with the decoration of the home.

Thus designs very faithful to natural surfaces such as wood or stone. There are many varieties from the slates, passing through the sandstones until reaching the limestone that involve variants of natural stone very extended to pave rustic exteriors, or the light woods, in gray and whitish tones to achieve that space so modern or so minimalist.

That there is a wide variety of materials guarantees a high variety of colors and with it you can do a combinatorial not only with the floors on the outside but also with the whole house. So safety and style become part of a single space and summer only a place where you can relax.