Creative Ways to Keep your Bathroom Perfumed

Have you ever get inside a room and instantly get that welcomed and received feeling? We have. And regularly most of the times are due to how items are arranged. This amalgam of elements are usually previously thought, there is no secret. FinishBuild would love to help you with simple addition you can apply in order to craft your own meaningful area. When it comes to bathrooms or restrooms, you might understand that as humans we and our biological needs have an important role in our daily tasks. Therefore, you might be conscious of the odors we discharge and the unpleasant sensation of it.

At FinishBuild we think that in order to create an outstanding bathroom area there must be a significance and what can be more important than a restroom that always make you feel welcome, a build it place that embrace you  and  provides you the solitude you deserve. But also smells incredible, if you could dream it, we can build it for you with some easy steps.

Bathrooms, for most of us turn out to be the place where we can be stress-free and unperturbed. It is a necessary activity in order to unplugged mind and get into a more lucid and sensible phase, and recheck how our behavior is going. However, since this should be a charming time there is no reason for avoiding one or two cossetting treats. First of all, keep into account that in order to make your shower time a priceless experience, you should make of this a habit.

What items can I add into my Bathroom?

Natural Light

FinishBuild always recommends to get the benefits of natural elements, sunlight can enhance your bathroom areas, lighting and provide a much more relaxing place to wash yourself. Keep into account that sunlight as natural energizer can increase colors in your bathroom walls and by installing solar tubes on your roof to absorb the natural light and spread it around, which is an excellent option if you happen to have a bathroom located on a shady side of the house.


Vanilla-scented candle is our first suggestion when it comes to candles. FinishBuild assures you that this smooth aroma will definitely add some good mood into your bathrooms. In addition it would wipe away odors of any kind. Do not hesitate on being exquisite with scented candles to make your house smell like paradise.

Incense stick

Besides getting the vitality of the sun, this option is the most appreciated one when it comes to add some good fragrant scene. Explore and embrace the experience to the fullest on your bath, try using soft incense sticks. Incense in the bathroom promotes relaxation awakening the senses and inspire contemplation.

For the bath you deserve, try coconut incense. Coconut is the perfect scent for the bathroom; it adds a soft but refreshing atmosphere. Another cool essence is Lavender, which has been used since the days of ancient Rome to scent baths.

If you enjoy strong smells keep into account eucalyptus and pine. Try to hang a few branches in your shower. These scents perfect for a hot soak on a cold day. Last but never least, try classics such as, vanilla and chocolate, perhaps the two most popular elements of scented products today.


If you are more into natural fragrances, explore rose petals which absolute are equally relaxing. For the exotic or sensuous bath, consider gardenia. If you happen to be in those days where you need to energize and awake the body and spirit, try rosemary, lemon or rosewood.

Eucalyptus and pine are bracing scents perfect for a hot soak on a cold day. Sandalwood and frankincense are more contemplative; for many, nothing is sexier than vanilla and chocolate, perhaps the two most popular elements of scented products today.

Essential Oil

Regarding removing strong biological odors essential oils are a good option, by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a charming bowl of cotton balls you can refresh these areas. You can also use one of those wick devices or any other contraption made for unleashing the power of scented oil. As a general tip, FinishBuild opts for going for floral and citrus essential oils in your bathroom.


To sum up, if you are not that into floral or any of suggestions above, we also have a more useful and cheap option. Lighting a match, or preferably two, is a consistent remedy for odor situations. It quickly and effectively masks the bathroom odor with a relatively pleasant and familiar smell. However, be sure to put the matches under the faucet before putting them in the trash, to prevent a fire. Avoid flushing your matches down the toilet if you do not want a clog up.

FinishBuild cheers you up into considering positive transformations in your bathroom into a personal refuge. These days, there are many options for bringing live with flowers and plants into your home that do not require a lot of attention. So, enjoy the bath-time and focus on nothing but yourself and soothing massage sensations.

You Dream it. We Build it!