Creative & Budget-friendly Coffee Table Ideas

Are you thinking about going to your nearest home store or browsing in an online home shop to purchase a new coffee table? I you have ever lived the experience of choosing a coffee table, then you probably know how essential this choice can be. Living rooms are one of the most important areas in your home; this is why you need to be careful when selecting all the pieces that will reflect your style and personality. In FinishBuild we consider that side or coffee tables are key decorative pieces in any living room, they are the focal point of this space no matter what kind of decoration you put on them. Moreover, most of the people enjoy a good cup of coffee and if served in the sunset of a beautiful day, becomes the best medicine to overcome any difficulty during a full working day; this is the moment when coffee tables play a significant role as they serve as necessary support in your living room.

As we already mentioned, a coffee table is a central piece of furniture in your home; the proper coffee table can easily make or break the rest of your living room designing, it does not matter how great the sofa performs in this attractive space. Today a coffee table does not only come in a wide variety of sizes but also materials and shapes. Actually there is the possibility to create the right one for your living room’s needs, and the best part is that you do not need to broke the bank because they are really affordable, so you get the best of the two worlds: create a unique and suitable table that saves you from spending a lot of money. This is the aim of our post, to show you affordable coffee table options that also look contributes to the beauty of your living room.

Our Picks on Creative & Budget-friendly Coffee Table Ideas

Why not take advantage of those secondhand items purchased at a garage sale and transform them into eye- catching and functional décor pieces? We would like to showcase some really interesting non traditional coffee tables, suitable for a considerable range of designs and likings, choose your favorite one and start working to accomplish this unique home improvement project.

Pretty Pallet Coffee Table

When homeowners are finishing home improvement project, there are usually left pieces of materials that with a little bit of creativity and good taste can become part of your living room décor. Pallet for instance is a recycled material that is able to make this room of your home a useful and pretty room; it also helps you to add the perfect touch of vintage and country style in your living area. To make it even more functional, you can make sure that this type of coffee table has shelves underneath; they are exceptional on stashing anything: magazines, remotes and on. And to make more attractive, leave the wood a little bit raw for a homey area.

Recycled Window Coffee Table

Have you ever though of having one of your old windows that you do not use anymore as part of your home décor? This is an idea that we really like because is made of upcycled materials. Another great reason we can offer you, regarding this unique coffee table is that you might combine storage and appeal since you can storage books or magazines as the tabletop looks at its best.

Wood Door as your Coffee Table

Although it sounds bizarre or non traditional; you can take advantage of that old door you are not longer using, and make it part of your decoration. If you can find a stained wood door to make your coffee table, this idea will be even better. Stained wood performs exceptionally since adds color and texture to your creation. Once you have putted together all the decorative items, such as casters and a bottom shelf area, you will immediately notice how amazing your old door turns into a new living room accessory.

Painted Log Coffee Table

Nothing like bringing nature into your home; an interesting log painted coffee table that displays beautiful plants is the right option if you are looking for a small table for your porch or patio setting area. This idea can perfectly be a DIY project, experiment with bold colors of paint in order to create a truly statement piece of furniture.

Industrial Coffee table

The concept of this idea is to bring that interesting industrial feel to your living room. This coffee table can be made of barn wood and a metal frame, both of them will definitely give that simple yet modern touch to such important area of any home.

Modern Coffee Table

There is a chrome finish with glass top coffee table suggestion that we totally love. Furthermore, this is an affordable and chic way to decorate your living because they are not too expensive, actually they are 80$ or less; you can find then just by visiting our website.

Retro Coffee Table

It is time to go for bold looks and an appropriate way to achieve it is by creating your very own retro coffee table. A vintage suitcase is the principal element you will need; just drill holes into the bottom surface and attach legs, you are done! Plus: since suitcases can be opened, once you do this you will also have a storage space for items you want to keep hidden or objects you do not regularly use.

Interesting and creative coffee table designs do not necessarily need to be bought in an expensive home store; instead you can start looking around your home in order to find old items that you might want to get rid of, this is the right time to recycle them and create an awesome coffee table that your guests will be impressed of.

There is no need to need to buy those same coffee tables that everyone has at home; our creative and budget- friendly ideas can be made by you or perhaps you might need professional help to achieve what you have in mind, in any case the most important aspect is that you will have a unique piece of furniture you feel proud of.