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%name Country  Kitchen FinishBuild TipsOur Kitchens have a habit of being one of our most importantand meaningful memories of childhood. Recalled as a warm place where our moms and grandmas practice the alchemy on feeding time, kitchens would definitely have a place on our souls.

Since we love what we do FinishBuild has prepared a set of tips in order to share creativity and useful ideas for an endearing place such as, Kitchens. Today, these meals areas are highly social zones, as a result of this, people seems to make an extra effort to add style and in some cases luxury items, ornament belongings to make kitchens more appealing to the eye of guests.

In order to recreate a dreaming kitchen space we have decided to talk about other elements besides laminate flooring products suggested. Therefore, you would have some alternatives in order to combine our flooring products and boosting your creativity. So, while food is ready, let´s take a look of possible sceneries where baking are likely possible and conversations are shared.


Even though wood flooring is the traditional choice for countless country kitchens, there are other ecofriendly and engineered options that will give you the rustic look you desire and that have minimum care requirements, such as our current products. Alternatively colors and patterns can vary so you can choose not only between a wood look feature but a type of shade as well.

Keeping it simple is crucial to build the kitchen of your dreams, and when it comes to flooring products possibilities are endless, so take your time, and take a look of our options:


 Finish Build laminate floors products such as, Espresso Acacia or Nocce would add a rustic style to your flooring kitchen surfaces. So, if you are into white furniture, those laminate flooring options may go well with a country look. Keep into account that wood look floors would do the job on creating a cozy atmosphere, but try to avoid too dark items otherwise you cooking areas would look gloomy and the idea is to make it appealable.

Laminate is great in Kitchens when you use a fair thickness type of floor boards, for example, in the case of kitchen where traffic is almost continuing a C3 or a C4 can work, as a result you can achieve the look of a wood look and solid flooring product. What we love about laminate flooring products is also that maintenance comes to be easy because laminate floor materials are designed with an invisible top wear layer which acts as a barrier over each piece, protecting it from stains, dirt, smears, and water penetration.


Regarding kitchens FinishBuild considers that we should work in terms of functionality.  While wood floors are beautiful and pine can afford that rustic style that you are looking for is desolately expensive, high maintenance needed in order to avoid dents quite easily.  It would be a bad choice for a high-traffic space.  When deciding on woods for flooring, you want to choose a floor that will last a long time, and here is where hardwood flooring products make dreams come true.

Hardwood floors despite being ecofriendly are able to provide you that countryside. It would last longer, and plus it is simple to clean, which makes Hardwood more desirable and will remain new looking without too much work. Besides colors and brands we also like to recommend you to ask for the flooring standards chart regarding thickness scale to help you pick out which variety of wood you need depending on how much traffic you will have.


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According to Build Direct on its “Wood-Look Flooring for Kitchens” article, Vinyl can be another flooring option for kitchens. Certainly, Vinyl flooring is a bonus product sold in boards and its special characteristic on hyper-realistic design, resembles wood and nature wood-look patterns. Another interesting fact is that FinishBuild vinyl flooring products come with moisture resistance which bond perfectly with kitchens, where spills are frequently. Texture is welcome when it comes to vinyl flooring products and kitchens, very comfortable to feet when standing to cook for your loving ones. And last but not less important: durable standing vinyl as important distinguishing product to consider regarding kitchen spaces.

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Items to boost your kitchen areas

  • Mixing is strategic. If you have already have established a vintage look with your furniture and modern electrical appliances, we would love to recommend you wicker café chairs which are ideal and great acquisitions on these cooking places. In case you are not into this style, then try wise thinking by using the advantage of having a selection of lightweight chairs. Keep it simple and add versatility, we are sure you would know how to combine.
  • Lighting with elegance. To get the most out of your kitchen features and open sight lines, try light that warm your spaces and evade direct ceiling light bulbs. Other advice we gladly recommend retrofit downlights installation, maybe underneath your cabinets or countertops.
  • Regulate and relocate elements such as, cabinets according to your personal standards, in order to preventing the homeowners from having to bend over too far. Try using a separate cooktop and wall oven rather than a range allows the oven to be placed higher. Drawers below the gas cooktop might provide you room for pots and pans, or element that you do not use that often.
  • Mobile functional cabinets are more than welcome into rustic areas. Besides of having useful purposes for ornamental items or just a empty space to put your groceries on, mobile cabinets also add a rustic and unique style wich coes perfectly with our laminate flooring products. Oak color, depending on the amount of shades you have on your meal areas can complement your rustic style. If your kitchen remains too dark and the budget do not cover a new cabinet, try colorful items such as kitchen items. This would totally bounce your kitchen atmosphere to a brighten one.
  • Center cooktops are very recommend in country kitchens. Known as islands, styles and functions are endless. Kitchen slate-topped can work for preparing food, gathering meals, or is also use to remains items free in order to put groceries on any shopping occasion. Generally, these islands are located in the center or near the sink and refrigerator.
  • Café curtains. At Finish Build we to love to add personality to every single thing we do. So, we thought you might like to add a delicate touch by combing texture with some cute fabric. Depending on your counter space, you also can join some significant jars, bottles, or a pot of herbs.

We hoped you have had found this article helpful to your creative thoughts. We say goodbye on this occasion remembering you that, not only in kitchens the small touches embrace the happiness your deserve, but life too. So, make small happy memories daily.

You start, we Finish!

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