Cookware and essential tools that every kitchen must have

Are you attempting to purchase cookware and essential tools for your kitchen? Or just simply trying to improve the quality of your tools in your current kitchen? Whichever your case is, the good news is that nowadays there is an incredible variety of cookware and essential tools for such important room in your home, you can equip your kitchen with high- quality and very functional items that can make your life easier and tastier. The following are some of the staple kitchen items that every kitchen should have.

A good quality set of knives

Knives are essential tools in any kitchen, and even though butcher blocks full of knives add great character to your counter, the truth is that when it comes to knives less is more. There are actually three knives that you will need to have in your kitchen, and they are: a serrated knife, a 9 to 10-inch-long chef’s knife and a paring knife; with this basic and useful set you can be you count on the right cutting tools for any of your recipes. It is important to make notice that before purchasing any of these three knives, you first hold them in order to feel them natural in your hand. In addition, you should always strive to buy the best knives you can afford as good- quality knives will last for years to come, and the best piece of advice I can give you is to browse in FinishBuild’s online store, in the Kitchen and Appliances section you will find great quality knives you can choose from, you simply cannot go wrong with the selection we have made for you.

Cutting boards

There are people who opt for colored boards for produce and white boards for meats, this to prevent cross- contamination; however, it does not matter if this is not the way you use them, cutting boards are essential in your kitchen and you should have at least two of them in your kitchen, one for raw proteins and one for cooked food and produce. These days, it is completely possible to purchase cutting boards in an amazing variety of styles and shapes, as well as in plastic or wood version. It will be super important for you to sanitize them on a regular basis and also replace them when they get funky; cutting boards that are made of polyethylene plastic are very affordable, durable and easy to clean options, at our online store you can find this type of cutting boards you visit FinishBuild’s website to choose your favorite ones.

Food processor

Whether you want to make a spiralized rice, pastries or a healthy sauce like homemade pesto, you better count on a food processor to achieve easy and great results in any of your recipes. At FinishBuild, you can also find mini- chop food processors which work wonderfully at assisting your meal preparation, and the best part is that due to their compact and small size, they will not take much of the space on your countertop.

Mixing bowls

In case you need to mix together salad dressings, marinades, sauces or even to store leftovers, be sure you invest on one of the FinishBuild’s high- quality mixing bowls; our mixing bowls sets can be rally useful in your kitchen, furthermore they won’t absorb stains or odors due to the fact they are made of two incredible hygienic materials: glass and stainless steel. At FinishBuild we always strive to offer you only the best, therefore our mixing bowl sets can perform both cost- effectiveness and versatility at their very best for a long period of time.

A blender

Do yourself a favor and buy a powerful, high- speed blender that suitably fit your needs; whether you want to use it for making healthy smoothies, sauces or dressings, you will need to have a good- quality blender. If you are looking for good quality blenders for well- known brands, then you should definitely browse on FinishBuild’s Kitchen and appliances section to acquire the blender that best works for you.

Measuring spoons & cups

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One full set of measuring spoons as well as one or two sets of measuring cups is what you will always need in your kitchen to assist you best recipe preparations. Measuring spoons and cups will contribute to precisely measure either small or big amounts of liquid and solid cooking ingredients. At FinishBuild you can purchase a great variety of these essential kitchen tools that have been designed with the best functionality to be used in your kitchen every single day.


When it comes about cookware, nonstick skillets are very good tools for your kitchen. Keep always in mind that you should not use metal utensils on your nonstick pans since scratched surfaces negatively their nonstick surfaces. Furthermore, be sure you but both small and large nonstick skillets, also small and large stain-less skillets, and do not forget about small and large saucepans as well as stockpot.

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