Change: 2016 Accessories to apply on Living-Rooms

Are you living a monochromatic life? Are your home areas too neutral? Do you like your style but deep down you consider is boring? We understand, believe it or not. From time to time is recommendable to move your home furnishing, relocate or even replace them for something new. Life it’s a cycle and small changes like relocating sofas, for example, can improve your perception to adversity and help you became more flexible and open-minded. If you are not that into changing your furniture at once, when it comes to improve your living-room, small changes become extremely valuable. One shift at a time, small changes will eventually lead you to the desired big one.


Color is one great factor that everyone should watch out. It has a great effect on your interior; it can either make the area look bigger or much smaller. White, cream, or beige colors can give an illusion of a larger room. In order to enhance your living-room areas you might want to consider making contrast between walls and furniture displayed. Different shades of the palette can help you on this task.On previous articles we talked about 2016 trendy tones for summer season, and soft and pastel tones, we think that go perfectly to these social areas. On the other hand, using different shades of a particular color can be another option if you are not into color splash.

Another useful item to take into account in order to boost living-rooms is the right amount of light which can make the difference in a room’s comfort sense, space and style.

From recessed lighting that is usually assembled into the ceiling, lamps placed on tables and the floor of the room, to natural light, never miss the chance of looking for ways to brighten your room in order to make it more comfortable. A wooden glaze teardrop lamp for example can add that classic look, and if you appreciate the tear drop shape, the copper accents, you might enjoy this suggestion.

Nature on your side

Recently we were checking on this section. FinishBuild as you know is always trying to improve on this section. The advantages for your living areas is they also offer incredible health benefits, too Aloe Vera, Bambo Palm and Boston Fern are part of several plants that cleans indoor air, which goes perfectly for home spaces, especially when grouped together with personal taste. If you really enjoy colorful plants Gerbera Daisy is another gorgeous option for this family area. Subsequently besides increasing oxygen, plants boost humidity levels in order to minimize respiratory problems, combat dry skin and preventing dry throats. Once again nature is on our side.

Soft is never underestimated

To have unison in your decor avoid too many choices of patterns. But if you really are into it, a couple of rugs with large geometric daring prints will do no harm. Vibrant shades can definitely boost the energy if you are working with soft cream and beige furniture. . A rug adds warmth and comfort, not to mention a nice complement to your decorating scheme. If your try for example horizontal stripes, will visually widen a room while vertical stripes will make a low ceiling appear taller. Therefore, whatever is your situation, you have the last word. Even on our hardwood or laminate flooring products, rugs can look stunning in your main living areas. Nevertheless, if you have these or other hard surfaces under your feet, give it a chance by adding a smooth rug.

Own Talent


There is no need to spend a fortune on a museum piece; some of us have a cool artist relative. None? It is ok. What about became an artist, get the best of your creativity by creating your own art. We are not saying that it has to painting itself, but a piece of art, something that you like, that is appealing to your eye can easily become the accessory that defines a room. Back in the old days living-rooms were designed around a fireplace as a focal point. Nowadays, artwork can be beautifully associated with almost anything, complemented by the natural light from the windows, a mirror, or even a rug. Your key is your personal touch. Breathe life into your living room by adding graphic arts that means something to you. Frame family photos for instance, hang paintings that you purchased on family trips. In order to make unique home areas you must be meaningful to yourself and the people who live in your home, own art.

Make it the coziest

There are few things that might be a good to you and your loved ones instead of blankets try an angled table lamp for a sunset reading afternoon. We love the idea of making your living-room the coziest place after a working day, so we would like you to consider a tufted armchair.

Adding pillows in the living-room is the best way of adding that extra of texture and softness we want for you. On the other hand pillows and cushions are one of the easiest and quickest ways to experiment with color. Be afraid of staying the same, not to change. Change is the best policy in order to knowing ourselves.




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