Those who are in the process of renovating their residential or commercial properties have likely spent countless hours agonizing over a myriad of flooring options. While natural hardwood floors ranks highly in terms of aesthetics, they are often expensive and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Vinyl plank flooring, however, is an excellent alternative. With a variety of colors and finishes, it can mimic the look an expensive hardwood floor for a fraction of the price.

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When customers are looking to buy commercial flooring, there are two main priorities that we would like to share. When it comes about laminate flooring products, we believe this significant additions should reflect the image of your business and the style of your corporate image. Therefore let’s work on reflecting competence and efficiency. We have come with the idea of helping you in order to realize that there is a particular flooring product for your business establishment. So, if you already have a laminate flooring product in mind: keep into account that the surface of the material should be easy to wipe clean, which basically means that the maintenance of the laminate flooring should be simple to vacuuming or sweeping on a regular basis.

Visual pros of Vinyl Flooring products

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 7 300x300 Vinyl Flooring at The Office: What You Need to Know?

What we truly enjoy about vinyl flooring installation systems is that -besides coming and easy installation procedures such as the interlocking path or the sheet features- it can be install over existing floors. There is no need when it comes about flooring you can install the floating vinyl plank flooring over the existing one without a problem. It is not challenging to install new floating vinyl planks over your old laminate, ceramics, or concrete, as long as you prepare the existing flooring properly.

  • Vinyl covers are easy to roll out; therefore, the covering process is finished quickly.
  • They are available in different sizes and thickness; this would depend on the particular time you will use the vinyl covering.
  • Vinyl covers’ maintenance is great. Just a quick mopping will be enough to clean them up.
  • You will find them in a great range of colors; so you can choose the one that best expresses your business spirit.

Floating vinyl flooring is perfect for people who enjoy to get home and get ready for the master couch or just prefer to stand on their feet most of the time. Vinyl flooring would definitely surprise you on how comfortable and quiet this floor can be. When it comes about the most beautiful and realistic flooring solution available on the market these days. You will find it in a great range of colors, patterns and designs. If you are looking for a high-quality vinyl flooring that can resemble wood and stone to perfection, then you should definitely choose the floating vinyl planks.

What kind of color?

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 10 300x300 Vinyl Flooring at The Office: What You Need to Know?

Always opt for neutral colors, according to the University of Texas, a study in the impact on work places, earth tones stimulates the mind, yellow, on the other hand inspires creativity and creates a calming balance environment.

An important aspect to take into account is the saturation color and the intensity of the color choice as well. When it comes to professional environments, walls are important as well, therefore, take into consideration that highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate while softer, muted colors will soothe the mind. Alternatively, colors that resemble nature such as sky blue, green would definitely increase efficiency and focus.  Red, lava style color, for instance might not be that suitable. Even though is an active color, it might turn intense and alarming at times. Knowing as the trigger of creativity and happiness, optimism, is a very energetic and fresh option for your commercial business interior.

You start. We Finish!

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Small bathroom 300x138 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017

Social Human condition has established that healthy body habits are highly recommendable nowadays or mandatory in other cases. This form of self – caring is part of some cultures between hygiene conditions and the fact that self-bathing is a matter of reducing skin and emotionally breakthroughs. Therefore, whether you are in the mood for spoiling yourself or just do it because it makes you happy, we remind you that at FinishBuild bath-time is me-time.

First of all we must agree on the fact that taking a shower can be easily accomplished by water and soap. Nevertheless, shower-times are more than that. We believe that we can create space that not only would satisfy your eye but also we would talk about how to make bigger than it looks.

Elements you must take into account

Small bathroom 1 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Mirrors:

In Feng Shui, the use of elements such as metal, can help you enormously space saving as well. Mirrors have the honorable addition of being able to reproduce what it reflects, therefore if you happen to have a very tiny piece of toilet and a sink side by side, we suggest you to place and long horizontal piece of glass just above these pieces, in order to get the best of visual tricks. Mirrors are not also a good way of enhancing your bathroom area but also are a nice functional addition.


Small bathroom 2 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017If your bathroom and you happen to have a space problem, there are some elements you can exchange in order to get the view of a bigger bathroom. Let´s begin with sizes, when it comes about bathroom, the proportions are a vital, and it highly influences decoration and can increase or reduce your bathroom physical areas.

Flooring Tiles:

According to some interior design companies, in order to get the best of space inside a house, flooring tiles and wall bathroom tiles should match. This addition can help you with harmony creation and in the case you need a visual but also spacious home area, continuity is vital and an important element. Therefore, we suggest you to get tiles that go with minimal contrast, lighter colors like BLANCO from our brand KRONENHAHN, line CASONA.


Small bathroom 3 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Opt for going with ¨less is more¨, when it comes about small sized bathrooms. Regarding the bathroom, aesthetics is the reflection of what your daily life can be and when there is less you gain in space. Therefore try by getting the goodness of our FinishBuild BA130 15″ SQUARE CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL model, which comes in 13″ H x 22″ W x 22″ D, ideal for tiny spaces. This reloaded versions not only can help you to safe space but also adds an outstanding aesthetic for guests including yourself. We also suggest you the BA129 16″ ROUND CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL that can offer a more uniform geometric appearance if you are not that into corners or pointy edges.


Small bathroom 4 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017How can we forget the proper use of manual locking systems? When it comes about bathing experience, you must be aware that privacy is everything and priceless. Regarding the materials you can use for shower doors, at FinishBuild we strongly recommend you to explore with glass materials that can easily help you to get a closer look of things and at the same time you can get the sense of spaciousness. In order to get the best of comfort, try by setting a focal point, we suggest you to start matching the perfect combination of unpretentious additions such as the glass on the door, the light clear tone on the tiles and even the size if the mirror you are going to get.


When it comes about illumination, remember to take into account that natural light can enhance your home spaces at reasonable prices. Natural light can work perfectly when you happen to own small spaces, which allows you to get the best of both worlds: privacy and nature. Therefore try by adding upper sliding windows that can easily offer you an outlet to unexpected odors and concentration of fumes. The use of recessed lighting is a choice in case you have no option but adding artificial light. Try non-direct lights that might come from the ceiling.

Go vertical:

Small bathroom 5 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Try to storage as much as you can but in a scaling way, customized medicine cabinets for instance, can be a nice solution to space craving. Therefore if you are into having your own personal items properly organized, going vertical is a cool option. On the other hand, when it comes about small bathroom dimensions, you should take into account that if cabinets are located on the base of your floor.

To sum up we would like you to remind you that you deserve a nice experience, and making yourself happy should be the journey not the task. Therefore if you happen to have a small bathroom, we suggest you to go functional with maximizing your space, with a Lazy Susan addition for personal hygiene products. Believe or not when it comes about physical illusions we must agree on the fact that theory is not necessarily better than practice. For this reason we have come with this research regarding which particular items should you avoid when it comes about small spaces. There are tricks everywhere therefore we must share them.

You start.We Finish!

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elevators on 2016 go upper with viny 300x138 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

elevators on 2016 go upper with viny 1 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with VinylHave you ever think about the looks of an elevator? Do you actually remember how the floor looked like? Are you looking for elevator flooring options? According to Livescience, the reason why we forget small details relays on the act of actually crossing a door, or in this case, getting out of the elevator. Short-term memory failure is due to the doorway. The very act of walking through a doorway may hint to the brain that a new scene has started and it should store prior memories away, thereby causing strange memory lapses.

From bright to dark, from colorful to dusk, elevators offer a small waiting time while you reach your high. A few theories affirm that elevators began as simple rope or chain hoists but generally speaking an elevator is essentially a platform that is either pulled or pushed up by a mechanical means. Today elevators consist of a cab or a cage mounted on a platform within an enclosed space called a shaft or sometimes a “hoistway”.

No doubt this is one of the most magnificent creations by humankind. But when it comes to flooring style, what is the first that comes to your mind? There are plenty of options but it might all depend on the type of building you own. For example, the chances of finding carpet on a mall elevator are almost none or porcelain on an industrial cage. For that reason Elevators industry has developed its own set of varieties in order to settled the one that you need.

Elevator Decorative Sheet: Vinyl

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 16 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

Vinyl tiles are our number one choice on commercial elevator decorative sheet. Whether a classic or a casual look you need, vinyl is has it.

Even though vinyl floors are frequently chosen for its versatility due to the manufacturing process of vinyl flooring, aspects, such as, the reproduction of just about any look. Technological advances are also now allowing printing samples that perfectly reproduces wood appearance but also texture of natural elements such as stone, rustic wood and slate.

On the other hand vinyl tiles have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be repeatedly refinished with chemical strippers. Selecting between vinyl sheets and tiles is simply a matter of taste and installation preference. Vinyl flooring products are used mostly in commercial and institutional applications, and elevator areas are no exception. Vinyl flooring products commonly come on tiles and sheet versions. They are available on single rolls of large sheets.

Elevator Flooring Options: Porcelain

Usually selected by customers due to its versatile flooring style, Finish Build porcelain tiles add a shiny floor covering which are specially treated to make them impermeable to water and ingrained dirt. But when it comes to elevators porcelain tiles features are usually thicker and therefore heavier to handle than other ceramic tiles. For this reason, it is generally more expensive and to owners concern it might add an extra weight in cages.

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 6 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

Continuing with the features of Finish build features, another goodness regarding ceramic and porcelain tiles is the flexible decorative aspects. Wide selections of tiles are available at Finish Build online store. So, take your time to decide, our selection range between Africa, Amira, Antalya, Apolo, Asia, Bellagio, Chroma, Coti di sole, Crema de marfil, Dolomite, Hickory, Nutrend, Sonoma is waiting for you.

Elevator Cab Flooring Options: Best Flooring for Elevators: Rectified Porcelain

Rectified porcelain tiles are generally used to increase comfort in home and business areas, but we thought that since they presentation is lighter than regular porcelain, it might be a suitable choice in the case of elevator. At the present time our catalog have Kronenhahn wood line, wich corresponds to a smooth wood light colors that might agree on a warm look, therefore if the building aims for a more serious style, rectified porcelain can make the job. Our current options are Casona Beige, Casona blanco, Vintage Grey come on 8x 48 cm. Others, such as, Sand, White and Imperial Grey from the same line, come on measures of 9x 36 cm.

Commercial Elevator Flooring Options: Elevators matching Vinyl

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 5 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

While some vinyl products allow you to place the material over old flooring, others require you to install it directly on top of the subfloor or underlayment. The reason why we bet for vinyl products is the weight and the versatility on appearance. Since commercial, passenger or even residential elevators can come on different sizes, and vinyl installation might cross with uneven floors, we suggest placing vinyl on underlayment products.

Vinyl flooring is well known by its reputation of softness and warmness. Finish Build vinyl flooring is comfortable for your feet and is warmer than natural surfaces such as wood or ceramic.Additionally, for commercial purposes, vinyl tiles or sheets provide some sound isolation which absorbs impact noise and sound, which become very handy on elevators.

Easy to sweep and vacuuming Finish Build vinyl floors might just need mopping with warm water and slight detergent to provide a more thorough cleaning.

“Friends are like elevators buttons, they either take you up or take you down”

Tom Osbourne

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There is a section of the surface covering market that has been     noticeably evolving these last years; vinyl, which made its big first appearance in 1933 in a composition tile displayed at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, however war years made scarce the product and it was not until the late 1940 that vinyl became well marketed. Since it is not a rigid material, and instead it can bend or roll and it can even react to the environment in a flexible way, vinyl flooring belongs to the “Resilient Flooring” category. In addition, as reported by Floor Covering Weekly (2012) in one of its article, vinyl flooring is experiencing high records in sales, and this is certainly due to the unique benefits provided by this covering material.  This affordable flooring option has made quite a few improvements to the classic designs when first introduced. Today’s flooring vinyl is available in advanced printing and texturing technologies, offering both the best looking and best performing; whether the style you are looking for is chic, rustic or contemporary, vinyl will definitely surprise you. What in FinishBuild likes us the most is the fact that when it comes to vinyl, this is another easy to install as well as maintain, long lasting option, and it also provides a comfortable surface to walk on.

Benefits of choosing vinyl as your flooring surface

By using advanced photographic technologies, the ability to imitate real hardwoods and stones is an incredible process done by vinyl flooring manufacturers. The following are some of the many benefits you take home when you decide on this flooring option:

Vinyl is an amazing realistic replication of natural materials; so the look and feel you can achieve at a lower cost are some of the features you can identify in this flooring product.

There are many brands that offer 100% vinyl material; and this especially for Luxury Vinyl Tile, which satisfies Green building standards and earns LEED points in commercial applications.

Vinyl eases the maintenance process; by simply use a damp mopping you can successfully cover the cleaning aspect.

Exceptional selection of sizes and shapes; they vary from each manufacturers but there are many available styles. FinishBuild’s planks have 6.5mm (9).

Highly resistant to scratch, stain, dent and scuff; and this is thanks to vinyl’s specialized wear layers, floors are also coat with urethane to enhance durability.

Extraordinary durability; most of the vinyl floors that have been treated with high technologies are constructed to withstand commercial war and tear, which make them ideal for high traffic areas and other areas of the home.

Budget friendly; economics factor are very significant for both commercial and residential applications, providing the look and feel of rich and natural material at a lower cost.

Our recommended areas to install it

There are some distinct layers applied in every vinyl sheet or plank that make it a quality product to be installed whether in light or high traffic areas. Here you will find the most suitable areas you can consider vinyl as your underfoot surface:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Living rooms
  • Laundry rooms

Get the best from vinyl: FinishBuild Luxury Living Room Styles

With so many different colors and patterns, vinyl’s versatility makes it a homeowners’ perfect choice. These are FinishBuild’s luxury living room styles:

Our Smoked Tawny looks great in a smooth dark look; its aged effect is perfect for an authentic luxurious living room.

If you want to achieve a wood look in your living room, we totally recommend you FinishBuild’s Wild Lava; let the furniture and a fire place inject personality into your living area, and enjoy of a warm cozy space.

Go for a rustic appeal with our Mojave Desert; and add some stylish pieces of furniture to create a beautiful contrast between modern and light country style.

Show off the best of a sleek simplicity look, by selecting neutral colors in your furniture and our Silver Dollar vinyl planks to create an anchor between your living room and a pleasant conversation.

Repairing vinyl flooring

Accidents on any type of flooring are very common, and when it comes about vinyl surfaces there is no need to replace a whole plank or sheet just because it Is sustained some damage; instead of thisuse a scrap piece of the flooring material and install a “patch” which is practically undetectable.

Cut the vinyl piece

In this step you will need to cut a piece of scrap vinyl that matches the pattern around damaged vinyl. This piece should be longer and wider than the pattern around the damaged area.

Use adhesive tape in the scrap vinyl

Make the pattern of the scrap vinyl and the vinyl on the floor match, and tape the pattern down with duct tape; be sure the tape holds the piece firmly, however do not cover the pattern around the damaged area.

Cut the lines of the pattern

In this step we recommend you to use a straightedge and a sharp utility knife, and then cut along the lines of the patterns. Hold the utility knife straight up and down, cut along the break of the line rather than the center of the pattern line. Next, score the vinyl and press securely so the blade goes through the patch and the flooring vinyl.

Take out the damaged vinyl piece

Once you cut out the pattern, remove the tape and take out the damaged vinyl. To break the vinyl away from the adhesive you can use a putty knife.

Dry fit vinyl patch

Make sure to clean off the old adhesive and dry fit the patch; for this step use the utility knife to trim the patch where necessary and bevel the bottom edges.

Apply the vinyl floor adhesive

You can use the putty knife in order to applya coat vinyl floor adhesive to the floor.

Put the vinyl patch into place

Achieve this, press the patch into place; after that clean the seams with damp rag and lay a heavy object on the patch, so the drying time of the adhesive is properly achieved.

Mix a vinyl seam sealer

Once the adhesive dried, clean the patch’s seam and mix a vinyl seam sealer; sealer will melt the seam and so it will blend in with the rest of the floor.

As you could read vinyl is a very useful and adaptable material; it can be installed over concrete, wood or existing flooring. This durable flooring option stands up to moisture and it also  provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones. Thanks to the important improvements vinyl manufacturers are showing, thinking of vinyl as your flooring option can make you imagine there are an endless design ideas to choose from.

As always FinishBuild encourages you and your design project, revolutionize your living room…you start, we Finish!

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 THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK destacada 300x138 Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

Would you like to have place at home where you can incorporate nature charm and warmth with modern furniture? Then a rustic modern kitchen could be what you home is missing; an space at home where you can escape the hectic fast-paced city life and just for a moment dream of what a quiet country life combine with modern elements would be like.

Being honest “modern rustic” may sound a buzz term, however FinishBuild feels very enthusiastic when it comes about giving you ideas to upgrade the look in any of your home’s space; in this article we would like to focus on flooring in a kitchen with a rustic finish, just to embody those natural wood elements that many people enjoy when in a countryside area. The idea of this kitchen project is to feature amazing natural elements, a great flooring option and some unexpected modern furniture, which would surprisingly turn into a well modern rustic kitchen style.

FinishBuilds rustic modern ideas

Dark & natural look

%name Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate FlooringFinishBuild’s Brazilian cherry will be your wise choice if you are looking for a warm dark natural look for your kitchen. Wide wooden planks of this excellent laminate floor in conjunction with wood ceiling beams and wood cabinets will bring a wonderful look to your rustic modern kitchen. To light up your beautiful kitchen with a modern touch, you can add a hanging plank with some lanterns or candles over the main counter top or table.

Rustic mixes and modern appliances

Our Strandwoven laminate flooring would be ideal to integrate rustic mixes such as cabinets and counter tops with stainless steel appliances, for instance: oven, stoves and fridge. To illuminate the space, we suggest completing it with pendant lights. Enjoy of a really intimate room while you prepare your and your family favorite’s dishes.

Your favorite rock element and our Sage

Having stone and our stunning Sage laminate floor as underfoot in your kitchen will reflect a true rustic impact. This flooring will be perfect if combine it with any rock element, whether quartz or granite as you counter tops surfaces; you will also appreciate how modern this style will look.

Defining elements in your brand new modern rustic kitchen

Now let’s make it clear, the fact your kitchen is rustic does not necessary mean your furniture has to be;

%name Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

Age wood cabinets and a natural fireplace; they will emit that warm glow any rustic kitchen needs to make you, your family and guests cozy. Regarding to the fireplace and since the main aspect Is to portray a rustic style; you can opt for whether stone as your fireplace or a modern wood stove, whatever your choice is, remember that a wood-burning fireplace will suitably complement this natural style room.

Furniture and appliances

Since we are adding the modern finish to your rustic kitchen, needless to say that you should keep theses pieces as modern as you consider; mid-century appliances such as dishwasher drawers or under counter refrigerators nicely suit this kitchen style.

Natural light

Even if your kitchen space does not have a wide open window to let sunlight pour into your kitchen, we are sure that there is at least a window so we recommend not to block them and instead use lightweight curtains to cover them. To balance this natural light aspect with some electrical pieces, our

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 11 300x300 Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate FlooringStainless steel finishes‘ time

The request for “easy to clean” appliances in the kitchen is on the rise, and what’s better than choosing stainless steel counter tops and back splashes? They are easy to be integrated in your rustic style and the greatest news is that faucet manufacturers are offering up as more and more of these brilliant options.

Natural color pallet

Whether you prefer dark or lighter colors, in any rustic modern kitchen the colors are subdued. You could cover your kitchen’s walls in a natural material like wood or stone.

5 really interesting kitchen facts FinishBuild would like to share with you

So far we have been helping you on how to add that particular modern rustic finish to your kitchen. Additionally, there are some interesting kitchen facts you might like to know about your cozy indoor area:

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 10 300x300 Rustic & Modern Kitchen with Laminate FlooringIs it your brand new modern rustic kitchen the cleanest area in your house?

When it comes to clean spaces at home, people definitely do not think of the bathroom as a potential area in this category. However we need to let you know that it is actually your kitchen’s sink with the worst culprit, with over 100,000 times more germs that a bathroom or toilet…yes this is true.

Clever cheat to eliminate freezer smells

Speaking of smells, in case you do not how to rid freezer smells in your new rustic modern kitchen; fill a (clean!) sock with coffee granules, because they can remove musty smells from your freezer, you might think this is odd, but it really works.

Hold it on! It’s just an onion

There is no need to experience the dreaded tears when chopping up an onion; to avoid this awful moment, you can carefully cut your onion under cold water. Or if you prefer, you can try putting it in the freezer for a while before chopping it. In addition, if you have trouble trying to remove the onion smell from your hands, use lemon juice to wash them.

What about your chopping board?

The average chopping board has more than 200% more germs than the average toilet seat, did you know that? Based on this statement FinishBuild would like to recommend you to separate boards for raw and cooked food and in order to keep you kitchen healthy, make sure you always use hot soapy water to clean it up. Or you might consider acquiring a glass board, it is not more hygienic than the wooden ones, but they are less likely to retain liquids.

Have the gadgets you simply need to have

Let’s be honest, there are some kitchen necessities we seldom use, for instance: melon baller or avocado slicer, to be precise: 87% of people own those gadgets and they do not use them. So, try to purchase only the kitchen utensils you actually need, this way you save space in your kitchen that can be used to place other useful kitchen elements.

The key to a modern rustic kitchen is a superb laminate flooring that best evokes wood, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. Remember that the color scheme should be very simple and if possible, allow windows to bring the outdoors in your kitchen space. In our opinion, this style has an informal elegance and shows modern aspects at their best! FinishBuild encourages you to create modern interiors that express your character and style.

Whether you like it modern, with rustic look or both…you start, we Finish!

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Have you ever pictured how similar or different it may be to design a house than it is to design a clothing store? FinishBuild believes that in both scenarios, the idea is to create a warm, functional, and inviting place, and of course you cannot forget that all that starts from what is underfoot. Sometimes people tend to neglect the floor, but we consider it is essential considering that when you walk and enter a room, you naturally look down and look at your feet and also at what is under them; therefore, for us offering the proper flooring for any of your designing projects is a priority. So having mentioned this, FinishBuild encourages you to manage the stress in the best possible way, turn it into a productive energy so you can run a successful business.

Since opening a clothing store can be an overwhelming process, you probably will have to research over and over again before coming up with a clear concept, the one you would like to recreate in your store. Regarding to this matter you might want to do a list of the items you need in order to have all the details covered; you need to think about for instance: figure out a budget (and try to stick to it), location for your business project, know your potential costumers, suppliers, employees and so on. In this article, we would like to focus on your clothing store’s fitting room, which are usually small single user cubicles where people may try on clothes. These are often found at retail stores where someone would want to try on clothes before purchasing them.

Tienda1 1 300x300 Why Is The Fitting Room Flooring Fundamental?A fitting room is a fundamental area in any store; due to the fact that when costumers try any piece of clothing on, they are basically doing their buying decision, consequently this is very profitable for the store as well as it leaves the opportunity for the costumers and the store to build a loyal bond, because they can feel the store’s commitment to excellence in every single aspect; this includes a great environment in the fitting area. Likewise, if well designed, fitting rooms provide an appealing space to the costumers which make them feel comfortable, while making their decision on any piece of clothing they try on.

There is another factor you must pay attention to, and it is the lighting, it is crucial for a fitting room. Because the right lighting shows fabric, colors and textile textures in the best way possible while costumers try clothes on, proper lighting in this area also creates a feeling of comfort or energy. The erroneous lighting, on the other hand, creates an unpleasant feel that lowers the perceived value of the clothing. What we believe is that light fixtures do not have to cost a lot, but they do need to create the right color and mood.

The flooring alternatives

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 7 300x300 Why Is The Fitting Room Flooring Fundamental?

Si usted está buscando para instalar una nueva sala de montaje o actualizar y mantener la que tiene, le recomendamos navegar como muchas opciones que usted tiene, y encontrar los pisos más creativa e inspiradora para esta área principal de su tienda. Estas son las alternativas para pisos podemos mostrar:

Because it is an excellent earth-friendly option and it is available in FinishBuild, cork could suitably work on your fitting room project since it is a tile made from the ground up bark of cork oak trees, what makes it tremendously durable. Cork maintains room temperature, works as a cushion of steps and dampens sounds; this great alternative can be found in unfinished and prefinished versions, it can also be laid over existing flooring and its appearance is close to seamless. Moreover, cork is easy to install and repair.

Our always luxury laminate floors; create an elegant and inviting environment that matches with our lava laminate floor. You may think about a combination of vintage furniture and modern elements, in order to give your fitting room area an eye-catching look that will attract your costumers’ attention.

If the idea is to evoke a wood look in you clothing store’s fitting area, consider our brush elm porcelain tiles which beautifully simulate wood with a more refined finish (which make them more durable). Porcelain is a stable product, it does not absorb water nor sweat from costumers’ feet, and therefore it is a very sanitary material, it is also easy to clean. Sizes and color come for you fitting room conveniences, and if you complete the deco with any wood furniture, we are sure a warm look with suitably match with this flooring choice.

FinishBuild also offers you vinyl, and we have it in planks; the advantage we see in this flooring option is that you can replace just a single square of your fitting room floor if it becomes damaged.

It is available in a variety of tones and finishes, and perhaps this is what we like the most about hardwood; it adds a unique character to any space. The good part of this construction material is that it can be shaped to suit the fitting room needs you are requiring for your store.

Keep the fitting room’s flooring flawless

The right treatment can enhance your fitting room decor, add value to it, and pull an entire store together, not to mention the appealing feel you provide to clients when they try any new piece of clothing; floors maintenance is a huge factor. So based on our following suggestions, we are optimistic that you will maintain the fitting area looking its best.

In case your laminate or hardwood fitting room flooring gets a lot of foot traffic, avoid the wet-clean option to cleanse it, this is something you should do every one to two months. In its place, keep your wood floors well-vacuumed and spot clean as needed.

In case you have opted for cork tiles as the fitting room flooring, it is important for us to let you know that this type of flooring will only require weekly keep dry and vacuum; just wipe down with a cloth in order to eliminate dirt and dust.

Wood floors and sharp objects do not go well together, and this is something you probably know, so pay close attention to those costumers that wear high-heeled shoes and maybe ask them to leave them at the changing room door.

probador 3 300x166 Why Is The Fitting Room Flooring Fundamental?Investing in a high quality fitting room would drive customers try on apparel selections so they can make their buying decisions, and as we have mention; this will turn into more purchases for the store. This statement has been supported by the Alert Tech 11 in its recent study that expresses there are two fitting rooms’ variables that has an important role in increasing any store metrics. The first one stands that the percent of total store traffic which enters each fitting room, and the second one mentions the number of associate engagements initiated by the costumer.

Regarding to flooring options; even though nowadays wood flooring finishes are more resistant to water than the ones in the past, this does not mean you should flood your floors with cleaning solution. As we have recommend in previous article, when it is time to wet-clean, and since a fitting room is usually a small area, focus and clean it at a time with a damp (not wet), mop or cloth and dry it immediately.

And finally, the hygienic aspect; FinishBuild always considers every single detail, and so we would like to stress that the flooring options you have already read do not spread any type of bacteria and it also may give you a bit of peace of mind to know that in conjunction with a 2011 report by CNN; most of the bacteria in a fitting or dressing room do not live in it, but unfortunately they live in the clothes that you are trying on.

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Destacada 1 1 300x138 Best Flooring Options for Art Spaces

Nowadays, art galleries purposes have changed, in order to develop a more appealing art areas artists have had done the unthinkable by getting out of their comfort zone. According to Director of The Rider University Art, Harry I. Naar the purpose of an Art Gallery is to cultivate and displayed a diverse range of high quality exhibitions, lectures and programs, including educational offerings, concerts, and special events to the University and the surrounding community, which allow students and general public insights into the visual arts and creative process. Based on that premise, FinishBuild is attempting to offer another perspective of what an art gallery could be. Even though we will advise you on laminate flooring options we have carefully choose for you we would also like to see art as a tool to explore new perceptions.

 Eilean Hooper-Greenhill on Museums and Interpretations of Visual Culture, said: the idea of the arts center has to be ‘reborn’ and some of its characteristics and challenges are clear. Seeing communication as the basis on which culture is both maintained and transformed, demands a new approach to arts center pedagogy. With that being said, in the purpose of mixing cultures and personal perspectives, we have come with the idea of setting an art area that succumbs to a unique style.

Multidisciplinary spaces and flooring variation

2 300x200 Best Flooring Options for Art Spaces

Anthropologist Margaret Mead, believed that arts center should invest in shops, restaurants. We believe that, in order to extending a warm atmosphere gathering social areas can provide a more welcoming notion of a social and culture place. Arts center have invested, take a look of the Louvre, for example, that have its famous café Louvre. You might want to take into account what flooring variety can do to social areas. Fluctuate between floors in art galleries or arts center can set the mood for a specific activity. Usually neutral colors are a wise choice in order to get the best profit of your social areas potential.

What we recommend 


2 2 1 300x300 Best Flooring Options for Art Spaces

Therefore, in order to improve your art area into a social dynamic one, FinishBuild considers that clear wood look flooring is a boosting option in order to provide a charm but also well-dressed style. Bring the best of your creativity by choosing from Kronenhahn laminate flooring options like ARENA. Flooring flowing between rooms is also considerable when it comes to flat surfaces, NEIGE OAK of Kronenhahn as well can help you to set a more neutral environment.

On the other hand, if warmness is part of your goals as well, then we would love to advise Parkay Floors which is also part of our selection on laminate flooring products. SAPELLI has the particular uniqueness of a solid wood look.

LION and OAK CAMEL are also another feature of our brand supplier Swiss  Krono on clear and fine laminate flooring products. Display on different thickness, we are confident by saying that you will find the tile style specifications you are looking for.

Advantages on maintenance

1 2 1 300x300 Best Flooring Options for Art SpacesLaminate floors besides of its adding a shiny surface, come with an extra strength and protection to the floor tiles against day-to-day use and splits. It also makes cleaning time easier. Footprints and stains can be washed and wiped off from the surface with no struggle. The floorboards pigment will not fade or vanish easily and it is highly impact tough.

Tiles Patterns

Floorboards textures will add noble and realistic look, no wonder why numerous people engaged them. Styles and tones are virtually endless, ranging from dark to light wood effects such as cherry and ash. Alternatively there are also laminate floorings that mimic the look of stone tiles. Therefore, by using laminate flooring means you will be saving wood and less natural resources which automatically made you ecofriendly as well.


1 3 300x300 Best Flooring Options for Art SpacesWhen it comes to specific purpose, Finish Build flooring material might vary too, if it is about space with the aim of display fine arts for instance, hardwood flooring style would be the best option in order to reproduce the charming classic reputation. Things to picture are the type of traffic, the impact on the flooring as well as the softness of the floor. Accordingly, the flooring material for your dance studio floors should have high level of scratch resistance. We adore the shades on our hardwood section, and TOPAZ from our Nuvelle collection is among our favorites.

Keep in mind that Hardwood flooring strips generally produces a larger vision of the room than it actually is. Plank hardwood boards are wider than strip hardwood flooring, most of the time 3 inches to 6 inches in thickness. This is an important characteristic if your art spaces are small and want to improve your customer’s perception.

Your comfort, last but never least, you should always trust of your guts. Art is invisible only to those who do not have passion for what they create. Give the best of you on every single element of your project and it would be definitely reflected on your spaces. We are Culture.

Art and love is the same thing: It´s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you

 Chuck Klosterman

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Healthy body, healthy mind! According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, it is highly recommended that either children or adolescents participate in daily physical activities or events, at least 60 minutes daily. As you might know, physical activity has academic benefits as well; students that practice any physical activity improved their concentration and memory. There is also another fact that in FinishBuild we believe is important when it comes to having physical activity at school, for both children and youth; this could significantly reduce the number of overweight in students.

Students as well as athletes need safe, durable, and high-performance flooring; because this can help them achieve good results in all the activities they develop in this specific area of the school. FinishBuild takes into consideration all these aspects, and because we are a flooring company, we strive to accomplish the previously mentioned statements as well as gym floorings that look extraordinary.

Proving an optimal learning environment for students has to be an essential goal in any educational institution; this should go in conjunction with an inspiring area where students can produce endorphins (chemicals in the brain) that regulate mood, pleasure and pain; therefore they feel good about themselves and their academic performances. Thinking about a place where physical activities can be developed in the school, we could not think about any other one but a gymnasium and the different options people have in order to select the correct one. When you are looking for the products that help you achieve the flooring look you want, you may consider the following aspects: they need to be easy to maintain, quick to install, and look great, yet are durable enough to take a beating from thousands of students and still last for years.

Today’s flooring market offers a wide selection of alternatives for you school gym so you can opt for the one that better suits your needs. Among the gym flooring options we can mention for instance: tile, synthetic surfaces or maple.

How often and how to keep your school’s gym looking its best?

FINISHBUILD THINKS ABOUT SCHOOL GYM FLOORING OPTIONS 2a 300x300 FinishBuild Thinks About School Gym Flooring Options

Every type of flooring requires particular steps in order to be installed and have an exceptional performance; yet the only feature all types of flooring have in common is that they need regular attention whether in the daily or weekly care, as well as in the monthly or annual maintenance.

When we refer to daily care, we mean that depending on the use and traffic, dust mopping with damp mopping or autoscrubbing will be enough to make flooring looks great. And we believe frequent mopping is important since either students or teachers track the grit and grime every day, and cleaning them will help remove dirt and soil; these are the biggest cause of floor wear. As we have mentioned, depending on the traffic in your school gym, it would be necessary to dust many times a day, so make sure your cleaning crew perform this task, they will help the school extend the life of the gym flooring.

Burnishing is another monthly key alternative to consider when maintaining your gym’s flooring. It is recommended to remove scuffmarks and restore gloss. You can also opt for any spray-on floor restorers that are now available in any home market; these sprays enhance your flooring’s shine but please be careful to choose the specific product you need, sometimes people decide on products meant for resilient vinyl tile floors and use them on wood or synthetic surfaces: big mistake!. Once your cleaning crew has performed the burnishing task, they can use a dust mop with a microfiber mop, in order to pick up any remaining fine particles.

Most of the schools prefer to perform the yearly maintenance task during the summer time, because classes are not in session and traffic is at is at its lowest; however, there are some other schools which consider winter or spring break as an ideal time to the perform the gym’s maintenance. Whichever the proper opportunity you consider performing the maintenance of the gym is, make sure that you do not develop it when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when humidity is greater than 80 percent.  Referring to the products that best take care of your flooring surface, the alternatives are limitless. However, from FinishBuild we would like to recommend you to choose a brand that offers a large selection of products, so you can have many options to select. Either water or solvent-based products, could suitably work on your flooring maintenance, but do not mix them together without consulting the FinishBuild’s advising center, these types of products will maximize the life of the shine on your gym’s flooring.

By developing these schedules maintenances, you will certainly observe that the frequency your school’s gym flooring needs to be resurfaced will decrease, and this ultimately will save your school money.

Interesting alternatives to protect gym school’s flooring

FINISHBUILD THINKS ABOUT SCHOOL GYM FLOORING OPTIONS 1a 300x300 FinishBuild Thinks About School Gym Flooring Options

Since there are many special activities that take place in school’s gymnasiums, for instance; proms, pep rallies or homecoming dances, we have thought about some options that may benefit you when it comes about protecting your flooring.  Additionally, FinishBuild likes to pay attention to every single detail, that is why we have also considered the fact that for school gyms, people wear different shoes, special events can result with food and drinks spilled on the floor. Consequently, none of these situations are good for your flooring finish, they actually reduce the life of your gym’s surface and we know it is a costly investment for schools in general. These are some options you can consider to protect the investment you have made: vinyl sheets and carpet tiles. You may wonder why? Well they are budget-friendly, and the covering process is finished quickly.

Vinyl covers advantages

  • Vinyl covers are easy to roll out; therefore, the covering process is finished quickly.
  • They are available in different sizes and thickness; this would depend on the particular time you will use the vinyl covering.
  • Vinyl covers’ maintenance is great! Quick mopping will be enough to clean them up.
  • You will find them in a great range of colors; so you can choose the one that best expresses your school spirit!

Even though vinyl may causes health problems due to the fact that it has been tested as the most toxic flooring material, if installed in outdoor areas where there is a proper air circulation, vinyl sheets should not be a problem. Protecting your flooring’s surface is important and these alternatives will help your gym’s flooring looking great longer, what will also turn into a positive impact on the school’s savings.

Carpet tiles advantages

9 300x300 FinishBuild Thinks About School Gym Flooring Options

  • They are easy to install and store; so installing them is finished quickly.

  • Carpet tiles feature a non-slip backing; which provides an outstanding traction.
  • Most of them carry limited warranty.
  • Carpet tiles cleaning stage is simple! Just vacuum them and that’s it.

FinishBuild knows your school gym flooring represents a large investment in time and resources, so a proper installation, and the right protection during special events or specific functions, will help keeping the look of your flooring in the long term. Remembering tips which might be irrelevant such as: spills on the floor should be removed immediately and when cleaning them, do not use products that leave a residue because it makes the floor slippery, are the most important considerations we can ask our customers to have in mind.

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%name Country  Kitchen FinishBuild TipsOur Kitchens have a habit of being one of our most importantand meaningful memories of childhood. Recalled as a warm place where our moms and grandmas practice the alchemy on feeding time, kitchens would definitely have a place on our souls.

Since we love what we do FinishBuild has prepared a set of tips in order to share creativity and useful ideas for an endearing place such as, Kitchens. Today, these meals areas are highly social zones, as a result of this, people seems to make an extra effort to add style and in some cases luxury items, ornament belongings to make kitchens more appealing to the eye of guests.

In order to recreate a dreaming kitchen space we have decided to talk about other elements besides laminate flooring products suggested. Therefore, you would have some alternatives in order to combine our flooring products and boosting your creativity. So, while food is ready, let´s take a look of possible sceneries where baking are likely possible and conversations are shared.


Even though wood flooring is the traditional choice for countless country kitchens, there are other ecofriendly and engineered options that will give you the rustic look you desire and that have minimum care requirements, such as our current products. Alternatively colors and patterns can vary so you can choose not only between a wood look feature but a type of shade as well.

Keeping it simple is crucial to build the kitchen of your dreams, and when it comes to flooring products possibilities are endless, so take your time, and take a look of our options:


 Finish Build laminate floors products such as, Espresso Acacia or Nocce would add a rustic style to your flooring kitchen surfaces. So, if you are into white furniture, those laminate flooring options may go well with a country look. Keep into account that wood look floors would do the job on creating a cozy atmosphere, but try to avoid too dark items otherwise you cooking areas would look gloomy and the idea is to make it appealable.

Laminate is great in Kitchens when you use a fair thickness type of floor boards, for example, in the case of kitchen where traffic is almost continuing a C3 or a C4 can work, as a result you can achieve the look of a wood look and solid flooring product. What we love about laminate flooring products is also that maintenance comes to be easy because laminate floor materials are designed with an invisible top wear layer which acts as a barrier over each piece, protecting it from stains, dirt, smears, and water penetration.

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 best flooring for dogs 300x138 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for Dogs

¿Are you looking for best flooring for dogs?

¿Best flooring for dog pee?

best flooring for dogs 3 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for Dogs

Dogs do not sweat as we humans do? Their sweating is actually through

their paw pads. Dogs pant to cool themselves off. A panting dog can take 300-400 breaths with very little struggle.

Since every single individual is important in a home, FinishBuild would like to dedicate our today post to our soft companions, those who are always happy to see us after a long day of daily routines. We have come with a couple of ideas in order to laminate your comfy areas in pro of your hairy friends.

Best Laminate Flooring for Dogs: Pros of Dogs

Regarding laminates floors products, we have come to you with the idea of providing cool tips on our selection of laminates styles. But first of all, let´s get to know our target a bit more. It is well known that domestic dogs have innate complex behaviors from their wolf ancestors, these forms of social communication influence on their ability to be trained, playing skills, and most of all its aptitude to fit into family units or even so,  social situations. According to American Public Health Association, dog ownership is generally related with a considerable high level of physical activity on people. Regarding children aged 9 to 10 years, who happen to own dogs, are more likely to spent more time in light and moderate physical activity and recorded levels of activity counts per minute (25; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 6,44) and steps per day (35; 95% CI = 14, 701) than did children without dogs.

best flooring for dogs 2 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for DogsMore over dogs have had an important impact to society nowadays. Due to its remarkable intelligence, diligence and carefulness dogs are performing as protagonists in hunting activities and herding. But the most honorable so far, are pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, companionship, and guiding handicapped persons.

According to Human Society Org. nearly 43.3 U.S. Pet Ownership Estimates, which means 36.5 %, have at least one dog joining their homes (2012). It is estimated that three-quarters of the world’s dog population lives in the developing world as feral, village, or community dogs, with pet dogs uncommon. And a 63.2 % consider dogs as a family member.

Even though dogs are known as the best partner ever and they might seem the ideal companion, they would always be attached to the wild behavior are most of cases. Barking, jumping up, digging, rolling in dung, fighting, and urine marking specially, became a particular issue when it comes to Laminate flooring products. Nevertheless FinishBuild would love to let you know that there is always a light at the end of that wild puppy track.

Best Laminate Flooring For Dog Pee. Flooring for pets.

Dog Pee Laminate Floor

best flooring for dogs 14 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for DogsGenerally large and dogs can overtime cause variations on Laminate floors. Due to their nature, scratch and marks would be unavoidable. However, thinking about thickness due to the constant traffic is definitely a good idea, you might want to take into account Laminate of Rating: AC3 on any of Finish Build Laminate flooring products. We also consider that since fluids might be a recurrent situation, dark colors such as Driftwood, Heron, French Cottage which offer an amazing laminate floor option to your pets comfort.

Another interesting option to consider in laminate flooring standards chart might be AC4 class which on previous articles we have introduce them to you as one of average thickness and steadiness that are resistant allowing you to hold against any of your pets thus guaranteeing you durability.


On the other hand, it is important to take into account that laminate flooring products usually do not match to wet and bad odors. Therefore, spill accidents or in this post case, dog urine urgencies can be very tough to get rid of when they seep into laminate flooring boards. FinishBuild Vinyl flooring is a good choice if you want to avoid slippery surfaces. It is also called resilient flooring because it is one of the most durable flooring options, no scratches and water resistant, ideal for quadruped ones.

Best Flooring for pets: Caring & Maintenance

When it comes to Dogs, keeping your laminate flooring boards free of hair and fuzz might be a recurrent activity. Nevertheless, cleaning your laminate flooring areas properly with basic procedures, such as vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, can make your flooring areas life more long-lasting. Finish Build also would like to add supplementary steps that can guarantee hygienic pet hair free.

As an alternative of sweeping in a brushing motion that can spread pet hair, opt to vacuum your floor with a laminate floor attachment. This will eliminate most hair, and you can buy a simple, lightweight vacuum for this daily cleaning instead of a heavy duty machine. Robotic vacuums can also be effective in cleaning up dog hair.

puerta 5 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for DogsKeep in mind that pet hair can store in any place in the house, so you might like to clean beneath furniture around corners where pet hair can accumulate. For high or difficult areas, you may use a slightly damp terry cloth mop can be effective, or use a dry dust sweeper.

In order to avoid damaging laminate flooring looks and the presence of strong odors cleaning and prevention are you best elements on favor. You might want to try to clean it with white vinegar, which has both cleaning and disinfecting properties. For preventing future spilling, 1 cup hydrogen peroxides & 1 tbsp. Ammonia, a powerful scent, can clean and takes the odor away so the dog won’t repeat it.

If a specific area of your laminate flooring is damaged due to our dog pee, odor can concentrate and add a not so good smell on family areas. Therefore, it may be necessary to replace a few boards, which is always a good idea to leave some spare of FinishBuild laminate flooring products in storage.

However, since we mentioned a few lines up, dogs are very smart and are capable of following orders, which lead us to training. You can train your dog in order to do its basic needs outside. If is not possible, consider placing a moisture resistant pad in a specific area inside the house. Another tip is to keep dogs nails clipped because scratches cannot be removed from laminate flooring spaces. Anyhow, we truly hope that this article can help you to have a general idea of Dog and FinishBuild laminate flooring products.

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¿Are you looking for laminate dance floor? ¿Dance flooring for home studio? ¿Dance studio flooring?

In China, the term dance studio is also used to designate a place which is settled to impart dance classes. Generally known as dance schools in the U. S., they are often instituted locally and offer lessons to fascinated students who live nearby. Depending on the studio, a variety of dance styles may be offered.

On this time Finish Build staff is gladly to share a new post regarding a particular area with a specific purpose: A dance studio, which is commonly known as a space in where dancers can learn or rehearse a specific style of music. Since this location is typically used to describe a space that has either been built or equipped for the main activity, an accurate flooring material should be incorporated.

When it comes to specific purpose, FinishBuild flooring material might vary too, if it is about tap dancing for instance, hardwood flooring style would be the best option in order to reproduce the charming sound of shoes while moving. It is important to take into account that any flooring material you chose is going to affect dancers. Things to picture are the type of traffic, the impact on the flooring as well as the smoothness of the floor. Accordingly, the flooring material for your dance studio floors should have high level of scratch resistance.

In many cases, the studio flooring should have panels interlock with a continuous tongue and groove system. Few carpentry skills might be necessary for setting up. A clean floor assembly process would determine the success of the studio appearance. In any case, flooring material should be able provide a degree of flexibility to absorb the impact of intensive dance exercise, such as jumping. This is considered vital to promote good health and safety.

Certain styles of dance can put stress on young bones and joints. Take ballet as an example, where leaps and jumps are frequently part of the daily routine. We suggest any of our laminate flooring selection. Finish Build flooring materials could share the look you want and also absorb the shock of hopping.

Dance flooring for home studio: Minimum equipment

A horizontal bar is very useful when it comes to practice almost any dance routine, such as ballet, tap or contemporary folklore music. This Horizontal bar can be either fixed to the wall or be an unrelated allowing to move it to a device that is approximately waist height and used as a means of support.

Other common features of a dance studio include a music is an integral part of dance. Nowadays, dance studios are virtually sound system equipped for playing music.

Another fact is that in purpose-built dance studios, it is typical for at least having one wall to be covered by floor to ceiling mirrors, which are used by dancers to see their body position and alignment. Other essentials in any dance studio are a table for teacher notebooks and other instructional materials, as wall as a large wall clock.

What we recommend for your dance floor


Finish Build considers that it is important to note the flooring you have in rooms adjacent to the one you are installing your laminate, in this cases, bathrooms or any other room that might compromise your studio durability. The matching aspect is also important, the surrounding floors should look in harmony with your laminate location, or at least compliment them. On a professional setting, the flooring material would be the main attractive piece. Several dancing studios had enjoyed Laminate flooring materials, because of its resilient. If you are not sure of its toughness you can always rely on the flooring standard chart, which shows you thickness measurements on commercial flooring. Dimensions and measurements at these establishments are usually very large, so in order to fulfill your goals on having an appealing dance floor, you might like to take a look of our flooring option sizes.


tear on their body.

Make it more appealing

The dance studio environment is key element to attract new customers, So, your dance studio should be warm and inviting.  A clean and well-maintained studio appearance would also make it look more appealing to the eye. This kind of places should have well-ventilated parts, such as window panels. Mirrors should definitely be part of this project, try to cover at least one wall or part of it.

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 16 300x300 Tips to Laminate a Dance StudioLaminate flooring material  is one of the best options at finish Build for dance studios owners. Laminate flooring would offer the durability and a variety of designs and colors with the intention of making your dance studio standing out in character. Laminate flooring materials are easy to maintain. However, the owner needs to understand that not all types of laminate flooring are suitable for dance studio. Our staff considers that for a dance studio flooring material, underlay support is highly advised. Solid step underlayment would absorb shock and echo sounds, prevent moisture and also create a soft effect.

Finish Build staff hopes that this general tips would have been useful for your current project or your start-over operation.

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