Did you know that Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), was legitimize by Waldo Semon, who stumbled upon the discovery while attempting to develop a new type of adhesive for the BF Goodrich Company? This occur on 1926 and the material start with golf balls and the heels of shoes. However, is in 1933, when flooring field embraces vinyl, introduced to the general public at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago.

Vinyl Flooring Presentations

 Vinyl flooring usually has preserve its common presentation, such as single in rolls of large sheets, however time also has reward vinyl in matters of style and nowadays vinyl flooring is available in more practical, much easier to setting up formats.

Today’s Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Style: Vinyl flooring has evolve in its appearances to suit your preferences, available in a collection of options such as stone, hardwood, pine and even nature earth designs. Ever since 2000, vinyl flooring products are providing any luxury look you might have in mind.

Physical properties: Vinyl flooring tiles are a very good option to weather conditions, and areas that might involve moisture situations. Waterproof property makes of vinyl flooring ideal for urban high traffic areas where constant temperature level might fluctuate seasonally.

 Eco-friendly standards: Regarding the level of components that vinyl flooring has, in many occasions has been an issue with the environment. Since vinyl is a plastic synthetic polymer, its integrity depends on its high average molecular weight which can considerably decreased by wear and tear. This inevitably weakens the material occasioning environment emissions. In spite of this measures to minimize the impact on Mother Nature, there has been consciousness and determinations on decreasing the amount of PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride. Subsequently, in order to reduce the release of Volatile Organic Compounds, most vinyl products manufactured after 2010 has very low PVC levels, according to floorcoveringsinternational.

 The fundamental tip to keep any floor in good shape is to keep it clean, and sheet vinyl is no exception. By getting the dirt off before it gets ground in, and your vinyl will last longer. In the case of commercial urban areas, sweep frequently it is often mandatory to preserve quality of vinyl flooring.

 Subway: Commercial Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to transportation, entrance gates are one of the most high traffic areas where an innumerable amount of passengers flow. Even though security systems are always active in subway stations, with the task of preventing through daily warning auditory messages, passengers also count with some discretional but effective additions. Vinyl flooring is present in places like Washington Metro which is the second-busiest metro system in the United States after the New York City Subway have.

Regarding the most common options for these type of safety requirements roll vinyl sheets are frequently used to delimitate the connection between the gaps and the subway cabins, such as in The Kipling Station in Toronto, Canada.

On the other hand, the application of vinyl tiles are also another options to considerate for a more distinct appealing, such as the Tokyo Subway station in Japan.

Grey colors are one of the most regularly faces chosen in high traffic areas due to the fact that easy and reasonable decrease maintenance cleaning. Paris Metro Saint-Germain-des-Pres is one of the example of this. Nevertheless, in order to keep vinyl flooring lasting longer, sweeping frequently it is highly recommended.  Taking into account that vinyl flooring products have a clear polyurethane coating that makes it shine. FinishBuild suggest that waxing would not adhere well to the coating and will leave behind a mess, but considering the idea of washing it with a cleaner made specifically for no-wax floors, can offer a good and cleaner look.

Nevertheless, take into account that…

In the case of high traffic areas, color is key for many reasons. The first one contemplates that the brighter the color, the more noticeable will be for passengers in regularly transferring. Generally bright, perceptible colors are chosen for these areas, such as Yellow, Red, & electric Blue, however just because it might look nice does not mean it will work for a place that deals with a high volume of daily human traffic. Taking into account all the dirt, snow, rain or sand, and any other contaminant agent, colors like the ones I mentioned might discolored or faded its consistency.  Difficult to clean and maintain, vinyl flooring in urban train & metro stations have been applied in a more smooth tone like grey or neutral black. And in order to make highlights for these tracks of the boarding areas, acrylic yellow lines have been index to emphasize precaution measures.

High traffic flooring alternative

Rubber flooring:

Rubber flooring has also joined the commercial field, coming on tiles, mats, and roll sheets presentations, aiming to add more friction in any place you require, these flooring material is compound of natural rubber or recycled rubber, which is generally based on recycled tires. On the other hand there are another combination with urethane or polyurethane, that when mixed with rubber, creates a harder flooring product.

Rubber flooring also tends to be less expensive because it often contains recycled rubber so it is also environmentally friendly, no wonder why The Washington Metro,  now with the “7000-series” cars, are packed up with slip-resistant rubber floors.


Even though we are not constantly paying attention to details, there is always a flooring product presence in our daily life’s that ease or help us in the keep moving tasl. So whether is in the comfy side of our home or in the crowed massive routine of subways, we never underestimated the kindness & thoughtfulness of vinyl commercial flooring.

You walked it. We add it!



Did you know that at least 3,000 hailstorms occur annually in the United States? Causing billions in property damage, thousands of injuries and deaths. No matter where you live, you will encounter storms. However, in Florida you may see them regularly, due to the fact that is near the coast and it is well known for being the path of many courses of water. Since we are also located in this area, we would not like to miss the opportunity of explore and share safety measures to apply in our households.

Identifying is the first step you must do before even the storm warning. Pick the best place in the house you consider that has the strongest structure, keeping in mind a place where you can take shelter when the storm hits. In most structures, this will be the basement or a small interior room without windows, such as a bathroom for example. In addition, the best you can do is also identify escaping ways from your home or neighborhood, and check whether you would need any additional equipment such as a rope ladder. In a high-rise building, for example, try to look for small interior rooms or hallway on the lowest floor possible.

Keep into account any sharp elements, stay away from windows and doors when the storm arrives. FinishBuild also reminds you that securing top-heavy furniture that could fall over, such as bookcases, is also a wise safety measure to take into households, therefore move all these furniture away from doors and windows, if possible.

What FinishBuild Recommends in Case of Storm Alerts in Florida


1.Radio: First tool you must have when there is a storm alert is a radio, try to keep a battery-powered radio in your home so that you can tune to radio stations when loosing electricity. Check or change the batteries frequently. Highly recommendable in storm alerts, staying tuned to local radio and TV stations is important for weather updates. In the case of tornadoes, which often come together with thunderstorm warnings, the sooner you are aware that a storm is on the way, the sooner you can get your loved ones to safety.

2.Have a backup plan with your loved ones: It is commonly that in situations like this, between the rush and shock, family members might get anxious, therefore create and practice a previous backup plan of action for your family in case you are away from the shelter spot. Design a plan of where and how you will try to find shelter during a storm warning. State a location where first-aid kits and fire extinguishers will be available, a place for your family to meet if you get separated. Choose a contact person to communicate to closer folks in the event of a disaster.

3.Watch your outdoors: When it comes about storms, nature can be very unpredictable, remember the first advice? FinishBuild once again suggest you to identify possible trees and electricity connections that might affect your house in the case of a storm event.

Removing weak branches and eliminating trees that could fall on your home during a storm is a way of be more precautious, due to the fact that falling trees and blowing debris in storms often cause fatalities and severe structural damage. On the other hand, replacing rock or gravel landscaping materials in your outdoor areas with a more smooth option like shredded bark, can decrease damage if it is blown around by strong winds.

  1. House Caring: When it comes about storms the first rule is to preserve humanity, however there are other extra measures you can add into your households in case you want to preserve it as well. FinishBuild encourages you to nail down roof shingles or use adequate adhesive to keep them from blowing off in a violent wind, for instance. In case you happen to own roofs with shingles that are not the seal-down type, apply a little dab of roofing cement under each tab.

4.1 Lighting System: A lightning-protection system can offer you an easy, direct path for the bolt to follow into the ground in order to prevent injury or damage. Grounding rods can be located at opposite corners of the house for an effective result.

4.2 Masking Tape: In case there is a major storm is imminent, close shutters, board windows, or tape the inside of larger panes with an “X” along the full length of their diagonals. Even a light material like masking tape may give the glass the extra margin of strength it needs to resist cracking.

4.3 Care: None of these suggestions can actually work if you do not pay the attention it deserves. Storm alerts are very significant in the state of Florida and consequences costs highly amounts of time and money we do not want to miss. Subsequently, get inform about the emergency procedures on your neighborhood, if you have an elder living with you consider learning first aid and CPR, get yourself mentally but also physically trained to help others in this situations of stress and captivity.

Do not forget your First Aid Kit

Last but never least, FinishBuild suggests you to create your own personal emergency kit. We all have different needs, but we have come with some basic supplies you might want to have in order to manage storm alerts in Florida.

Water: A human being can survive from 5 to 7 days without eating (in the most extreme situations), however if there is not water, these amount of days can be reduce easily to hours. A three-day supply of water and non-perishable food are among the things you should have in your emergency storm kit.

First-aid supplies:  Personal hygiene items, flashlight, fresh batteries, work gloves, at least one portable lantern, prescription medications, cash, a supply of candles on hand for power failures.

Documents: Important contact numbers, such as, medical centers, insurance agents, utilities, neighbors and family members, copies of important documents, such as identification, insurance policies, ownership certificates and banking information.