There was a time when home patios were not considered as a significant part of a house; homeowners did not pay too much attention to them, and therefore this adjoined area remained as a place to store unutilized objects. Nonetheless, today people have changed their way to see a home patio; they do give more importance to their patio area and realize how recreational and functional this spot can be. This outdoor living space not only contributes to the quality of your home but also to the quality of life, there are a bunch of benefits you can enjoy and today we have decided to dedicate this post to you, a homeowner that have made the decision to add a gorgeous home’s extension, but is not sure about the type of material that best works as a patio cover.

Choosing the right patio cover material is a crucial step in such home improvement, it can determine the quality and durability of this outdoor space. This is why you need to make sure that the materials you opt for are strong enough to withstand the elements in the long term, they need to be lightweight at the same time so they keep you and your family comfortable while spending time underneath it. We at FinishBuild have researched what are the choices on materials that serve as patio covers, and among the most common ones we can mention: metal, fiberglass, plastic, wood, vinyl, aluminum.

Base on your lifestyle’s needs as well as the region and climate, any of these materials can provide shade and shelter for your outdoor activities; not to mention that the size, style and shape can be suitably adjusted in order to fit the structure and design of this exceptional outdoor area.

Superb & Functional Materials

Give your outdoor room eye- catching appeal, the following materials promise to help you create a unique and protected environment that suitably matches with your furniture and amenities choices.

Wood Patio Covers

As you have probably read it from our previous posts, wood is such an amazing construction material, its versatility is certainly what makes it one of our favorite options to cover your patio. Wood patio coverings are available in many shapes, sizes and prices. We believe that homeowners decide on wooden patio covers due to their natural beauty; this material also has de ability to fit exceptionally into almost any landscape and another great feature of it is that you can structure it to match your home’s architectural design.

On the other hand, you can even find coverings made of this material that have very little impact on the environment, for instance: bamboo or maple, these are sustainable choices because the wood is not being cut down faster than it can be replaced by new trees. Great complements for such patio cover, which not only looks charming but functional, are climbing plants and vegetable which can be grown in your outdoor space. Since every gorgeous appearance has a price, the downside of wood patio cover is the demanding upkeep needed; since this type of material is prone to warping, peeling and rotting, regular sanding and repainting are essential cares you should keep in mind for extending the life of your wood patio roofing.

Aluminum Patio Cover

This option is easy to install and as wood patio cover, aluminum covers can be purchased in the size, style and color that best suits your needs. This covering material is strong and lightweight at the same time; it is durable and high- resistant to outdoor conditions. Aluminum patio coverings are able to provide superb protection from any type of weather and keeping the comfort intact. Unlike wood, insects, warping, cracking or rotting would not be problems you will have to deal with if you opt for this patio roofing alternative. When it comes to aluminum patio cover, you need to know that minimal upkeep is necessary to make it looking awesome; furthermore this is a low cost option which is also able to fit in with most patio styles. As you may know, metals is a great conductor of heat, so if you’re your patio covering is made of regular aluminum panels, this might keep your patio uncomfortable for you and your loved ones when you stand beneath it.

Fiberglass and Plastic Patio Cover

Fairly low-priced, these are very durable patio covering materials that last more than any other types. Both of the mentioned materials are designed to allow a complete light exposure without leaving your unprotected from rain or harmful UV rays. Generally, plastic patio cover comes in lightweight panels that can be adapted to match your design, this is a very accessible patio covering that is able to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Fiberglass can be a little bit harder to find in the market but it is important to highlight that is also an earth- friendly alternative; this covering option is made by using recycled materials that contribute to reduce the massive amount of waste on our planet.

Vinyl Patio Cover

Virtually maintenance free, vinyl covers are lightweight structures available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. Since this is a synthetic patio covering, you will have the opportunity to purchase it in wood finish simulation. It is true that if compare with other types of material, vinyl is more expensive, however by choosing it you get an excellent covering material which does not need to be sanded or repainted and if your choose a high- quality material, you get an even more durable covering option for your patio that is less likely to rot, peel or crack. Regarding its appearance, we have to make notice that in terms of beauty vinyl can fade over time and unfortunately cannot be painted to more suitable tones in order to complement the look of your home.

Your patio is an excellent place to unwind; this outdoor living space is where you, your family and friends can relax at the end of a hard week of work. This will be an all season outdoor area, therefore you need to keep in mind that sometimes weather can be unpredictable; your patio can be affected by a sudden rainstorm or a heat wave, any of these circumstances can prevent you from enjoying a relaxing weekend (and we are sure your would not like it!). So why not to make sure to provide your patio with a great protective cover? Strive to research each of the materials we have suggested above, make sure to align their features taking into consideration your needs and create a gorgeous spot that is not only functional but distinctive…you dream it, we Build it!


Small problems with a roof can lead to costly home repairs around; this is an undeniable fact. Most of the time homeowners pay close attention on how to take care of their home’s interiors and exteriors, or how to improve certain areas; however, they often forget or ignore the roof’s maintenance and care aspect. The roof of a house is the most exposed part to the weather conditions; therefore its deterioration occurs really fast. Moreover, a proper maintained roof is a clear proof of your house’s security and thus, the safety of your family as well as neighbors. Solid roofs are those that help keep your entire home structurally sound by preventing moisture, creating rot and mold which damage dry walls, staining ceilings and walls; these factors are potentially- deadly since they can even affect your electrical system. Based on of these reasons, in FinishBuild we have decided to address this post by explaining some helpful and proactive suggestions about the maintenance and care you can take into consideration to stay ahead of repairs and avoid worse roofing problems later.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining” John F. Kennedy

What to Look For During the Maintenance Stage

As we have mentioned, the roof and gutters on your property can be easily neglected; regular roof maintenance is a key factor in protecting you, your family and your home from unpleasant hazards. The following are some guidelines that will help you to focus on what to look for during your roof’s maintenance stage.

  • Focus on looking for missing, damaged or curling shingles, or any other type of wear and tear. Believe us, it is easier and inexpensive to replace one or two shingles than an entire roof.
  • Inspect if there are signs of fungus or algae; in case you see that your roof is collecting moss, install zinc or lead control strips are good ideas.
  • Check for rust signs on the metal areas of your roof; and if there are some of them, wire brush the rust, then prime and paint the metal.
  • If appears to be deteriorating, seal any cracked mortar or caulking around joints and chimneys.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent leakage and back- up.
  • Clean debris from roofline valleys and other build- up areas.
  • In case you see any signs of leaking, such as dark spots on the ceiling or mold in your attic, take action immediately (roof leaks get worse and not any better).

Maintenance Tips for Asphalt Shingle Roofs


Good maintenance of your asphalt shingle roofing is as important as any of your home’s areas. We are more than sure that you want to keep your home looking at its best and the roof should also be taken into account.

Make sure to clean debris

Leaves or garbage are very common on roofs over a period of time; remove them on a regular basis, this is at least three times or more a year, so water on your roof won’t contribute to deterioration of the asphalt.

Check for moss and algae

Formations of these two organisms can contribute to the asphalts shingles’ deterioration. To inhibit growth formations, you can use zinc or lead control strips.

Examine shingles

You can check your roof for any shingle tabs that might have come loose; and if there is any shingles loosen, repair it with roofing cement. On the contrary, if you find that the shingles are too damaged or missing, remove and replace them as soon as possible.

Maintenance Tips for Clay Tile Roofs

Homeowners who have a clay tile roof know that it can last in excess of 100 years. Natural clay tiles are resistant and fortunately require little maintenance. However, some annual cleanup will give your entire home great appearance and protection in a small price to pay.

Clean the tiles

Cleaning the tiles is the greater part to be done; dirt, mold and algae can build up on the clay. They have small roots that burrow into the roofing material, so a good way to clean them up is by using a power washer and chlorine cleaning solution; by using this combination, you are preventing molding and algae from coming back but be careful with the power washer, the force of the spray can crack the tiles.

Sealing the tiles for more protection

Once you finish cleaning the tiles, you should cover them with a coat of alkyd primer followed by a clear acrylic sealer; this will protect your roof’s tiles from future dirt as well as make them easier to wash off in the future.

Maintenance Tips for Metal and Copper Roofs

Being one of the longest lasting roofing materials, metal and copper are known for their low maintenance; however we might remind you that there are still a few things you can do in order to keep any of these two roofing materials performing at their best.

Keep trees and bushes away from your metal or copper roof

Constant abrasion from tree limbs and bushes moved by the wind can damage the finish of a metal/ copper roof, so make sure to keep your trees trimmed and well way from your metal roof.

Reduce accumulation of debris

Rain and snow rinse way most of the leaves and debris that can fall on a roof, but certain roof configurations will need to be rinsed more from time to time. A suitably hard jet of water can push moisture past, another good idea? Use an easier method: a brush.

Gutters must be cleaned too!

Accumulations of debris in the gutter are another potential problem, because a year round contact with wet leaves in your gutter can damage your metal or copper roof. Avoid corrosion by keeping the gutters clean, and do not be afraid of using enough water, metal and copper roof are designed to shed water from rain and snow, and then dry out.

Our main purpose with this article is to highlight that regular roof maintenance is just as important for your home as regular physical exercises for your health. Roofs that are well- maintained ensure that your home will remain strong and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions over the rest of the year. On the other hand, since roofs tend to expand and contract according to every change in the weather, cracks developing and damaging shingles will be totally normal; this is why these damages need to be quickly addressed, not to mention that taking these maintenance measures will be much more economical than a whole roof replacement. Ignoring roof issues is not a wise choice; small problems will surely quickly grow into big if left unrepaired.


As the awareness of global warming grows (fortunately!), people around the world are becoming increasingly ecological. Nowadays it is very common to know earth- friendly conscious consumers who are progressively finding new and more creative way to go green, raising green roofing options to new heights. Few days ago we shared with our readers an article related to what we consider are the 5 best roofing materials, after we published it we realized that there is still information about the vast roofing materials alternatives that there are available today. Based on this, green roof options are what we would like to develop; in FinishBuild we believe is an excellent way to complement our last roofing post.

As we have already mentioned in our previous roofing materials post; roofs are those structures which protect us from the elements. Therefore, the importance of a great material selection for it is essential and with today’s innovative roofing alternatives, it is even more often to find new kinds of roofs that can do more than keep you and your family out of the rain and snow. In fact, now it is possible to install roofs that make your house cooler, and thus make you feel more comfortable while they give your air conditioner a break.

Environmentally Friendly Roofs

Recycled Shingles

This is perhaps the greenest choice you will find; recycled shingles are made from waste material, for instance: plastic, rubber, wood fiber and more. In fact, if you are willing to make your roof an earth- friendly one, you can also opt for recycled- content shingles.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • What makes them an excellent eco- friendly option is the fact that they can be made from clean post- consumer waste, which is that waste from home, or post- industrial waste, those wastes from factories In any case, the resulting product is a nice looking shingle that you would never know was made from “waste” materials.
  • Recycled shingles reduce energy consumption and pollution, because they help divert waste from landfills.

Go environmentally- aware with Solar Shingles

If you are striving to have a home that does not only look eye- catching from outside, this is an ideal roof for your project; solar shingles are new solar products that perform as a great alternative to photovoltaic (PV) panels. They perform elegance and simplicity at their best, not to mention how space- conscious solution can be.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Solar shingles are ingeniously made to blend with regular shingles, and therefore you won’t need to make a full roof makeover.
  • Even though this is option will initially need a considerable investment, it can be well worth it to consider the economic benefit in the long term; you will watch your electric meter spin backwards, and in places where selling electricity back to the local power company is available, you can install enough building- integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) and sell the remaining electricity.

Standing Seam Metal Roof


Green homeowners decide on metal roofs more and more, because this option can be also found in its recycled content version.

Wondering about its benefits?

  • Content metal roofs are extremely durable, long lasting and light reflective; roofs with these characteristics are definitely a great investment.
  • The downside about this choice we cannot deny is that this green roofing option needs to be analyzed carefully in areas with heavy snowfall, because it can slide right off metal roofs, and potentially create huge drifts around the perimeter of your house; so you might need a plan for dealing with it.

Salvaged Clay Tile

Keeping usable tile out of landfills, this roofing material is still highly coveted today; it give your home the look of elegant historic homes

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Salvaged tiles are durable and natural.
  • This roofing alternative is even longer- lasting than metal; and can be also found in lighter colors, this is a big plus since you will be taking home a material with all the cool- roof benefits.
  • Some drawbacks you need to be aware of is that clay tiles are expensive and considerably heavy; so you might need some reinforcement of the roof, therefore you must add this fact to your budget.


Vegetated roof

Yes, you have read it right! Grass is not always greener in your front lawn, and to prove this we can tell you that this is a roof which is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium that has been planted over a water proof membrane. Believe or not, this is a sort of lawn that will absolutely look beautiful as part of your outdoor design. We need to thank Germany for giving us such a modern and green roofing option.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Green or gardened roofs help lower your energy bills.
  • They also perform excellent at lowering greenhouse emissions.
  • Help reducing storm- water runoff and also provide a habitat for surrounding wildfire; which contributes to reduce your stress levels.

As you may see or hear, environmentally- friendly living alternatives are becoming more and more popular, hopefully they will increase even more in the future; today is more frequent to walk on streets paved with recycled concrete, or having a neighbor whose home’s siding is made of eco- friendly material; what was missing in order to complete this earth- friendly pack was the roofing aspect, and as you could read it is pretty much covered. Moreover, we often see hybrid or electric cars on the highways; these are really important steps that society is making towards a significant change that benefits all of us. In FinishBuild we consider that today is a great day to modify some aspects of our journey; start being more energy- independent and more eco- friendly; using clean source of energy is an amazing beginning.

Reduce your dependence on those home products that need dramatic earth consume, and give our environment a break by opting for solar energy and renewable alternatives that will reduce as toxic emissions as possible…you start, we Finish!


When we decided to choose for our readers roofing materials as the topic of today’s article, style and protection from the top was the first idea that came to our minds. Striving to offer the best home products alternatives as well as attractive home design and improvement ideas; in FinishBuild we believe that the outdoor design of your home is as important as is too the interior. The roof of your house is fundamental to the integrity of your home’s structures, and therefore you need to choose a high- quality roof material that is able to withstand fundamentally whether; which is the principal challenge as far as roofs go. Another good reason we can give you regarding an excellent selection of roof material is that as you may know, our climate has become increasingly intense in many parts of the planet thus, your new roof needs to stand up to the rigors of your regional weather.

Important factors to consider when selecting your roof’s material

Making the decision on the right product for your roof is an important step in the process of showing off your style outdoors. Today roofing materials are endless and there are plenty of options, what you need to study in details is the pros and cons of the materials and looks available for you, this will certainly help you make the most suitable decision on the best fit for your home, your pocketbook and of course, your life. Let’s check some important factors you should consider when selecting your roof’s materials:

  • Durability: make sure you are choosing a roofing material that will last in the long term, by doing this you can be sure you are doing an excellent investment.
  • High- resistance to nature’s elements: your roof definitely needs to hold up natural disasters such as wildfires or hurricanes.
  • Earth- friendly: as you do the research for your house’s roof, consider opting for eco- friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Design: your new roof needs to be able to complement the style of your whole house.
  • Cost: roof materials’ cost does influence the making decision process, it is actually considered as a starting point in such home improvement.

5 Best Roofing Materials Picks


Today’s roofing market offers a wide selection of materials, from natural ones such as slate or wood, to manmade products like asphalt, sheet metal. Types and styles of roofing to choose from are more abundant than ever before. Our suggestion? Study their advantages and shortcomings, and after this we are sure you will find a roof material that will add a distinctive design to your home.

Asphalt Shingles

This is one of the most popular roofing materials, covering over 80% of residential market; this could be due to the fact that is the least expensive and it does not require too much skill to be installed. Standard asphalt shingles can last from 15 to 20 years and a nice aspect of them is that they work for a variety of architectural styles. The downside of this roofing material is that, on one hand it is vulnerable to wind and ice damage, this means that is subject of mildew and moss; and on the other hand, since asphalt shingles are made of fiberglass that has been impregnated with asphalt, they are not the most eco- friendly alternative you have, can be found in a more recyclable version though.

Clay tile

Considered as a lifetime roof option, clay tiles are made from natural clay and this make them very fire resistant. This roofing material resembles those traditional Italian or Spanish looks you might want to accomplish in your house; they are also made to look like wood shakes or slate. Clay tile is low maintenance, can be considered as an earth- friendly option as is made from natural materials, however requires considerable energy to be manufactured. Another feature you need to know about this roofing material l is that is heavy and therefore, requires reinforced roof framing to support.


Fortunately, metal roofs are not what they used to be; those old barn roofs of past years have been replaced by metal roofs that are lighter, fully recyclable. They also come in steel, aluminum cooper, and many other versions. Metal is fire resistant as well as nearly maintenance free, durability is another great feature they perform because they can last around 50 or 70 years; this amazing roofing material may be made from recycled materials and absorbs a third less heat than asphalt. The downside of metal is that regarding its cost, prices can go from moderate to significant expensive.


Known as on of the oldest roofing materials, slate is very durable and resists both wind and fire. It is available in a variety of natural colors and shapes; this roofing material looks stunning and is often used on historic homes. Incredibly and depending on the quality of materials chosen, slate can last from 60 to 200 years, so durability is absolutely covered with this roofing material. Two main drawbacks we have to mention about slate is that it is a very heavy material that will need extra roof support as well as is more expensive than any other roofing option.


Generally made from cement, sand and water, this roofing option comes in a wide selection of finishes, colors and looks, not to mention the cuts and shapes you can find from it. Concrete will always be an extraordinary roofing material alternative because of its long lifespan, low maintenance and high durability level. Fortunately, there is not downside with this material; actually we can add that concrete is moderate in price, energy- efficient and acts as a great natural insulator to noises.

To sum up, not every roofing material can be used on every roof; so whether you are about to start a new roofing project or remodeling the exiting one, you should  consider all the possible options and remember that color, texture, weight and durability are features that must work cohesively in order to give your home an exceptional curb appeal.


MATERIALES PARA TECHOS DESTACADO 300x138 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

When it comes to choose the right roofing material, a variety of products are available, ranging from natural products, like thatch, slate to polycarbonate sheeting. Water-resistant materials known as underlayment are also another option to home roofs. On the other hand, metal roofing materials are often lighter in weight than wood shingles. Industries are always improving and with progress many different types of roofing materials are available now, including a lot of roofing materials that have a variety of green attributes, such as being eco-friendly products that contain recycled ingredients. FinishBuild has come with a compendium of the most common and useful materials for roof projects, we would go through the most popular roofing materials.

Asphalt shingles Pizarra 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

Standard asphalt shingles are made from petroleum products and are not usually recyclable because of the layer of fiberglass added to the shingles. On the other hand this material option comes in a selection of colors, and the fact that 75% of American roofs have asphalt shingles due to low cost and ease of installation makes of asphalt shingles a very appealing option to your home. Depending on the size of the roof and the experience of the crew, regarding the installation process it is possible to remove old shingles and apply new ones on one day.


MATERIALES PARA TECHOS 1 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

Heaviness is an important feature of Metal. Aside from its longevity, metal shingles are much lighter than most materials and very resistance to adverse weather. Materials like steel, aluminum, tile and copper are the common material on this section. With the characteristic of being the coolest roofs around regarding temperature and style, these metal looks can add an industrial look for new homes. Metal roofs are available in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, and often have a high percentage of recycled components. Aluminum, besides having most of 98% recycled content, in most of the cases, have extremely long life-cycles, which reduces construction waste. Metalworks ceilings can also be integrated with radiant heat and cooling technology to reduce energy costs and perforated panels with acoustical backing reduce reverberation time and improve acoustics. Subsequently if you are thinking on invest on a business indoor areas, aluminum is the one for you on environmental quality and on durability. On the other hand, metal products in general provide high insulation solar reflectance, and durability, often lasting twice as long as wood or asphalt. Metal shingles typically simulate traditional roof coverings, such as wood shakes, shingles, slate and tile.


Slate has a beautiful, distinctive appearance. Although its weight is very heavy, a slate roof is non-leaching and will last for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, its high cost assures you a life expectancy of 80 to 400 years. Regarding care and maintenance it is easy to repair and recycle, however due to the fact of the dark color slate it is rarely recommended for high-heat locations.

Wood Shingles and Shake

MATERIALES PARA TECHOS 2 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

This is one of the most common regular options to many home-owners due to the look of wood. Wood shakes are handmade and rougher-looking than wood shingles, which are usually cut by machine. Wood roofing products can also be installed inside your home, and nowadays there is a wide set of patterns and style to choose from, some even include shingles treated with a fire-resistant coating. What we love about wood materials is the rustic but classic shingles look. Since is a natural product usually made from cedar, redwood and southern pine, nevertheless wood shingles can be a concern in wet climates, and can bend and even cracked or split.

Mineral fiber and Fiberglass materials

According to Armstrong web page mineral fiber ceilings is another eco-friendly option which are recyclable manufactured with recycled content. Regarding sound aesthetics, mineral fiber brings the perfect combination of acoustics and audibility. On the other hand, fiberglass ceilings has besides its stylish  looks, the significant energy savings which tends to be very appealing to business areas where  funds are important.

Care & Maintenance

Ceilings that will get partial treatments such as medallion and layered drywall or soft coverings with wallpaper for example, should be repaired and cleaned with diluted TSP, or trisodium phosphate according to Meghan Drueding. But when it comes to repairing cracks options are several, you might want to add drywall tape and mud, and thoroughly cover stains with a white shellac-based product like B.I.N. In most cases, renovating ceilings can be a very single and located process by attaching the new ceiling to joists underneath the surface of the existing ceiling, nevertheless locating the joists is the essential first step.

Currently, on this technology era production methods have changed from the toxic-dispelling processes they used to be, into clean and energy-efficient manufacturing procedures. So, whether you are building a new home for your love ones or replacing your old-fashioned roof, take into account that conventional power sources have been substituted by renewable energy. Even business offices can be and provide a more eco-look and influence positively on coworkers. Manufacturers are now harnessing the power of natural resources like water, wind and the sun to produce electrical energy.

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