Choosing the most suitable flooring for a home has never been an easy task; there are many factors to consider before making the last decision and when you a homeowner who rents properties whether full- time or in the off- season, the challenge to select the right floors is bigger. When it comes to rent properties, there are important aspects that certainly determine the quality of the entire property; flooring is one of the main ones because you want to provide rooms with elements that not only look really good but also that stand the common gear and wear which come with a rental property and therefore cause permanent and unpleasant damages.

In order to own a rental property that is worthy of great references and comments by your tenants, foot traffic, cleaning, longevity and maintenance are some of the aspects you should keep in mind. From FinishBuild we would like to encourage you to strive to find the right balance between durability and style in every single room of your rental property, therefore we have selected exceptional flooring options that might ease your home improvement project and avoiding get overwhelmed by this important investment you are about to make.


We have decided to choose this flooring material as the first one on the list due to installing carpet is an easy project and is also one of the most affordable materials for your rental property’s floors. Another good feature we can attribute to carpet is that thanks to its softness, can provide a warm and welcoming underfoot surface. Moreover, since this flooring material is made of padding and fibers, performs excellently at keeping noises down; an ideal option for bedrooms, second floors and if it is your case: multi- unit properties. The main downside of carpet is that needs frequent cleaning by a specialist service, even more if you are dealing with stains issues; additionally this material can wear out faster than any other flooring choice so we would not recommend it for high traffic areas. So rooms like bathrooms and kitchens are no the best place to install carpet because these spaces hold onto moisture, and as a consequences carpet can harbor allergens and dust that may result into health problems for your and your loved ones.

Tile (Stone, Ceramic or Porcelain)

The second easiest option to clean is tile; this durable and long lasting flooring material is great for areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. Tile is also waterproof and the best part is that if regular maintained, it does not harbor germs. Another good feature that makes tiles good options for your rental property is that they are impervious to scratches and are able to hold very good in the highest traffic areas. What is more, tiles come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and prices so this is a big bonus for you to invest in an affordable flooring material for that rental property you own. However, the cons about tile also need to be mention; this material is hard so it does not feel that comfortable when walking or standing on it. there are another two more features of tile that many people may dislike; the first one is that provides a cold feeling underfoot and this is not something you need in winter, the second one is that does not have sound absorbing properties so this can make that noises in a room echo more.


The category we have to put laminate flooring as your best choice for rent properties flooring is affordability; this material is easier to install than hardwood and is also able to resist more scratches than Real Hardwood. Due to the composite materials this flooring option is made of, detailed photo surface can be achieved and this adds quality appearance to the rental property, not to mention that you can find it in a good range of look selections: tile, stone or wood. Furthermore, laminate floors require very little care and maintenance and this is what make them a top choice for residential flooring applications. But you need to be aware of the fact that laminate does not resist high levels of moisture so kitchens or basements are not the best place to install it; you better think of this material for your living rooms or bedrooms.


Popular because of its affordability, vinyl is an extremely versatile flooring material; its high resistance to moisture makes it the ideal alternative for bathrooms, laundry areas or kitchens. In addition, this floor material is fairly easy to clean and comes in a vast variety of looks, patterns and colors so you choose the one that best suits your rental property’s style. Whether you opt for sheets, solid vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl tile, prices will surely play in favor of your budget.

It is absolutely true that the flooring in a rental property takes a lot of abuse; this is an issue that many landlords face, however we have just showed you some good choices that are made of durable materials which also look really nice; therefore they will stand the test of time. In FinishBuild we are sure your main goal as a rental property owner is to have as long lasting elements in those spaces as possible, it does not make sense to install flooring that does not resist high foot traffic that thus will result into constantly wasting time and money, because you will need to replace them.

Another idea we would like to share with you is opting for good flooring but stick with neutral materials (not too cheap, not to expensive), this means that your material selections need to appeal to the masses but do not need to make you make a huge investment; remember that if you were choosing the floors for your home you definitely will decide on exquisite material such as marble or lime green backsplash, however this is not the case and the idea is to save every single dollar you can, that will then turn into an extra dollar in your pocket.

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