destacada5 300x138 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

When showerheads first went out, they used to provide a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, thus a morning shower often felt like a drizzle. However, technology has advanced and we have to be honest on the fact that in this modern age we are living, we all are looking for ways to improve our lives as well as achieve moment of true enjoyment. In this constant quest, bathroom comfort is not the exception since taking a hot shower when it is cold outside, or a refreshing one in warmer weather conditions is something that definitely makes any difficult and stressful day disappear.

Even though there are many new shower head models available in the home market, some homeowners still consider the idea of changing their old microphone shaped shower head only when breaks down. Today it is possible to have fun while choosing the right shower head for your bathroom because you have plenty of options to opt for, at FinishBuild we offer a wide range of shower head selections, including those ones that are larger than others, rectangular, round or flat shaped; some others offer massaging or pulsating settings, and there are also shower heads that allows you to take a shower that feels like a strong rainstorm, as you can see when it comes time to upgrade your bathroom’s shower, option are vast and you can absolutely think of our online store to purchase yours.

As in each home improvement project, there are certain considerations you will need to think about when looking for showerheads. In case you have water problems for instance tough water, then you will need to regularly cleanse your shower head, as well as having a water softener mounted for your home. Furthermore, deciding what short of sprays you want is another aspect you would like to consider since shower head makers offer amazing alternatives, from sprinkling mists to water that comes out in patterns. Another important aspect to consider is the water pressure level your home has, many of the top rated low pressure rain shower heads sometimes do not give enough pressure for a fast and reliable shower; it would better for you to make a detailed review of the best showerheads for low water pressure. Last but obviously not least you need to include your budget in the plan as you probably will be looking for a high quality yet not pricey showerhead; well let me tell you that at FinishBuild you can find showerheads that will look stunning in your bathroom and will last a lifetime there.

Handheld Shower Head

s5 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

The most flexible option you will find is a handheld shower, which is ideal for senior, children or people with limited mobility. Handheld shower performs remarkably in those hard to reach places. Most of these types of shower heads are adaptable and sturdy. Additionally, there are many styles that offer a hand held shower head that include power saving, great water jet or switch design. Likewise, handheld shower heads are a budget- friendly option to upgrade your bathroom since you can acquire them for an attractive price (under $100), definitely a high quality and long lasting alternative.

Chlorine Filtering Shower Heads

If you filter the water you and your family consume, why don’t consider filtering the water that comes out from your shower head? Chlorine contained in water can dry the skin, so whether you or any member of your family face skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis, or just to improve your family’s health, it would be a great choice if you install a chlorine filter on your shower head, in order to remove this chemical from your shower water.

Rain Shower Heads

ip1 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

Designed to provide a showering experience that evokes like when you stand in the rain (but much warmer), with this type of shower head you can expect to have a smoothly water streams. Rain shower heads are ceiling installed and are usually made of either steel or chrome, but it is also possible to find them created of plastic. At FinishBuild you can opt for a rain shower head that have two spray settings, this will allow you to switch between a powerful jet and a rainfall mode.

LED Shower Heads

6 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

Curious about adding some light, color and fun to your shower experience? Then a LED shower head is what you need. This type of shower head changes its colors depending on water’s temperature such as red for hot, green for warm and blue for cold; you can also find this option as an earth- friendly one since some LED shower heads are battery powered or even generate their power from water’s pressure.

Shower Heads with Speakers Included

Enjoy your favorite tunes while having a relaxing shower with a shower head that includes speakers. Connectivity options are different including basic AM/FM radio to Bluetooth, this way you can listen to all of your favorite songs from your device.

Sometimes people underestimate the importance of this element which plays an essential role in every bathroom. Showerheads are key in these rooms not only because of their aesthetics features, but also for the functionality they can provide you and your family with. There is nothing better than taking a relaxing shower that help you soothe aching muscles, not to mention that today it is also possible to find filtering shower heads that keep chlorine levels down, and thus they filter harmful chemicals out of the water, this contributes to keeping your family healthy.

I believe that when it is about choosing the perfect shower head for your bathroom, a worthy investment is the best ideas you can think of, turn into a choosy person while selecting the type of shower head you want to install in your bathroom and be sure you choose a design element that looks awesome and performs at its very best, visit our online store and acquire that shower head you have been dreaming about…you dream it, we Build it!

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Vinyl flooring usually has preserve its common presentation, such as single in rolls of large sheets, however time also has reward vinyl in matters of style and nowadays vinyl flooring is available in more practical, much easier to setting up formats.

At Finish Build vinyl flooring tiles are always recommended for commercial uses. Due to the lack of weight FinishBuild vinyl flooring products are usually purchased in 12-inch squares that feature adhesive backing. The thicker the tile is, the better it will hold up over longer periods of time, but what we really think it is important is the acoustic properties this material owns. Installing tile is an ideal project for DIY eagers, particularly in smaller rooms or in this case fashion shows ramp.

Nevertheless, it is important to purchase all tiles from the same lot because, while other lots may be labeled as being the same pattern and color, slight differences in shade may occur. When it comes about setting your chalk lines, starting in the center of the room is what we usually recommend. After removing paper backing, press tiles into place. Keep into account that trimming your tiles at the walls and other edges. Subsequently we suggest you to roll tiles in both directions to set them steady.

What FinishBuild recommends:

3 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationWhen it comes to installing vinyl planks, let me tell you is perfectly doable. Since vinyl flooring planks come with an easy interlocking system, you can easily jump on the journey of actually doing it yourself. At FinishBuild we are here, once again, with the purpose of helping you on do the first moves.

First of all let’s clean the room. Before starting, empty your room of all furniture and make sure that the surface of the room is perfectly smooth by removing nails, debris and scraping up any old adhesive. Take into account that your sub floor needs to be dry as well as be smooth and as even possible because every lump, bump and crease may appear visible. Make a template of the floor using felt paper.

Materials you would use:

  1. Pencil
  2. Tape measure
  3. Hammer
  4. Vinyl cutting knife
  5. Sealant
  6. Broom

6 1 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationPhase 1:

Once we have a clean surface, there is an important move you should definitely consider if you are aiming for outstanding results: Level your subfloor​, generally vinyl planks flooring products can be install onto existed flooring surfaces. Therefore check the condition of your subfloor, if a surface is in poor conditions, you may need to substitute it. You can drill in a plywood underlayment with screws fairly easily, nevertheless it is important to screw heads below the surface of the wood. If you install an underlayment over your existing subfloor, make sure the surface is level. Afterwards, sealing is our next step. Paint a coat of sealant onto your subfloor. Protect the bottom of your walls or cabinets with strips of masking tape to avoid splash. Once the floor is sealed, let it cure for as long as required before you start laying your vinyl planks.

Phase 2:

Now is time for you to make an important choice. Decide on which direction you will lay your vinyl planks. Subsequently, measure the floor to work out where the middle of your middle row will sit. This is your middle line. In order to be double extra sure, I personally suggest (and if you have the time) to face vinyl planks on the floor to get a clear idea of how can tiles adjust to the space. This also can help you to get a visual plus of the vinyl planks you might have to cut in order to fit edges. Next, hammer a nail at each end of this line and then tie a string chalk line between them. Snap your string chalk line to mark your center line on the floor.

Now proceed to set each plank by laying the first row of vinyl plank flooring, whether is by peeling them off on the back for each plank (in the case they are the adhesive type) or by assemble them if they come with the interlocking system. Subsequently flatten them it into place, over the top of the center line and remember that each vinyl plank has a directional arrow on its backing paper. At FinishBuild we strongly suggest that in order to obtain the finest visual result, lay all your planks facing the same way.

Lay the second row of vinyl plank flooring next to the first. Stagger the second row so the end of each plank lines up with the middle of the plank in the previous row. When laying the third row of planks, use your combination square to make sure its joins line up with the joins in the first row and try to maintain this staggered pattern going the whole way across the floor.

Phase 3:

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 8 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationOn this phase you must let go the extra vinyl material. Some of your vinyl floor planks will need to be trimmed to fit around the floor corners. Take into account that in phase 2 you can be aware of how much material is not going to be longer needed however, this phase allows you to measure and mark out your lines on each plank and make your cuts with a trimming knife. In order to get finest results, go over the cut line two or three times instead of trying to cut all at once. When your trim is finished, remove the backing paper and stick the plank in place hoping for the best. We recommend you (in case you have adhesive type) to curve and bend the board as you lay it down, visualize that when installing part of the vinyl plank would be against the floor while the part yet to be placed is in the air. Successively, roll the board down and onto the surface of your floor. The aim with this procedure is to avoid the development of air pockets, however you can also help yourself with a piece of fabric on your hand to press the boards to the ground.

4 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY Installation

To sum up, after installation, clean adhesive from tile surfaces with wet cloth. Fasten trim and moldings to the wall, not the flooring. In addition, avoid heavy traffic on the new installation for at least 72 hours while adhesive sets. If you are interest on see more about vinyl interlocking systems installation, we invite to check this video:

How To Install A Floating Vinyl Plank Floor

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Small bathroom 300x138 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017

Social Human condition has established that healthy body habits are highly recommendable nowadays or mandatory in other cases. This form of self – caring is part of some cultures between hygiene conditions and the fact that self-bathing is a matter of reducing skin and emotionally breakthroughs. Therefore, whether you are in the mood for spoiling yourself or just do it because it makes you happy, we remind you that at FinishBuild bath-time is me-time.

First of all we must agree on the fact that taking a shower can be easily accomplished by water and soap. Nevertheless, shower-times are more than that. We believe that we can create space that not only would satisfy your eye but also we would talk about how to make bigger than it looks.

Elements you must take into account

Small bathroom 1 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Mirrors:

In Feng Shui, the use of elements such as metal, can help you enormously space saving as well. Mirrors have the honorable addition of being able to reproduce what it reflects, therefore if you happen to have a very tiny piece of toilet and a sink side by side, we suggest you to place and long horizontal piece of glass just above these pieces, in order to get the best of visual tricks. Mirrors are not also a good way of enhancing your bathroom area but also are a nice functional addition.


Small bathroom 2 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017If your bathroom and you happen to have a space problem, there are some elements you can exchange in order to get the view of a bigger bathroom. Let´s begin with sizes, when it comes about bathroom, the proportions are a vital, and it highly influences decoration and can increase or reduce your bathroom physical areas.

Flooring Tiles:

According to some interior design companies, in order to get the best of space inside a house, flooring tiles and wall bathroom tiles should match. This addition can help you with harmony creation and in the case you need a visual but also spacious home area, continuity is vital and an important element. Therefore, we suggest you to get tiles that go with minimal contrast, lighter colors like BLANCO from our brand KRONENHAHN, line CASONA.


Small bathroom 3 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Opt for going with ¨less is more¨, when it comes about small sized bathrooms. Regarding the bathroom, aesthetics is the reflection of what your daily life can be and when there is less you gain in space. Therefore try by getting the goodness of our FinishBuild BA130 15″ SQUARE CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL model, which comes in 13″ H x 22″ W x 22″ D, ideal for tiny spaces. This reloaded versions not only can help you to safe space but also adds an outstanding aesthetic for guests including yourself. We also suggest you the BA129 16″ ROUND CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL that can offer a more uniform geometric appearance if you are not that into corners or pointy edges.


Small bathroom 4 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017How can we forget the proper use of manual locking systems? When it comes about bathing experience, you must be aware that privacy is everything and priceless. Regarding the materials you can use for shower doors, at FinishBuild we strongly recommend you to explore with glass materials that can easily help you to get a closer look of things and at the same time you can get the sense of spaciousness. In order to get the best of comfort, try by setting a focal point, we suggest you to start matching the perfect combination of unpretentious additions such as the glass on the door, the light clear tone on the tiles and even the size if the mirror you are going to get.


When it comes about illumination, remember to take into account that natural light can enhance your home spaces at reasonable prices. Natural light can work perfectly when you happen to own small spaces, which allows you to get the best of both worlds: privacy and nature. Therefore try by adding upper sliding windows that can easily offer you an outlet to unexpected odors and concentration of fumes. The use of recessed lighting is a choice in case you have no option but adding artificial light. Try non-direct lights that might come from the ceiling.

Go vertical:

Small bathroom 5 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Try to storage as much as you can but in a scaling way, customized medicine cabinets for instance, can be a nice solution to space craving. Therefore if you are into having your own personal items properly organized, going vertical is a cool option. On the other hand, when it comes about small bathroom dimensions, you should take into account that if cabinets are located on the base of your floor.

To sum up we would like you to remind you that you deserve a nice experience, and making yourself happy should be the journey not the task. Therefore if you happen to have a small bathroom, we suggest you to go functional with maximizing your space, with a Lazy Susan addition for personal hygiene products. Believe or not when it comes about physical illusions we must agree on the fact that theory is not necessarily better than practice. For this reason we have come with this research regarding which particular items should you avoid when it comes about small spaces. There are tricks everywhere therefore we must share them.

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kitchen decorating ideas go further this year 300x75 Kitchen Decorating Ideas: Go Further This Year

To me, kitchens are those special rooms in the house where people create simple or very elaborated meals that nutritiously fuels the bodies, minds and souls of love ones and friends all over the world; so if life is created in the bedroom, then it is definitely lived in the kitchen. With all the technology improvements we are experiencing these days, it is very easy to provide homeowners with constant stream of inspiration that encourages them to plan a refreshment or a total re-do of their kitchens. Since the most important room of any home is constantly evolving regarding designs and trends, incorporating trendy updates has become an essential improvement project, which will bring your kitchen into its best 21st century version.

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 10 300x300 Kitchen Decorating Ideas: Go Further This YearToday it is important to understand that even though kitchens were not always where families congregated for breakfast or a light meal, over the course of the past 20 years these rooms started to become living spaces, where people spend more time than just cooking and therefore it is highly worthy to strive to create a kitchen that looks its best. The following are my favorite ways to add updated style to your kitchen this year; I believe this post is just in time for you to include it in your 2017 list’s resolutions.

Open Shelving Has Come To Stay

Take your kitchen style further with the latest trend many homeowners are following. Separating the kitchen and the dining room is getting obsolete; instead you can skip your kitchen islands entirely and bring elements of the living and dining rooms into this magnificent area. Open shelving kitchens have the amazing ability to showcase beautiful dishes, drink ware, serving pieces and of course those new pieces such as living room furniture that would definitely make from your kitchen a very livable space where family and guest can hang out and not just cook.

Avoid the Standard Kitchen Hardware Design

Remember that your kitchen’s hardware is just like the jewelry for this important area of your home, fortunately in 2017 there are incredible options out there to pick than ever before. Do not stick on nickel brass bar pulls from the big box store, it is time to be bold and choose something else, something special and detailed on hardware, some of the most common choices are: hammered finishes or leather trim. And for your sink design, there is a marvelous alternative; imagine an extra sink that will banish daily complains from family and guests about not having enough counter space. Double sinks mean two people pleasantly cooking or doing the dishes, this is probably the ideal pick for families who like to cook together.

#thowbacktuesday Every Single Day

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 7 300x300 Kitchen Decorating Ideas: Go Further This YearRetro appliances style is back and I particularly love the idea. We all know that stainless steel appliances have been the focal point in kitchens for so many years and there is not something quite appealing than industrial homes kitchens. However rounded edges fridges which are now taller and have a skinnier appearance are superb, clean, cool and modern because they harmoniously blend in retro style and functionality, white kitchen with this type of appliances will look just great!

Wide-ranging Hardware Finishes

Monochromatic kitchen style may look amazing but in 2017 you can opt for not going with this kitchen style, instead strive to choose appliances and accessories with different finishes for instance, bronze accents in your kitchen are getting special attention whether if you place them in minor details or let them play a starring role in your kitchen. This color make your appliances pop up, consider vases trays, drawer pulls and light fixtures, all of them set up by bronze accents, your kitchen will turn into a truly one-of-a-kind space.

Marvelous Countertops

Sometimes homeowners consider granite as a fussy and pricey option for their kitchens, so why don’t opt for concrete or engineered countertops? Concrete countertops are totally taking over this year, not to mention that is not so expensive, durable and cool. Going to the other extreme, you can also choose engineered countertops as they are nonporous, yet still offers that amazing look and feel of natural stone.

Two Tones in your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are a homeowner who finds it difficult to pick only one color for your cabinets, then let me tell you this year things are changing as you can mix up your kitchen’s palette. Whether you love the classic black and white layered look in your kitchen, or you would like to use any other complementary colors for your upper and lower cabinetry such as navy blue, soft gray, you will absolutely create an interesting contrast.

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 12 300x300 Kitchen Decorating Ideas: Go Further This YearKitchens are the heart of the homes, and I like to believe it is true. Moreover, much of the importance of this functional room depends on the family and their lifestyle; newer kitchen designs has begun now to open up to other rooms and as a result, homeowners started to enlarge their own kitchen spaces to follow this great trend in order to enjoy of both lifestyle and resale purposes.

Whether you own a small or a large kitchen, it is key for you to know that today’s kitchen is way more than a kitchen, and therefore functionality is as important as the often upgrades you can give to it; this room is ever evolving based on each family’s busy and varied lifestyle. In addition, kitchen appliances are constantly changing and this is why you need to keep yourself updated with the new products, concepts and designs that emerge into the home marketplace every year.

At this point it is worthwhile to let you know that in FinishBuild you can find a great variety of kitchen appliances which not only are environmentally friendly that cut down on our footprint, but also contribute to the dreamy and trendy design you have in mind; visit our online store and find out everything we have to offer you for your next kitchen remodel or refreshment…you dream it, we Build it!


Best interior designers in Doral Florida web 300x200 Floridas Best Interior Design Companies for Your HomeDo you live in Florida and have plans of decorating your home? Well if your home needs an improved interior design, the best idea you can consider is hiring a professionals that has studied how to design a home’s interior. At this point, it is important to make the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer; interior decorators are those talented people, who can be involved specifically in aesthetic layer, however they won’t be able to assist makeovers that require structural work. Interior designers on the other hand take their skills to the higher level and therefore they are more knowledgeable, this makes them professionals as interior architects who can run entire renovations and construction systems.

Hiring an interior design company would be an excellent choice since the results are not just gorgeous but lasting. Interior design companies are key in any home or office building project or makeover; they are skilled people at making feel- good spaces for people to live as well as work in, thinking and choosing carefully combinations of fabrics, furniture, fixtures and paint colors. In this article we have curated a list of the best ranked Florida’s interior design companies, so you can know about them and work closely with the right one on your home’s makeover; they have become well- known because of their approaches and design ideas, which they use to create stunning home or office designs.

Florida’s Best Interior Design Companies

Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc.

Their headquarter office is located in Winter Park, FL this worldwide recognized interior design firm specializes in complete interior detailing and space planning. Artistic and beautiful are the main two adjectives that best describe Marc- Michaels Interior Design Inc.’s interior designs; the team that works in this company is committed to create what consumers desire in their spaces, they have access to a variety of top- finish designs trends and ideas. The full- service company also has a diverse and creative portfolio which has been featured in a lot of publications, including also two honorable mentions in the magazine Architectural Digest in their respected list of “Top 100 Designers in the world”.

Visit its website and find our more about this outstanding interior design firm:

DKOR Interiors

Located in North Miami, FL but also with an extended number of offices that goes from South Beach to Coral Gables; DKOR Interiors exceeds designs and prides itself on providing your spaces with a sophisticated ambience that cohesively matches your style through their wide variety of interior design services. What has really made us decide to include this company in our list is how professional they are on creating a unique style for each of their client, they dedicate time to analyze as well as understand the individual needs of their clients, and thus they apply them properly to their environment. Ivonne Ronderos and her all- woman work team are ready to make the best of your spaces; base on their experience, professional knowledge, know-how taste and outstanding customer relations. Each of the members of this amazing team work passionately within their field in order to offer the best service you can find in the interior design company market.

Visit its website and find our more about this innovative interior design company:

Pfuner Design

Miami, FL is home to one of the greatest interior design firm, which approaches each design project base on highly individuality as well as creative strategy. Pfuner Design is a very complete interior design company that offer solutions either for residential or boutique- style commercial spaces; they strive to only provide their clients with luxurious environments that both interact and enhance their clients’s life and performance, and we must say they definitely achieve it! Pfuner Design’s work has been featured in well- known interior design magazines, radio stations and TV not only in the United States but abroad.

Visit its website and find our more about this exceptional interior design company:

Britto Charette

As it is located in Miami (which is a multicultural influenced city), Britto Charette base their design project on high- energy and multi- lingual design; this is a really inspiring reason for them to create spaces with modern tastes that include the best of global design innovations. Thanks to its bilingual team that is always updated with cutting- edge trends in color and patterns as well as top- quality material to work with selection, Britto Charette is an interior design company able to help clients from any part of the world and thus develop stunning spaces.

Visit its website and find our more about this extraordinary interior design company:

KIS Interior Design

This interior design company offers its services in many places of South Miami; from Coral Gables, Brickell, and Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton. KIS Interior Design’s main challenge is creating unique environments where their clients’ lifestyles, tastes and most importantly needs can be reflected in every design project they accept. One aspect which can make clients feel confident about trusting KIS their design projects is that due to its project managers’ control and supervision in every step of the process, the results are completely worth it and that makes this company a major force in the industry that truly distinguishes from any other.

Visit its website and find our more about this astonishing interior design company:

“Life is what happens while you are busy making plans”, sometimes people is too preoccupied with a career or running a family to think about the suitable color schemes, flooring or lighting for their spaces. If you are stuck for creative ideas whether for your living room, bedroom or entire home, hiring an interior design company in Florida is the solution you will have in order to find professional people who can totally transform your interior and make your life easier. We have based our best Florida’s interior design companies list on experienced people whose job stays on top of the latest trends and have achieved contacts and visual references coming out of their ears. Iconic designs for your home or office can certainly be possible by counting on an interior design company with a great visual inspiration that help you develop your own style and taste. Before hiring any company to help you reach the type of work you need, be sure to check if your potential interior design company in Florida is able to offer you the right type of service; you can ask the interior design company’s staff to show you images of previous work they have done and see if they have done buildings or renovations similar to the look and feel you desire.

These interior design companies in Florida can bring life to your home’s interior and make the most of your home for your and your family; look for reviews and ratings and then complement the information we have shared with you today, thus decide on the best interior design company…you dream it, we Build it!

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base destacada 300x138 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy Neighbors

On previous articles we have done general reviews of home areas. Even though our suggestions can be applied to any homegrown we would like to take a special concentration on flat or apartment areas, which can be a tricky at some point. We explain you why: Concerning from top to bottom areas, flooring products can be an annoying element, due to sound transmission. The setting process of a laminate or hardwood floor in place of carpet, for example, results in more impact travelling into the floor.

Noises like this can quickly turn out to be displeasure for downstairs neighbors, often without the upper property being aware of it.

FinishBuild recognizes that noise footsteps, chair scrape, dropped items can be a very discomforting factor that no one should have or might want on their daily basis. The thing is, despite the fact we love flooring products for they style and the difference they make in the appearance of any apartment, regarding durability, flats can be actually very challenging to keep up, in addition wear and tear factors should be a primary consideration when you are thinking on choosing a flooring product to lay in your apartment.

Nevertheless challenging is not synonym of impossible. Nowadays, flooring products are an attractive alternative but they are not always recommended for every type of building. Residential flats are generally designed to use carpeted flooring products, in the case of hard timber flooring surfaces is not appropriate in residential buildings for the reason that their susceptibility to impact noise transmission. Flats affected by impact noise problems can also suffer from more general issues of poor sound insulation.

Therefore, in order to maintain peace and harmony around your residence, we suggest you that before removing soft floor coverings, we recommend you to communicate with your downstairs neighbor about the current level of sound isolation between properties in order to identify if the sound protection is upright enough to allow the use of a hard flooring products on your surface. Generally, only specially designed flats with extensive floor structures are able to embrace hard flooring products without causing hostile neighbor response.

Noise impact

STCIIC Rating Scale70 300x203 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy NeighborsAccording to BuildDirect Company, sound transmission is ranked by three different principles, where each one defines a different way in which sound is diffused. Sound absorption of flooring product coverings may be measured on two of those scales. The third applies to room-to-room transmission, more appropriate for walls. As follow: IIC acronym for impact insulation class is measured in terms of how well sound vibrations travel through a floor to the room that is below your own.

  • IIC 50 has the least impact sound absorption quality. Regarding apartments it would be insufficient for most on a high floor short of a proper protection in the area between the floor and the ceiling below. Most stone and tile will fall into this category.
  • IIC 60 indicates a medium impact sound absorption quality and encompasses floorings such as wood, laminates, and some vinyls.
  • IIC 65 corresponds to high level of impact sound transmission absorption and includes superior sound reduction materials like carpet and cork.

Impact insulation class is importantly influenced by the faces and areas under the floor. These previous rating can be substantially improved by many options such as, setting underlayment, before your flooring products, isolation, or by floating the floor.

Reducing noise

NRC which corresponds noise reduction coefficient, measures the amount of noise that is absorbed by the material and not reflected. A room with a high NRC rating would eliminate background noise and echoes to help clarify speech. Without it, sound waves would bounce off the walls and crash into each other, creating a cacophony of continuous sound, making individual words impossible to distinguish. Vinyl, cork, and rubber for instance, have a fairly high NRC rating, with hardwood, bamboo, tile, and stone at the bottom of the scale for sound absorption.


What we recommend


flooring flats tips for happy neighbors 1 300x300 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy NeighborsNoise blocking is a strategic move to any sound proof area, since happiness is necessary last thing you need is a loudly and lousy floor. MoonWalk underlayment can perfectly go with FinishBuild flooring products, installation under floor boards in order to decrease the sound of footsteps and other noises being transmitted to the room below. On the other hand, other of the interesting features about MoonWalk underlayment is also useful in a bedroom or home office where a quiet environment is desirable. Humidity it would not be a problem either due to is manufactured moisture barrier, flooring areas, such as; studios and theater spaces would be safe, promising a high quality long lasting product as well. Another plus you could add to preserve your mental sanity and your flooring products performance is considering mats beneath furniture or equipment it might be a blessed to floor boards. Finally we close this episode, we encourage you to build possible, even on apartments, regarding keeping the sound quality, a private place is possible. 


   flooring flats tips for happy neighbors 2 300x300 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy NeighborsLaminate flooring can be customized to mimic the look of tile or even hardwood flooring. Even installing process can be noiseless because it is a simple process. In the case of flats, Finish Build Laminate flooring products can be a suitable match due to its durability and low maintenance. We also consider that since liquids splashing might happen form time to time, dark colors such as Driftwood, Heron, French Cottage could be a high quality proposal to your apartment  and in the case you own pets is even better.



Destacada 2 300x138 Flooring Flats Tips for Happy Neighbors

This element can be a delight because it is multipurpose, you can use it in order to take care of your flooring specific areas, such as, the entrance, for example which can be very messy at some point particularly if the apartment is in a rainy area or if your occupants have pets. On the other hand, we suggest you to choose a high-quality durable flooring product based on the thickness of planks. This can help you avoid replacing the floors, in case you decide to move out, and will also increase your flat price. FinishBuild reminds you that you can always choose, therefore, by boosting your style and priorities we can help you to examine the specific issues in order to choose accordingly.

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%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!Laminate flooring market has gained ground along the years due to its constant improvements. It is not a coincidence that today’s laminate markets are vastly different from first styles that were introduced during the late 1970s.  This market has certainly kept up with all the latest trends, making floors look more modern and stunning than ever before, not to mention the technology and outstanding finishes that allow floors last longer and increase their durability. As these flooring features appear, chances to design and update home areas are plenty; and with this statement, from FinishBuild we would like to show you how laminate flooring could accurately work on your walls (yes, you have read it right, walls!). As everybody knows, laminate flooring was meant to be installed on the floor; nevertheless there is one more way to use it and it is on the wall, whether you want to install it as an accent material, perhaps to cover an entire wall or just part of it, as a wainscot for instance. Besides these alternatives, laminate flooring is greatly recommended after a previous remodeled wall, which you consider is necessary to re-design; so instead of going through the time and expense of doing some extensive drywall repairs, it is suggested installing laminate flooring on the wall.

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy” Juan Montoya.

Reasons to warm up your room with engineered wood flooring on the walls.

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!

Since it is a versatile and hard resistant construction material, FinishBuild will show you some good reasons that will probably make you consider installing laminate flooring on your walls:

Extraordinary visual

By choosing any of our laminate flooring brands to develop your home project, you will enjoy a gorgeous wall design; and since we replicate wood patterns, you will also create a beautiful natural look.

Excellent value

Because there is no need to turn to a really expensive wall makeover process, that will maximize out the entire budget in order to reach your wall designing idea, when you have the opportunity to give your home great style for less with this laminate flooring alternative.

Painless installation

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!As well as it is easy to install on the floor, using laminate flooring on your wall will ease the installing process, thanks to the tongue and groove shape that creates tight connection, and moreover you will count on a locking system that will last a lifetime on your wall.

Durable and scratch resistant

In case you want to makeover a room that has a high traffic of children, and as you might know laminate flooring is high scratch resistant so you will be enjoying this benefit on your wall too.

Earth- friendly choice

You will play in the green team and that is a wise decision for your wall, because our laminate floors are eco-friendly since they are produced from millions and millions of wood waste.

Amplified style

This is our favorite reason! It is well- known that nowadays customers are requiring to their designers more and more awesome ideas to project in their home areas, and the flooring market is answering the call. Our brands are continuously coming up with multiple options to capture the look homeowners want, so thinking about a proper laminate flooring look for your wall is not a senseless idea after all.

How-to steps

In order to achieve the new look of your old wall, It is not necessary to hire a carpenter; just a well done installing process will be enough to recreate the look you are searching for or to match the floor with the walls, to complement the style of your room.

Pisos de Madera 300x300 Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!Determine the board layout

This is the first step to install any laminate material on your wall; decide whether you want to place the boards horizontally or vertically. And in any case, dry- lay your installation out and pre-make the cuts so that once installation step comes, you will simply track the pieces up.

Consider the wall layout

After you dry- laid the installation in the pattern you will wish to use it on the wall, so using a stud finder locate the wall studs and mark them proportionally with a pencil and a bubble level. Now it is time to center the installation so you have the same size cuts running all the way up the sides, this means, the same size cuts at the floor and ceiling. And at this point is time to determine if you want to run the wall vertically or horizontally.

Time to make the cuts

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!They are mostly necessary in order to make boards fit into vertical and horizontal space of the installation wall, the ends of the boards meet perpendicular whether walls or corners, so when it comes to cut off them try to use a compound miter saw, this will be a quickly and efficiently way to cut the boards. In this step it is important to make notice that you may need to cut the boards down lengthwise as well, either at the top or the bottom of the wall (in case of horizontal installation) and into the corners (for vertical installation). Our recommendation would be to use a circular saw for lengthwise cuts.

Installation stage

Based on your decision to do a vertical or horizontal application, it is important to execute a good row during this step. Apply glue in a zig- zag way to the back of the laminate material you have chosen with a caulking gun, next up set the first row in place and smoothly tap the pieces of that row together with a rubber mallet. In case you are making a vertical installation, adjust the bottom first row accordingly with the shims to support the installation; repeat the same step for the wall gap between the first row of vertical material and the corner you start out of. If you have decided on a horizontal installation, work your way up from the bottom to the top, pressing each row firmly onto the wall so the adhesive sticks. It is fundamental to make sure that each row locks into place with the row previous and the adjacent pieces.

To take into consideration

%name Engineered Wood On Your Walls: Warm Up Your Room!

  • The following are some considerations you might have into consideration while giving the luxurious look to room’s walls you have decided to renovate.
  • For ease your installation, mark the entire length of the stud as it runs from top to bottom so you have a clear line of sight all the way up the installation surface to guide your nailing.
  • To prevent damaging any permanent surfaces, make sure you have the boards set up on a appropriate cutting surface.
  • Wear safety gear during cutting.
  • To further mount the pieces into the wall across the horizontal installation stage, you can use a brad nailer set at a 45-degree angle on the tongues; although it is not required since the adhesive should be enough.

Any of your design ideas is possible in laminate flooring, even those ones that seem to be difficult to achieve, for instance laminate planks on your wall. FinishBuild totally encourages you to make your home a unique, warm and inviting place where friends and family who come in feel welcome and can enjoy in each room you have revitalized not only for them but for you.

Keep your design home project positive…you start, we Finish!

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%name Country  Kitchen FinishBuild TipsOur Kitchens have a habit of being one of our most importantand meaningful memories of childhood. Recalled as a warm place where our moms and grandmas practice the alchemy on feeding time, kitchens would definitely have a place on our souls.

Since we love what we do FinishBuild has prepared a set of tips in order to share creativity and useful ideas for an endearing place such as, Kitchens. Today, these meals areas are highly social zones, as a result of this, people seems to make an extra effort to add style and in some cases luxury items, ornament belongings to make kitchens more appealing to the eye of guests.

In order to recreate a dreaming kitchen space we have decided to talk about other elements besides laminate flooring products suggested. Therefore, you would have some alternatives in order to combine our flooring products and boosting your creativity. So, while food is ready, let´s take a look of possible sceneries where baking are likely possible and conversations are shared.


Even though wood flooring is the traditional choice for countless country kitchens, there are other ecofriendly and engineered options that will give you the rustic look you desire and that have minimum care requirements, such as our current products. Alternatively colors and patterns can vary so you can choose not only between a wood look feature but a type of shade as well.

Keeping it simple is crucial to build the kitchen of your dreams, and when it comes to flooring products possibilities are endless, so take your time, and take a look of our options:


 Finish Build laminate floors products such as, Espresso Acacia or Nocce would add a rustic style to your flooring kitchen surfaces. So, if you are into white furniture, those laminate flooring options may go well with a country look. Keep into account that wood look floors would do the job on creating a cozy atmosphere, but try to avoid too dark items otherwise you cooking areas would look gloomy and the idea is to make it appealable.

Laminate is great in Kitchens when you use a fair thickness type of floor boards, for example, in the case of kitchen where traffic is almost continuing a C3 or a C4 can work, as a result you can achieve the look of a wood look and solid flooring product. What we love about laminate flooring products is also that maintenance comes to be easy because laminate floor materials are designed with an invisible top wear layer which acts as a barrier over each piece, protecting it from stains, dirt, smears, and water penetration.

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