elevators on 2016 go upper with viny 300x138 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

elevators on 2016 go upper with viny 1 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with VinylHave you ever think about the looks of an elevator? Do you actually remember how the floor looked like? Are you looking for elevator flooring options? According to Livescience, the reason why we forget small details relays on the act of actually crossing a door, or in this case, getting out of the elevator. Short-term memory failure is due to the doorway. The very act of walking through a doorway may hint to the brain that a new scene has started and it should store prior memories away, thereby causing strange memory lapses.

From bright to dark, from colorful to dusk, elevators offer a small waiting time while you reach your high. A few theories affirm that elevators began as simple rope or chain hoists but generally speaking an elevator is essentially a platform that is either pulled or pushed up by a mechanical means. Today elevators consist of a cab or a cage mounted on a platform within an enclosed space called a shaft or sometimes a “hoistway”.

No doubt this is one of the most magnificent creations by humankind. But when it comes to flooring style, what is the first that comes to your mind? There are plenty of options but it might all depend on the type of building you own. For example, the chances of finding carpet on a mall elevator are almost none or porcelain on an industrial cage. For that reason Elevators industry has developed its own set of varieties in order to settled the one that you need.

Elevator Decorative Sheet: Vinyl

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 16 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

Vinyl tiles are our number one choice on commercial elevator decorative sheet. Whether a classic or a casual look you need, vinyl is has it.

Even though vinyl floors are frequently chosen for its versatility due to the manufacturing process of vinyl flooring, aspects, such as, the reproduction of just about any look. Technological advances are also now allowing printing samples that perfectly reproduces wood appearance but also texture of natural elements such as stone, rustic wood and slate.

On the other hand vinyl tiles have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be repeatedly refinished with chemical strippers. Selecting between vinyl sheets and tiles is simply a matter of taste and installation preference. Vinyl flooring products are used mostly in commercial and institutional applications, and elevator areas are no exception. Vinyl flooring products commonly come on tiles and sheet versions. They are available on single rolls of large sheets.

Elevator Flooring Options: Porcelain

Usually selected by customers due to its versatile flooring style, Finish Build porcelain tiles add a shiny floor covering which are specially treated to make them impermeable to water and ingrained dirt. But when it comes to elevators porcelain tiles features are usually thicker and therefore heavier to handle than other ceramic tiles. For this reason, it is generally more expensive and to owners concern it might add an extra weight in cages.

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 6 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

Continuing with the features of Finish build features, another goodness regarding ceramic and porcelain tiles is the flexible decorative aspects. Wide selections of tiles are available at Finish Build online store. So, take your time to decide, our selection range between Africa, Amira, Antalya, Apolo, Asia, Bellagio, Chroma, Coti di sole, Crema de marfil, Dolomite, Hickory, Nutrend, Sonoma is waiting for you.

Elevator Cab Flooring Options: Best Flooring for Elevators: Rectified Porcelain

Rectified porcelain tiles are generally used to increase comfort in home and business areas, but we thought that since they presentation is lighter than regular porcelain, it might be a suitable choice in the case of elevator. At the present time our catalog have Kronenhahn wood line, wich corresponds to a smooth wood light colors that might agree on a warm look, therefore if the building aims for a more serious style, rectified porcelain can make the job. Our current options are Casona Beige, Casona blanco, Vintage Grey come on 8x 48 cm. Others, such as, Sand, White and Imperial Grey from the same line, come on measures of 9x 36 cm.

Commercial Elevator Flooring Options: Elevators matching Vinyl

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 5 300x300 Elevator flooring options: On 2018 Go Upper with Vinyl

While some vinyl products allow you to place the material over old flooring, others require you to install it directly on top of the subfloor or underlayment. The reason why we bet for vinyl products is the weight and the versatility on appearance. Since commercial, passenger or even residential elevators can come on different sizes, and vinyl installation might cross with uneven floors, we suggest placing vinyl on underlayment products.

Vinyl flooring is well known by its reputation of softness and warmness. Finish Build vinyl flooring is comfortable for your feet and is warmer than natural surfaces such as wood or ceramic.Additionally, for commercial purposes, vinyl tiles or sheets provide some sound isolation which absorbs impact noise and sound, which become very handy on elevators.

Easy to sweep and vacuuming Finish Build vinyl floors might just need mopping with warm water and slight detergent to provide a more thorough cleaning.

“Friends are like elevators buttons, they either take you up or take you down”

Tom Osbourne

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On this occasion Finish Build would like to make reference of a quote that we mentioned on our social web sites, such as Facebook and Instagram: Comfy Floors on a Sunday. Our staff would like yout to take a closer look on laminated flooring regarding your favorite place in the entire world, your bedroom. What type of floor is the best to install in our bedrooms?

When it comes to choosing bedroom flooring, generally, each one of us is happily attached to that special place. Therefore, taking in consideration it would be the first thing your feet will step down in the morning and the last thing you will step off, this precious place must have an exceptional flooring style. The importance of laminate flooring selection relays on the person who will actually be living there. So, you must ask yourself what would be the theme of your space to sleep.

Go vinyl

If you are the type who think that there is more than one use for a bedroom besides sleeping, and one of those uses are keeping a place to store all your clothes, Finish Build vinyl flooring is a recommended bedroom choice for dormitories because they are endless multipurpose. With vinyl floorboards the ability to get a floor that reproduces the look of any material, pattern or color you like, is possible. Finish Build Smoked Tawny or Wild Lava might be a good option, for instance.

In a low traffic space such as most bedrooms you will probably just have to sweep or vacuum the floor clean every week or so in order to remove loose debris. Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean. Consequently you would be able to create your bedroom into a vintage boutique.

Finish Build porcelain tiles

On the other hand, if you are the super clean type who enjoy cut lines and simple blocks of color. You might want to take a look of Finish Sonoma Sky, Valley or Wind. Valencia Gray and Bellagio Silver are also nice options for your boudoir. The success of crating new comfy spaces is about having a room full of endless possibilities but not one piece of clutter to be seen. High contrast in wall colors and high gloss finish might be combined with underlayment padding in order to create a bedroom floor that can have the look of natural stone, with the soft feel and warm insulation properties of vintage items. If you want to know more about  Finish Build porcelain tiles you can check our article:

 Classic Laminate

Finish Build laminate floors products such as, Driftwood Arena, Caliza, Lava or Iron would add a peaceful plus to that relaxing place. So, if you are into books as in a lifestyle itself, wood look floors would do the job on creating a cozy atmosphere.

Laminate is great in bedrooms because it can achieve the look of expensive natural flooring products at a fraction of the price. It is also really easy to keep clean because laminate floor materials are designed with an invisible top wear layer which acts as a barrier over each piece, protecting it from stains, dirt, smears, and water penetration. Remember that moisture is an important fact to  keep in mind. So, if there is a bathroom attached or nearby your laminate floors, rugs can be placed at the door to cut down on drips and solve the problem.

Porcelain and Rectified Porcelain

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 2 300x300 Best Bedroom flooring optionsIn the mood for fresh and clear, empty space? Finish build has it. If you are thinking about a bedroom as the place where you deserve to feel relaxed and calm, we happen to have it cover too. To this task Finish Build would definitely suggest porcelain tiles such as Amira, Antalya or Apolo. They come on very neutral presentation and would go perfect your Zen style. For many people relaxation comes with minimal discomfort, minimal distraction and minimal worry.

Finish Build porcelain is a manufactured hard tile material that is made mostly from clay mixed with other natural ingredients. The surface of these tiles can be glazed, so in a minimalist room, a toned neutral color scheme, such as beige or white, you would be likely to feel your well deserve after work peace. Finish Build rectified porcelain products, such as Nexus Grey are also a good choice they are long lasting and most of all easy to clean. This for example, would not be a problem if you have an immediate bathroom next to your chambers.

Bedroom floors maintenance

Finish Build products are also a low maintenance option, only requiring the regular sweeping or vacuuming that all floors need to remove loose dirt and dust. In order to refresh the area, mop can be used with a light no abrasive clean agent. Combining the beauty of nature look with the precision of straight lined planks, hardwood is a warm and inviting choice for a bedroom but is important to be aware that over time hardwood floors can wear down due to foot traffic and furniture scratches. But in regular moderate low foot traffic floor such as bedroom, damage will be much more gradual.

Traffic jam

Right before jumping on Finish Build products, once again, purpose is important in order to remind us the traffic circulation fact. Generally, grown-up bedrooms are low traffic therefore there is less stress on their floors. On the other hand, in children’s rooms the floors may get a little more use through the activities and circulation of normal everyday play. Either way you want to choose a flooring material that is easy to maintain, and isn’t a hassle to keep clean, sanitary, and free of stains. This will in turn help to keep the entire bedroom healthier and more comfortable.

Remember in any of the cases, to choose what you really like. We hope this feww tips can help you on your current project. Because here at Finish Build. You start. We Finish!

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Coming from ancient times the origin of the word mosaic is deriving from the Latin “mosaicus”, “mosaico” in Italian. Finish build invites you to understand the main basic concepts of mosaic tiles in order to learn a bit more of this style.

Commonly known as an art, mosaic activity, uses small pieces of materials placed together to produce a unified creation. The materials commonly used are marble or other stone, glass, pottery, mirror or foil-backed glass, or shells.

But when it comes to the flooring field it actually remains its purpose: amusing the eye. Mosaic tiles are cut and carved into small pieces according to a previously prepared pattern. These pieces are placed close together for a mixed pattern effect. A fiber thin resin is permanently attached to the back and edges of the mosaic tile so that a portion of the back of each tile is exposed to the bond coat.

There are three main methods: the direct method, the indirect method and the double indirect method. A ‘Direct Method’ mosaic courtyard made from irregular pebbles and stone strips. This method of mosaic construction involves directly placing (gluing) the individual tesserae, which is an individual tile, usually formed in the shape of a cube, used in creating a mosaic. The Tesserae goes onto the supporting surface. This method is well suited to surfaces that have a three-dimensional quality, such as vases.


The direct method suits small projects that are transportable. Another advantage of the direct method is that the resulting mosaic is progressively visible, allowing for any adjustments to tile color or placement.

The disadvantage of the direct method is that the artist must work directly at the chosen surface, which is often not practical for long periods of time, especially for large-scale projects. Also, it is difficult to control the evenness of the finished surface. This is of particular importance when creating a functional surface such as a floor or a table top.

The double direct method

A new version of the direct method is the “double direct,” which basically consists on working directly onto fiberglass mesh. The mosaic are manufactured with the design visible on the surface and transported to its final location. Large work can be done in this way, with the mosaic being cut up for shipping and then reassembled for installation.

Indirect method

A very precise method often used for very large projects, projects with repetitive elements or for areas needing site specific shapes. Tiles are applied face-down to a backing paper using an adhesive, and later transferred onto walls, floors or craft projects. This method is very accurate for exceptionally large projects as it gives the maker time to rework areas.

Double indirect method

Method created in 1989 by Maurizio Placuzzi and registered for industrial use. This double indirect method can be used when it is important to see the work during the creation process as it will appear when completed. The tesserae are placed face-up on a medium (often adhesive-backed paper, sticky plastic or soft lime or putty) as it will appear when installed. When the mosaic is complete, a similar medium is placed atop it. The piece is then turned over, the original underlying material is carefully removed, and the piece is installed as in the indirect method described above.

The texture of the mosaic tiles is very much similar to the texture of ceramic tile. The difference between ceramic and mosaic tiles are that mosaic are smaller than those ceramic.

Purposes and types

Possibilities are endless with mosaic tiles, so if you are in the mood of adding texture and ornamental looks to a specific area of your home, office or business place Finish build has it for you. Mosaic tiles are being used in covering material of floors and wall areas. There are two types of mosaic, divided by the character of the tiles surface, which are polished surface and rough surface. Polish surface mosaic is suitable for wall covering while the rough surface is suitable for floor covering in order to avoid slipping. The surface of these tiles also has the ability not to damage from chemicals, oil, pressure and scratch.

Installing- time

8 300x300 Mosaic MethodIt is important to make sure that when adding mosaic to a surface, the pieces of these tiles should be firmly stick to the surface, otherwise they will peel off. The use of wet cotton in cleaning these tiles without using any other cleaning chemicals might be a good way of assurance your long- term project.

The chosen surface should be flat and not straight otherwise the tile will not stick firmly to the surface. Cement with sand in the right proportion, would be your assistance to the adding process. Finish Build recommends applying to the surface about 2.5 centimeter thickness and slowly put mosaic tiles on the cement and leave it until the cement is dried. If you opt to use the glue paper, then apply cement into the cavity between single tiles and leave it for a couple of days in order to dry.

Usually these procedures are simple, if not, you will definitely learn. Finish Build encourages you to create what you have always imagined.

Finish Build staff hope you have found this article useful.

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Usually selected by customers due to its versatile flooring style, Finish Build porcelain tiles add a shiny floor covering which are specially treated to make them impermeable to water and ingrained dirt.  Nowadays, porcelain tiles are stronger than ordinary ceramic tiles. And last but not forgettable, its simplicity when it comes to maintenance is only one of the many features of porcelain look.

Porcelain tiles features are usually thicker and therefore heavier to handle than other ceramic tiles. For this reason, it is generally more expensive. Frequently specialized cements are necessary for installation of porcelain tiles. So, if you are thinking about remodel a bathroom for example, it might be wise to use a stronger adhesive to hold the weight on walls.

Continuing with the features of Finish build features, another goodness regarding ceramic and porcelain tiles is the flexible decorative aspects. Ceramic tiles are generally used to increase comfort such as kitchen areas, laundry spaces and also living room zones as well. Porcelain tiles have many endless possibilities because it matches with any pleasing to the eye furniture allowing original artwork. Wide selections of tiles are available at Finish Build online store. So, take your time to decide, our selection range between Africa, Amira, Antalya, Apolo, Asia, Bellagio, Chroma, Coti di sole, Crema de marfil, Dolomite, Hickory, Nutrend, Sonoma is waiting for you.

According to Build Direct a ceramic tile is a piece made of clay that is shaped and then it is basically cooked in a very hot kiln. In the past, the manufacture process of porcelain tiles was unglazed, afterwards was fired once glazed and fired twice. While technologies have improved the production, the process is remains the same. Therefore, the hard surface of a porcelain tile has a polishing cover which makes it a viable alternative to a glazed surface. This means that a tile can be fired, polish cut into the surface, creating a shine without a glaze. But is it the same concept to ceramic tiles?

In order to understand how porcelain tiles are made Finish Build proposes a brief description of how Porcelain tiles are made. The main ingredient would be clay. Producers usually choose a form of dust made out of pulverized rock, slate or marble.

 The first firing forms a tile body which is known as a ‘bisque’. While in the past this would involve using wet clay, dust-pressing between two metal dies has replaced tile-making by hand and has facilitated the mechanization of the tile-making industry.

In this step, the tiles are fired at 1060 to 120 Celsius in a kiln in order to fix the shape. Different dust colors are mixed together during this step to make a pattern. For some tiles, this is the end of the process. But for others, a glazed decoration is added and fired in the kiln at 750 Celsius. Alternatively, digital printing on tile surfaces is also an option for more modern tiles, which is also sometimes cut by lasers to ensure a uniform edge.


When it comes to valuable looks such as porcelain and ceramic it is important to organize concepts, in this case both tiles are made of ceramic, which is a fired clay material. Porcelain tile is a specific type of ceramic,  generally made by the dust pressed method from porcelain clays which result in a tile that is denser and more durable than ceramic tile. Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and are more wear and damage resistant than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are usually available in matte, unglazed or a high polished finish.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are tiles are generally made from red or white clay mixtures. They are finished with a durable glaze which carries the color and pattern of the finished tile; although an assortment of tile dyes are used for coloring. They are used in both wall tile and floor tile applications and are softer and easier to cut than porcelain.


At Finish Build we have the opportunity to offer you a gamma of  textures. The surface patterning on tiles can include wood, stone, metal, and even fabric. Most of these patterns, such as those replicating wood and fabric, are produced through transfer printing, where a pattern is pressed into the ceramic itself.

But if you are thinking on going industrial, metal patterns might be a good choice. However, these tiles are usually the result of glazing, where a metallic feature is added to the final firing process. While unglazed tiles show the color of the ceramic itself, glazed tiles can add a palette of colors and levels of reflection to your room. You might like to take into account the fact that tile edges style can also have an effect on the design of your tiled floor or wall. Cured tiles has gone through a manufacturing process to assure each tile is exactly the same size and shape, and therefore it is possible to lay them cleanly and carefully with very little extra fill products.


Depending on the project on mind, rectangular tiles can vary regarding. Square tiles are more commonly used in entranceways and sunrooms, or on backsplashes. Interlocking tile is popular on decks. At Finish Build store we offer products which have thickness around 10 mm (21), 8.3 mm (19), 8.5 mm (3), 9 mm (15), 9.2 mm (15), 9.5 mm (13), 9.6 mm (12). With plenty ceramic and porcelain tile options available to you, it is important to choose a style that will suit your home over the long term. What if we actually want to know if we are buying the correct for us?

According to the Porcelain Enamel Institute rating (PEI rating) tiles are classified with a PEI rating which is a great tool to help you determine the recommended application for a tile. All tiles are classified with a PEI rating and the scale is as follows:

PEI 0.  Which is usually recommended to non-foot traffic areas, for example, a wall tile only project.

PEI 1. Corresponds to very light traffic areas such as bathroom.

PEI 2.  Is for light traffic places (bathroom and bedroom)

PEI 3. Is the type for light and moderate traffic zones such as, home floors.

PEI 4. Moderate to heavy traffic, which is usually used to entrance, hallway, kitchen, balcony and some commercial applications)

PEI 5. Heavy traffic direct to all domestic/commercial uses with heavy abrasion/footfall.

Most ceramic floor tiles will carry a PEI rating from 3 to 4 with porcelain tiles ranging from PEI 3 to 5. Finish Build staff suggest regarding PEI 4 as you best option, because of its many uses and resilient features.

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Keeping in mind that Laminate wood-look flooring has a huge variety of styles depending on the form of the material that is used, our Staff has come with the idea of providing a very brief trip through the concepts and main characteristics of flooring types such as:  Hardwood, Engineered, Laminate and Vinyl.

Hardwood flooring

CLIMBING WALL MATERIALS 3 300x300 The H.E.L.V. profileHardwood flooring, as the name suggests, wood is the main ingredient. Some of the most popular wood floors are popular known as Brazilian cherry, Red oak, Walnut, Pine, Birch and Maple.  Usually made from solid natural wood, hardwood floor boards are made with a tongue and groove system for easy installation. Hardwood floor is easy to sand and refinish but they are more delicate than laminate flooring. They dent easier. So, if you like using high heels, these types of floor boards might not work for you. Dropping heavy objects on the floor probably cause hollows as well. On the other hand, pouring might be another fact to consider, they cannot be left wet or boards will swell and expand.  Hardwood floors are manufactured in one of two ways: solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring.

Engineered flooring

b3 1024x683 300x200 The H.E.L.V. profile

When it comes to laminate flooring it is important to mention that engineered wood floors are not laminate. Laminate flooring does not contain wood, and if it does, is on a very low amount of wood. You can find more regarding laminate flooring on our previous articles.

Engineered Flooring is prepared with hardwood thin pieces, came with a crisscross layering manufacturing, which seems a suitable option for floor conditions that require a strong flat for extra weight and strength. Its core is usually plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) and the top layer is composed of a of hardwood surface which is joined above the core to mimic kinds of hardwood.  Engineered hardwood has the natural characteristics of the selected wood species as opposed to a photographic layer (which is what laminate provides).  The reason people tend to choose engineered hardwood over natural hardwood is due to its moisture combat and heat resistance because of the core material.

Vinyl Flooring

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 7 300x300 The H.E.L.V. profile

Vinyl flooring is a special product made from a singular type of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in addition is available in a number of colors and patterns that can be crafted to resemble more expensive floors such as hardwood, tile or stone. Vinyl, cork and linoleum flooring are also known as sturdy, because of their ability to “bounce back” or “give” upon impact. This quality makes these types of floors more comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time, than others.

Even though there may be other flooring types available in the market, these are the choices that most homeowners are using in their own homes nowadays. While all of them are feasible choices, the best alternative will still depend on your personal preferences on type of wood used, budget, color, design, and other relative features.

Laminate flooring

%name The H.E.L.V. profileOn this case, the core of laminate floor boards is typically made of high density fiber (HDF) as opposed to slabs of wood. The top layer is a photographic layer which is designed to resemble the look of hardwood, bamboo or stone. These planks are typically 3/8” thick and they are installed using the same groove system as the Hardwood floorboards, meaning you can install or uninstall with ease. It is the most durable and easiest to clean.

Choose accordingly today and give your home or office the one-of-a-kind makeover that it deserves.

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