Every home decor describes homeowners’ style and tastes; in other words, expressing yourself by choosing the designs, space distribution and texture of each unit should be factors you need to carefully consider, all of them will add an embellish look to your home and this is a big reason to be as creative as possible. Continue Reading…


kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes destacada 300x138 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

 What FinishBuild Recommends

Regarding Color:

When it comes about your kitchen, design with nature in mind in order to connect the outdoor vibe. Working with neutral colors on your kitchen walls can be combined with delicate variations such as grays or beiges. Kitchen walls can be white in order to set a clean essence. Keep into account that neutral palettes will provide you so much more freedom in order to play with your decoration kitchen elements, therefore you would be able to layer up in stronger colors.

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 2 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

Nature first element:

 Air is vital if you want to feel more connected to nature in your kitchen on this 2017. While it is unquestionable exquisite to have home space where air can flow easily, in your kitchen this nature goodness can provide you nature-loving feeling when you are cooking. Therefore, at FinishBuild we think that by lowing the impact of our environmental footmark, we can opt for sliding windows that allow natural light income and sustainable natural air flowing.

Wood Element:

For many homeowners wood is one of the only materials that can be finished to look like shiny marble or can be left raw and unstained to reveal its gorgeous imperfections of knots and grains. Bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials and comes in a variety of finishes, species and applications. From flooring to ceiling beams wood also can be reclaimed and refinished from older buildings to keep its life sustainability ongoing for years in your home.

Regarding the esthetics:

Symbols of abundance could definitely be an option on this Fire Yin Rooster year. Wealth can be easily reflected with the natural vibes you crave for this 2017. Explore your kitchen outdoor vibes with handmade wicker baskets, where you can display colorful types of fruit, any other vegetables. Who said it should be only for food? You can also use this earth tones wicker baskets for storing kitchen cleaning cloths, recipes, cooking magazines and so on.

Outdoor vibes of abundance can also be reflected with fresh flowers. There are a quite a few types of indoor plants that can join your kitchen without much problem. In my article Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter you can find some of the types of plants that can assist you on esthetics & health at the same time.

On the other hand if what you have in mind aims more to an herbal indoor set I can suggest you to try with the most reliable and honest aromatic plants, such as rosemary, peppermint. There is a more detailed review on my article “What You Must Know about Inner Courtyards

Counter top options:

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 1 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

Cork and bamboo, are very nice choices on 2017 due to the fact that besides being trendy, this materials offer you the both sides of an eco-friendly vibe and the outdoor energy we attempt to reflect. Since they are renewable materials, cork for instance, has a softer surface that can provide you isolation to wet circumstances but also offer comfort in the flooring field.

Regarding Flooring Materials:

 If are finally falling in love of this outdoor vibe in your kitchen and you are aiming for a more natural look, try by making your floors more eco-friendly, such as cork, bamboo or light colored laminate flooring planks. Then in order to extend your floor’s durability you can wax them over or add a polyurethane layer. I know this might sound confusing since I am trying to offer the best of a greener life, however even though waxing your floor might require daily maintenance, in the case of polyurethane procedures would make your floors longer-lasting and you would avoid extra chemicals.

Regarding Furniture:

Outdoor vibes in your kitchen can join effortlessly through furniture. Explore the benefits of a multipurpose kitchen wood island, which brings a rustic style but also the touch of forests inside your home. Nevertheless, if you already have your kitchen island but it does not fit the outdoor look that we have already mention, you can try with wood-look kitchen stools that are also equally functional but also can reinforce the pacific look of Mother Nature.

Wicker is another furniture material you can also add to your kitchen style. Due to its delicate but strong fibers, wicker can be easily represented on chairs, baskets or even ornament glass containers. The soft tone of wicker communicates an outdoor feeling to any indoor space.


kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 3 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

Are you looking forward to add a significant beauty addition? Indoor or outdoor rugs are perfect here for the nature vibe you want to reflect. Besides being easy to clean, toss them in the wash or hose them off outside, outdoor rugs can add a rustic look in earth colors, such as beige in fun patterns.

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 4 300x300 Kitchen Design On 2017: Bring Fresh Outdoor Vibes

To sum up, We would like to remind you that indoor windows are another cool plus in order to create a connection inside your home. You can use them in order to connect two interior spaces and give the impression of an outdoor connection even when there isn’t one. Explore interior transom window looks, to bring more light into interior rooms, which can become handy for your natural vibes. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also a nice choice if you want kitchen clearness. Anyhow whatever you choose FinishBuild team suggest you that any given step you take, make it worth it but most of all guarantee yourself a happy result.

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If there is something I really like love about outdoor living spaces is the idea od extending the usable square footage of any home in such a good way that allows homeowners to fully enjoy their property, and also makes backyards serve for even more functional purposes for both homeowners and family. In many cases those purposes are related to creating spaces for general uses or to enhance home’s appeal when the time to show off your property to potential buyers comes.

In addition, attractive exterior spaces can add visual appeal to a lackluster home and can also help smaller home compete better once they are put on the market, base on this I consider that improving your outdoor areas is often quite less expensive than adding interior space to your home, therefore this is a good way to expand your home’s living space with an eye- catching outdoor room that is provided with functional furniture pieces.

Outdoor furniture can flawlessly transform your yard into an incredible outdoor recreational area and since this is a considerable investment you need to make, it is important for you to carefully purchase the proper outdoor set; to accomplish such a significant task, you might want to keep in mind four key words in order to buy good quality outdoor furniture pieces: durability, comfort, easy care and of course style.

Take Good Care Of Your Wood Outdoor furniture

To me wood furniture seems to have a timeless beauty and durability that makes it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. It is certainly true that before leaving the factory, most of the wood outdoor furniture is treated with concentrated oils that are able to repel water and also help to protect the material from the elements. However, wood furniture tends to gradually weather to a silver gray color that if you do not treat on time, will make your wood furniture looks terrible. Strive then to apply good quality outdoor furniture oil that you can apply with a soft cloth. For a more durable cleaning, you can lightly sand it after you have cleaned it, be sure to brush always any dust that remains once you have finished and do not forget to oil or paint afterwards, if needed. Lastly, try to regularly wipe down your wood furniture to remove dirt, debris and any excess water, especially throughout the summer.

Take Good Care Of Your Metal Outdoor furniture

The greatest feature of this outdoor furniture material is that does not need too much attention; this strong and practically indestructible option is the most ideal choice for homeowners who want their outdoor furniture to last in the long term. From classic wrought iron to charming bistro pieces, sleek contemporary designs are fairly heavy and thankfully, today’s metal outdoor furniture has the added benefit of a powder- coated finish that helps protect against rust or weather damage. When your metal furniture gets dirty just squirt it off using a non- abrasive wet cloth, you can make a mixture of water and mild dishwashing detergent; on the other hand you can also clean it with a pressure washer, but make sure it is on a low setting in order to avoid using it on more fragile areas such as glass tops. You should also check your metal furniture in order to watch for any areas of rust, especially at the joints and if there is any rust spots, do not panic! Use steel wool, a wire brush and rub down to the bare metal. After you do this, use paint specifically made for metal in order to patch up any spot that you previously sanded. To finish the task, apply a silicone sealant along the entire piece for added protection.

Take Good Care Of Your Plastic Outdoor furniture

Baking soda will be the best solution you will find to add extra cleaning power to your plastic outdoor furniture. Baking soda works as a mild abrasive so you can wipe it with a clean cloth dampened with a mixture of water and a mild dishwashing detergent plus a little bit of baking soda. Once you applied the solution, rinse well with a garden hose. In case you are dealing with stains, you can mix 2 tbsp. oxygen bleach/ gallon of water and scrub down the stained spot. If you own white plastic furniture, you can use 1 cup bleach per gallon of water and let it act for 10- 20 minutes before you start rinsing. In case you have colored plastic furniture, use a solution of ¼ cups vinegar to one quart water instead of the bleach and repeat the same procedure.

Take Good Care Of Your Wicker Outdoor furniture

Traditional wicker that has been painted will need a more gentle treatment, by using only a sponge or rag to avoid paint chipping. A soft scrub brush dampened with water a mild oil- based soap will be another good idea; after you apply it you can rinse by hosing down. For maintenance purposes, I recommend you to hose down every few weeks in order to prevent undesirable dirt that builds up in crevices.

Add character to your outdoors; allow yourself the opportunity to express your style and personality not only through natural tones but also with fun colors. Accept the challenge and feel free to customize your outdoor furnishings without forgetting that they need proper and frequent maintenance in order to extend their lifespan. Since your outdoor furniture is the core of your backyard, taking good care of it will be a key factor to have beautiful furniture pieces that perform at their best and also bring family and friends together under an amazing nature’s roof. To determine which type of outdoor furniture best fit your needs, my suggestion would be to make a list base on what will be the main function of your patio, which activities are you willing to develop in it, and also consider whether your future outdoor furniture will be sitting on a hard surface or on grass. You are more than welcome to visit our website and by reviewing our wide variety of outdoor items determine the type of furniture you are looking for…you dream it, we Build it!





1966 was the year where the Houston Astrodome got carpeted with artificial grass, and from that moment until these days synthetic turf has come a long and interesting way. Moving beyond football fields and golf courses, today artificial grass carpets are becoming a more and more common choices for home landscapes; there are plenty of good reasons to choose it as your exteriors’ underfoot surface as contributes to save water (you only need water to clean it), moreover artificial grass looks quite similar to natural grass due to its soft even and green texture, plus this type of synthetic product do not get muddy or rutted, which is an extra bonus for your house flooring because it helps your interiors’ underfoot surfaces to keep cleaner.

Artificial grass was invented in 1964, at first it was created as a solution for dome covered athletic fields that did not count on enough sunlight to preserve natural grass. The composition of fake grass is made from a mixture of polymers (plastics), which are combined with an infill of sand or ground up rubber in order to make it soft and efficiently absorbent. Thanks to many technology advancements, nowadays people can benefit from such a versatile covering product whether for commercial or residential landscaping applications. Furthermore, as it happens with fabrics, there are plenty of possibilities to create different types of artificial grass; this also makes this synthetic product adjustable at various price points.

About Artificial Grass Quality and its Installation

You can know the quality of the artificial grass carpets your are wanting to bring home based on the number of blades of grass per square inch, if there are different blade heights or not and also how seams are treated; another consideration you might notice is looking for a grass that contents brown blades blended in, this is a quality feature and also offer a more natural look. Expert recommendations are never extra information you can get; so whether you decide to develop your artificial grass carpeting project with a professional or you are a homeowner with a strong DIY experience, make sure to keep in mind all the stages of such an important home improvement project before you start the installation process. According to many professionals, installing artificial turf or grass is a very similar process as laying carpet; the main idea is to stretch it as tightly as possible atop a secure base and make sure to hide the seams.

Who Can Benefit From Artificial Grass? Where to Install It?

Deciding who can benefit from installing artificial grass in a home’s exterior is not a hard question to answer; anyone can install this synthetic underfoot surface in their gardens due to the amazing versatility that provides. Homeowners with young family members are experts at knowing how messy a backyard can be after a great and fun afternoon or weekend, with artificial grass they avoid muddy and dirty moments that turns into undesirable footprints inside the house. We can also include pets’ owners in this list, since dogs and cats can be identified as muddy paw print creators on flooring after being outside the house this is the moment when having fake grass installed comes to the rescue and reduces dirty.

There are garden lovers, and there are those who just hate the art of taking care of home landscaping; artificial turf is perfect for homeowners that aim to reduce time in taking care of their gardens, with this solution there will not be need to mow or weed anymore. Nowadays we human beings are living really busy lives, but what about those who still want to own a stunning garden? Then an artificial lawn is the greatest choice you can make, you do not have to concern about scheduling a specific day of your week to spend time mowing or watering the garden.

Regarding what are the ideal areas to consider artificial grass carpeting, we need to make notice that any area where grass does not grow due to the fact that conditions are shady, wet, acidic or overused will be the best place to install synthetic grass. Another proper place to install this product is anywhere homeowners want to diminish their carbon footprint. You can also consider this option for rooftop gardens which do not support traditional lawns’ weight, or in those home putting greens areas where you want to create a truly artificial grass impact but you also want to skip the maintenance and water bills that give real grass caring. To achieve the best look and make the best from this amazing synthetic creation, consider smaller areas where artificial grass plays the main role.

About how much artificial grass costs

Fake or artificial grass prices can vary depending on the area you live, however it is well known that this is not an inexpensive investment. So based on the size, conditions and type of turf you opt for prices go from $10 to 20$ per square foot, installed. It may be a considerable amount of money once you consider the whole idea but compared to natural grass, this investment will save you from spending around seven to eight years of water bills, fewer chemicals and most important less maintenance; so you definitely will recoup the money you invested.

Artificial turf or grass was first created to perform at its best in athletic fields, therefore is a hard wearing and durable option for your home exteriors, you your family and anyone can play, walk or stood on it without wearing down so if you are considering artificial grass for your home landscape, be sure you are choosing a true long lasting carpeting product for your garden. In addition, if you happen to live really busy days, by installing artificial grass in your exteriors you are saving significant time as this is a low maintenance alternative that does not need to be mowed, weeded or treated as with real grass; moreover synthetic grass as your landscaping surface will remain beautifully green all year round so the investment you make on this option will be absolutely worth.





new imperial shake co 18 inch western red cedar medium handsplit shakes 2 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodWhen it comes to protecting households, the installation sidings are one of the safest option if weather conditions are a common factor. However, the coating also provide a protective barrier against external clients like animals and insects entering your home. Furthermore, the coating may also be a viable solution for the isolation of saving on heating and cooling costs.

Cedar siding pros and cons, Siding Materials

Today the industry is synonymous with innovation ingredients to add a more lasting stability in homes coating, and between materials that are commonly used for siding you can find: Wood siding number one option for their appearance classic then we plastic coating, Thach, aluminum, asphalt, isolated, metal, masonry veneer, stucco, cement fiberboard, vinyl, stone and copper coating.

As for the types of presentations to side you might find that the coating can come in different gamma arrangements such as long boards or tiles, panels, large leaves, bricks and tiles.

Pros and Cons of cedar clapboard

new medley company cedar 24 inch tapersawn hip ridge 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodWood is an excellent thermal insulator, which is one of the strongest reasons why Americans prefer. Wood thermal properties help preserve perfect environments on any type of surface, then wood will remain cool in summer and warm in winter. But how does this work? What happens with the timber in many cases the thermal insulation is having a high proportion of cell cavities, which allow to fill with air, which are thermal insulators.

Cedar siding is one of the most common and recommended options to fill your home with natural preservatives that offer a corrosive effect on certain metals unprotected in close contact, which usually makes the black stain on the wood. Besides being easy to install and light to keep you do not have to worry about replacing panels and tiles regularly, Cedar lining is highly respect for his loyal durability and presentations on this type of coating is between lap siding bevel and traditional cedar shakes or shingles.

Cedar Siding Pros

Environmentally friendly:

As a renewable resource Cedar trees are biodegradable and they won’t harm the planet in the process of siding. Cedar wood can make a wide variety of building products and if you want to use cedar that has been harvested without damaging the environment at all, you can also do so. Explore other uses of Cedar wood inside you home, maybe a cedar countertop in the kitchen might go well with the rustic appearance outside. Furniture, countertops, bed, closets are also a good choice for a warmer atmosphere in cold seasons.


new imperial shake co 18 inch western red cedar medium handsplit shakes 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodCedar wood can offer you a whole gamma of natural looks, colors and patterns, depending on where it came from. Nowadays it is also possible to create a different variety of textures for the walls with the use of cedar siding. Even though FinishBuild loves Cedar’s natural color, you can also add some pigments from time to time in order to boost and enhance your household appearance.  Nevertheless Cedar wood siding should be stained or varnished for a 100% standard work, in order to protect it from the elements and from insects. Regarding these painting works you will need to scraped them and repaint them every 5 years.


With proper maintenance, cedar siding can be an excellent companion. Cedar wood is a very classic and durable species of wood in the United States that resists rot and pests much better than any other types of wood.

FinishBuild considers that one of the most important advices is that in order to keep Cedar wood happy you must minimize exposure to moisture which can cause rot issues, therefore, a finish coat of either paint or stain to seal can guarantee peace for household siding owners.

Cons of Cedar Siding


Wood has a very common opponent and they are called termites which are one of the most common and destructive of the insect pests that homeowners must guard against.  Did you know that a colony of termites left alone for even a single year can do unspeakable damage to the structure of a home? On the other hand, depending on the area certain ants love to eat wood, and there are a wide variety of wood-boring beetles that can cause unsightly holes in wood siding.

Nature can be very tempted, since Cedar is a natural material, you might get the attention and be vulnerable to woodpeckers, for example, that might will  want to  drill holes in your wood siding, allowing for insect and moisture penetration.


Being in contact with iron is going to speed up the rate at which the cedar siding is going to start breaking apart and falling over. Some elements are just not supposed to mix with, therefore be extremely careful on the types of materials you use to install the cedar siding. If you use any type of iron you are going accelerate Cedar’s lifetime. FinishBuild recommends you to use stainless steel or aluminum nails for proper installation. Even though it might cost you more, it is worthy.

Fire risk:

Since cedar siding is wood, you can guess why this is one of the FinishBuild concerns. Cedar wood siding is susceptible to catching fire. We all know how it goes, fire easily grow on wood and as such, if their catches of coating on fire you may want to regret this choice. So unless you are absolutely sure it is not exposed to this scenario in the short term, we suggest you think about it.

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There was a time when home patios were not considered as a significant part of a house; homeowners did not pay too much attention to them, and therefore this adjoined area remained as a place to store unutilized objects. Nonetheless, today people have changed their way to see a home patio; they do give more importance to their patio area and realize how recreational and functional this spot can be. This outdoor living space not only contributes to the quality of your home but also to the quality of life, there are a bunch of benefits you can enjoy and today we have decided to dedicate this post to you, a homeowner that have made the decision to add a gorgeous home’s extension, but is not sure about the type of material that best works as a patio cover.

Choosing the right patio cover material is a crucial step in such home improvement, it can determine the quality and durability of this outdoor space. This is why you need to make sure that the materials you opt for are strong enough to withstand the elements in the long term, they need to be lightweight at the same time so they keep you and your family comfortable while spending time underneath it. We at FinishBuild have researched what are the choices on materials that serve as patio covers, and among the most common ones we can mention: metal, fiberglass, plastic, wood, vinyl, aluminum.

Base on your lifestyle’s needs as well as the region and climate, any of these materials can provide shade and shelter for your outdoor activities; not to mention that the size, style and shape can be suitably adjusted in order to fit the structure and design of this exceptional outdoor area.

Superb & Functional Materials

Give your outdoor room eye- catching appeal, the following materials promise to help you create a unique and protected environment that suitably matches with your furniture and amenities choices.

Wood Patio Covers

As you have probably read it from our previous posts, wood is such an amazing construction material, its versatility is certainly what makes it one of our favorite options to cover your patio. Wood patio coverings are available in many shapes, sizes and prices. We believe that homeowners decide on wooden patio covers due to their natural beauty; this material also has de ability to fit exceptionally into almost any landscape and another great feature of it is that you can structure it to match your home’s architectural design.

On the other hand, you can even find coverings made of this material that have very little impact on the environment, for instance: bamboo or maple, these are sustainable choices because the wood is not being cut down faster than it can be replaced by new trees. Great complements for such patio cover, which not only looks charming but functional, are climbing plants and vegetable which can be grown in your outdoor space. Since every gorgeous appearance has a price, the downside of wood patio cover is the demanding upkeep needed; since this type of material is prone to warping, peeling and rotting, regular sanding and repainting are essential cares you should keep in mind for extending the life of your wood patio roofing.

Aluminum Patio Cover

This option is easy to install and as wood patio cover, aluminum covers can be purchased in the size, style and color that best suits your needs. This covering material is strong and lightweight at the same time; it is durable and high- resistant to outdoor conditions. Aluminum patio coverings are able to provide superb protection from any type of weather and keeping the comfort intact. Unlike wood, insects, warping, cracking or rotting would not be problems you will have to deal with if you opt for this patio roofing alternative. When it comes to aluminum patio cover, you need to know that minimal upkeep is necessary to make it looking awesome; furthermore this is a low cost option which is also able to fit in with most patio styles. As you may know, metals is a great conductor of heat, so if you’re your patio covering is made of regular aluminum panels, this might keep your patio uncomfortable for you and your loved ones when you stand beneath it.

Fiberglass and Plastic Patio Cover

Fairly low-priced, these are very durable patio covering materials that last more than any other types. Both of the mentioned materials are designed to allow a complete light exposure without leaving your unprotected from rain or harmful UV rays. Generally, plastic patio cover comes in lightweight panels that can be adapted to match your design, this is a very accessible patio covering that is able to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Fiberglass can be a little bit harder to find in the market but it is important to highlight that is also an earth- friendly alternative; this covering option is made by using recycled materials that contribute to reduce the massive amount of waste on our planet.

Vinyl Patio Cover

Virtually maintenance free, vinyl covers are lightweight structures available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. Since this is a synthetic patio covering, you will have the opportunity to purchase it in wood finish simulation. It is true that if compare with other types of material, vinyl is more expensive, however by choosing it you get an excellent covering material which does not need to be sanded or repainted and if your choose a high- quality material, you get an even more durable covering option for your patio that is less likely to rot, peel or crack. Regarding its appearance, we have to make notice that in terms of beauty vinyl can fade over time and unfortunately cannot be painted to more suitable tones in order to complement the look of your home.

Your patio is an excellent place to unwind; this outdoor living space is where you, your family and friends can relax at the end of a hard week of work. This will be an all season outdoor area, therefore you need to keep in mind that sometimes weather can be unpredictable; your patio can be affected by a sudden rainstorm or a heat wave, any of these circumstances can prevent you from enjoying a relaxing weekend (and we are sure your would not like it!). So why not to make sure to provide your patio with a great protective cover? Strive to research each of the materials we have suggested above, make sure to align their features taking into consideration your needs and create a gorgeous spot that is not only functional but distinctive…you dream it, we Build it!


Are you looking forward to add an outdoor space in your home? Or are you bored of the same typical backyard style? In FinishBuild we have been thinking of some interesting ideas that might help our readers in order to makeover that entertaining extesion of their home, which is called backyard; we talked it over and conclude that Mediterranean backyard style is an excellent way to whether build or makeover this versatile exterior space. The main purpose of an outdoor living space is to make this home addition as usable as possible; functional in such way that allows you to take more advantage of your property, and also make it an enjoyable space for you, your family and friends. Likewise, it is important to make notice that having a well- excecuted backyard opens up even more the chances to significantly increase the of your home, as you might know this is an important factor to keep in mind in case you plan to sell your property in the future.

We need to advice you that in order to develop a successful backyard improvement project there are certain aspects you would like to check, this way you concretely decide what the best landscape decorating ideas are; factors such as identifying what kind of climate you are living in, how much ongoing maintenance your new backyard will need, or analyzing what is the budget you need in order to create a beautiful exterior area will be really helpful for you before taking any decision.

Tuscan Backyard Design

Since we are focusing in an outdoor space, materials are basically what lead the overall style, having said this it is important to accurately make choices that best reflects your pesonality. Among the most common materials to achieve a backyard with Tuscan vibe, stone and terracotta are at the top of the list; followed by concrete (which works amazingly in almost any space or style!). Once you have made your decision about your backyard’s pavement material, it is time to think if you would like a covered or uncovered area; you might want to let the sun shine on your Tuscan backyard or instead choose on pergolas, arbors, trellis or awning for some shade; the idea is to look through designs, note which one draws you to and then add those ideas in your own backyard improvement project. To make your backyard a truly Tuscan- feel space, we would suggest having a fire pit or fireplace in order to keep warm during cooler nights, a spot to grill and eat a typical al fresco dinner is another must have feature in your mediterranean backyard. Good furniture and waterproof fabrics for cushions or pillows are also perfect items that help your outdoor area appealing, we would recommend these items in orange, brown, red and golden colors.

Luxurious Mediterranean Backyards

Nothing says luxury more than columns in your outdoor area. They were very popular in Greek and Roman buildings, the best example we have is the Pantheon in Athens. Obviously we are not suggesting to include 20 of those columns in your backyard, but you can adjust the number that best fits your taste; homeowners who choose this style usually use columns in their outdoors as supports for pergolas. Lighting plays an important role in this type of Mediterranean style because it highlights the shapes of the column at night, offering a beautiful scenario in your backyard.

Rustic Mediterranean Backyards Style

Pay some tribute to the Mediterranean architectural design by incorporating one of the most popular European features which are arches. Materials such as stone, slate or concrete are suitable for your backyard pavement. Rough furniture or wicker furniture is the proper symbol of rustic style; tablecloths or pillows in rustic fabrics match beautifully with candle holders and lanterns; get inspired and enjoy every step of your outdoor project.

Mediterranean Sea Style

As you may know, color plays an important role in making a landscape design you have always want. Sea is the most iconic image that comes to mind when we think about Mediterranean- inspired lanscapes. Cobalt blue is an excellent element that truly captures the escene of Mediterranean sea. The proper combination to achieve this style can be made with glass mosaic and ceramic tiles.

Eye- catching exterior spaces are the most suitable way to add visual appeal to a well- coordinated home. Moreover, enhancing the beauty of your home’s outdoor space with the materials that best work for this purpose, definitely provides you with an comfortable as well as functional area to socialize with friends, entertain guests, enjoy your coffee in the morning or simply read a good book. That Mediterranean vacation you have always dreamed of can attractively be bring to your own backyard, create an outdoor living space where you and your family can pleasantly eat and sit outside, choose the design that best evokes your personality…you dream it, we Build it!



Summer is over and growing season as well. Well known as the harvest season, autumn comes with a several changes in all aspects of life. As we watch leaves waving to the ground in the autumn season, we are reminded that nature’s cycles reflect stages of our existence. On simple words, autumn represents a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a physical and emotional heavy luggage. Through season we pay tribute to abandonment, however fall season is the genuine time to practice getting off all patterns and making closure.

Autumn have a significant influence on nature. Falling temperatures prompt mass migrations as birds seek sunnier weathers. On the other hand, invertebrates such as butterflies and ladybirds may venture indoors as they seek warm spaces in which to sleep through the colder months.

Fashion is also influenced autumn season with earth colors and soft textures. Orange, red and yellow leaves colors of trees have touched design industry. Subsequently, through time we can have the chance how fashion and interior design changes. Regarding fall season while pumpkins and cornucopias look more appealing to the eye, wreaths and lights seem to fit on winter period. But design is often about creating a very specific mood to make you as comfortable as possible around your home areas. Therefore, at FinishBuild we have planned a few ideas to share with you in order to boost your decking areas on 2016 autumn season.

Decking accessories

When autumn arrives the sunlight decreases on trees which making them stop producing chlorophyll for photosynthesis, so leaves initiate to change color. The timing of this color change varies by species and location. On decking, nature’s calendar left recordings of leaves starting to tint and decorates in a romantic way. So, lets contemplate at FinishBuild what can tips can we use to make a more exceptional area.

Decking can be easily extended or added to a garden in order to build extra space for outdoor gatherings. Having a decking area is a wise use of space in order to use them all year round. Covering part of the patio or decking with a pergola, for instance will provide you an additional shade in summer as well as a wonderful support for themed decorations and outdoor lights when holding autumn parties.

What to take into account?


Since our forte is flooring department, FinishBuild would love to suggest that if you are thinking on creating a nice base to spoil yourself –because you deserve it- a high quality decking material is what you must have.

 Wood–plastic composites or WPCs contain fibers combined with some sort of polymer. For example, natural fiber composites combine plastic with flax or hemp. However, another viable option can be wood composites, which on the other hand, are products manufactured from a combination of wood fibers and plastics.

Their various qualities, including durability and weather resistance that make them suitable for outdoor applications including decking/railing systems, window/door profiles and shingles, infrastructure products such as picnic tables, and park benches.

Even though lumber can definitely reflect the natural shades of autumn, we would always try to be planet-friendly. Plus, you could always find the exact shade on laminate or composite decking. Nevertheless you can also add other earth tone elements such as paper pumpkins, cozy blankets or mobile lamps.

Painted fences

Colors for outdoor wood have come a long way, and if you are thinking on boosting your decking areas, you might want to contemplate a more classic but outstanding place, instead of buying new decking furniture. Explore between brown or green and little else, such as blue. Now you can choose from an innumerable of different kinds so your decking fences areas can be just as vibrant as the inside.

Do not hesitate on contrasting, that exactly the idea, mixed of colors will work together beautifully. Personalizing your decking areas in autumn is an interesting season to set new principles to closure or begin new memories. Keep in mind that when it comes to fence painting with a paintbrush can be very time-consuming and is much quicker with a paint sprayer, therefore if your fence has horizontal planks, paint in a horizontal direction, and if it has vertical planks, use vertical strokes.

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”

 — Samuel Butler


Hammocks are often related with a peaceful meaning to those who own it. Inside or outside, hammocks offer an escape from stress and amusement moment. However, in the beginnings of hammocks the purpose was basically to avoid water, dirt or other unsanitary surroundings that existed within the early New World. Places like, merchant navy in the late 1600’s  introduce the goodness of  hammocks, where sailors slept instead of beds which represented a big use of space in boats or long ships.  Hammocks were a not dangerous and also provide a feasible technique used for sleeping.

Hammocks make sleeping a positive adding to your life

When it comes to rest, the main purpose of sleeping or taking a nap should be the fact that body recoveries correctly.  According to a sleeping study by L. Bayer and I. Constantinescu, procedure involved taking two 45-minute afternoon naps (2:30 to 3:15 PM). They explain how rocking may accelerate wake-sleep transition and promote sleep consolidation on two main motives. The first is because the amygdala affects the regulation of sleep-wake states, faster sleep onset could be due to a ‘relaxing’ feeling associated with the rocking condition, which most of our participants found pleasant. Second, rhythmic vestibular/somatosensory inputs associated with rocking may modulate sleep-wake centers via direct or indirect connections between sensory systems and hypothalamic.

In conclusion swaying does not only facilitate sleep onset but has a persistent effect on brain oscillations and spindles. Hammocks are one of the best substitutes of mother´s rocking and you could definitely use and extra piece of decoration inside or outside of your home spaces.

Types of Hammock materials

Nowadays and in the past twenty five years, hammock industry has detonated an entire new concept of what the purpose of a hammock can be used for. Even though sailors, and people who lived nearby shore extensions were the regular users of these items, at some point became synonymous of freedom and holidays standard. From Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, US to India and China, the hammock industry has shown a well diversity based on the purposes of use.


Considered as one of the most invasive species in Hawaii and Florida, sisal comes from the Agave Sisalana plant and is one of the classic hammock materials when it comes to a strong and long-lasting requirement. Similar in looks to an Aloe Vera plant, the sisal fiber comes from a cactus plant look, which is not only used in the hammock mass-produced process but also for ropes production. Nevertheless, sisal hammocks might be rough at some point and not nearly as contented as other hammock materials. Therefore, is you are looking for an outdoor hammock, sisal can offer you the resilience that you are looking for.


Settling a before and after in 1938 in so many fields, including clothes, parachutes, ropes and even toothbrushes, nylon is one of the most interesting and well appreciated materials in the hammock industry. Nylon is a synthetic polymer, which have the advantage of being highly resistant to insects, it happens to be superior when it comes to temperature variations, and it is also soft to the touch. On the other hand, these softer hammocks provide a stretch easily feature, which it might depend on the elongation level you are looking for. Nylon hammock would definitely adapt to body shape and size.

Nylon hammocks turns out to be one of the  favorite choice among campers, jungle trekkers, since the sheen of the thread used in weaving adds vibrancy to bright colors used in weaving. In addition, due to the fact that nylon hammocks are lighter than others, they provide a great place to sleep no matter where you are if you carry it with you.



In 2009 China was the largest producer in the cotton field. Last year, China still remained in the first place followed by India. Cotton comes from the Gossypium plant and it has been cultivated and used since 207 BC. Since it is a good temperature conductor, cotton is always recommended by its soft appealing in the clothing world. Its absorbent and breathable properties, states cotton as the natural fiber by excellence, perfect option for clothing and undergarments worn close to the skin.

FinishBuild love this type of material for indoor hammocks, even though a cotton hammock might provide you a cozy outdoor atmosphere, when it comes to water issues, cotton holds up to 27 times its own weight in water and becomes stronger when wet. Therefore it may be wise to keep it dry and cute. Another benefit of getting a hammock of a charming material, such as cotton is that, cotton is non-allergenic and contrasting synthetic fibers. Cotton fiber is a natural product that contains no chemicals, which it goes perfectly if kids are around the house.


Polyesters material includes naturally occurring chemicals, such as in the cutting of plant cuticles, as well as synthetics. Regarding hammocks, polyester is placed as one of the best outdoor option. Due to its easily dyed, strong, light weight and resistant to shrinking, polyester hammocks allow stretching. On the other hand it is high temperatures resistant, and while other materials such as cotton might heat, polyester maintains its cool on any color you might want. However, one of the main disadvantages is that Polyester is not environmentally friendly.

Rope style Hammocks

 While some hammocks are flat and usually soft, others have a different proposal regarding style and patterns. In the case of cotton rope hammocks are more flexible than polyester, but then again polyester styles are less susceptible to humidity, mildew and mold. So, whether your hammock is inside your house or in the backyard, we would love you to take these tips into account. It is a good idea to consider nylon if you live in a very humid climate, for instance.


In the case you are trying to throw your rope hammock between two trees, size is as equal as important as the material. Technology is always working in pro of finding exactly what you need and nowadays you can find the size that suits you. Outdoor, on a stand or even between posts, hammocks space need to be pre-measure for your chosen spot. Generally rope hammocks measure between 13-feet to 17 feet apart, subsequently you can always get a hammock stand if such a spread is not available to you.

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As the awareness of global warming grows (fortunately!), people around the world are becoming increasingly ecological. Nowadays it is very common to know earth- friendly conscious consumers who are progressively finding new and more creative way to go green, raising green roofing options to new heights. Few days ago we shared with our readers an article related to what we consider are the 5 best roofing materials, after we published it we realized that there is still information about the vast roofing materials alternatives that there are available today. Based on this, green roof options are what we would like to develop; in FinishBuild we believe is an excellent way to complement our last roofing post.

As we have already mentioned in our previous roofing materials post; roofs are those structures which protect us from the elements. Therefore, the importance of a great material selection for it is essential and with today’s innovative roofing alternatives, it is even more often to find new kinds of roofs that can do more than keep you and your family out of the rain and snow. In fact, now it is possible to install roofs that make your house cooler, and thus make you feel more comfortable while they give your air conditioner a break.

Environmentally Friendly Roofs

Recycled Shingles

This is perhaps the greenest choice you will find; recycled shingles are made from waste material, for instance: plastic, rubber, wood fiber and more. In fact, if you are willing to make your roof an earth- friendly one, you can also opt for recycled- content shingles.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • What makes them an excellent eco- friendly option is the fact that they can be made from clean post- consumer waste, which is that waste from home, or post- industrial waste, those wastes from factories In any case, the resulting product is a nice looking shingle that you would never know was made from “waste” materials.
  • Recycled shingles reduce energy consumption and pollution, because they help divert waste from landfills.

Go environmentally- aware with Solar Shingles

If you are striving to have a home that does not only look eye- catching from outside, this is an ideal roof for your project; solar shingles are new solar products that perform as a great alternative to photovoltaic (PV) panels. They perform elegance and simplicity at their best, not to mention how space- conscious solution can be.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Solar shingles are ingeniously made to blend with regular shingles, and therefore you won’t need to make a full roof makeover.
  • Even though this is option will initially need a considerable investment, it can be well worth it to consider the economic benefit in the long term; you will watch your electric meter spin backwards, and in places where selling electricity back to the local power company is available, you can install enough building- integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) and sell the remaining electricity.

Standing Seam Metal Roof


Green homeowners decide on metal roofs more and more, because this option can be also found in its recycled content version.

Wondering about its benefits?

  • Content metal roofs are extremely durable, long lasting and light reflective; roofs with these characteristics are definitely a great investment.
  • The downside about this choice we cannot deny is that this green roofing option needs to be analyzed carefully in areas with heavy snowfall, because it can slide right off metal roofs, and potentially create huge drifts around the perimeter of your house; so you might need a plan for dealing with it.

Salvaged Clay Tile

Keeping usable tile out of landfills, this roofing material is still highly coveted today; it give your home the look of elegant historic homes

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Salvaged tiles are durable and natural.
  • This roofing alternative is even longer- lasting than metal; and can be also found in lighter colors, this is a big plus since you will be taking home a material with all the cool- roof benefits.
  • Some drawbacks you need to be aware of is that clay tiles are expensive and considerably heavy; so you might need some reinforcement of the roof, therefore you must add this fact to your budget.


Vegetated roof

Yes, you have read it right! Grass is not always greener in your front lawn, and to prove this we can tell you that this is a roof which is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium that has been planted over a water proof membrane. Believe or not, this is a sort of lawn that will absolutely look beautiful as part of your outdoor design. We need to thank Germany for giving us such a modern and green roofing option.

Wondering about their benefits?

  • Green or gardened roofs help lower your energy bills.
  • They also perform excellent at lowering greenhouse emissions.
  • Help reducing storm- water runoff and also provide a habitat for surrounding wildfire; which contributes to reduce your stress levels.

As you may see or hear, environmentally- friendly living alternatives are becoming more and more popular, hopefully they will increase even more in the future; today is more frequent to walk on streets paved with recycled concrete, or having a neighbor whose home’s siding is made of eco- friendly material; what was missing in order to complete this earth- friendly pack was the roofing aspect, and as you could read it is pretty much covered. Moreover, we often see hybrid or electric cars on the highways; these are really important steps that society is making towards a significant change that benefits all of us. In FinishBuild we consider that today is a great day to modify some aspects of our journey; start being more energy- independent and more eco- friendly; using clean source of energy is an amazing beginning.

Reduce your dependence on those home products that need dramatic earth consume, and give our environment a break by opting for solar energy and renewable alternatives that will reduce as toxic emissions as possible…you start, we Finish!


CLIMBING WALL MATERIALS destaada 300x138 Build the impossible: Climbing Wall Materials

Having the chance of doing what you love is one of the reasons why life can be such a nice delightful trip. FinishBuild staff is particularly excited about this topic because is aware that might be useful for our team in order to learn more about Indoor Climbing. When it comes about indoor climbing, time seems to go slower; this is due to the fact that when you are practicing this activity you use your entire body.

The fact that climbing exercise engages and works all the muscles group simultaneously, allows you to use and improve your balance and coordination. In addition turns out to be a challenging and motivating experience.

Since it is an activity that you can perform not only on your own but with friends, is an excellent excuse to build new social relationships, increase self-confidence, and create new trust bonds. At FinishBuild we support the “hand-by-hand” learning process, therefore, before jumping on how to build your own climbing place, let’s start with the basics.

What is a climbing wall?

Climbing walls are design to provide you different levels of difficulty that might require technique skills and resilience. However, power of will is what you need the most. Climbing walls are an artificial structure comprised of shaped climbing holds that are attached to the surface both randomly and in specific routes. Before starting, where there is a lack of security cushions, climbers are secured with a safety harness to a climbing rope. On these cases climbing processes are a two person job, because while one is climbing the other as the belayer, is ensuring the safety of the climber.

If you are interested on trying the climbing feature, there are some items you would definitely need for improve your style. First of all, whether you are looking for having a different workout or start a new indoor climbing path is climbing shoes acquirement. The second one would be a chalk bag, which is vital for you to keep your hands dry in order to improve your holds grip. A harness and a belay device would be the last but not least friends you must have to climb happy and safe.

Where to build a Climbing wall?

A home climbing wall does not need to be complex. You can get an excellent work-out on a straight or slightly overhung, straight floor-to-ceiling wall. Regarding the place to build a climbing area, it is important for you to keep in mind that it has to be a place that would be only dedicated to train and improve yourself, or a social area as well, for example one of your house backside wall  where you can gather multifunctional activities including hanging out with friends. Home climbing frames can provide you outstanding benefits for years to come. The standard ceiling height of a garage or an empty room, such as that one that most of all members use to store items is just perfect for a home bouldering wall.

Subsequently, once you have the settled space, is time for the real deal: design and planning, modeling a wall, material and equipment, construction techniques. If you are in the mood for building an indoor climbing wall You already have one step ahead in terms of durability, whether outdoor climbing wall can provide you the outdoors experience, an interior home climbing wall will always be a comfortable temperature and may last longer, elements like rain and sun won’t damage your personal gym, so there would not be wood weathering. On the other hand, tighten each hold every day due to loosening caused by temperature changes or worrying about rusty bolts, or even buying stainless steel bolts would not be an issue. This is a definitely plus saving money and future extra maintenance.

 What is the best material to build a climbing wall?

In order to have strong walls and ceilings the key is the type of material. Outdoor walls can be taller and larger, but you need to develop a system to support them and weather proof them and you will need to create a landing area which will be clean and safe. Take into account that for a climbing wall project the basics structures you might need are:

  1. A strong frame configuration, which would be the one that would maintain your climbing wall.
  2. A resilience flat piece of wood for supporting your holds and bodyweight.

FinishBuild staff has the following suggestion:


CLIMBING WALL MATERIALS 3 300x300 Build the impossible: Climbing Wall MaterialsPlywood our first choice, while it is inexpensive, if you used correctly it does not have to look low-priced. In terms of durability, plywood is very tough due to the fact its manufacturing process. Since plywood is normally layered several times over the panels have an extra strength to support and provide a vital structure, this is why plywood is commonly used for shelfs, counters and bookcases. However, if you are going for a natural wood look you will either need to sand and finish the plywood because panels do not are very colorful.

Homemade climbing walls have a few things in common, but in terms of what base do they use in most of the cases are plywood panels. Plywood panels all are made of thick 3/4 inch with strong framing behind, which regularly are 2×6 on 16 inch centers or 2×4 on 12 inch centers. and they have a plentiful supply of T-nuts, which are the systems you might need to install climbing holds.


CLIMBING WALL MATERIALS 2 300x300 Build the impossible: Climbing Wall MaterialsConsidering timber as climbing wall option is also valid. Timber is not toxic and is safe to handle and touch, which represents a nice characteristics for climbing projects. Nevertheless, FinishBuild recommends joining eco-friendly material. But if you are in the mood of investing on Timber, you may find out that timber or wood is a natural insulator and can reduce energy needs especially when it is used in windows, doors and floors.
For a Climbing wall, wood would enhance your workouts, giving you a natural atmosphere. Being light, it is easy to install and can be worked with simple equipment.


CLIMBING WALL MATERIALS 1 300x300 Build the impossible: Climbing Wall MaterialsAfter opening climbing holes on the panel, you would definitely may require T-nuts. These little beauties get into the panel holes on the back of the ply so when bolts go through, there is a nut there waiting to hold on securely. According to DIY owners, the recommended is 3/8th measure bolts. Nevertheless, remember that size should fit your holds, make sure you match them with the correct T-nuts. These friends would be the responsible of climbing holds installation, so be picky about the purchasing part.

“Learn to love what you have been taught to fear”

Felix Baumgartner

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When we decided to choose for our readers roofing materials as the topic of today’s article, style and protection from the top was the first idea that came to our minds. Striving to offer the best home products alternatives as well as attractive home design and improvement ideas; in FinishBuild we believe that the outdoor design of your home is as important as is too the interior. The roof of your house is fundamental to the integrity of your home’s structures, and therefore you need to choose a high- quality roof material that is able to withstand fundamentally whether; which is the principal challenge as far as roofs go. Another good reason we can give you regarding an excellent selection of roof material is that as you may know, our climate has become increasingly intense in many parts of the planet thus, your new roof needs to stand up to the rigors of your regional weather.

Important factors to consider when selecting your roof’s material

Making the decision on the right product for your roof is an important step in the process of showing off your style outdoors. Today roofing materials are endless and there are plenty of options, what you need to study in details is the pros and cons of the materials and looks available for you, this will certainly help you make the most suitable decision on the best fit for your home, your pocketbook and of course, your life. Let’s check some important factors you should consider when selecting your roof’s materials:

  • Durability: make sure you are choosing a roofing material that will last in the long term, by doing this you can be sure you are doing an excellent investment.
  • High- resistance to nature’s elements: your roof definitely needs to hold up natural disasters such as wildfires or hurricanes.
  • Earth- friendly: as you do the research for your house’s roof, consider opting for eco- friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Design: your new roof needs to be able to complement the style of your whole house.
  • Cost: roof materials’ cost does influence the making decision process, it is actually considered as a starting point in such home improvement.

5 Best Roofing Materials Picks


Today’s roofing market offers a wide selection of materials, from natural ones such as slate or wood, to manmade products like asphalt, sheet metal. Types and styles of roofing to choose from are more abundant than ever before. Our suggestion? Study their advantages and shortcomings, and after this we are sure you will find a roof material that will add a distinctive design to your home.

Asphalt Shingles

This is one of the most popular roofing materials, covering over 80% of residential market; this could be due to the fact that is the least expensive and it does not require too much skill to be installed. Standard asphalt shingles can last from 15 to 20 years and a nice aspect of them is that they work for a variety of architectural styles. The downside of this roofing material is that, on one hand it is vulnerable to wind and ice damage, this means that is subject of mildew and moss; and on the other hand, since asphalt shingles are made of fiberglass that has been impregnated with asphalt, they are not the most eco- friendly alternative you have, can be found in a more recyclable version though.

Clay tile

Considered as a lifetime roof option, clay tiles are made from natural clay and this make them very fire resistant. This roofing material resembles those traditional Italian or Spanish looks you might want to accomplish in your house; they are also made to look like wood shakes or slate. Clay tile is low maintenance, can be considered as an earth- friendly option as is made from natural materials, however requires considerable energy to be manufactured. Another feature you need to know about this roofing material l is that is heavy and therefore, requires reinforced roof framing to support.


Fortunately, metal roofs are not what they used to be; those old barn roofs of past years have been replaced by metal roofs that are lighter, fully recyclable. They also come in steel, aluminum cooper, and many other versions. Metal is fire resistant as well as nearly maintenance free, durability is another great feature they perform because they can last around 50 or 70 years; this amazing roofing material may be made from recycled materials and absorbs a third less heat than asphalt. The downside of metal is that regarding its cost, prices can go from moderate to significant expensive.


Known as on of the oldest roofing materials, slate is very durable and resists both wind and fire. It is available in a variety of natural colors and shapes; this roofing material looks stunning and is often used on historic homes. Incredibly and depending on the quality of materials chosen, slate can last from 60 to 200 years, so durability is absolutely covered with this roofing material. Two main drawbacks we have to mention about slate is that it is a very heavy material that will need extra roof support as well as is more expensive than any other roofing option.


Generally made from cement, sand and water, this roofing option comes in a wide selection of finishes, colors and looks, not to mention the cuts and shapes you can find from it. Concrete will always be an extraordinary roofing material alternative because of its long lifespan, low maintenance and high durability level. Fortunately, there is not downside with this material; actually we can add that concrete is moderate in price, energy- efficient and acts as a great natural insulator to noises.

To sum up, not every roofing material can be used on every roof; so whether you are about to start a new roofing project or remodeling the exiting one, you should  consider all the possible options and remember that color, texture, weight and durability are features that must work cohesively in order to give your home an exceptional curb appeal.