We almost always think of the white walls as a ghost that comes from previous centuries that is too old for our modern tastes. However, you have to think with a really cool head but not so much so that the color does not become very boring. White has its fans and detractors there is no one to be immune to him, unless the house is treated.

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Kitchen decor items that contribute to organization

Cabinets are key elements in your kitchen that other than highlight the look of such important space, can also help you with the organization of everything you need in this area of your house. However, minimalism should be a word you should take into consideration when decorating your kitchen; the worst thing you can do is having overflowing cabinets with gadgets or all the types of Tupperware. Moreover, cabinet drawers will be a very useful and versatile option that not only will provide your kitchen with an impeccable appearance, but also will help you keep a limited number of pots and pans; let’s be honest, sometimes we have so many kitchen utensils and gadgets, that we do not even remember what we bought them for.

Bedroom decor item that contribute to organization

Wardrobe is generally that place of your bedroom where you keep at least a few items that you never wear; so you might want to start by deciding whether or not you really need to keep those pieces of clothing that perhaps do not fit you, or you do not love anymore. So, when it comes to closets or wardrobe, simplicity in their appearance is what you need to strive to achieve; an organized as well as an eye- catching way to show your closet is by selecting your most favorite clothing pieces, from sleeveless to long sleeve, hang them by color too and you will have a closet that is really attractive to the eye. Once again I must mention drawers, but in this case you can use them for putting your ballet flats, this way you keep your closet organized and at the same time you are saving the cubbies for wedges and heels. And if you are looking for ways to improve the displaying of your jewelry, use dishes and attractive drawer dividers; it is an excellent way to organize jewelry in flat drawers.

Living room decor items that contribute to organization

You may already know it, your living room can serve many functions. Therefore it is very important to find the right furnishings, and the most suitable ways to arrange them to handle both family time and visiting guests. When looking for the proper elements in your living room that not only perform at their very best, but also contribute to the organization of such space, a stuffed media center can absolutely be the best option you should consider as an open storage along one wall provides ample space, where you can store plenty of your favorites and necessary objects; electronic equipment, books, photos, games and so on. In this way, you maximize your living room’s space; and in order to provide your media center with a fresher and organized look, you can strive for installing fabric panels that conceal items stored. Fabric panels may be a challenging DIY project you can aim to achieve, however, if you would like to have another idea to consider, then custom polished doors might work wonders to cover and keep your media center looking great. Polished doors hide clutter, thus you can keep the space casual as well as well- coordinated; and to complete the right appearance in your living room, a table lamp on top to the media center might be the softest lighting option for movie nights or parties.

Bathrooms decor items that contribute to organization

I do not really why, but it is surprising what you can find in your bathroom that contribute to a clutter area, expired hygiene products and old make-up that you completely forgot about. In order to avoid this type of situations in the future, strive to have a bathroom vanity that is gorgeous and where you can find everything you need within your hand reach; there is no need to keep a lot of products in this area of your house, store only pretty things like a set of brushes, a few pieces of jewelry in attractive glass containers, or perfume bottles out in the open. On the other hand, in case you also count on cabinets or drawers in your bathroom, keep the space in them to store those less attractive necessities; you could divide your drawers by organizing all of those make-up and items you wear on occasions, and in the other drawer space you can organize those things you have access to everyday. Clear storage boxes are an amazing way to keep your bathroom organized, and the best part is that you can add gorgeous decorating details to them with paint, decorative labels or anything you want to make them looking prettier; but remember that they should be clear, because this is how you can help yourself identifying what is inside the box, without having to open it.

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In FinishBuild we have done an interesting remembering exercise. We have gathered together in order to check and analyze what improvements our company has achieved in these last months; it was actually a very rewarding activity that has made me think of my first posts. Going a little bit back in time, I remember that the first products we could offer to our clients were basically related to flooring. Times have changed, and today we as a home company are one step closer to become an online store where people can buy almost everything they think about when it comes the time to build or remodel any space of their homes. Continue Reading…


There is always a corner of our house that does not usually light up. That is in the darkest and that perhaps by its nature we do not like it so much but, even so, we can achieve that with little that this is not the symptom of your frustration. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel or room, there will always be a way with style and practicality to illuminate it.

In itself, many times the people buy and then remember that it was not so necessary so many elements to make of a room little illuminated its desired place. In that sense, it is prudent for the homeowner to evaluate how much light he needs before committing to purchase items that he may not require or need. A small walk through the same place will raise a series of questions that after his answer gives that is necessary and that not. Everything is essential with light, you have to check everything before you act: the color of the walls and ceiling, the materials with which the elements of the building are made, the furniture that was chosen and especially if there is a natural light With which you can play.

All this is basic but infinitely necessary to get down to work, even if you do not know much about decoration. Great things can be done with much smaller ones in the matter of light, it already exists, the home owner just has to know how to channel it in their favor. Essentially for this type of rooms there will always be a state of reference as far as reflections are concerned. Although the reflection does not create the light, it allows that it duplicate whatever its origin point, that is why for dark rooms it is necessary, on the one hand, to use light colors in the ceiling and walls so that some insignificant ray of light can rebound And give us a little more than we want. Like a good ally, the mirrors allow a great help, not only in the sense of giving more luminance to the room but also in the decoration. In that case, in order to fulfill different functions, in appearance and use, it is good to learn some tricks that would benefit the light in our dark room.

The Ace of the Mirror Has Three Simple Tricks for the Dark Rooms

Mirrors that have the same size should be located in opposite directions, in opposite positions where they are positioned. This will allow an infinite succession of reflections creating a sense of infinite depth that leaves the homeowner with a room much wider, deeper and especially lighter. It is a basic rule of our parents, but include in the corridors, especially if they are short, a mirror would give greater depth to the place and as a rule, more depth refers to more light depending on where you are. On the other hand, when the windows do not fulfill all the effect of luminance that should fall more in the mirror this function. If a large mirror is placed near the front wall where the window is located, it will make it look larger and therefore the light pickup a little larger than what was seen previously.

Otherwise, a simple way to conserve without acting, to find or find new elements is to place objects at points that can replicate light from different angles. The most common in such cases is to play with shiny or things made of metallic materials that not only play with the natural light of the day but also with the lighting arrangement that the house has at night.

If you Cannot  Fight with he Enemy, Join

If before all proof, the light is denied in the room, that is, it is not what you want. There will be nothing left to play with what already inhabits it. Taking advantage of the fact that the most opaque places tend to be more beneficial when returning home and rest. It is no coincidence that many of the hotel rooms are like this. Then, with these rooms, it is not enough to decorate it, to make it up so that, at least, if it does not adapt to our ideal state of natural light, it becomes a pleasant dark place of rest and tranquility. But everything does not necessarily have to be a radical pole, you have to balance the balance in all the furniture to improve the appearance and that is not so aggressive. Playing with the ceiling lights will form on the ground a kind of halo that will recreate what you are looking for. There are always ways to find things to suit us.


Synchronism, eye- catching elements and functionality are the first words that come in my mind when I think about decoration. These words define a superb way of living standard, therefore it is key to create a well- coordinated decoration project in any room of your home, especially in your living room. In this area you have the opportunity to polish your personality, show how wonderful your thoughts and ideas are in order to create a room that is not only visually appealing, but also functional whether for you, your family or guests.

Creating a living room design plan might be a daunting challenge; proportion, furniture layout, proper lighting, cohesive color and texture design are just a few of aspects to take into consideration when decorating a living room, and so it is very common to see how nearly everyone makes mistakes while striving to achieve their dream living room. In fact, even for professional designers is easy to fall in all sorts of traps when they are working on a decorating project; what I am trying to let you know is that it is fine if you have made some mistakes while achieving the living room look you have always wanted, that is what tips are for. I have compiled some of the most common living room mistakes as well as their solutions, feel free to check them out.

Absence of Color

Neutral color palette seems to be the easiest way to set a minimalist living room look, however opting for some shade of cream or off- white is not always the most modern and sleekest appearance for your living room; actually you may be causing the opposite effect, boring and sterile feel. It is certainly true that neutrals have never been a bad move when it comes to home decoration, but since your living room is the space where your guests, family and friends spend the most time, you should consider providing it with more than one single shade of bland color. A great solution to this cop- out is giving your living room personality through colorful patterns and creative lighting; and when I say colorful this does not necessarily mean that you have to paint your walls in canary yellow, but eye- catching pops of color on your throw pillows and blankets that adds to your living room personality and liveliness.

Placing Your Furniture Against the Walls

This is probably one of the most common blunders homeowners make when arranging their furniture. The reason why this seems to be easiest way to place them is because your furniture does not crowd the space, and allows everyone in the room sitting down face each other. You need to know that by thinking this way you are just only creating an illusion of more space, however by arranging everything flush against the walls you create an overly formal vibe, which an unwanted feeling because it lacks intimacy and thus makes the space feel less homey. A smart solution to correct this mistake is by striving to create a mix, and place some pieces of furniture along the walls, bring some others together to create cozy areas where guests can feel intimacy and they can comfortably chat.

Consider Only Overhead Lighting

When people walk into any living room, they should feel a pleasant ambience that can only be provided by lighting that has been done correctly; remember that your living room is not a dressing room and so you need to have a variety of light sources; play around the room with table and floor lamps, different heights and brightness will give your living room a warm and flattering room, you can opt for recessed, hanging fixtures, and to create the right mood for the right moment, dimmers will be a key element you will also need to install.

Including Furniture You Won’t Use

There are some elements you think look awesome, and you decide to incorporate them as part of your decor at the time, but you need to ask yourself if you will use them in the long term. Moreover, when you decorate with many small items you give your living room the feel of a cluttered room. To solve this mistake, purchase what you really need in your living room and then design your living room around it, the idea is to make choices that best suit your lifestyle.

Choosing Too Small Rugs

There is not denial that rugs are an expensive and typical element in any living room, if you buy them too small then they can mess with the décor of the entire room. Studying your living room’s proportions will be a great idea to avoid such mistake. Furthermore, remember that the rug should touch the front legs of every piece of nearby furniture, but if it goes bigger it is totally fine. Placing the proper sized rug can add character and create a true impact in your living room.

A living room is the symbol of peace and serenity in any home, so in order to make it to a beautiful and comfortable one you need to incorporate the elements and accessories that best portrait your taste and style, but keeping in mind that there are certain principles you need to follow.

At first glance it may seem a simple project, but the way you decorate your living room is not only a matter of look, functionality should also have a key role in the process of decorating such an essential room in your house. It is also important to mention that is absolutely fair if you decide to hire an interior designer you can work with in order to achieve the living room that best expresses your style. It is never too late to improve your living room’s decor, at FinishBuild we offer you an exceptional variety of furnishings as well as accessories that can incredibly complement the look you want your living room to have…you dream it, we Build it!


    destacada 300x138 Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Sofa

Living rooms are perhaps the most used spaces in any home, in this area you and your family spend quality time whether in front of the television or simply having a fruitful conversation with each other. Your living room is also where you receive your loved ones and guests in order to catch up with them. Planning the design of this significant area of your home should be then of prime importance; your family needs to contribute with their ideas of how their living will look and you can play the role of an interior designer, remember that the way your living looks will depend essentially on the type of furniture that you want to place in this room of the house.

1 300x300 Dos and Don’ts When Buying a SofaBefore to start visiting any showroom or purchasing your furnishings, you should visualize your living and ask yourself a couple of questions like what kind of mood do you want to have in your living room? What furniture material best suits your living room’s needs? Or who is going to use the living room? Once you are aware of these answers, the designing project gets easier to execute; furniture spacing and layout is key to achieve both comfort and function. Buying the sofa you will place in the living is therefore a big decision since this is a central spot in any household. With all those amazing options in the furniture market, there are plenty of comfortable and stylish sofas; today I would like to share with you some dos and don’ts you may want to keep in mind before taking your final decision on your next sofa, a choice that also represents a large investment of income.

Do’s When Buying a Sofa

Strive to always have a clear sofa goal in mind: this way you analyze what is the goal you will achieve with such an important decorating piece. There are so many different types of sofas out there in the home market, they absolutely can address specific requirements for your day to day life, but it will be really helpful to think carefully what will be the use you will give to the sofa. Requirements are as varied as people’s needs; there are couches which are deep and very soft, this is a different address if you are looking for a firm sofa with tight back that offers you the possibility to help you maintain a correct posture.

2 300x300 Dos and Don’ts When Buying a SofaMake sure to check the hood: to study the sofa’s poor or well construction as well as the materials is made of. Run one of your hands over the back of the sofa, and find out if it is poor quality; in case you feel it has a hollow back, then this is a clear indication of a poor construction, because good sofas are generally well padded back so the perform a long lifespan.

Measure your doorways: as insignificant as may sound, this should be the first thing you need to do; by measuring the sofa dimension you make sure that will get through the doorways, around the corners and up the stairs at your house or apartment. Measure the entrances of your house, and the possible doorways. Once you are at the store, measure the width, depth and height of that dreamy sofa you would like to take home.

Strive to keep learning about sofas, even when you already purchase yours: aspects like covering your sofa for protection purposes with an appropriate fabric, because you have kids and pets at home are necessary to know since with that knowledge you ease your life as you keep a clean sofa that is protected from spills and dirt. Be also aware of the fact that sofas come in a wide variety of styles and sizes (curvy, round, straight), will help you make your smarter choices.

Don’ts When Buying a Sofa

4 300x200 Dos and Don’ts When Buying a SofaAvoid the idea of buying a sofa only because is cheap: remember that the better is the quality of the sofa you have decided to invest in, the longer you will enjoy its lifespan. If you ask me, I rather invest in a good sofa built with great materials than a couch that costs less but will lead me to replace it a few months after I purchased. An average quality sofa easily lasts as long as 10 years, while a top quality- end sofa will go over two decades.

Do not forget that proportion counts: this happens especially with a sectional or an L- shape sofa, which can often overwhelm the living room. On a sectional, try to do a tight back instead of loose cushions; this will help keep the overall profile from becoming overwhelming, you can keep the back objectively low (32”), and in this way you are making the sectional feel a little less daunting.

5 300x200 Dos and Don’ts When Buying a SofaDo not always opt for neutral stylish look: since the other elements in the room can offer color cues, in order to establish calm, choose a sofa with a upholstery that is solid and is the same color as the walls and curtains.

As I mentioned earlier, choosing a sofa is a crucial decision since this piece of furniture will be placed at the main showcase of your house. In terms of finances, purchasing a sofa requires quite an amount of money, however if you strive to find  a top quality one, be sure that it will stay in the house for long years before you need to replace it. As you can read it is very important for you to plan well what type of sofa to place in the living room before buying it, these dos and don’ts definitely can help you to avoid living with a bad choice for years to come. I would like to invite you to visit our website, where you can choose among all of our affordable and beautiful sofas line. Be practical, select the most suitable piece for your living room and order it online, only with us…you dream it, we Build it!

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Do you plan to sell your home soon? Do you know what it takes to get your property ready for viewers or potential buyers? Preparing your home for staging can be daunting but necessary process. By putting all of your effort on getting your home ready to be sold, you do not only ensure your property will be sold faster but you are possibly adding thousands of pounds to its initial value, which can be really helpful if you are thinking of acquiring another home at the same time. Even though when you take the decision to sell your home it is no longer yours, this commodity still needs to be part of a production where you and a staging expert are the directors; because your house should look like a model home, this means that coziness and comfort are two of the most important aspects the will make it an inviting place that stands out from the rest of the other houses on the market.

Beautiful decor is not enough to accomplish an eye- catching place you need to sell; it is also about choosing the right props, getting rid of that furniture that is only making your home’s spaces look smaller and start creating focal points in the main living areas. A good idea might be thinking of preparing a model home, where your potential viewers, their family and friends pleasantly lounge in the living room or sit around the candlelit table. To give you better perspective, I have compiled some effective visual tricks that you can apply when executing such an important project.

Time to Say Bye to Clutter

Before starting with this visual trick, make sure your idea of decluttering your home does not include depersonalize it. When you prepare your home to be sold, the most ideal goal you should accomplish is to get rid of old furniture  that makes your home look clutter, try to follow that house rule which stands that for every new item you bring home, you need to take away an old one. Keep in mind that excess of accumulated stuff will only diminish what viewers and potential buyers really need to envisage; they might find it difficult to picture themselves living there, so try your best at offering a fabulous and bright commodity that perfectly reflects your own lifestyle; believe it, potential buyers feel more attractive about the idea of purchasing your house if you show them that side of your lifestyle.

Appealing and Well-Coordinated Color Schemes

Painting or repainting your house for selling purposes is a smart decision. A fresh lick of neutral paint hues in your walls enhances your home as makes your property seem lighter and bigger. When you choose neutral colors, you enable viewers to imagine how they can adapt each room to their needs, plus you are easing their moving in process as they can use the rooms immediately, if we compare this with another home staging alternatives that still have bright purple or green tones on their walls, you absolutely have a great advantage among them.

Strive To Create a Light & Airy Commodity

If you want your staged home look warm and welcoming for your viewers, then great lighting is what you need to accomplish. A typical problem many homeowners deal with is having improperly lighted in their rooms; the solution to this is increasing the wattage in your lamps and fixtures, do not base the lighting system on only one or two fixture per room, you rather ensure that you have lamps on in any dark area. The trick is to be sure to provide your house with the three types of lighting: ambient which is for general purposes, task such as pendant or under- cabinet applications and accent which is mean to be on tables and walls. I would also add the infallible trick of placing wall mirrors that make a room look not only lighter but brighter; you can put some of them in hallways or smaller areas. Moreover, do not forget about properly clean windows; this will provide the spaces with a light and airy feel that makes your property even more attractive.

Update Old Faces

Since you do not want to spend a lot of money in renovation in a home that will not be yours soon, but on the other hand the kitchen of your home is the most valuable area, there is no need to purchase new kitchen cabinets but instead you can get new doors and drawer fronts. Refacing your kitchen cabinetry is an effective way to update your kitchen, paint and repair everything to match and if needed, add new hardware. Additionally, you might want to consider new plumbing fixtures as well as white goods to provide your kitchen with a fantastic visual effect.

Fix Evident Elements

Fixing any minor repair or completing unfinished project is necessary if you want to sell your property. Then, holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles or repairing floorboards is key in the home staging process. Furthermore, once you have finished fixing them clean everything until it sparkles; clean and repair tile grouts, get rid of limescale and odors, incorporate fresh flowers or apply the effective trick of baking bread, cakes or brownies for each viewer that visits your home.

Strive to create positive impressions of your home by properly arrange all the elements that are part of that beautiful property you are about to sell. Place furniture in the right spots, choose color- coordination schemes and accessories, and do not forget about rich linens as well as table settings that once together will evoke a cozy and welcoming feeling. Keep in mind that repainting and cleaning are part of the process, but there is so much more you need to do in order to stage a house that looks appealing and sellable.

When you make your property look bigger, brighter and cleaner you are immediately accentuating all of the positive elements that space has. You can also act a demanding critic, who wonders about the best features of each room, what are the most accentuated spaces of the house and how can that house make you feel comfortable; this is an interesting idea you can develop with your home stager expert, the ideal scenario is that your home stager helps you change your mindset from home to a commodity which needs to be ready for selling.


Owning a home means that putting down roots and have a space you can feel truly yours; homeownership is a significant moment of your life that many people consider a rite of passage we all dream of. At FinishBuild we believe that when you take the decision of owning a home, you are actually making a great investment because your new brand home is a purchase that appreciates over time. Moreover, when you own a home you are gaining control over your living space, this allows you to make improvements that make even better both your home’s value and your daily home life.

However you need to know that figuring out how to decorate your home can be an overwhelming task; there are typical decorating ideas that do not look good for instance, you paint the walls whatever color, purchase big furnishings for the smallest areas of your home and you basically end up struggling with the daunting process of filling all those areas. On the other hand, I think that in many decorating processes there will definitely be hits and misses; this is the reason why I have decided to focus this post on those decorating ideas that not always go right, I believe that when it comes to interior design you do not necessarily have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Out of place wall colors

The color you decide to paint your interior walls should reflect your authenticity and provide a sense of style. Painting too many accent walls will either go wrong as painting any at all; be aware of the fact that accent walls are not for every home style, having ten paint colors up on three different walls is not the best decision you can make. You might want stick to one color per room, and two at maximum in your whole house. The idea is to create an eye- catching impact therefore, instead of having too many colors in one area strive to add an accent wall that highlights interestingly your home’s architecture, for instance the fireplace or a wide window are stylish accent pieces you can incorporate in your decor. Keep in mind that our eyes are naturally drawn to one focal point, so if you create many of them then the attention diminishes as our sight get too busy trying to focus on many elements. An exceptional idea you can consider in order to avoid wall color mistakes and achieve a house with peaceful and cohesive feel, keep all over color as the best bet; do not forget that for this idea neutrals are not only the easiest tones to choose but also they are versatile for main living spaces.

Incorporating Different Styles of Furniture All at Once

It is absolutely a temptation you need to deal with, but if you incorporate all what you have purchased in that home store, then you probably will notice the drawbacks of such decision. Many people do not have an eye for furniture arrangements, so envision everything together beforehand is what you need to do before incorporating different furniture pieces at once. You may believe that your lovely chairs will look stunning with your brand new sofa; however you have to be careful as they might not work with the rest of the elements you have brought home. To avoid this typical mistake, keep in mind that the best rooms of your home will be those which feel well- coordinated and lived- in; balance all of the furniture pieces and include something light of glass or with legs, a tall and think floor lamp helps bring your eye up and this definitely balance the focal points you want to highlight.

Selecting Rugs that Are Too small for the Space

Many homeowners think that opting for smaller rugs is a smart choice at first; the same happens with floating areas rugs. Due to the greatest potential rugs have to transform a space, it is essential for you to choose the size of your rugs that best fir with the space; if you place a tiny rug in a large room you are not only achieving an awkward look but also creating a disproportional area that feels disconnected. To solve such blunder, strive to measure the outline of the space you want your rug to be and then purchase a rug that touches all furniture; once you have place it, make sure to lay out all the front feel of the furniture on the rug.

Unsuitable lighting

You home’s lighting system should be both functional and attractive as any room of your home require different types of lighting, for diverse times of the day. So it is important for you to understand what type of lighting you want for each area, for instance: under cabinets lighting is an excellent addition to your kitchen. Moreover, you can also consider dimmer switches to achieve the most suitable lighting for your rooms.

Take No Notice of Scales

It is a common mistake when decorating a home, if you have to bend you neck in order to see you mirrors or artworks then this is something you might want to correct because even if you have nailed the rest of the decor, your room will still feel uncomfortable. The best way to avoid this wrong idea is by hanging your artworks or frames at eye level, this is about 60 inches top of your door frames.

It is time to stop choosing furnishings and wall colors that are not attractive, spending money in home items that make your entire decor look wrong, and start being more stable about your financial and emotional investment. My main purpose when I decided to write about this very common situation many homeowners deal with was to strive to make you save some headaches and dollars by warning you regarding all those regrettable decorating choices you made. For me it is essential to make it easier for you to make the visual project you’ve imagined come to life in your home, so as long as you get ready with a little basic information, you will be able to start making the right decisions from the beginning…you dream, we Build it!





It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and now here we are, almost starting the last month of this amazing year that has gave us the opportunity to grow our decorating tastes, try new construction materials and share our lovely and well- coordinated homes with our loved ones. Even though interior design trends are not necessarily as fast- paced as fashion, along these last decades there has been a strong tendency to predict those annual themes that will define the style and look of homes; so in FinishBuild we believe that it is already time to discuss which home decor trends will lead the style of yours spaces during the 12 months that 2017 offers you, in order to plan and execute the best home improvement projects.

Sometimes the hectic pace of modern life can be really stressful, and with such busy schedules many people do not feel it but the new technologies and innovations are changing our world, so fast and hugely that for 2017 interior design tendencies are expected to be from surprising to fresh, with evident technology in between. We cannot assure you that this post will cover all of the most highlighted trends for next year, as they may be millions, but we will try; so if you happen to be interior design enthusiastic or a homeowner who is really interested in knowing what 2017 decorating trends are bringing keep your mind opened, let your curiosity shine and take a peek with us.

6 HOME INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES YOU SHOULD KNOW 4 300x300 Interior Design Trends: Whats In For 2017

Textures and Colors Inspired By Nature

This is a current trend that everyone will be still following in 2017. Bringing outdoors inside has become an extraordinary style that people will be talking about next year. Your home deserves a great makeover next year, and since furnishing has become more suitable to the working atmosphere need as well as in home décor, soft and organic materials such as cane, rattan or abaca have the attribute to create a serene ambience; providing your spaces with a warm feel where you can escape and relax. Natural textures and mild colors will be the key accomplish this look.

Flooring trends

Flooring materials are our specialty, and we are really excited about the idea that two of the trendiest flooring you will be seeing in 2017 are completely available for you in both our online store and showroom. Terracotta is a warm layout material that nicely replaces popular and white floor tones. Next year it will be possible to find terracotta with a natural matte finish that can be used as feature walls in bathrooms or cladding fireplaces; we absolutely believe that with this flooring option you will be adding character to your interiors.

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 1 300x200 Interior Design Trends: Whats In For 2017In addition, cork will be ruling your underfoot surfaces in 2017 as the stylish material many people know. Warmth and texture are the two best features this flooring material can exceptionally perform in any of your spaces. Cork is noise absorbing; this makes it an ideal alternative for open plan homes. Another excellent choice for 2017 is marble, a refined and classy flooring material that performs at its best as your living room, kitchen or bathroom layouts. Marble gives your room a polished and elegant look, transforming it in an easy and effortless way.

Interior Color Trends

There is no doubt that your home reflects your personal style, your home’s spaces then become an extension of the self. Upgrading your home’s interior walls needs to be a project that says something about your taste, and thus the color trends for the coming year are mostly focused on mixes of muted tones, as well as earthy and vibrant palettes that are strongly connected to organic materials. Fresh whites with beautiful pops of rich colors on walls will be everywhere; pink, coral, teal and Emerald green will be at the top in the list of interior colors.


A natural escape room will be an important element in homes; once again colors and textures play an important role in this very promising trend. Indoor ponds are currently trendy and they will continue to create amazing impact since they add a complement of drama, which makes for a great natural escape just inside your house.

Modular and Minimalist Furniture

As we have mentioned previously in this post, technology will be closely included in the interior design trends for next year. Modularity is another style we will see in 2017, and it comes to cover both necessity and creativity; flexible furnishing arrangement that look awesome in minimalist spaces will be an innovative and bold change you will notice in home designs. This is a nomadic furniture system that amazingly blends elegance with high functionality, which is what any homeowner wants for fulfilling all household needs.

Modern Furniture with Retro Inspiration

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 12 300x300 Interior Design Trends: Whats In For 2017Home elements inspired by the 60s and 70s is definitely the style you must look for in 2017; wooden chairs, artistic furniture pieces and simple minimalist lamps are some of the several items that you can easily integrated in a modern interior design layout. To make your home even more retro vibe, you can also incorporate lighting solutions and lamps; today the development of modern production technology makes it possible to create stunning lighting designs.

There will definitely be a big shake up of interior trends for 2017, we will see how modern home decoration will celebrate the raw versus the clean throughout a color palette that is earthy and soothing, where orange and cinnamon tones play an interesting role. Next year’s home design trends keep also supporting the organic side of a home constitution as both designers and homeowners experiment with ideas that include nature in almost everywhere, including in urban settings. Furthermore, analogue workshop will be present for those who love to develop DIY projects at homes; this will give the opportunity to embrace slow and low technologies as old crafts or imperfect forms take the main scene in any of your rooms. Moreover, bold and striking colors that beautifully blend with functional materials will be other great features will be seeing in the 2017 interior design trends.




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   NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP destacada 300x138 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!

When your little ones are already 18 or 36 months old, perhaps it is time to start thinking about the idea of replacing their cot by a toddle bed; this is an important transition which plays a significant big part in your little ones health as well as development. Moreover, providing your kids with an optimal bed can be the best way to avoid sharing your own bed or co- sleeping with your little one since this can create long term problems for both parents and children. In accordance with a report made by the ABC News, sleeping in the same bed with your kid diminishes the quality of sleep that they and you as a parent need, the results of this sleep deprivation is definitely detrimental to the whole family as yawing parents wake up in the morning and struggle in order to meet the challenges inherent in any busy day. And on the other hand, if your children do not have an adequate sleep, this may affect their physical and mental development as well.

Should you but a toddle or single bed for your kid? An innerspring mattress or latex made one? Should you place your little one’s bed on an ensemble or a slatted base? These are some of the questions you may wonder when purchasing the proper bed for your kids. And as we have already mentioned, this is a very important choice because it will allow you to give your kids a bed that supports their growing body and spine; so keep reading about the best tips and suggestions we have selected for you in order to accomplish such an interesting decision.

Explore all of the bed’s building material options and choose the proper one

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 1 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Sales people, Internet research and even talking to your friends who are already parents will be good ways to get the best references from brands as well as find out the composition of the construction materials used in the bed you want to exceptionally perform over time. At FinishBuild we focus on choosing sturdy construction and so we can offer you great quality beds, that stand up to many years of bouncing and many other toddler wear and tear. Even though it might be an expensive choice, solid wood will surely endure better than cheaper bedding materials. In case you opt for a standard bed frame, one d the consideration you can keep in mind is that you might need to install bed rails or pillow- style bolsters on both sides to keep your child safe from rolling out and fall.

Considering the Size

Since not all of the beds are not created equal, when buying your kid’s bed you need to consider the weight and age of your child. The transition from cot to a regular bed should happen in a proper bed with the right mattress. Since most of the toddler beds max out at about 50 pounds, it will also be useful for you to check the manufacturer’s information, in order to check if the bed will be able to resist when you want to sit on with your little one to snuggle together.

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 3 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Safety and Eye- Catching Appearance

It is very important that those gaps between the mattress and the frame of your kid’s bed fit snugly into the bed frame; otherwise they will represent an entrapment hazard for your little one. Furthermore, strive to choose attractive bed designs, that not only look beautiful but also have smooth edges so the best suggestion we can offer you is to look for a design with an even finish and rounded edges that will allow you to avoid unnecessary injuries; and remember that it is about your kid, so what can represent a traditional or conventional design for you (a bed crowned with a princess tiara or your little boy’s favorite cartoon), may be the lure your kid needs to successfully make the transition out of the crib. Another good tip is to opt of the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA) certification seal on the packaging of your little one bed.

Your Kid Bed’s Mattress Needs to be replace

Depending on the size your child has reached and the quality you have chosen for your kid bed’s mattress, you will eventually need to replace it. For instance, good quality sprung can last as long as five years; however there is a general rule of thumb which stands that changing your kid’s bed every three years NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 2 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!between the ages of 0 to 10 years, and every five years between the ages of 10 and 20, that you might want to take into consideration. In addition, it is important that you take cleanliness seriously when it comes to provide your kid with a healthy bedroom environment; today all new beds must be treated for dust mites before they are sold, so this should be an encouraging reason for you to avoid health problems with your kids. Prevent asthma and many other illnesses caused by the build- up of dust mites; air out the bed with no sheets on for at least two hours when you consider it is time to change the sheets, this is an ideal suggestion because it also allows you clean the room, this mean dusting and vacuuming it, remember that a clean and tidy bedroom is key in controlling the spread of dust mites.

Two years old is the average age for a child to leave the crib and get ready for a bed; of course this is a period of their lives where they are up and running the entire day; during this age of your kids’ lives there are also a lot “monkeys jumping on the bed” moments and so counting on a sturdy bed and a good quality mattress and box spring will be key in the growing process of your little ones. We are more than happy to invite you to visit our online store and find out all of the options on box springs, single bed frames and many other kids bedroom’s furniture, take them home and feel confident you are purchasing top quality pieces of furniture that provide excellent body support to your kids and attractive appealing that allow your little boo to rest comfortably…you dream it, we Build it!

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finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design DESTACADA 300x138 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

It is inevitable for FinishBuild to start writing about bricks and not to recall the 1933 Disney adapted version of the three little pigs’ story. Besides being the best example of a loyal material, bricks are also increasing its popularity on the eco-friendly field. Brick is made of natural clay minerals, including kaolin and shale. On addition, small amounts of manganese, barium, and other additives are combined with the clay to produce different shades. Once they are mixed, each mixture is fired to around 2000F. Among the goodness that bricks own, there is also the fact that is not only a non-combustible material, but also has the plus of being high wind protection. Studies have found that homes made with brick exceed the 34 mph impact resistance requirement for high velocity hurricane zones in the Florida building code.

Brick also go above Florida’s impact resistance requirements for essential facilities in hurricane areas, which it is an interesting plus for such seasonally storm area. Brick also counts with a high superior moisture control, due to its covering finishes. Consequently, brick veneer wall systems help minimize mold growth, wood rot and infestation by insects.

When it comes to style, brick has always been the reflection of rustic and country style, as well as the humble households build in the late 19th century.  Nowadays, it is astonishing how exposed bricks can change the interiors of any room, whether is by giving it a country style or an industrial one. FinishBuild is glad to suggest places to add this material to boost your appearance.

Bricks on FinishBuild Wall: Types

Through history we might have seen a slight variation among the sizes of bricks, which basically not only depend of the geographical location but also the purpose of the product in demand.

A bigger brick, for instance it generally used for a thicker & isolated wall. Remember castles, for example? Historically speaking meant that bigger bricks were necessary in colder climates, while a smaller brick was adequate, and more economical, in warmer regions. Nowadays this is no longer an issue, for brick modern walls specific insulation materials are now extra added if it is required.

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 5 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Flowing from architectural style, ranging from colonial to Victorian to post-modernist. It is one of the few materials that can actually look better with age. Brick also absorbs noise, giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials – especially helpful in densely populated areas.  According to Juan Rodriguez, in TheBalance, in the masonry field we can find five predominant types of bricks that are classified by manufactured composition.

Number  1 is: Common burnt clay bricks are formed by pressing in molds and subsequently dried and fired in a kiln. Burnt clay bricks are frequently used in general work to structure base and when these bricks are used for walls construction, they have need of plastering or rendering.

Number 2 is: Sand lime bricks which as its word suggests they are made by mixing sand, fly ash -which is known as pulverized fly ash- and lime followed by a chemical process during wet mixing. These types of bricks are called self-cementing. The mix is then molded under pressure forming the brick and offer an excellent strength as a load-bearing member. Color and shape are also smooth and uniform (in most of the cases).

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 2 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Number  3 is: Engineering bricks, which are blocks manufactured at extremely high temperature, forming a dense and strong brick classified on 3 types. Even though all allow strength and water absorption, Engineering bricks are class A or B, however class B bricks are the cheapest engineering bricks. They are generally red in color, and less uniform than facing bricks. In addition in contrast with class A bricks that are 125N/mm² in strength, class B bricks owns a strength of 75N/mm² .

Number 4 is: Concrete bricks are made from solid concrete. Sand/lime or calcium silicate bricks are made with sand aggregate and 5% to 10% hydrated lime and are cured in an autoclave. Properties of these units are specified in ASTM C 73. They are available in severe weathering (SW) and moderate weathering (MW) grades, according to MASONRYCONSTRUCTION.Concrete bricks, on the other hand, are made with sand aggregate and cement materials. Concrete bricks are usually placed in frontages or fences, and even though they are not an extravagant appealing, it provide a classic urban presence.

Number 5 is: Fly ash clay bricks in contrast with common clay bricks are manufactured with fly ash and an addition of clay material, at about 1,000Cnevertheless, studies have shown that these bricks are not that durable as they seem due to the fact that they might produce pop-outs when come into contact with moisture and water, causing these bricks to expand.

Types of bricks: Where to add exposed bricks inside you house

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 3 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Hallway royal exposed bricks: Give yourself a royal journey inside your own house interior with guests. Explore hallway brick walls looks with common clay bricks or brick, which are now more a esthetic and can provide you a more chic version of medieval looks. These tiles are successfully used especially in the hallways, but can be also used in the kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

Exposed bricks in the bathroom: are a great bathroom solution, just as we have said at the beginning of this post, regular bricks are highly strong when it comes to moisture areas, however if you do not want to commit to regular cleaning process you can also, seal to protect it from humidity.

Bricks in the living room: Bricks look best when applied in central and focal areas and FinishBuild agrees with you. Exposed bricks can be apply for eye-catchy designs. In the gamma of materials, concrete is not only a great finish to work with but also, as it is functional structurally and can be polished for a high gloss in the case you want it in a living-room or office.  They also can acquire matte or unfinished for a rustic appealing which can twist common areas into a versatile atmosphere.  Concrete as bricks can be used on floors, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces.

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 4 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior DesignOffice exposed bricks: home offices and regular offices can join the benefit of a proportional brick design. Offices are rooms which need to appear serious and sober, and a slightly brick sight can go perfect for these casual but still professional environments. FinishBuild recommends to combine your exposed bricks walls with metal elements to go into industrial and sober appealing.

Explore bold graphics in your office, those are a nice option for combining your exposed bricks in living rooms areas, murals, and even painting bold symbols on an exposed brick wall to make an instant accent wall in your bedroom or living room. FinishBuild encourages you to create your own artwork using ideas found around your city such as symbols, literary numbers and letters, or even abstract painting can turn a bland and boring wall into a work of art.

Do not forget to light it up

Take into account that even though exposed bricks can absolutely enhance your home and office areas, less is more, which means that you might want to try slightly bricks, uneven in shape and color, to create that reckless atmosphere but also accentuates that royal and histrionic look. FinishBuild suggest you to purchase proper lighting for your royal look. Spotlights, upper-lights, or lower-lights can guarantee you proper interaction between details of texture and natural color attenuations.

FinishBuild cannot deny that there is something magical & charm about bricks in interior design. It may be their traditional precede looks of towers, citadels, and castles, however the truth is that solidity and comfort is are both clearly aspects the third little pig saw on Brick materials.

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Commonly chosen because of its elegance, durability and long lasting quality, granite is an exceptional material which has been used for thousands of year; whether for exterior or interior purposes. This favorable rock can be found in a rough cut and polished that is used in the construction of buildings, monuments, paving and bridges. For indoor purposes, it is frequent to find the polished granite version in slabs or tiles for countertops, tiles floors, bathroom walls, backsplash and many other applications which really can perform practical and decorative features at their best.

Even tough granite is not a low- price material (often costs noticeably more than any other man-made material), homeowners, architects and interior designers keep on choosing it due to the fact that is hard enough to resist abrasion, strong enough to stand considerable weight as well as resist more weathering than many other construction material and what’s more, granite is able to resist brilliant polishing. As you can see there are great characteristics that make granite such a desirable and suitable building material either for your commercial or home improvement projects.

Granite As you Kitchen Countertops or Island

This is a very popular application for this type of building material in the United States. Solid slabs of granite that are cut to custom shape and edge finished perform as kitchen countertops and islands purposes, they have increased their demands for a number of excellent reasons, including sanitary, easy to clean, resistant to water or heat and so on. Whether you own a modern or traditional kitchen, this material is available in so many colors that you do not need to worry about the look; granite will match with pretty much any décor. As it has been noticed, granite is a durable and almost maintenance free option, so there is a big chance you ruin your knife before you damage your granite countertop. The stone has been made with crystals that make up granite do not entirely develop, they rather grow into each other; this explains the unique interlocking crystal structure.

Since it is an extremely functional material, there is another use you can give to such an amazing option, and it is as a backsplash. Due to its resistance to water, granite can also resist mold and what’s more its natural resistance to bacteria makes it a really safe barrier between the wall and materials like grease. Combining your fabulous granite countertops with an eye- catching backsplash will definitely create an attractive visual impact in your kitchen, saving you to spend money and time.

Granite as Your Flooring Surface

When it comes to have elegant and durable underfoot surfaces, let us tell you that granite is obviously included in the list. Granite tiles for flooring uses can be chosen in a rich variety of colors and patterns; you can actually customize your choice by mixing patterns from different styles to make it fit with your overall décor, giving to your floors a distinguishing appearance. Kitchens, bathrooms or hallways are only some of the spaces where you can install granite, but we mention these ones just to highlight the slip resistant attribute that identifies this material and that is certainly needed in these areas of your home.

As a flooring alternative, granite is very durable and is able to resist stains, what makes it a low- maintenance flooring option; regular sweeping and mopping will be more than enough to have impeccable interior or exterior floors that will add an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. In case you are also thinking about an addition that looks awesome and unique in your home, but you still do not know what to choose; granite as a mosaic addition will be a great idea, it can be used as patterns or designs whether in your home’s walls or floors. Granite mosaic fits beautifully into a larger tile that is meant to be installed in one large piece of your floor or wall. Furthermore, the designs that you can opt for can easily be used in both interiors or exteriors, and even tough here granite functionality is not the main feature that best characterizes it, its decorative attribute is what really make people want to use it.

Granite in Your Bathroom

There is also the possibility to use granite in your bathroom; you can consider this idea as a sink or basin in this essential area of your home. This building material can be found as an under mount, pedestal, angular or modern sink. The reason why this option can be take into consideration is due to the water and heat resistance that granite can provide. So you will be purchasing a tremendous material which has good features that allow you to use this stone in your home, with the incredible attribute of making your home look beautiful and sophisticated.

Granite is a very flexible stone, therefore the uses we can give to it are vast; this outstanding material may be in and around your home, decorating those areas you want to give a new look. This quartz based stone is undeniably a gift from nature; granite is considered the queen of the stones for many home purposes and like hardwood, granite floors are greatly valued by homeowners due to the value this flooring material adds to buildings, homes, landscapes, architecture or sculptures. One last tip we would like to share with you is that since granite detergents or cleaners available in the market can gradually make granite loses its water resistant property, making it porous and dull; so a good way to tackle spills or stains is by using thick paper that absorbs them and select a polisher that does not damage your granite.

Furthermore, whatever your plan for granite is, its composition contributes to harmoniously suit in any desirable application, providing breathtaking appearance in a wide variety of colors. As we have mentioned, this amazing material is generally used in countertops, however there are several ways to use it in your home and the best part is that granite looks really attractive in any part of your house you decide to install it; a favorable choice which is certainly impressive in any capacity, so why do not give granite the opportunity to create a beautiful impact in your home’s spaces? You dream it…we Build it!