Industrial style has become very popular during 2016, not only we are able to appreciate it in open plan floor apartments but also in houses as well. Even though at FinishBuild we have shared some of the basics on Industrial décor we would like to attend the questions and specify you the type of items you never can go wrong with when it comes about decorating and adding your personal touch to you bedroom.

Setting up the Industrial Vibe

Have you ever ask yourself what does your bedroom really means to you? Most of the time, our consciousness does not really pay attention to what we own inside our bedrooms and generally the way we grow up, environment, temperature conditions (believe or not), music and hobbies take charge on defining what this rooms look like. I am not saying that we should evade all those items that reflect our personality, on the contrary I propose you to pick the style you love and combine it with all your beloved things.

In the case you enjoy Industrial style, there is a plenty of things you can add to your bedroom in order to project this rustic but sophisticated look. If you are the type who already have a considerable quantity of items inside your room, we can start by suggesting you the black barrel which can definitely set the mood inside your bedroom. Keep into account that industrial style was introduced from the 1800s to the very early 20th century. FinishBuild takes this reference in this style in the color selection, which was basically based in very smooth colors such as, Black, Grey, Brown, White but most of all Silver and Copper traces.

Color: Whether is a big or small space, Industrial style needs the sparkling silver tones. Even though you might use the base colors (mentioned before) you can also add a strong electric tone, such as yellow or red, in order to add a strong contrast inside your bedroom.

Nevertheless at this point is vital to contemplate the idea of overload you resting space, what do I mean? For example I happen to enjoy Feng Shui style, however most of my items inside the bedroom are very colorful. For this reason my bedroom walls are painted in a neutral tone which is white. The reason is that in order to balance your bedroom style and personal items you must be wise enough to choose a color that not only match the style of your preference but also set the mood when it comes about resting or taking an afternoon nap. Subsequently if you happen to have lots of colorful items such as a pencil cases, baskets, lamps, climbing shoes, sleeping bags, decoration figures or drawers, we suggest you to avoid electric colors, and remain loyal to the life your personal items will hold.

On the other hand we suggest you to combine wood and metal materials, in dark or neutral tones which is fortunately quite versatile in Industrial looks.

Must Have Items for a Dreamy Industrial Bedroom

So, we already set a good flowing idea of your items and Industrial style, now let’s added to the vibe of a dreamy bedroom. Here we have a couple of items in order to combine and boost your Industrial vibe.

However, we must remind you that when it comes to Industrial style for your bedroom, in order to truly reflect it, you should take into account that the addition of rustic materials that would spread with no question this inclination.  Materials like uncovered brick walls, chunky timber shelves, bench tops, polished concrete floors, towering windows framed in black metal can be a huge guide in order to embody industrial style inside your bedroom.

Subsequently, with the patterns settled, let’s begin the journey of adding some good old-fashioned industrial items we believe you must have:

The Floor Lamp: We definitely recommend this illumination addition in a black tone, and adjustable floor lamp will dress your bedroom not to mention its functional purpose for those cold night where a good reading or even for commanding attention and as itself, a floor lamp would make the space a lot more intriguing.

The Steel Tamboured: this is another functional option that you cannot miss in an industrial bedroom look. Following the lines of combining your personality with this style, a tamboured made of steel would go perfectly with any of your personal items. This tamboured not only would empower your 1800’s vibe but also can be very useful for reaching things in your closet, guest sitting or even leg resting after a workout. Explore this style with a set of two in order to balance your bedroom’s look.

Painted Industrial Chair: Besides having the functional tamboured addition, at FinishBuild believe that every bedroom should have a chair, in the case of Industrial looks, a lightweight metal chair with any gold-painted patterns can work wonderfully as a reading chair or even for placed your workout outfit after a morning run-time.

The Gramophone: If you are really into the task of personify the industrial style you must add the classical record player. Whether is on full-sized or the tiny version, a gramophone would certainly set an outstanding affirmation of an ancient era that stamped the origins of good music as well. In the case you are able to cover the costs an antique leather chair can enrich your bedroom appearance in the Industrial vibe.

To sum up, a bedroom Industrial Style can only be consistent if you take the time enough in order to match classic past items with your own daily life items. We encourage you to create a modern space full of attitude but also a place where you can sleep in. Wooden in furniture, glass in lighting and brick in wall surfaces are used good steps to begin with in a dreamy industrial bedroom.

Would you like to read about a specific style? We are open to hear any suggestions.

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