destacada5 300x138 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

When showerheads first went out, they used to provide a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, thus a morning shower often felt like a drizzle. However, technology has advanced and we have to be honest on the fact that in this modern age we are living, we all are looking for ways to improve our lives as well as achieve moment of true enjoyment. In this constant quest, bathroom comfort is not the exception since taking a hot shower when it is cold outside, or a refreshing one in warmer weather conditions is something that definitely makes any difficult and stressful day disappear.

Even though there are many new shower head models available in the home market, some homeowners still consider the idea of changing their old microphone shaped shower head only when breaks down. Today it is possible to have fun while choosing the right shower head for your bathroom because you have plenty of options to opt for, at FinishBuild we offer a wide range of shower head selections, including those ones that are larger than others, rectangular, round or flat shaped; some others offer massaging or pulsating settings, and there are also shower heads that allows you to take a shower that feels like a strong rainstorm, as you can see when it comes time to upgrade your bathroom’s shower, option are vast and you can absolutely think of our online store to purchase yours.

As in each home improvement project, there are certain considerations you will need to think about when looking for showerheads. In case you have water problems for instance tough water, then you will need to regularly cleanse your shower head, as well as having a water softener mounted for your home. Furthermore, deciding what short of sprays you want is another aspect you would like to consider since shower head makers offer amazing alternatives, from sprinkling mists to water that comes out in patterns. Another important aspect to consider is the water pressure level your home has, many of the top rated low pressure rain shower heads sometimes do not give enough pressure for a fast and reliable shower; it would better for you to make a detailed review of the best showerheads for low water pressure. Last but obviously not least you need to include your budget in the plan as you probably will be looking for a high quality yet not pricey showerhead; well let me tell you that at FinishBuild you can find showerheads that will look stunning in your bathroom and will last a lifetime there.

Handheld Shower Head

s5 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

The most flexible option you will find is a handheld shower, which is ideal for senior, children or people with limited mobility. Handheld shower performs remarkably in those hard to reach places. Most of these types of shower heads are adaptable and sturdy. Additionally, there are many styles that offer a hand held shower head that include power saving, great water jet or switch design. Likewise, handheld shower heads are a budget- friendly option to upgrade your bathroom since you can acquire them for an attractive price (under $100), definitely a high quality and long lasting alternative.

Chlorine Filtering Shower Heads

If you filter the water you and your family consume, why don’t consider filtering the water that comes out from your shower head? Chlorine contained in water can dry the skin, so whether you or any member of your family face skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis, or just to improve your family’s health, it would be a great choice if you install a chlorine filter on your shower head, in order to remove this chemical from your shower water.

Rain Shower Heads

ip1 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

Designed to provide a showering experience that evokes like when you stand in the rain (but much warmer), with this type of shower head you can expect to have a smoothly water streams. Rain shower heads are ceiling installed and are usually made of either steel or chrome, but it is also possible to find them created of plastic. At FinishBuild you can opt for a rain shower head that have two spray settings, this will allow you to switch between a powerful jet and a rainfall mode.

LED Shower Heads

6 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

Curious about adding some light, color and fun to your shower experience? Then a LED shower head is what you need. This type of shower head changes its colors depending on water’s temperature such as red for hot, green for warm and blue for cold; you can also find this option as an earth- friendly one since some LED shower heads are battery powered or even generate their power from water’s pressure.

Shower Heads with Speakers Included

Enjoy your favorite tunes while having a relaxing shower with a shower head that includes speakers. Connectivity options are different including basic AM/FM radio to Bluetooth, this way you can listen to all of your favorite songs from your device.

Sometimes people underestimate the importance of this element which plays an essential role in every bathroom. Showerheads are key in these rooms not only because of their aesthetics features, but also for the functionality they can provide you and your family with. There is nothing better than taking a relaxing shower that help you soothe aching muscles, not to mention that today it is also possible to find filtering shower heads that keep chlorine levels down, and thus they filter harmful chemicals out of the water, this contributes to keeping your family healthy.

I believe that when it is about choosing the perfect shower head for your bathroom, a worthy investment is the best ideas you can think of, turn into a choosy person while selecting the type of shower head you want to install in your bathroom and be sure you choose a design element that looks awesome and performs at its very best, visit our online store and acquire that shower head you have been dreaming about…you dream it, we Build it!

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A home is more than a structure where homeowners take up residency,   for many people when it comes to describe their homes; most of them totally agree on the fact that there’s no place quite like it. Your home should be a unique place, where you and your loved ones can create beautiful memories, and fortunately today’s new homes can offer more than what potential buyers want. From larger spaces that allow people to better socialize like the kitchen and living room, to more storage areas, homeowners are seeking greater building materials that suitable fill their homes’ needs, thus builders are responding to this demands with innovative building materials that provide the most remarkable features. Solar shingles and not only solar roof panels, light- conserving windows as well as insulation made from recycled materials are just part of the revolutionary building materials that are giving the home market an advanced version. The way your old house was made may be very different regarding how houses are being constructed; the home building industry is constantly developing great ideas on how to make homes that truly suit your needs and so you should stay on top of it, the following is a list I have compiled about new building materials that will possibly feature in your next home improvement project.

Solar Thermal Cladding

This is the ideal building material for you in case you are trying to either reduce your energy bills or aiming to have an earth- friendly home. A cladding system is designed as a thermal storage device that can be used in colder climates; these prefabricated panels are great solutions that can be installed onsite via an aluminum cladding mounting system. Solar thermal cladding uses the sun’s energy instead of fossil fuels; this is the reason why such an innovative building material clearly generates both low- cost and eco- friendly thermal energy.


Fiber cement or plasterboard are the traditional materials panel boards are made of, but today they can also be made from straw. A German company called Novofibre has manufactured what they call unique oriented structural strawboard, which is basically made from wheat straw fiber and a formaldehyde- free adhesive. Some of the many great features of this building material are: strength, elasticity and malleability; these panels are lightweight and they provide both sound and thermal insulation benefits. In addition, the eco- friendly feature I need to highlight about this material is that since the board uses wheat straw, which would normally be burned as agricultural waste, strawboard is cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Self- healing Concrete

As you may know it, concrete is a building material which is everywhere. Concrete not only tends to crack but also represents around 7 percent of annual global carbon emissions. A project called Materials for Life (M4L) was the beginning of the self- healing concrete’s technologies; researches from a lot of engineering schools in universities like University of Cardiff (Wales), University of Bath and University of Cambridge  evaluated the viability of three different types of self- healing concrete. The result turns into a mixture which contains bacteria within microcapsules that germinate when eater enters a crack in the concrete. This turns into limestone which can plug the crack before water and oxygen has a chance to corrode the steel reinforcement.

There are still people who believe that when it comes to building houses, the old ways are the best however the true is that innovative development in the construction industry makes it easier and safer to build in anywhere. Today new building materials allow architects to better accomplish their visions and thus homeowners are able to personalize their homes with innovative materials that not only give their home an updated look, but also help them to enjoy of resource- efficient areas and add value to the entire property. Building techniques and materials have notoriously changed in the last century, and even though some things remain the same, there are some others that have changed dramatically, for instance strength, flexibility and durability are the most highlighted features you can find in those new building materials. Face the challenge and change the appearance your house currently has for a unique and modern one…you dream it, we Build it!


“Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling” Edna Ferber.

Christmas is already here! And even though it may seem like the most stressful celebration of the year due to the increased amount of traffic or the endless lines we have to do in malls or stores, we always have to focus on highlighting the positive from each situation; this might be why for many people Christmas is the best holiday of the year. Every culture and family has their own unique way to celebrate such a delightful holiday; most of them are followed for generations, but what it is true is that Christmas brings excitement, and it is a great moment to spend time on wishing the best to our loved ones. Sometimes spreading the Christmas spirit goes unnoticed but this is something that can help many people to feel better during the funniest holiday of the year.

Among all of the reasons people love Christmas, we have chosen setting the Christmas tree as the main decoration task to be developed in this post. There is just something about having a Christmas tree in the room that make people want to burst into all those carols. Anyone might think that throwing some lights on a tree and hanging simple ornaments is the proper way to decorate a Christmas tree. There are others who keep the meticulous tradition of setting their trees following the typical: garland first, small ornaments at the top, larger near the bottom and the tinsel last. Today we would like to share with you good tips that can give you more inspiration to create a prettier version of your Christmas tree.

Choose the Right Place & the Right Tree

As many of us make trees and gift the center of our own Christmas tradition, your tree should be placed in the center of the holiday action so friends and family can enjoy of it. Let the room you have chosen to place your tree inspire the entire decoration; this is more an intuition matter than anything else, but you can also consider the existing elements in the space you have opted for and coordinate them with the tree and the ornaments. In addition, you need to remember that your tree is your canvas so it is essential to select a gorgeous one, be sure you take home a tree which charmingly showcase your favorite ornaments; there are people who prefer the look and smell provided by a real pine or fir tree, and there are others who rather like the reliability of a fake one. There are also some important factors that may dictate your final choice: housing rules (whether you have a condo or a house), or the fire safety regulations.

Crafty Decorations

We know many of our readers are very creative; therefore looking for unique ornaments can actually save you some money, as you can create DIY ornaments that not only are beautiful but also reflect your own style. The best part of this idea is that your family and friends can get involved in this project, and have fun while doing handmade ornaments that do not require you to have expensive supplies which can also be hard to find. To make this idea possible, you might want to set a day where you and your family spend quality time on making ornaments that they will see hanging on the tree.

Keep Your Style Intact

If you want to keep your style even when planning your Christmas décor, then find a theme that truly expresses your style and stick with it.  Glamorous and very ornamented Christmas trees may be a trend, but if you do not feel identify with that style then you do not have to follow tendencies. Actually, there are many ways to both reflect your style and make your Christmas tree prettier than the last year; one of them is to but items that are not necessarily Christmas décor to decorate your tree, garlands, small berries wreaths to fill in the sparse areas and place them in such a way nobody can’t tell they are not traditional Christmas ornaments.

Breaking the Rules Is Ok

The most useful tip we can give you to create a prettier Christmas tree is to decorate it base on how you think looks good, do not worry about what is the trendiest way to decorate a tree (remember that trends come and go very fast). For instance, mixing old and new can be an amazing way to break the “Christmas tree rules”; combining vintage ornaments in varying sizes and bright baubles all of shapes work really well together to create an attractive impact.

Keep it Elegant

What about considering a fancy forest look in your tree? Keep your ornaments’ colors and trimming neutral, incorporate break resistant ball ornaments, and ribbons that replicate a birch bark and create a look that look amazing even in the busiest part of your home.

Do you know that in 1908 insurance companies in the USA tried to get a law that would ban candles from being used on Christmas trees? This was due to the many fires they have caused, and this is why we need to say a big thank to Ralph Morris who came up with the brilliant idea of pulling the lights from and old telephone switchboard and wiring them on a tree, they were run from a battery.

As Ralph Morris the Christmas safer did, in FinishBuild we absolutely love to be part of every home improvement project you make; so putting your Christmas tree will not be the exception. You have just gone through our selection of great ideas to better the look of the Christmas tree you have always wanted, so consider all of them to define a focal point in your home during this holiday. Making sure your tree looks amazing and eye- catching does not need to be an overwhelmed task to accomplish, you will only need some planning, stick on the budget you have thought for this decoration and arrange all of the decorating items in order…done, you are ready to start one of the most joyful project of this beautiful holiday…you dream, we Build it!


It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year and now here we are, almost starting the last month of this amazing year that has gave us the opportunity to grow our decorating tastes, try new construction materials and share our lovely and well- coordinated homes with our loved ones. Even though interior design trends are not necessarily as fast- paced as fashion, along these last decades there has been a strong tendency to predict those annual themes that will define the style and look of homes; so in FinishBuild we believe that it is already time to discuss which home decor trends will lead the style of yours spaces during the 12 months that 2017 offers you, in order to plan and execute the best home improvement projects.

Sometimes the hectic pace of modern life can be really stressful, and with such busy schedules many people do not feel it but the new technologies and innovations are changing our world, so fast and hugely that for 2017 interior design tendencies are expected to be from surprising to fresh, with evident technology in between. We cannot assure you that this post will cover all of the most highlighted trends for next year, as they may be millions, but we will try; so if you happen to be interior design enthusiastic or a homeowner who is really interested in knowing what 2017 decorating trends are bringing keep your mind opened, let your curiosity shine and take a peek with us.

6 HOME INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES YOU SHOULD KNOW 4 300x300 Interior Design Trends: Whats In For 2017

Textures and Colors Inspired By Nature

This is a current trend that everyone will be still following in 2017. Bringing outdoors inside has become an extraordinary style that people will be talking about next year. Your home deserves a great makeover next year, and since furnishing has become more suitable to the working atmosphere need as well as in home décor, soft and organic materials such as cane, rattan or abaca have the attribute to create a serene ambience; providing your spaces with a warm feel where you can escape and relax. Natural textures and mild colors will be the key accomplish this look.

Flooring trends

Flooring materials are our specialty, and we are really excited about the idea that two of the trendiest flooring you will be seeing in 2017 are completely available for you in both our online store and showroom. Terracotta is a warm layout material that nicely replaces popular and white floor tones. Next year it will be possible to find terracotta with a natural matte finish that can be used as feature walls in bathrooms or cladding fireplaces; we absolutely believe that with this flooring option you will be adding character to your interiors.

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 1 300x200 Interior Design Trends: Whats In For 2017In addition, cork will be ruling your underfoot surfaces in 2017 as the stylish material many people know. Warmth and texture are the two best features this flooring material can exceptionally perform in any of your spaces. Cork is noise absorbing; this makes it an ideal alternative for open plan homes. Another excellent choice for 2017 is marble, a refined and classy flooring material that performs at its best as your living room, kitchen or bathroom layouts. Marble gives your room a polished and elegant look, transforming it in an easy and effortless way.

Interior Color Trends

There is no doubt that your home reflects your personal style, your home’s spaces then become an extension of the self. Upgrading your home’s interior walls needs to be a project that says something about your taste, and thus the color trends for the coming year are mostly focused on mixes of muted tones, as well as earthy and vibrant palettes that are strongly connected to organic materials. Fresh whites with beautiful pops of rich colors on walls will be everywhere; pink, coral, teal and Emerald green will be at the top in the list of interior colors.


A natural escape room will be an important element in homes; once again colors and textures play an important role in this very promising trend. Indoor ponds are currently trendy and they will continue to create amazing impact since they add a complement of drama, which makes for a great natural escape just inside your house.

Modular and Minimalist Furniture

As we have mentioned previously in this post, technology will be closely included in the interior design trends for next year. Modularity is another style we will see in 2017, and it comes to cover both necessity and creativity; flexible furnishing arrangement that look awesome in minimalist spaces will be an innovative and bold change you will notice in home designs. This is a nomadic furniture system that amazingly blends elegance with high functionality, which is what any homeowner wants for fulfilling all household needs.

Modern Furniture with Retro Inspiration

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK 12 300x300 Interior Design Trends: Whats In For 2017Home elements inspired by the 60s and 70s is definitely the style you must look for in 2017; wooden chairs, artistic furniture pieces and simple minimalist lamps are some of the several items that you can easily integrated in a modern interior design layout. To make your home even more retro vibe, you can also incorporate lighting solutions and lamps; today the development of modern production technology makes it possible to create stunning lighting designs.

There will definitely be a big shake up of interior trends for 2017, we will see how modern home decoration will celebrate the raw versus the clean throughout a color palette that is earthy and soothing, where orange and cinnamon tones play an interesting role. Next year’s home design trends keep also supporting the organic side of a home constitution as both designers and homeowners experiment with ideas that include nature in almost everywhere, including in urban settings. Furthermore, analogue workshop will be present for those who love to develop DIY projects at homes; this will give the opportunity to embrace slow and low technologies as old crafts or imperfect forms take the main scene in any of your rooms. Moreover, bold and striking colors that beautifully blend with functional materials will be other great features will be seeing in the 2017 interior design trends.


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finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design DESTACADA 300x138 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

It is inevitable for FinishBuild to start writing about bricks and not to recall the 1933 Disney adapted version of the three little pigs’ story. Besides being the best example of a loyal material, bricks are also increasing its popularity on the eco-friendly field. Brick is made of natural clay minerals, including kaolin and shale. On addition, small amounts of manganese, barium, and other additives are combined with the clay to produce different shades. Once they are mixed, each mixture is fired to around 2000F. Among the goodness that bricks own, there is also the fact that is not only a non-combustible material, but also has the plus of being high wind protection. Studies have found that homes made with brick exceed the 34 mph impact resistance requirement for high velocity hurricane zones in the Florida building code.

Brick also go above Florida’s impact resistance requirements for essential facilities in hurricane areas, which it is an interesting plus for such seasonally storm area. Brick also counts with a high superior moisture control, due to its covering finishes. Consequently, brick veneer wall systems help minimize mold growth, wood rot and infestation by insects.

When it comes to style, brick has always been the reflection of rustic and country style, as well as the humble households build in the late 19th century.  Nowadays, it is astonishing how exposed bricks can change the interiors of any room, whether is by giving it a country style or an industrial one. FinishBuild is glad to suggest places to add this material to boost your appearance.

Bricks on FinishBuild Wall: Types

Through history we might have seen a slight variation among the sizes of bricks, which basically not only depend of the geographical location but also the purpose of the product in demand.

A bigger brick, for instance it generally used for a thicker & isolated wall. Remember castles, for example? Historically speaking meant that bigger bricks were necessary in colder climates, while a smaller brick was adequate, and more economical, in warmer regions. Nowadays this is no longer an issue, for brick modern walls specific insulation materials are now extra added if it is required.

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 5 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Flowing from architectural style, ranging from colonial to Victorian to post-modernist. It is one of the few materials that can actually look better with age. Brick also absorbs noise, giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials – especially helpful in densely populated areas.  According to Juan Rodriguez, in TheBalance, in the masonry field we can find five predominant types of bricks that are classified by manufactured composition.

Number  1 is: Common burnt clay bricks are formed by pressing in molds and subsequently dried and fired in a kiln. Burnt clay bricks are frequently used in general work to structure base and when these bricks are used for walls construction, they have need of plastering or rendering.

Number 2 is: Sand lime bricks which as its word suggests they are made by mixing sand, fly ash -which is known as pulverized fly ash- and lime followed by a chemical process during wet mixing. These types of bricks are called self-cementing. The mix is then molded under pressure forming the brick and offer an excellent strength as a load-bearing member. Color and shape are also smooth and uniform (in most of the cases).

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 2 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Number  3 is: Engineering bricks, which are blocks manufactured at extremely high temperature, forming a dense and strong brick classified on 3 types. Even though all allow strength and water absorption, Engineering bricks are class A or B, however class B bricks are the cheapest engineering bricks. They are generally red in color, and less uniform than facing bricks. In addition in contrast with class A bricks that are 125N/mm² in strength, class B bricks owns a strength of 75N/mm² .

Number 4 is: Concrete bricks are made from solid concrete. Sand/lime or calcium silicate bricks are made with sand aggregate and 5% to 10% hydrated lime and are cured in an autoclave. Properties of these units are specified in ASTM C 73. They are available in severe weathering (SW) and moderate weathering (MW) grades, according to MASONRYCONSTRUCTION.Concrete bricks, on the other hand, are made with sand aggregate and cement materials. Concrete bricks are usually placed in frontages or fences, and even though they are not an extravagant appealing, it provide a classic urban presence.

Number 5 is: Fly ash clay bricks in contrast with common clay bricks are manufactured with fly ash and an addition of clay material, at about 1,000Cnevertheless, studies have shown that these bricks are not that durable as they seem due to the fact that they might produce pop-outs when come into contact with moisture and water, causing these bricks to expand.

Types of bricks: Where to add exposed bricks inside you house

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 3 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Hallway royal exposed bricks: Give yourself a royal journey inside your own house interior with guests. Explore hallway brick walls looks with common clay bricks or brick, which are now more a esthetic and can provide you a more chic version of medieval looks. These tiles are successfully used especially in the hallways, but can be also used in the kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

Exposed bricks in the bathroom: are a great bathroom solution, just as we have said at the beginning of this post, regular bricks are highly strong when it comes to moisture areas, however if you do not want to commit to regular cleaning process you can also, seal to protect it from humidity.

Bricks in the living room: Bricks look best when applied in central and focal areas and FinishBuild agrees with you. Exposed bricks can be apply for eye-catchy designs. In the gamma of materials, concrete is not only a great finish to work with but also, as it is functional structurally and can be polished for a high gloss in the case you want it in a living-room or office.  They also can acquire matte or unfinished for a rustic appealing which can twist common areas into a versatile atmosphere.  Concrete as bricks can be used on floors, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces.

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 4 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior DesignOffice exposed bricks: home offices and regular offices can join the benefit of a proportional brick design. Offices are rooms which need to appear serious and sober, and a slightly brick sight can go perfect for these casual but still professional environments. FinishBuild recommends to combine your exposed bricks walls with metal elements to go into industrial and sober appealing.

Explore bold graphics in your office, those are a nice option for combining your exposed bricks in living rooms areas, murals, and even painting bold symbols on an exposed brick wall to make an instant accent wall in your bedroom or living room. FinishBuild encourages you to create your own artwork using ideas found around your city such as symbols, literary numbers and letters, or even abstract painting can turn a bland and boring wall into a work of art.

Do not forget to light it up

Take into account that even though exposed bricks can absolutely enhance your home and office areas, less is more, which means that you might want to try slightly bricks, uneven in shape and color, to create that reckless atmosphere but also accentuates that royal and histrionic look. FinishBuild suggest you to purchase proper lighting for your royal look. Spotlights, upper-lights, or lower-lights can guarantee you proper interaction between details of texture and natural color attenuations.

FinishBuild cannot deny that there is something magical & charm about bricks in interior design. It may be their traditional precede looks of towers, citadels, and castles, however the truth is that solidity and comfort is are both clearly aspects the third little pig saw on Brick materials.

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 feng shui tips for your kitchen destacada 300x138 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen  When it comes about Feng Shui, vibes and energy are an important part of the frequency of positive interactions. In Feng Shui, kitchens are considered one of most important rooms in the home. Since they represent the hearth and home, these areas should have a special approach in order to boost your time there. FinishBuild is willing to share with you a couple of secrets that would put you in a good mood for meal-cooking.

Since our healthiness is that significant and it is based on these special areas, in Feng Shui, kitchens are very connected to fortune, therefore if this areas are not well display it may be consider as poor health. FinishBuild comes with tips for you to boost the energy, to make a difference based on an ancient Chinese tradition.

Kitchen is the earth element in Feng Shui

feng shui tips for your kitchen 5 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your KitchenThe earth element brings in a grounding energy and encourages us to be in our bodies, a good choice for countertops in your kitchen would be earthy granites or tiles in earth tones. If you have black granite, for instance it is always good to have earthy but light colors for the cabinets.

Enjoy your the trip to Feng Shui by adding earth items, bring in pottery, mats, dishware, and other decorative pieces in yellows that might boost the earth scent. Black represents the water element in Feng Shui, therefore add some green and brown tones. Live plants and any other ornament such as, pictures from nature will always reload the energy.

 1. Clear Refrigerator Door Clutter: Even though refrigerator doors are great places to celebrate achievements and display things you love, they often get out of hand. A good step to energize the vibes in your kitchen is to try a minimalism touch, or store in a shoe box and rotate the items of pictures, giving everything and everyone prominence, rotating them every few weeks.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 1 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your KitchenSame procedures applies to kitchens drawers, FinishBuild assures you that the cleaners your spaces are, the cleaner your mind, therefore is if you haven’t used items in six months, it is time to say goodbye. No worries, you will become inspired and will want to continue. You might be amazed at how many of those objects just takes up space.

2.Ventilation: Make sure your Feng Shui kitchen is well-lighted and well-ventilated. The light will uplift your energy and bring liveliness whereas proper ventilation is vital for health and Ying & Yang energy flowing.

3.Clear Counter Tops: Discipline yourself to keep objects off the counters that do not use on a daily basis such as, toasters, blenders, or microwaves. Store them in your newly cleared cupboards and replace with a few lovely vases and/or objects that inspire you. Juxtaposing functional cooking objects with whimsical or uplifting ones will greatly enhance the cooking experience and bring a higher vibrational energy into the food you are preparing.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 4 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen4.Avoid Sharp Items: Feng Shui encourages you to a more peaceful lifestyle, therefore items such as, knifes or any other sharp element might affect the chi in your kitchen, try by store them in knife blocks for instance and remove unfriendly hooks overhead if you have installed them to hold pans. Believe or not this small changes may set a difference regarding flowing energy. You won’t believe how changed your kitchen will feel and looks without the heavy objects hanging overhead.

On the other hand, hang dish towels away from stove and remove anything close to it that could catch on fire. Even though this is a safety measure, it is also another tip that FinishBuild recommends for keeping harmony between elements.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 2 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen5.Keep it Clean: FinishBuild would like you to consider that any place inside your home are a reflections of who we are. Subsequently, in the kitchen, stoves and burners should always be hygienic and in working order, preferably be in an empowered position, where you can see the action while cooking.

So, if you are remodeling your kitchen anyway, the happiest place for the stove is on a cooking island where the important chef will always feel like a vibrant part of the family while preparing meals.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 3 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your KitchenYou need a good place to eat every day even if you are in a rush. FinishBuild connects you to a place we you can communicate with your loved ones. It is important to have comfortable chairs and an inspiring piece of artwork on the wall. Explore the benefits of discipline yourself to always keep noise elements such as, tv or cellphone off while you are eating.

To sum up, FinishBuild would like to remind you that these areas, should not be a downer when you are in it for a meal or snack. On the contrary, kitchen should be where you remind the happiest moments and where you would always find joy among those who’s you love. Trust the vibes you get, do you really hate your kitchen and rarely enter it even for a glass of water? In that case with small simple changes you can fix and boost your energy, Feng Shui style.

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6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring destacada 300x138 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

According to Chinese culture, strength and softness is exactly how a Chinese person was supposed to conduct himself in society which happens to be Bamboo characteristics. This trendy flooring material can elevate the elegance of a space almost instantly. At FinishBuild we care about your flooring aspects but most of all, we give special attention to the feeling that well-finished surfaces can provide you. Similar to hardwood and yet, still distinct and different, comes Bamboo flooring to add some long-lasting support. Bamboo is a natural surface covering material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 6 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

What FinishBuild loves about bamboo flooring is that it will bring you joy, stability and well-based memories. Sustainable but also eco-friendly, Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Because this material grows so rapidly, it can be harvested frequently without damaging the ecosystems of bamboo forests. Nevertheless, choosing Bamboo flooring is a great choice that US households make every day in contribution to Mother Earth for those interested in green building materials.

 Bamboo has been used through history not only because of the strength of the material. Bamboo sticks are hollow and it has become a symbol of the internal capacity of a modest person to accommodate the opinions of others. For these reasons, in China, bamboo was also eulogized in songs and poetry. With the stability of planned building, Bamboo flooring would be a great decision for flooring in an endless number of home applications.

The Benefits of Natural Bamboo Flooring

1.Ecologically Friendly: Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource, which means that while it takes a tree 50 years to reach a height of 10 m, a Bamboo can easily reach the same height after only 50 days, and after five years it can be used for commercial purposes.6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 2 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

2.Water Resistant: Bamboo belongs to the lily family and is native to shady, tropical rainforests where there is plenty of water. This material is slightly more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping than hardwood materials, although it is still a concern. As people are becoming more ecologically conscious they are demanding products that reflect these values.

3.Price: When it comes to prices, Bamboo flooring is valued at about the same level as most hardwood floors. Prices you can find in the market might rank from $2.00 per square foot – $8.00 per square foot. Bamboo flooring is a relatively economical material considering it is a natural resource and the resilience properties it carries; however prices per square foot would depend on a variety of characteristics.

4.Quality: Bamboo, is extremely strong, because of the principles of mechanics Bamboo happen to own much greater flexural and stable capacity than a solid structure. These variations allow bamboo to combine its lean elegance with immense strength; no wonder why we already are seeing bamboo bicycle and bamboo houses.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 4 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

5.Long-lasting material: Thanks to its large number of fibers, Bamboo remains connected with very fine fibers, which are the secret that makes it unbreakable, these fibers run the entire length of the bamboo stem connecting all the segments. However, FinishBuild experts says that the darker the bamboo the less long-lasting it will be. That is due to the dark kinds are caused by a process known as carbonization, which places the bamboo under a high level of heat and pressure. This both changes the color and weakens the material.

6.Refinishing: Over time Bamboo flooring might discolored, scratched, or marred. FinsihBuild is glad to work with Bamboo Flooring because its surfaces can be refinished, sanding it down and subsequently re-enhance with finishing coats to add a fresh new look.

Bamboo gives and provides by empting its interiors, so if you are into a humble but strong and also stable lifestyle then this Chinese Plant would be the best companion. FinishBuild is glad to have the opportunity to learn from Bamboo who when in the storm times, it bends with the wind. And when the storm ceases, it resumes its upright position. Its ability to cope with adversity and still stand firmly without losing its original ground is moving.

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CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE destacada 300x138 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural Choice

Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, cork is sustainably harvested; this process is made around every 10 years so the bark can be harvested from the tree and then it grows again. Based on an article presented by the Floor Covering News newspaper, cork as an alternative flooring option has been used for more than 100 years in the United States, in 1890 to be precise; however in Europe the usage of cork flooring dates back over a century, being Portugal one of the most highlighted places and installations were mostly in commercial applications. Among all the features that this surface product offers, cork is a resilient floor option which is gaining popularity for its style and comfort. This warm and earthy surface is durable enough for an area with high feet traffic.

FinishBuild describes some features about its cork floors

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 1 300x200 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural ChoiceThanks to its natural versatility, in FinishBuild we have decided to include this great flooring option in our catalog; this way we have even more quality products to offer you, that will assist your home projects and this is one of the most rewarding reason FinishBuild works on.

  • Our cork floors are manufactured by an excellent company: KRONENHAHN, their manufacturing processes are well known since they produce cork for flooring purposes as eco friendly as standards ask for, thus FinishBuild guarantees the quality and the healthy considerations you need. Additionally, it is important to mention that in our catalog you will find also MOONWALK cork but in this case it works as an underlayment.
  • Cork is a natural insulator, this means that it muffles sound and lowers energy bills.
  • FinishBuild’s cork flooring is suitable for any room in your home; however if the area you want to give a go is a bathroom which frequently gets wet, we might suggest you to consider another of our flooring options, more suitable for this specific project.
  • A good feature regarding cork is that it can be installed over existing floors, and is installed glued or floating; our cork will require at least ¼ inch thick plywood as an underlayment, in order to be installed it.
  • Because it is available in a magnificent variety of colors and sizes, cork can be enjoy in its natural color, stained or painted.

Why cork as your bedroom surface?

Impressive benefit

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 2 300x300 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural ChoiceWhether your decision is on planks or tiles, cork is a great cushioned comfort alternative that the flooring market has been manufacturing in order to not only make it function as a flooring option itself, but also works as a brilliant underlayment in hardwood and porcelain tiles flooring installation.

  • Cork is an acoustic insulator; the surface minimizes the sound of footsteps.
  • It is rich with natural color and textures; this floating or glued surface cozies up a big or small bedroom.
  • Cork is currently one of the most earth friendly flooring options in the industry; it contributes to healthy air quality, because is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and termites, plus: it is anti microbial and this is why without a doubt, we are recommending it as your indoor space surface.
  • This surface material is available in many styles, colors and sizes. Existing in FinishBuild as planks, you can create an almost continuous looking floor.
  • Different from vinyl, cork’s pattern and color penetrates the thickness of the material, making the usable life of the flooring lengths.

Cork floors in a bedroom: FinishBuilds ideas

Embark yourself on your bedroom building or makeover journey, and enjoy this experience; the reward of achieving the look and benefits in your flooring will be immense. The following are some cork floor ideas we have thought about for your bedroom:

Original cork color

Take advantage of cork’s natural untreated features and create a very clean and simple look in your bedroom; a minimalist decoration strategy can suitably work on this idea. Remember that less is more so focus on the subtlety and texture of your room rather than in the design or color palette.

Always classic dark bedroom

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 3 300x200 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural Choice

Considering cork can be stained or painted, reflect a dramatic color palette using its darker hues, given to this material during the manufacturing process. Achieve a distinguished look which could be perfectly paired with lighter color furnishings.

Cork that looks like actual hardwood

Accomplish this appearance with the FinishBuild’s cork planks; since they allow you to create a floor that looks like hardwood, enjoy of the cushioning and sound proofing attributes this amazing material has to offer. Choose the furniture in your favorite color and make your bedroom has an attractive and charming look without being overwhelming.

Modern bedroom thanks to cork flooring

As an astonish flooring material, cork is so versatile that can fit into both classic and contemporary styles; so balance the natural look of your surface with a series of your favorite artistic decorative furnishings and make your bedroom reflect a sophisticated modern aspect.

Take home a low- maintenance comfort

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 4 300x300 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural ChoiceBy purchasing any of our fabulous cork floors, you will be taking home an easy to clean and naturally fire resistant surface. So in order to keep you brand new cork flooring clean, try to have it free of dirty and sand, because they can scratch the surface. Furthermore, sweep, dust or vacuum it regularly and occasionally wipe your cork flooring with damp mop. For further maintenance and prevention; refinish your floor when signs of wear appear, place mats on more used areas, and also rotate furniture oftentimes, this last suggestion will help the result last longer and at the same time will give a different look to your bedroom from time to time.

Whether it is about resembling the rustic features of hardwood or the texture of travertine in the ceramic category; what is definitely clear is the fact that consumers want something real and natural underfoot, therefore one of the major trends in recent years has been moving the outside indoors. FinishBuild totally believes cork as an alternative flooring is a gift from nature that has arrived to stay and provides not only a soft surface and its inherent benefits, but it also adds a conscious renewable finish, what makes cork a really attractive option for today’s consumers, not to mention for eco friendly homeowners.

Live the experience as organically as you allow it, and enjoy the benefits of cork…you start, we Finish!

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INDIA INSPIR DESTACADA 300x138 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Every flooring choice you made should bring a comfortable as well as an inviting feel to your home; this will deliver a striking design aesthetic to your space. Hardwoods are among the most durable and beautiful of flooring options; they are one of the few that will truly boost the value of the property as well, since there is a huge number of wood flooring styles and finishes that home and property owners can find. From FinishBuild’s point of view, this flooring alternative is a simple way to add luxury to a space. Aside from its visual appeal, hardwood is sturdy nature and its affordable price makes it a popular choice among other flooring options. Your living room is where you and your loved ones spend quality time, is the shelter where you and your family gather to talk over new projects, and furthermore your living room is what tells you have finally arrived home. What we are trying to say is that flooring plays an essential role in your house; this is why often upgrades can increase its value, and also help to better its aesthetics and functionality.

Create an authentic impact in your living room: FinishBuild suggestion

INDIA INSPIR 2 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

A living room inspired by India

India is known for its delicate silks as well as other textiles, which are integrated from everywhere. Not for nothing this country is worldwide known for owing one of the seven wonders, which is the Taj Mahal; an architecture marvel, where it can be clearly appreciated the role of interior design. Through times, we have seen the different changes in interior design styles, for instance Minimalist or Contemporary, however Indian interior design style remains intact and clear stated. In case you are still wondering why we chose this country to be part of this article; the answer is very easy: based on India’s culture, amusing heritage and history, designers are embracing the rich colors and textures which are key elements of Indian design to incorporate them into their design projects. There are some other reasons that drove us to choose this style, and in order to add one more FinishBuild believes that handcrafted furniture (made with traditional Hindu methods), and printed cottons are two significant aspects that paired with our Calico hardwood as a surface for a living room with this style, will add a rustic appearance and really solid quality to any living room space.

INDIA INSPIR 1 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Before purchasing hardwood

Ok, you have made your decision on taking hardwood as your living room flooring, because you know this choice is both timeless and timely, plus it will add a beautiful look to your room; however there a few things you should review before you hand over that credit card, or sign any check.


6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 1 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

You might probably know it, however we would like to let you know that each species of Harwood comes with its own particular characteristics; and depending on which part of the tree is cut, the wood’s color is determined. Moreover, natural variations of this material combine to create your floor’s unique natural beauty.

Pre- finished

This version of hardwood comes with multiple coats of sprayed urethane on its boards, which then turn into UV dried, and in this way creates a lasting finish. Pre-finished hardwood floors are already sanded, screened and stained from really manufacturing plants. This is the hardwood version we can offer you in FinishBuild, the one that can be screened and recoated at home in order to revitalize its finishes and refresh the flooring’s natural beauty.

Finish in Place

On the other hand, there is “finish in place” hardwood what basically means to having unfinished hardwood installed, sanded nor stained, and the coats of urethane needed are apply in your home; this version takes more time than pre- finished boards, however the results is a level of customization that cannot be found on any flooring store.

Consequences based on the effects of weather

Since it is a natural product, hardwood can asymmetrically expand and contract, depending on the changes in moisture and temperature. As a result, you can be found dealing with hairline cracks or some variations in height or width. In any case, if you are planning to install hardwood in a wet climate, be sure your home is well insulated. In opposition, if you live in a dry climate, you should think of using a whole house humidifier, this way you minimize the effects of weather.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 6 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More


Try to maintain the life of your hardwood by doing annual deep cleanings; remember that as your supplier, FinishBuild would be glad to help you with care guide for cleaning and maintenance.

Some of the hardwood flooring trends

Today’s flooring market opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, which certainly ease your making-decision process; these latest trends fit impressively your personal style and add more natural looks to the spaces where are installed.

Wider and longer planks

This is a great improvement since wider planks visually open up a small area; they are excellent for living rooms, master bedrooms or any area in your home, and furthermore they can be installed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Wider and longer planks are definitely on the rise.

INDIA INSPIR 3 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Gray tones

Regardinf this we need to emphasize that this hardwood style is gaining popularity in recent years, although it was first introduced to add a “neutral” tone whether for wall, carpeting or tiles. Now hardwood comes in this tone, and is the perfect way to revolutionize any of your areas at home. It comes in a range selection from light neutrals to deep saturated charcoals. Gray hardwood trend is absolutely a true statement piece.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 5 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Darker woods

People might think this trends resembles the traditional look pattern in any room, however today’s hardwood flooring is all about color, so as you choose a deep and dark color, you will reach an awesome bold design impact. Darker hardwoods come in an amazing variety of finish; from oak to cherry or walnut, they would help you create a sleek look.

Reclaimed hardwood

It is made from solid wood sources, and originates from old barns, farmhouses, beams or logs salvaged from rivers and lakes. Reclaimed hardwood is eco- friendly and this trend is appealing today’s green customers.

In brief, installing hardwood as a living room’s surface is one of the most popular flooring choices available, due to its ability to coordinate with any design style. The different tones it can be found nowadays, add to its beauty and its resistance a great option for high-traffic areas. FinishBuild is aware of the fact that flooring customers are looking for more personality from their hardwood floors; and as new technologies are emerging in the hardwood flooring industry, there will surely be more options available than ever before to suit consumers’ tastes and styles.

Whichever your favorite style is…you start, we Finish!

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TIPS ON HOW TO BOOST YOUR HOME FLOORING destacada Tips on How to Boost Your Home Flooring

We would gladly like to share a few suggestions when it comes to matching furniture and other ornamental items into your chambers and private areas. At Finish Build online store as you might have had seen there are techniques that we have had also used as well. Part of our catalog is shown with some colorful items in order to create a contrast arrangement. Contrast in color plays an important role on displaying items. Therefore, if you are already onto a remodeling project take into account the color of your flooring materials and home furniture are different. When you vary colors, you create certain coordination in the room that is pleasing to the eye. You can mix furniture colors as long as it follows a theme. For instance, bamboo wooden flooring can be matched with Mahogany furniture. The important thing to take into account in all cases is to not match everything same color. These might make your spaces tedium to the eye.

Take a moment to check your floors

TIPS ON HOW TO BOOST YOUR HOME FLOORING 1 300x300 Tips on How to Boost Your Home FlooringFloors call for rustic, such as pine look might show a Early American furniture, turns out the pine seems more casual than a laminate grained hardwood. Play with the power of the flooring with an antique farm table, or exactly the opposite, a modern sofa. Reload your flooring look with a few chosen pieces of midcentury modern or spare contemporary design, displaying individual chairs, tables or a sculptural sofa against the bare wood. So, whether you are going rustic or modern, avoid matching the wood tones of the furniture to natural pine exactly; because it might erase the boundaries between floor and decor.

Remember that Finish Build wood-look flooring is a big selling point for a home (just in case you want to sell). Its beauty, even when the laminate floor boards are distressed and shabby, adds character to a space. Planks underfoot mix and match with furniture choices with varying degrees of success; about the only real mistake you can make when selecting furniture is to ignore the floor altogether.


TIPS ON HOW TO BOOST YOUR HOME FLOORING 2 300x300 Tips on How to Boost Your Home FlooringExplore and do not be afraid of going between vintage and modern. Try fabric, carpets, or texturized items. Changing textures also helps in providing a visual appeal in the home interior decoration. For instance, if your wooden flooring materials are polished and smooth, select home furniture that has a rough textured look to it and vice versa. This embraces well for other flooring materials as well. Finish Build flooring products are usually polished and shiny, and hence wooden furniture is a good choice.

Ensure basic synchronization by limiting different wood tones to two or three choices and combining them in unexpected ways.  Antiques can anchor a light wood floor, providing some balance in a large, open-plan room. Woods in tones that are too similar and blend into one another may need the intervention of an area rug under sofa, table and chairs.

Playing with light

TIPS ON HOW TO BOOST YOUR HOME FLOORING 3 300x300 Tips on How to Boost Your Home Flooring

Regarding dark and light laminate flooring it is important to keep in mind that a dark floor will seem to swallow dark furniture placed on it. If your furniture is ebonized as well, you might need a light intervention or patterned carpet so the room doesn’t disappear into shadow. Gilded antiques can be appreciated against the dark wood.

A light or bleached wood floor bounces brightness around a room and adapts itself to most furniture choices. Finish Build lighter laminate floor boards, might need the opposite, a dark wood chair or cabinet. Light wood is less dramatic than dark wood underfoot, but allows you to create drama with the props you add. Zen style might go with all-natural materials in light woods, linen and cotton upholstery, pale or neutral colors and clean lines for a spare, serene space. It is possible to make your own museum with an uncluttered collection of one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces crafted in reclaimed and unmatched woods, colorful metals, clear plastic and hand-woven textiles.

Be wise between fancy and casual

TIPS ON HOW TO BOOST YOUR HOME FLOORING 4 300x300 Tips on How to Boost Your Home Flooring

Once you have the choice, on laminate flooring is time to boost your space and décor, wide planks, for example, “shrink” a cavernous space and remain highly visible no matter what furniture you choose. Narrow boards recede visually, can help to expand a small room and tend not to compete with furnishings. Seams between planks where the boards meet give off a more casual vibe. Square beveled boards with invisible seams are modern and work with formal furniture groupings. Setting Finish Build flooring in a room that angles direct to the friends eye might lead them to travel and creates an impression of unbounded space.

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