Many homeowners often overlook the value of painting the exterior of their home; actually there are people who consider this as the last home improvement project they have to accomplish. In case you are one of those people who think the exterior of your house is not one of the most important priorities, I must let you know that this important step really helps improve your home, add value to it and also offers you long- lasting benefits, having mentioned this you might want to consider this idea again.

You exterior house painting is one of the best investment you can make for your home, so whether you decide to do it by yourself or hire a pro to assist such home improvement project you need to strive to create a gorgeous first impression for you, your family, friends and visitors; I am more than sure that no one likes looking at a house exterior that appears rundown at its exterior. Moreover, there is nothing like providing your house exterior with eye- catching look that truly reflects your sense of style and taste; of course this is not a simple feat but with a little help and the following suggestion, I am sure you will make it to an attractive home’s exterior.

Best Colors for Siding

As you might know it, siding covers a significant footage of your home’s exterior; actually it can represent the biggest cost investment. One of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind when selecting your siding’s colors is that they suitably match with the color of your chimney or even with your neighbor’s color scheme; the idea is to pay attention to other fixed elements your siding needs to work with. In addition, remember that one siding color does not make a good color scheme, a main hue definitely needs either lighter or darker accents so make sure you choose two or three shades that gorgeously update window trim, doors and railings. Regarding the siding colors that best catch public opinion gray- blues, neutral beiges an brick- brown are the top of the most common picks, but in case you are not sure about what of the options

above to choose then land on one complementary color, the one that best offers a bright focal point, and one hue that is a shade. Another option can be deciding on two shades that are lighter or darker than your main siding color pick.

Best Colors for Trim

When it comes to choosing the color of your home’s exterior trim, there is something very important you need to consider and it is to eliminate undertones that you do not want at your home’s exterior anymore, then you should decide if you want the trim color to blend in and fade into the color of you’re the entire home’s interior, or if you rather opt for a color to contrast. The most common trend is opting for lighter colors in order to make your property look as well as feel dynamic, because if you match it with the siding then it comes off as flat. So pick the same (or similar) color as your siding, considering it just a few shades lighter. Light grays, creams or whites are perfect at performing an amazing contrast for this part of the house.

Best Colors for Accents

To me this is the funniest and most creative part of any home’s exterior painting project. This part of the project is where you have the opportunity to add some personality on those essential places such as your front door and shutters. Accents allow you to make a statement and eye- catching impact that makes your home stand out on the entire neighborhood. Today, there is an amazing variety of very different blues, browns and even black lacquer that can help you to find the look you have always wanted for your home’s exterior. Finding the right color accent for your home’s exterior can go from relying on the classics with another good accents provided by exterior light fixtures that functions as complementary elements for a wonderful home painting exterior result. Playing with bold accents has become another great way to make a home’s exterior look really good; use a bold accent that can lend your home a more restrained exterior scheme, deep gray with lighter orange- red hue deftly matches in a house that will absolutely stand out in the block.

When it comes to the exterior appearance of your house, you need to always keep in mind that investing in professional painting projects will be a great strategy in case you want to sell your home in the future. Providing your house with amazing curb appeal will definitely increase your property’s value and also the chances of selling your home in a profitable price. Furthermore, when you accomplish an excellent home’s exterior painting project you are also protecting its building materials from probable wear and tear that are mainly caused by sun, wind, or extreme weather such as serious climate conditions which can damage the quality of the wood that is the fundamental element building materials are made of. This should be an encouraging reason for you to use pain that contains protective properties, in order to maintain the exterior of your house. Once you have made the decision to paint the exterior of your property, ensure that the quality of the paintings is at the top of the line pain; this will guarantee you invest your money in a right way and also that the paint you have opted for will last for years to come.


new imperial shake co 18 inch western red cedar medium handsplit shakes 2 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodWhen it comes to protecting households, the installation sidings are one of the safest option if weather conditions are a common factor. However, the coating also provide a protective barrier against external clients like animals and insects entering your home. Furthermore, the coating may also be a viable solution for the isolation of saving on heating and cooling costs.

Cedar siding pros and cons, Siding Materials

Today the industry is synonymous with innovation ingredients to add a more lasting stability in homes coating, and between materials that are commonly used for siding you can find: Wood siding number one option for their appearance classic then we plastic coating, Thach, aluminum, asphalt, isolated, metal, masonry veneer, stucco, cement fiberboard, vinyl, stone and copper coating.

As for the types of presentations to side you might find that the coating can come in different gamma arrangements such as long boards or tiles, panels, large leaves, bricks and tiles.

Pros and Cons of cedar clapboard

new medley company cedar 24 inch tapersawn hip ridge 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodWood is an excellent thermal insulator, which is one of the strongest reasons why Americans prefer. Wood thermal properties help preserve perfect environments on any type of surface, then wood will remain cool in summer and warm in winter. But how does this work? What happens with the timber in many cases the thermal insulation is having a high proportion of cell cavities, which allow to fill with air, which are thermal insulators.

Cedar siding is one of the most common and recommended options to fill your home with natural preservatives that offer a corrosive effect on certain metals unprotected in close contact, which usually makes the black stain on the wood. Besides being easy to install and light to keep you do not have to worry about replacing panels and tiles regularly, Cedar lining is highly respect for his loyal durability and presentations on this type of coating is between lap siding bevel and traditional cedar shakes or shingles.

Cedar Siding Pros

Environmentally friendly:

As a renewable resource Cedar trees are biodegradable and they won’t harm the planet in the process of siding. Cedar wood can make a wide variety of building products and if you want to use cedar that has been harvested without damaging the environment at all, you can also do so. Explore other uses of Cedar wood inside you home, maybe a cedar countertop in the kitchen might go well with the rustic appearance outside. Furniture, countertops, bed, closets are also a good choice for a warmer atmosphere in cold seasons.


new imperial shake co 18 inch western red cedar medium handsplit shakes 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodCedar wood can offer you a whole gamma of natural looks, colors and patterns, depending on where it came from. Nowadays it is also possible to create a different variety of textures for the walls with the use of cedar siding. Even though FinishBuild loves Cedar’s natural color, you can also add some pigments from time to time in order to boost and enhance your household appearance.  Nevertheless Cedar wood siding should be stained or varnished for a 100% standard work, in order to protect it from the elements and from insects. Regarding these painting works you will need to scraped them and repaint them every 5 years.


With proper maintenance, cedar siding can be an excellent companion. Cedar wood is a very classic and durable species of wood in the United States that resists rot and pests much better than any other types of wood.

FinishBuild considers that one of the most important advices is that in order to keep Cedar wood happy you must minimize exposure to moisture which can cause rot issues, therefore, a finish coat of either paint or stain to seal can guarantee peace for household siding owners.

Cons of Cedar Siding


Wood has a very common opponent and they are called termites which are one of the most common and destructive of the insect pests that homeowners must guard against.  Did you know that a colony of termites left alone for even a single year can do unspeakable damage to the structure of a home? On the other hand, depending on the area certain ants love to eat wood, and there are a wide variety of wood-boring beetles that can cause unsightly holes in wood siding.

Nature can be very tempted, since Cedar is a natural material, you might get the attention and be vulnerable to woodpeckers, for example, that might will  want to  drill holes in your wood siding, allowing for insect and moisture penetration.


Being in contact with iron is going to speed up the rate at which the cedar siding is going to start breaking apart and falling over. Some elements are just not supposed to mix with, therefore be extremely careful on the types of materials you use to install the cedar siding. If you use any type of iron you are going accelerate Cedar’s lifetime. FinishBuild recommends you to use stainless steel or aluminum nails for proper installation. Even though it might cost you more, it is worthy.

Fire risk:

Since cedar siding is wood, you can guess why this is one of the FinishBuild concerns. Cedar wood siding is susceptible to catching fire. We all know how it goes, fire easily grow on wood and as such, if their catches of coating on fire you may want to regret this choice. So unless you are absolutely sure it is not exposed to this scenario in the short term, we suggest you think about it.

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Destacada1 300x75 10 Functional & Beautiful Decking Accessories Generally home’s additions are good investments, they help increase you property’s value as well as they involve the least disruption to the existing space. However, we might suggest you to consider if that new addition makes sense with your home’s structure; what we are basically trying to make notice is that before start any home addition project, you must carefully think through how this new addition will either match or not match the finishes of the original house. In case you are striving to include an addition in your property for instance a deck, this is one of the most simple and functional option you will find. Moreover, it is certainly true you will need to complement its look with beautiful accessories and fortunately there are amazing ways to create a unique and stylish look in your outdoor area. Lighting, aesthetic designs inserted to the deck floor or decorative covering for beams and stairs are only part of the numerous alternatives you have to achieve all of your decking needs; you just need to make an informed decision, the one that you will appreciate and love for years to come. In this article, we dedicated on selecting the best accessories options that you can have in complementing with your decking, so will be the most gorgeous one.

10 Functional and beautiful decking accessories

1a 300x300 10 Functional & Beautiful Decking AccessoriesDecking accessories can act as the crowning touch of your deck addition. They can change the look of your outdoor space as they also are very functional pieces. The following are the some interesting and functional options we have complied for you, in order to have some good ideas in mind before making the decision of buying your home decking’s accessories.

1. Balustrades

This element will make your deck look gorgeous and the functional feature of it will be that it will help to stop anyone falling over the side. And what’s more, balustrades can also perform as a partition to separate different areas of your garden so in brief you will enjoy the best of the two worlds if you decide to give balustrades a try as one of your decking’s accessory.

2. Console bar- work station

This is definitely the best combination between a functional and good looking decking accessory. You can find this incredible deck accessory in a simple multi- purpose piece; it will fit greatly in your deck and also provide a more casual feel.

3a 300x300 10 Functional & Beautiful Decking Accessories3. Shade cannot go wrong

Another good idea we have selected for you is a pergola, or shaded area. It works as a pretty and functional accessory in your decking if your garden is south facing and so tends to get too hot in direct sunlight.

4. Recessed lighting

Add to your home improvement project the ultimate in outdoor attraction by installing recessed lights; they are inserted along the deck boards in order to provide an elegant touch in your outdoor living space.

5. Lovely Plywood bar

Attractive and really functional, this lovely plywood bar is an excellent wooden accessory you can add to your outdoor space to create both modern and casual decking environment.

6. Adorable deck that looks like a mat

The idea of this adorable accessory is to maximize the space on a small deck; this rail table is totally suitable for parties on your composite deck.

7. Outdoor furniture made of deck

Do not limit yourself regarding colors and choose the combination you have always dreamed; our suggestion would be tropical colors such as bamboo or deep sea shades. A pretty addition will be some cushions along the piece of furniture; this will provide a comfy conversation environment.

8. Modular furniture is always a right choice!

Synthetic wicker furniture is perfect for this purpose, the best choice? Composite decking is low maintenance and if you find it in separate pieces, this will allow you to bet fit your needs as well as your deck sizes.

2a 300x300 10 Functional & Beautiful Decking Accessories

9. Chic party bar

Choose a metal beautifully detailed bar and add a romantic touch to your décor, enjoy of evening events by having this useful piece in your deck, and be careful with metal on your composite decking.

10. Raiser lighting

Thinking about an important aspect in any space of your house, lighting is one of the most important feature you need to pay attention to when it comes to your deck; this raised lighting is a great and functional accessory because will draw the attention to the beauty of your outdoor living space and at the same time will light it up attractively. They are usually hammer finished, in order to connect all of your designs together.

Additions in your home will complete the style you want to express; the idea of having a decking in your home’s outside area means you can harmoniously balance it with furnishings and accessories that are functional. FinishBuild’s products are selected under the best and most detailed criteria, so we can offer home products as strong and highly functional as possible, not to mention that we choose the ones that perform attractiveness as their best. Whether you would like to accomplish the traditional modern style in your home’s decking, we want you to make it as distinctively as possible by opting for accessories that not only look gorgeous but they can perform great functionality. As we always mention, the idea is to analyze all the pros and cons before making all of the decisions on your decking accessorizing project; explore all the options and make your home’s decking a welcoming space with eye- catching accessories that ease your events.

Decking accessories will be your deck’s  jewelry, make it beautifully eye- catching…you start, we Finish!

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MATERIALES PARA TECHOS DESTACADO 300x138 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

When it comes to choose the right roofing material, a variety of products are available, ranging from natural products, like thatch, slate to polycarbonate sheeting. Water-resistant materials known as underlayment are also another option to home roofs. On the other hand, metal roofing materials are often lighter in weight than wood shingles. Industries are always improving and with progress many different types of roofing materials are available now, including a lot of roofing materials that have a variety of green attributes, such as being eco-friendly products that contain recycled ingredients. FinishBuild has come with a compendium of the most common and useful materials for roof projects, we would go through the most popular roofing materials.

Asphalt shingles Pizarra 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

Standard asphalt shingles are made from petroleum products and are not usually recyclable because of the layer of fiberglass added to the shingles. On the other hand this material option comes in a selection of colors, and the fact that 75% of American roofs have asphalt shingles due to low cost and ease of installation makes of asphalt shingles a very appealing option to your home. Depending on the size of the roof and the experience of the crew, regarding the installation process it is possible to remove old shingles and apply new ones on one day.


MATERIALES PARA TECHOS 1 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

Heaviness is an important feature of Metal. Aside from its longevity, metal shingles are much lighter than most materials and very resistance to adverse weather. Materials like steel, aluminum, tile and copper are the common material on this section. With the characteristic of being the coolest roofs around regarding temperature and style, these metal looks can add an industrial look for new homes. Metal roofs are available in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, and often have a high percentage of recycled components. Aluminum, besides having most of 98% recycled content, in most of the cases, have extremely long life-cycles, which reduces construction waste. Metalworks ceilings can also be integrated with radiant heat and cooling technology to reduce energy costs and perforated panels with acoustical backing reduce reverberation time and improve acoustics. Subsequently if you are thinking on invest on a business indoor areas, aluminum is the one for you on environmental quality and on durability. On the other hand, metal products in general provide high insulation solar reflectance, and durability, often lasting twice as long as wood or asphalt. Metal shingles typically simulate traditional roof coverings, such as wood shakes, shingles, slate and tile.


Slate has a beautiful, distinctive appearance. Although its weight is very heavy, a slate roof is non-leaching and will last for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, its high cost assures you a life expectancy of 80 to 400 years. Regarding care and maintenance it is easy to repair and recycle, however due to the fact of the dark color slate it is rarely recommended for high-heat locations.

Wood Shingles and Shake

MATERIALES PARA TECHOS 2 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

This is one of the most common regular options to many home-owners due to the look of wood. Wood shakes are handmade and rougher-looking than wood shingles, which are usually cut by machine. Wood roofing products can also be installed inside your home, and nowadays there is a wide set of patterns and style to choose from, some even include shingles treated with a fire-resistant coating. What we love about wood materials is the rustic but classic shingles look. Since is a natural product usually made from cedar, redwood and southern pine, nevertheless wood shingles can be a concern in wet climates, and can bend and even cracked or split.

Mineral fiber and Fiberglass materials

According to Armstrong web page mineral fiber ceilings is another eco-friendly option which are recyclable manufactured with recycled content. Regarding sound aesthetics, mineral fiber brings the perfect combination of acoustics and audibility. On the other hand, fiberglass ceilings has besides its stylish  looks, the significant energy savings which tends to be very appealing to business areas where  funds are important.

Care & Maintenance

Ceilings that will get partial treatments such as medallion and layered drywall or soft coverings with wallpaper for example, should be repaired and cleaned with diluted TSP, or trisodium phosphate according to Meghan Drueding. But when it comes to repairing cracks options are several, you might want to add drywall tape and mud, and thoroughly cover stains with a white shellac-based product like B.I.N. In most cases, renovating ceilings can be a very single and located process by attaching the new ceiling to joists underneath the surface of the existing ceiling, nevertheless locating the joists is the essential first step.

Currently, on this technology era production methods have changed from the toxic-dispelling processes they used to be, into clean and energy-efficient manufacturing procedures. So, whether you are building a new home for your love ones or replacing your old-fashioned roof, take into account that conventional power sources have been substituted by renewable energy. Even business offices can be and provide a more eco-look and influence positively on coworkers. Manufacturers are now harnessing the power of natural resources like water, wind and the sun to produce electrical energy.

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