As a homeowner, you might always want to keep your house looking at its very best, whether in terms of decoration or cleaning. People usually tackle their home chores ever weekend, and even though there are certain areas and items of your home that must be cleaned evert seven days, there are some others that do not require to be washed or cleaned this often; the following is a compilation of the rooms and elements in your house that you should make sure to clean weekly and other that require monthly maintenance or care. Continue Reading…


Leather furniture can absolutely change from pretty to gorgeous the look and feel of any home; as upholstery material, leather works wonder at making any space looks elegant and comfortable. However, this excellent material can sometimes be subject to more abuse than it is able to handle; crack and eventually peel are two of the main damages you can notice in your piece of furniture over time. Continue Reading…


As homeowners, we all know how annoying can be having a constant “drip…drip…drip” coming from our kitchen faucet; it could be not only an exasperating noise, but a terrible way to misuse one of the most essential resources out mother nature has provided us with: water. As a matter of fact, kitchen faucet leak is a very common home improvement problem many people have to deal with, worn out washers, seats, o- rings or seal are some of the causes that make your leaky faucet ranges from a simple inconvenient to a really urgent situation which needs to be addressed immediately.

There are four types of kitchen faucets: compression, cartridge, ball and ceramic disk, based on each type as well as their dripping issues, you can fix them yourself because they are generally pretty simple fixings. What you will need to do before starting any leaky faucet repairing project in your kitchen, is to identifying the type of faucet your own as well as getting the proper tools that will help you to do the job right. The following is an interesting compilation I would like to share with you, which shows what are the most common kitchen faucet leak problems and some guidelines you need to follow in order to execute a good home improvement project.

Guidelines: how to fix a Leaky Kitchen Faucet. Fix your Ball Rotary Kitchen Faucet

Materials & Tools Required

Even though you might not need to replace the entire faucet, kitchen ball faucets have several parts that must be replaced. On the other hand, you will need to be sure you have some special tools that you need, they should be designed especially for the make and model of your faucet. Prices of this type of kits normally cost between $8 and $35, it will depend on your faucet model. Regarding materials needed for such improvement project, you can find them in the plumbing section of most home repairs shops and they are:

  • Allen wrenches
  • Slip- joint pliers
  • Needle- nose pliers
  • Flat- head screwdrivers

Turn off the water to your faucet: to make sure you do this properly, look underneath your sink for the pipes which run up. Along those pipes somewhere, you will find the handles you have to turn to shut off in order to stop water flow; twist clockwise to shut off. When water is already off, open the faucet so it water excess can drain; then plug the sink drains, this is important to prevent small parts from falling in during the fixing process.

Detach and remove the handle: start by unscrewing and removing the handle; lift it off and using an allen wrench, remove the screw that you see on the handle’s underside. Set the screw aside, in a safe place.

Use slip- joint pliers to remove the cap and collar: in order to loosen and lift the dome assembly to reveal the bonnet, ball and cam. Now remove the inlet seals and springs, reach into the mechanism itself to accomplish this step, you will need needle- pliers. At this point, it will be a smart idea if you inspect the balls in order to detect signs of wear, cracking or sediment buildup; if you notice any of these problems, then replace the ball.

O- rings replacement: the next step is to use a flat- head screwdriver that helps you to cut off each old o- ring and spring set located below the ball. Make sure you take note of each spring’s orientation, then replace the set with the new one from the repair kit. Orient the spring in the same manner as the set. You can also coat the new o- rings in plumber’s grease before installing.

Resemble the handle: by reversing the above steps, you can resemble the faucet because the leak should be repaired.

Repairing Ideas that You Might Be Interested In

As it has been mentioned in this post, depending on the type of kitchen faucet you have, you will need to check the following three faucet elements to determine why your faucet is leaking:

The Washer

In case you have a faucet with two separate handles tat loosen and tighten to turn on the hot and cold water, you own a compression valve faucet. Then a solution for this type of leak issue is to replace the washers in each handle first.

The O- Ring

Cartridge and compression faucet models have generally o- rings installed within the handles in order to create a waterproof seal. Once o- rings become damaged, they can break and that’s when the leak problem shows up. So by buying the right o- ring size or the new part, replace the old o- rings.

The Cartridge

This type of faucet can have one or two handles. When it comes to turning the handle or handles, this process is a bit smoother and easier than compression faucet; whenever your cartridge faucet is leaking, it would necessary to replace the entire cartridge valve within them; the good news is that they are easy to install.

What may seem like a minimal leaky kitchen faucet, can turn into serious damages that will make you spend both, money and time. You can be surprised by the consequences that an unchecked leaky sink can make to your kitchen; it can put added stresses on your plumbing as well as cause drain clogs and overflows. Moreover, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaky faucets that drip one time per second can actually reach a waste of water that upwards of 3, 000 gallons each year, and let me tell you that this is enough water to take 180 showers. This number should make you reflect about two aspects; the first one is that your will be spending a lot of money in water bills if you do not strive to solve your kitchen leaky faucet issue, and the second one and most important, by addressing this type of home problem you will be contributing to preserve our main and also threaten natural resource: water.


When it comes about having a clean but also fine display of your daily clothes items there are two main basic values you must cultivate: love & consistency, you know why? Because no matter what your primary intentions are on organizing your belongings, it won’t last if you are not fully conscious of your daily actions. Closet organization on a busy schedule is not only a full conscious practice but also a 100% sense of caring. At FinishBuild we believe that caring is equal to loving, and only by doing what you love is how you generate the consistent system.

Generally closets are the perfect excuse to store items that actually do not belong in that particular closet and one of the big causes of clutter and disorganization in the home is items that belong in the kitchen or bedroom, are found hiding in closets all over the house. For this reason FinishBuild is aiming on focus planning to save time and make your life less complicated.

By creating a closet organizer system you not only be able to decrease daily task mindsets, but also you would feel that are more focus on matters that actually require of your efficiency. We guarantee that there is a closet organization system to fit every budget, therefore on this particular topic, money would not be an issue. Take into account that custom wood systems, coated wire or melamine shelf-and-bracket systems for example, can create a boutique look in your closet and are available in a wide range of price points. They can be professionally installed but most of them are easy enough for DIY eagers.


FinishBuild Closet organizer tips

1. Closet Editing. In the case of match a busy schedule, we recommend to reboot, and start clean. In order to organize, knowing what you have and have them unite, your items should be remove. This process of recognition not only would allow you to find stray clothing tags, store receipts but also dust bunnies. Take advantage of this editing process, and keep the things you only love the most. Generally when women state that they have nothing to wear, is a translation of a non-pleased compound of pieces of fabrics that you dislike. If you do not enjoy the clothes, or you haven’t worn it in a while, why are you keeping it? Perform some closet editing, decide to donate, giveaway or throw out the clothes that are filling space in your closet.

2. Sort by type. The idea of divide and conquer was not only apply in Rome ancient times, in closet organizer tips, FinishBuild assures that by gather your pieces of fabric based on type –even by color- you would be saving time. Therefore, explore with drawer dividers, old wicker baskets for stockings folded and even label drawers on dresser fronts, which can help you a lot.

Practice with drawer labels if you are stepping into a more organize lifestyle. Use narrow strips of cardboard to subdivide drawers and deposit lingerie and socks in shallow, flat-bottomed plastic baskets. Commercial drawer organizers can make a neat drawer out of a jumbled mess. Keep into account that closet organizer has to look appealing to the eye, to your eye, pretend is your favorite store, display your items in the way you enjoy them the most.

3. Write it down. Busy girl’s schedule can be demanding and even though it might sound controller, define what you wear for every day can easy your mind and soul a bit more on lazy mornings. We suggest you to write down a Monday to Sunday list of possible combinations in order to wear what you like and enjoy extra time. This is a viable and also fun option, because you can explore different combination in case you have a social reunion or just simple need a proper work outfit from day to night.

Closet organization works perfectly with these kinds of weekly lists, start simple and pick some preliminary things you might want to wear that week. If you actually enjoy it, try to put them back in color-coded drawer, or type-specific spot.

4. Planning according to weather can not only be a wise choice but also can be a good way of preserve your health to the maximum level. Keeping yourself warm on cold days is one of closet organizer advantages. While some write the temperature in the list of possible fabric matches, others just keep a casual sweaters or cardigans that can go perfectly if there is a non-expected summer rain. Closet organizer looks like a reasonable way of reducing stress and in case you are in a hurry.

5. Set your fabric basics. So far we have pre-organized what you have. Now is time to really get on the business of setting your outfit formula as a math equation. Think on layers, your outfit should consist of many pieces, such as:

Jeans + T-Shirt + Sweater + accessories


 Dress + Jacket + accessories

 Keep it simple, with these possible combinations you might schedule and decide exactly which items your ideal outfit consists of.

6. Create variations of the formula. Once you got the idea, you can start playing. What are the fabrics you like the most?  combine them with other pieces that suit you well and boost joy feelings. Maybe you pop the collar of your shirt, accent your waist with a belt, or wear your scarf a specific way. Note your preferences, and do not hesitate on come with new combinations, you will be surprise on how many outfits you create with the clothes you own a planning-ahead time.

Extra Closet Organizer Friends

Once you understand that you can do much more with less, your schedule would be ready to go on track. What you have to gain is beats what you have to lose, so take your time and plan. Nevertheless, FinishBuild would like you to take into account that for those girls who own lots of clothes there are also cool items you can add such as:

Option 1: Multiple tier hangers which would allow you to hang several items on one to maximize closet rod space. This can work perfectly for gym day-to-day outfits.

Option 2: Bins are an interesting option especially if your closet does not have built-in shelves or drawers. Since they are easy to use you would be ready to pull things out and put away.

Option 3: Plastic shoeboxes can maximize your closet organizer due to the fact they are all the same size, stackable, and clear so you can see what is in them.

You planned it. We got it!


Did you know that an adult fly usually live only 2 to 3 days without food but can survive up to 50 days where food is available? Practicing self-control is an activity that all of us can try to master when flies are around our kitchen or any other home area. Gloomily most of us will rather get rid of that particularly buzzing sound. Even though they have a tendency to make it attendance when they are strong odors around the stove, they can also show off when there is raw meat of any kind. Nevertheless these unpleasant guests can feel invite at any time, whenever they want, we seem to be a very suitable host for them.

With holydays ahead, possibilities of see them increases, due to the fast generally food and odors are plenty. The truth is that is not only the buzzing aspect should concerns us but also the fact that these pests are responsible of carrying diseases where we can list: dysentery, diarrhea, food poisoning, typhoid fever, conjunctivitis, salmonella, anthrax and tuberculosis. For these and the fact that fly pests are also known to transmit the eggs of parasitic worms, we consider pest control is significant to an upright public and personal health.

Understanding Indoor Pest Phases


Summer or warm season & cool weather are the most important phases we must have acknowledge of, even though the same fly species can be a problem in both warm and cool weather, pest control methods are not the same for these two seasons.

In the case of flies, there are four major phases in its life cycle. The first stage is the conception, around 150 eggs are laid in a moist environment, and usually where food is available in abundance, such as your garbage deposit.

Second phase corresponds to the larva, where they feed on the food for around 5 to 15 days. After this, comes phase 3 where the larva has to move to a dry place to pupate. And finally phase 4 contemplates the pupae transformation to an adult after 3 or 4 weeks. So, in case you wonder, adult flies can live for about a month and during this time they can produce 500 to 2,000 eggs.

What FinishBuild Recommends

Now that we know that flies tend to seek moist climates and organic materials to lay their eggs, let’s go to the kitchen and prepare them a taste of its own medicine. For pest control, here we have fly repellent options that can help you instead of purchasing poisonous substances that can be useful, no questions, however it can be toxic to humans and animals too.

Apple cider vinegar:

This pest control is particularly good for eliminating fruit flies because they get attracted to smell of anything which ferments. Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples and thus flies can’t resist its smell. Therefore by heating the apple cider vinegar and pour it into a jar with lid, make some holes on its lid or in the case you want to keep the lid, you may also use an entrance with cellophane paper and stapling it in the shape of a cone leaving a hole at the narrow end. Once inside, there is no way back.

Oil Lavender:

Lavender has been used by people in the past to protect clothes from moths and other insects. Lavender oil can, in fact, prevent mosquito bites as well as other insect’s bites. It is just the perfect essential oil which helps control infestation of flies along with repelling fleas, black fly, black beetle, greenfly and white fly too. Lavender oil, however, is the best one when it comes to repel flies. However, After 24 hours, remove the lid and keep the tin at a place where you see most of the flies in your home.

Cloves and lemons/ apples:

Cloves are pleasantly aromatic for us but are not liked by flies. They cannot stand the scent of this spice that is extensively used for culinary purposes. Cloves are particularly effective in repelling house flies. In this remedy for flies elimination, cloves are used with lemon, yet another smell that flies are not fond of.

By Cutting the lemons into halves, poke 6-12 cloves into each of the lemon half. Push with the pointed part of the clove so that the bud remains upwards. You can also arrange these cloves poked lemon halves onto a plate. These is one of the fly repellant option we like the most, since it makes an aromatic and beautiful looking centerpiece for your table, on holydays turns out very accurate but also cute touch.


Yes we are serious, even though we love wine too, it can be a perfect solutions for desperate situations where solving the problem is required. One of the properties wine have and flies cannot resist is the fermented odor. So, basically by using another empty wine bottle pour about ½ a cup of wine. In the case of having wide bottle mouth, use a plastic wrap to cover it. Poke some holes on this plastic wrap so the flies could enter the bottle. They would never exit through the holes.

Diary, sweet and spicy:

In the case of fruit flies, here it is a control pest right from your kitchen items coming from England. This pest control sugary substance does attract fruit flies, it seems to be used in this milk recipe for trapping flies. Pest control recipe number 5 consists on pouring the milk in a saucepan, then add sugar and pepper to the milk. Let the solution boil for 10-15 minutes. Pour some of this milk solution in each a bottle as the example number 1 with the apple cider vinegar. Flies will get attracted to this pest control and when they land on it, will suffocate them.

You need it. We give it!

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destacada3 300x138 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter


Have you ever heard about the Dracaena plant? Generally known as mass cane or Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana, is a very widely used interior plant. Among the benefits this plant possess, the ability of air cleaning and make green homes, offices, malls, apartments and the landscape a more hygienic place in the most important one. Its structure is based on intense green colored plants that can be classify on species coming in ranges of forms and sizes.

5 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air FilterOne of the fascinating characteristics about Dracaena plant is that you can grow it almost everywhere, whether is in a 3 inch pot, or merely in water, Dracaena plant has a poetic way of enhancing your home spaces. This interior plant is propagated by cutting segments of old stems of generally from 10 to 20 cm long. These are allowed to dry off, and then inserted into moist and until they have rooted.

Among the popular varieties found in garden centers and used by interior landscapers you can find: Dracaena marginata, Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana, Dracaena reflexa, Dracaena Janet Craig, Dracaena Warneckii and Dracaena Rikki.

Positive aspects of Dracaena Plant

5a 1 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter

Nowadays, with all the mass consumption, Americans spend ridiculous amounts of money on electrical appliances, manufactured air purifiers, candles and any other item that can suppress strong odors. What FinishBuild loves about this particular indoor plant is that you can apply a more suitable strategy with them by placing them inside your home in order to purify the air instead of replace it with a stronger odor.

Dracaena plant is tolerant of most indoor lighting conditions: Since it can tolerate a wide variety of indoor light conditions it makes it ideal for a moderate natural light or beneficial artificial lighting. In any of the cases, keep into account that moderate light will provide all what Dracaena plant needs to support itself. Since it is a slow-growing plant, this indoor plant will maintain its height and shape for some time. On the other hand in the case where there is strong light source, the Dracaena plant’s growth will speed up, however the probabilities of developing mealy bug are very high in bright light. Beyond these bug situation there are no restrictions that might stop you from having them completely exposed to sunlight.

Even though low light is the least desirable lighting choice, these plant is a really one in a million kind, some  Dracaena plants can easily survive in low light, but you will require to dramatically reduce the amount you water the plant. This not only would allow you to control the moisture level but also the indoor plant’s process of photosynthesis.

4 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter

Watering is easy: Taking into account that Dracaena plant can be found from Sudan south to Mozambique, watering is fairly simple. If you Dracaena plant is placed in moderate light, it should be watered when the soil surface is dry to the touch. What we recommend in most of interior plant cases is to water them enough to moisten the soil throughout the pot. Therefore watered every week or two can work for your Dracaena in moderate light.

For strong light exposure, your Dracaena Plant may require more attention, either to leave some water in the liner or water more frequently, but the reward of attention would pay off with a faster growth process.

FinishBuild would like to remind you that Dracaena plant is not also a slow-growing but also a slow-reacting plant, subsequently it may take weeks for the plant to show symptoms of either overwatering or under-watering. And by then the damage will already have occurred, this is why we believe this information is highly valuable for these long-lasting natural air filters.

How Does a natural Air Filter Works?

4a 1 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter

According to LIVESCIENCE air-purification capacities of indoor plants are real. Some of the plants that scientists have found most useful in removing VOCs, which are known as volatile organic compounds, such as carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde. Interior plants not only help Mother Nature but also humans in health issues for example asthma and nausea, as well as chronic diseases such as cancer and respiratory illnesses.

Indoor plant’s ability to remove these harmful compounds is called Phytoremediation, which is the process that uses various types of plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, and destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. There are several different types of phytoremediation mechanisms.

Dracaena plant is also responsible of removing toxins, no wonder why we can see them in malls, offices and closed areas. According to HOUSEPLANTEXPERT, this indoor plant was use in the NASA’s clean air study which proved to remove a considerable amount of toxins from the environment.

Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul

Thomas Merton

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new imperial shake co 18 inch western red cedar medium handsplit shakes 2 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodWhen it comes to protecting households, the installation sidings are one of the safest option if weather conditions are a common factor. However, the coating also provide a protective barrier against external clients like animals and insects entering your home. Furthermore, the coating may also be a viable solution for the isolation of saving on heating and cooling costs.

Cedar siding pros and cons, Siding Materials

Today the industry is synonymous with innovation ingredients to add a more lasting stability in homes coating, and between materials that are commonly used for siding you can find: Wood siding number one option for their appearance classic then we plastic coating, Thach, aluminum, asphalt, isolated, metal, masonry veneer, stucco, cement fiberboard, vinyl, stone and copper coating.

As for the types of presentations to side you might find that the coating can come in different gamma arrangements such as long boards or tiles, panels, large leaves, bricks and tiles.

Pros and Cons of cedar clapboard

new medley company cedar 24 inch tapersawn hip ridge 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodWood is an excellent thermal insulator, which is one of the strongest reasons why Americans prefer. Wood thermal properties help preserve perfect environments on any type of surface, then wood will remain cool in summer and warm in winter. But how does this work? What happens with the timber in many cases the thermal insulation is having a high proportion of cell cavities, which allow to fill with air, which are thermal insulators.

Cedar siding is one of the most common and recommended options to fill your home with natural preservatives that offer a corrosive effect on certain metals unprotected in close contact, which usually makes the black stain on the wood. Besides being easy to install and light to keep you do not have to worry about replacing panels and tiles regularly, Cedar lining is highly respect for his loyal durability and presentations on this type of coating is between lap siding bevel and traditional cedar shakes or shingles.

Cedar Siding Pros

Environmentally friendly:

As a renewable resource Cedar trees are biodegradable and they won’t harm the planet in the process of siding. Cedar wood can make a wide variety of building products and if you want to use cedar that has been harvested without damaging the environment at all, you can also do so. Explore other uses of Cedar wood inside you home, maybe a cedar countertop in the kitchen might go well with the rustic appearance outside. Furniture, countertops, bed, closets are also a good choice for a warmer atmosphere in cold seasons.


new imperial shake co 18 inch western red cedar medium handsplit shakes 300x300 Cedar Siding Pros and Cons. And WoodCedar wood can offer you a whole gamma of natural looks, colors and patterns, depending on where it came from. Nowadays it is also possible to create a different variety of textures for the walls with the use of cedar siding. Even though FinishBuild loves Cedar’s natural color, you can also add some pigments from time to time in order to boost and enhance your household appearance.  Nevertheless Cedar wood siding should be stained or varnished for a 100% standard work, in order to protect it from the elements and from insects. Regarding these painting works you will need to scraped them and repaint them every 5 years.


With proper maintenance, cedar siding can be an excellent companion. Cedar wood is a very classic and durable species of wood in the United States that resists rot and pests much better than any other types of wood.

FinishBuild considers that one of the most important advices is that in order to keep Cedar wood happy you must minimize exposure to moisture which can cause rot issues, therefore, a finish coat of either paint or stain to seal can guarantee peace for household siding owners.

Cons of Cedar Siding


Wood has a very common opponent and they are called termites which are one of the most common and destructive of the insect pests that homeowners must guard against.  Did you know that a colony of termites left alone for even a single year can do unspeakable damage to the structure of a home? On the other hand, depending on the area certain ants love to eat wood, and there are a wide variety of wood-boring beetles that can cause unsightly holes in wood siding.

Nature can be very tempted, since Cedar is a natural material, you might get the attention and be vulnerable to woodpeckers, for example, that might will  want to  drill holes in your wood siding, allowing for insect and moisture penetration.


Being in contact with iron is going to speed up the rate at which the cedar siding is going to start breaking apart and falling over. Some elements are just not supposed to mix with, therefore be extremely careful on the types of materials you use to install the cedar siding. If you use any type of iron you are going accelerate Cedar’s lifetime. FinishBuild recommends you to use stainless steel or aluminum nails for proper installation. Even though it might cost you more, it is worthy.

Fire risk:

Since cedar siding is wood, you can guess why this is one of the FinishBuild concerns. Cedar wood siding is susceptible to catching fire. We all know how it goes, fire easily grow on wood and as such, if their catches of coating on fire you may want to regret this choice. So unless you are absolutely sure it is not exposed to this scenario in the short term, we suggest you think about it.

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finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design DESTACADA 300x138 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

It is inevitable for FinishBuild to start writing about bricks and not to recall the 1933 Disney adapted version of the three little pigs’ story. Besides being the best example of a loyal material, bricks are also increasing its popularity on the eco-friendly field. Brick is made of natural clay minerals, including kaolin and shale. On addition, small amounts of manganese, barium, and other additives are combined with the clay to produce different shades. Once they are mixed, each mixture is fired to around 2000F. Among the goodness that bricks own, there is also the fact that is not only a non-combustible material, but also has the plus of being high wind protection. Studies have found that homes made with brick exceed the 34 mph impact resistance requirement for high velocity hurricane zones in the Florida building code.

Brick also go above Florida’s impact resistance requirements for essential facilities in hurricane areas, which it is an interesting plus for such seasonally storm area. Brick also counts with a high superior moisture control, due to its covering finishes. Consequently, brick veneer wall systems help minimize mold growth, wood rot and infestation by insects.

When it comes to style, brick has always been the reflection of rustic and country style, as well as the humble households build in the late 19th century.  Nowadays, it is astonishing how exposed bricks can change the interiors of any room, whether is by giving it a country style or an industrial one. FinishBuild is glad to suggest places to add this material to boost your appearance.

Bricks on FinishBuild Wall: Types

Through history we might have seen a slight variation among the sizes of bricks, which basically not only depend of the geographical location but also the purpose of the product in demand.

A bigger brick, for instance it generally used for a thicker & isolated wall. Remember castles, for example? Historically speaking meant that bigger bricks were necessary in colder climates, while a smaller brick was adequate, and more economical, in warmer regions. Nowadays this is no longer an issue, for brick modern walls specific insulation materials are now extra added if it is required.

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 5 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Flowing from architectural style, ranging from colonial to Victorian to post-modernist. It is one of the few materials that can actually look better with age. Brick also absorbs noise, giving it an acoustic advantage over other materials – especially helpful in densely populated areas.  According to Juan Rodriguez, in TheBalance, in the masonry field we can find five predominant types of bricks that are classified by manufactured composition.

Number  1 is: Common burnt clay bricks are formed by pressing in molds and subsequently dried and fired in a kiln. Burnt clay bricks are frequently used in general work to structure base and when these bricks are used for walls construction, they have need of plastering or rendering.

Number 2 is: Sand lime bricks which as its word suggests they are made by mixing sand, fly ash -which is known as pulverized fly ash- and lime followed by a chemical process during wet mixing. These types of bricks are called self-cementing. The mix is then molded under pressure forming the brick and offer an excellent strength as a load-bearing member. Color and shape are also smooth and uniform (in most of the cases).

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 2 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Number  3 is: Engineering bricks, which are blocks manufactured at extremely high temperature, forming a dense and strong brick classified on 3 types. Even though all allow strength and water absorption, Engineering bricks are class A or B, however class B bricks are the cheapest engineering bricks. They are generally red in color, and less uniform than facing bricks. In addition in contrast with class A bricks that are 125N/mm² in strength, class B bricks owns a strength of 75N/mm² .

Number 4 is: Concrete bricks are made from solid concrete. Sand/lime or calcium silicate bricks are made with sand aggregate and 5% to 10% hydrated lime and are cured in an autoclave. Properties of these units are specified in ASTM C 73. They are available in severe weathering (SW) and moderate weathering (MW) grades, according to MASONRYCONSTRUCTION.Concrete bricks, on the other hand, are made with sand aggregate and cement materials. Concrete bricks are usually placed in frontages or fences, and even though they are not an extravagant appealing, it provide a classic urban presence.

Number 5 is: Fly ash clay bricks in contrast with common clay bricks are manufactured with fly ash and an addition of clay material, at about 1,000Cnevertheless, studies have shown that these bricks are not that durable as they seem due to the fact that they might produce pop-outs when come into contact with moisture and water, causing these bricks to expand.

Types of bricks: Where to add exposed bricks inside you house

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 3 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior Design

Hallway royal exposed bricks: Give yourself a royal journey inside your own house interior with guests. Explore hallway brick walls looks with common clay bricks or brick, which are now more a esthetic and can provide you a more chic version of medieval looks. These tiles are successfully used especially in the hallways, but can be also used in the kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

Exposed bricks in the bathroom: are a great bathroom solution, just as we have said at the beginning of this post, regular bricks are highly strong when it comes to moisture areas, however if you do not want to commit to regular cleaning process you can also, seal to protect it from humidity.

Bricks in the living room: Bricks look best when applied in central and focal areas and FinishBuild agrees with you. Exposed bricks can be apply for eye-catchy designs. In the gamma of materials, concrete is not only a great finish to work with but also, as it is functional structurally and can be polished for a high gloss in the case you want it in a living-room or office.  They also can acquire matte or unfinished for a rustic appealing which can twist common areas into a versatile atmosphere.  Concrete as bricks can be used on floors, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces.

finishbuild types of bricks uses in interior design 4 300x300 FinishBuild: Types of bricks & Uses in Interior DesignOffice exposed bricks: home offices and regular offices can join the benefit of a proportional brick design. Offices are rooms which need to appear serious and sober, and a slightly brick sight can go perfect for these casual but still professional environments. FinishBuild recommends to combine your exposed bricks walls with metal elements to go into industrial and sober appealing.

Explore bold graphics in your office, those are a nice option for combining your exposed bricks in living rooms areas, murals, and even painting bold symbols on an exposed brick wall to make an instant accent wall in your bedroom or living room. FinishBuild encourages you to create your own artwork using ideas found around your city such as symbols, literary numbers and letters, or even abstract painting can turn a bland and boring wall into a work of art.

Do not forget to light it up

Take into account that even though exposed bricks can absolutely enhance your home and office areas, less is more, which means that you might want to try slightly bricks, uneven in shape and color, to create that reckless atmosphere but also accentuates that royal and histrionic look. FinishBuild suggest you to purchase proper lighting for your royal look. Spotlights, upper-lights, or lower-lights can guarantee you proper interaction between details of texture and natural color attenuations.

FinishBuild cannot deny that there is something magical & charm about bricks in interior design. It may be their traditional precede looks of towers, citadels, and castles, however the truth is that solidity and comfort is are both clearly aspects the third little pig saw on Brick materials.

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Are you feeling overload? Is your home turning into a storage garage? We understand that at these changeable and stressful times, serenity and peace inside your home areas can also be affected by a huge amount of things that you not necessarily use daily. FinishBuild agrees with you on creating a heavenly space in the comfort of our own home with Zen help and your Feminine touch. Did you know that Zen refers to meditation? In interior design is synonym of equilibrium, congruence and recreation.

Though Zen is not a design style per se and does not come with step pattern, it is often associated with simplicity, plainness and purity of lines, which is more related to way of arranging home items and focused on creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your daily routine. If you live alone, FinishBuild guarantees you that adding Zen & Feminine touch would be not only an easy but also delightful journey.

Jumping right away on the task, with the first FinishBuild recommendation: nothing should mess your studio floor, nothing should be piled or stored on the floor. Whether you believe or not this would cut old mindsets and would clear everything on your path, literally speaking.


Basic top 4 you must take care of in your Studio


For a Zen style with your Feminine touch you must be in a deeply level of awareness on what truly makes you happy. A small home private studio does not require much space, philanthropic maturity or even a social status. It requires just what you truly need in order to be really productive.

  • Unfilled your mind: The good news is that it would need your creativity. FinishBuild step one is simplifying the room, taking into account that Zen means being more with less. Take your time on this stage, check what items you truly used on working hours. Discover yourself in the process on empty not only your studio but your mind as well. Donate is a feasible choice for the things you do not want anymore, and it would be truly use by those who actually need it.


  • Furniture: eliminating without sacrificing comfort, we suggest you to go for a few pieces of plain, simple furniture, a Zen private studio would only contain a few essential pieces of furniture but also a minimalist entertainment stand.


  • Your tool storage: define a place for everything. If you must have electronic devices, besides your computer, take into account that these devices are most often a source of distraction and therefore do not integrate in a fully Zen atmosphere. So, if you need to have your TV set in your private studio, make sure you place it in a discrete area or hide it in a specially designed cupboard. In addition try to hide wires and cables that could distort the serene atmosphere of the entire atmosphere.


  • Add some bohemian modern style: Think about photos of homes that are cluttered, and photos of minimalist Pinterest pictures. The ones with almost nothing are some of the most beautiful ones, some nice artwork, and a very few pretty decorations, are exactly what you can apply to your chic private studio. Take into account that Zen does not necessary mean cold. Explore the cozy side in combination with your feminine touch, wool carpets, for example, can provide you a real sense of comfort.


What you must have in a feminine studio

1. Light. Set your new train of thought into quality over quantity. Think of that home working area as the office you would love to have in your current job. Extrapolate the space, and own it by placing different sources of light which will allow you to control the intensity for any time of the day. Wall-mounted reading lights are a good choice since they are very practical as they can be oriented to emphasize the respective area, unlike bedside lamps which are rarely flexible.

2. Chair. A comfy chair can make the difference between an outstanding work performance and a regular one. Use this item carefully based on comfort and lumbar accuracy, remember that if it is going to be a place where you might spend more than 5 hours a day, you must state that you deserve a proper chair. In order to make it more chic & with your feminine side, try some Rose Quartz for, as we suggest on our last post. If you are not that girly type, try by adding some white flower details in the cushion on a soft tone palette.

3. Your favorite color. Try by mixing colors that make you happy with some nature items, plants are a good idea since they have a calming effect through their soothing green colors, plants also provide you oxygen. However, avoid flowers which need special maintenance, remember that the key is productivity and being fully present on your job. Bamboo or hanging terrariums, for example, make a good choice and are often included in zen décor.

4. Incense burning sticks. Create a cozy fireplace, if your private studio, try candles and incense burning sticks, or even a homemade linen spray and essential oils which are natural ways to enhance these areas with fresh scents, which can not only be calming when it is time to work, but also invigorating when it is time to be productive.

5. Metal and wood: In the case of wood, it is accurate to do not take them too seriously, if you happen to own a wood look floor that can be more than enough, in that case try to add some balance with other elements association. For adding metal to Zen but Chic studios try some lamps for lighting, and look around locally for artisans that do metal art.

One of the most benefits you will be absolutely grateful for is that, your Zen style private studio would always be easy to clean. The more stuff you have, the more you have to move to keep it clean. Think about how easy it is to clean an empty room compared to one with 50 objects in it. Have what you love and live it to the fullest.

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 feng shui tips for your kitchen destacada 300x138 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen  When it comes about Feng Shui, vibes and energy are an important part of the frequency of positive interactions. In Feng Shui, kitchens are considered one of most important rooms in the home. Since they represent the hearth and home, these areas should have a special approach in order to boost your time there. FinishBuild is willing to share with you a couple of secrets that would put you in a good mood for meal-cooking.

Since our healthiness is that significant and it is based on these special areas, in Feng Shui, kitchens are very connected to fortune, therefore if this areas are not well display it may be consider as poor health. FinishBuild comes with tips for you to boost the energy, to make a difference based on an ancient Chinese tradition.

Kitchen is the earth element in Feng Shui

feng shui tips for your kitchen 5 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your KitchenThe earth element brings in a grounding energy and encourages us to be in our bodies, a good choice for countertops in your kitchen would be earthy granites or tiles in earth tones. If you have black granite, for instance it is always good to have earthy but light colors for the cabinets.

Enjoy your the trip to Feng Shui by adding earth items, bring in pottery, mats, dishware, and other decorative pieces in yellows that might boost the earth scent. Black represents the water element in Feng Shui, therefore add some green and brown tones. Live plants and any other ornament such as, pictures from nature will always reload the energy.

 1. Clear Refrigerator Door Clutter: Even though refrigerator doors are great places to celebrate achievements and display things you love, they often get out of hand. A good step to energize the vibes in your kitchen is to try a minimalism touch, or store in a shoe box and rotate the items of pictures, giving everything and everyone prominence, rotating them every few weeks.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 1 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your KitchenSame procedures applies to kitchens drawers, FinishBuild assures you that the cleaners your spaces are, the cleaner your mind, therefore is if you haven’t used items in six months, it is time to say goodbye. No worries, you will become inspired and will want to continue. You might be amazed at how many of those objects just takes up space.

2.Ventilation: Make sure your Feng Shui kitchen is well-lighted and well-ventilated. The light will uplift your energy and bring liveliness whereas proper ventilation is vital for health and Ying & Yang energy flowing.

3.Clear Counter Tops: Discipline yourself to keep objects off the counters that do not use on a daily basis such as, toasters, blenders, or microwaves. Store them in your newly cleared cupboards and replace with a few lovely vases and/or objects that inspire you. Juxtaposing functional cooking objects with whimsical or uplifting ones will greatly enhance the cooking experience and bring a higher vibrational energy into the food you are preparing.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 4 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen4.Avoid Sharp Items: Feng Shui encourages you to a more peaceful lifestyle, therefore items such as, knifes or any other sharp element might affect the chi in your kitchen, try by store them in knife blocks for instance and remove unfriendly hooks overhead if you have installed them to hold pans. Believe or not this small changes may set a difference regarding flowing energy. You won’t believe how changed your kitchen will feel and looks without the heavy objects hanging overhead.

On the other hand, hang dish towels away from stove and remove anything close to it that could catch on fire. Even though this is a safety measure, it is also another tip that FinishBuild recommends for keeping harmony between elements.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 2 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen5.Keep it Clean: FinishBuild would like you to consider that any place inside your home are a reflections of who we are. Subsequently, in the kitchen, stoves and burners should always be hygienic and in working order, preferably be in an empowered position, where you can see the action while cooking.

So, if you are remodeling your kitchen anyway, the happiest place for the stove is on a cooking island where the important chef will always feel like a vibrant part of the family while preparing meals.

feng shui tips for your kitchen 3 300x300 6 FinishBuild Feng Shui Tips for Your KitchenYou need a good place to eat every day even if you are in a rush. FinishBuild connects you to a place we you can communicate with your loved ones. It is important to have comfortable chairs and an inspiring piece of artwork on the wall. Explore the benefits of discipline yourself to always keep noise elements such as, tv or cellphone off while you are eating.

To sum up, FinishBuild would like to remind you that these areas, should not be a downer when you are in it for a meal or snack. On the contrary, kitchen should be where you remind the happiest moments and where you would always find joy among those who’s you love. Trust the vibes you get, do you really hate your kitchen and rarely enter it even for a glass of water? In that case with small simple changes you can fix and boost your energy, Feng Shui style.

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