In FinishBuild we have done an interesting remembering exercise. We have gathered together in order to check and analyze what improvements our company has achieved in these last months; it was actually a very rewarding activity that has made me think of my first posts. Going a little bit back in time, I remember that the first products we could offer to our clients were basically related to flooring. Times have changed, and today we as a home company are one step closer to become an online store where people can buy almost everything they think about when it comes the time to build or remodel any space of their homes. Continue Reading…


msh family room destacada 300x75 Items for an Entertainment Family Room

Did you know that youths who communicate, do activities and have close relationships with their parents are less likely to engage in violence?.

Recreation is not only important for the mind but also for the spirit. FinishBuild invites you to maximize your family time or to hang out with your friends, homes that have this luxury feature often sell better and for more money, as they are offering a unique feature to the home.  Spending time in everyday family relaxation activities is often associated with greater emotional bonding within the family. When it comes to the emotional bonding, family members have a much better sense of one another and this is primarily based on the fact that this activities can balance and unite in order to make good persons, emotionally and professional speaking.

What FinishBuild loves about this new purpose inside household is that what makes entertainment centers so unique relies on the different functions you can own. With the proper set you can take up an entire wall or simply a corner of the room, to store family treasures and memories, or a whole play-game area. Entertainment units can be used in any way that the homeowner desires, which is just one of the many benefits that they offer to the home.

What FinishBuild recommends

Modular Seating:

Sectional sofas provide so much more flexibility: You can separate the pieces to create multiple seating areas, or you can push them together for a comfortable couch great for TV-watching. And if you want to scoot it out of the way in advance of a dinner party, that’s simple too, with less bulky pieces to move.

Tv and Console shelf wall:

2d 300x300 Items for an Entertainment Family RoomYour video game console & television need a central piece of furniture to keep them not only organized but also accessible.Explore the comfort of home entertainment console shelf’s, this way you would definitely have control on the screen to an optimal viewing level, and by storing game units you could decide whether is a wii night or a karaoke, either way, having fun would be the only thing on your mind. On the other hand keep into account that if you have the chance of building your own, materials like solid wood, pine, are good choices for this kind of projects. Nevertheless, FinishBuild suggest you to avoid MDF materials, due to the fact that time and weight might molded and change the structure into an irregular one.

Cd storage cases:

Organization is vital for an entertainment family room and FinishBuild cannot let this pass through, if you have a console or a dvd player you would unquestionably would like to find what you want whenever you want to, for that reason cd storage cases are so useful. From wood boxes, leather cases, aluminum structures to modular designs, storage cases are a good solution to display game, movie & music options on those family times or guests reunions. On  the other hand,  we  cannot miss the chance of recommend you the eco-friendly alternative based on recycling fabrics straps to compound a cd set and popsicle glued stick cd rack as a way of reducing industrial acquisitions and fomenting family building reunions while confectioning them.

Cable organizer:

Must definitely have item for your entertainment area, electrical cord organizer can simplify your life in case you might want to unplugged a specific device. Explore DIY solutions such as cord tags, labels, clips, cable boxes, zip-ties, and a whole lot more. Cable organizer are not only an esthetic solution and a way of maintaining harmony on entertainment areas but also it also is a wise choice if you happen to have little kids at home. On the other hand, items like heavyweight cable cord organizer are available on the market, on different sizes and colors, but if you do not have time or the budget for them, you can use toilet paper rolls which is an absolutely eco-friendly idea and they are actually great for this. By writing on each one what type of cable it contains, these labels will help you save space and time when looking for your cables.

Voltage regulator:

We strongly believe that caring is equal to loving, therefore by caring of your technology entertainment devices, you would be guarantee a long-lasting memorable times with your loved ones. FinishBuild suggest you to add a power regulator to your consoles, TV and DVD’s devices in order to protect them against unexpected power surges or outages that may damage them. According to DIGIKEY linear regulators can operate from input voltages down to 1.6 V and have an adjustable output voltage range from 1.25 to 6 V.
however, a linear regulator is not as efficient as a switching device, so batteries won’t last as long. Switching power regulators are highly efficient and able to step up (boost), step down (buck), and invert voltages with ease. Nevertheless, FinishBuild recommends you to consult a technic assistant before purchasing one.

Set the proper flooring:

asd 300x300 Items for an Entertainment Family RoomWe suggest you to try with vinyl laminate flooring, at our online store we now count with several floor tiles selection, with a collection on colors, designs textures and shades. So, if you are looking for versatility, at FinishBuild, SMOKED TAWNY, MOJAVE DESERT y WILD LAVA are a few samples from our  NUVELLE line that echoes your uniqueness. In addition vinyl flooring tiles are frequently chosen for high-traffic areas because of its low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance which goes perfectly if you are thinking to create an active family room.

Regarding installation, vinyl tiles or sheet flooring are applied to a smooth, leveled sub-floor using a specially formulated vinyl adhesive or tile mastic that remains pliable. Subsequently you would enjoy a fun but also safe time with family members at anytime!

Entertainment room areas not only provide the space for parents and children to gather together and play games or watch movies, but also create long-lasting memories. This take us to a one of the most important aspects of life which is family bonding, after all what any other thing we have left except the love we cultivate on those free home days? Gather more!

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