Leather furniture can absolutely change from pretty to gorgeous the look and feel of any home; as upholstery material, leather works wonder at making any space looks elegant and comfortable. However, this excellent material can sometimes be subject to more abuse than it is able to handle; crack and eventually peel are two of the main damages you can notice in your piece of furniture over time. Continue Reading…


When we talk about rustic, we are not necessarily talking about losing style, but that we print our own, which we like the most. If it is ours to opt for something more summery and looser, the word rustic must be printed on either side of the house to which you look.

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Haven’t you experienced the fresh and great smell of a just cut bouquet of flowers? Don’t you love it? Beyond bringing beauty and fragrance, when you think of flowers as part of your home decor you are also providing your spaces with an array of health benefits, including mood improvement instantly. Expert suggest that people with fresh flowers in their homes are most likely to feel less worried and experiment fewer periods of anxiety or depression and in my opinion, this is an amazing reason to place flowers in your home than can easily take the place of a boring everyday table decor. Continue Reading…


Known as a high performance lightweight wall system for interiors, which consists of a GI steel frame that is encased in gypsum plasterboards on side attached with self- drilling screws; drywall is a popular building material that today is present in a significant number of modern construction projects. What makes this material so common in the construction market is that drywall offers a wide range of excellent benefits if compare with other alternatives. When properly installed drywall looks simply beautiful, walls and ceilings are way more attractive and thus, this increase the value of your property.

If we talk about energy efficiency, then this material pops up from the list as it helps improving insulation and contributes to retain room temperature at a remarkable level. Drywall is also one of the favorite option for a construction projects since it is considered a cost efficient choice; this material is affordable for homeowners who are on a budget, and once installed you will only need to painting your walls in order to change your home’s overall appearance.

Now let’s mention an important aspect that can take place at certain point: drywall damage. It is completely normal if your house expands or contracts due to weather conditions, this may cause your drywall’s framing to swell or shrink and therefore cracks appear. There are another types of damages you might be facing, but fortunately they are easy and inexpensive to fix not to mention that you can actually repair them by yourself with minimal equipment. In order to repair and conceal the most common drywall damages, read and follow the steps I have enlisted below.

Small Section Fix

To start this type of repairing, make sure you count on these basic small- patch tools and materials:

  • Drywall joint compound
  • Ready- made drywall patches
  • Painter’s putty
  • Around 6 or 12 inch taping knives
  • Utility knife
  • Sandpaper

Whether the damage was caused by moving a piece of furniture or a door knob, patching with a new piece of drywall is the best solution you can achieve, so get ready- made drywall patches. They are available at big box home stores or in hardware stores, be sure the ones you choose use a peel and stick, metal backed for added strength. Now it is time to clean up the hole’s edges, use a utility knife and by pressing back into any small chunks you might find, you will eliminate flaps that can be still hanging. Then, carefully shape the patch so it can fit the hole, to securely attach the drywall to the surrounding area be sure to leave extra backing.

Next, clean that area that needs to be repaired in order to have maximum adhesion, but don’t clean it too much so the drywall doesn’t get too wet, let it dry and then apply the patch to the area with smooth movements tape edges, using a putty knife to do this is ideal because it will remove air bubbles. It is time to apply a thin coat of joint compound over the damaged area, use a wide blade putty knife to spread it; the idea is to apply compound in such a smooth way that the patch backing is literally feathered into the rest of the wall. at this point, non- shrink joint compound should be applied liberally on the repaired area with a wider putty knife, which produces smoother results. Let the patched area dries thoroughly, and then sand the area by using drywall sandpaper, and if possible attach ii to a drywall sander, you won’t want to create a huge amount of dust. To hide slight imperfections, you can apply a very thin topcoat of joint compound and if you skillfully accomplish this step, you won’t need to do additional sanding.

Popped Nails Section Fix

A nail is obviously used to hold two pieces of material together, so it is completely normal to face this type of repairing. Sometimes the nail head is pounded below the top surface and thus the nail can lose its holding power, therefore it can lead to additional damage. For this repair, besides the before mentioned materials and tools, additional screws and some other tools or materials will be needed, it will depend on the method you follow to execute your fix.

Get the help of a utility knife to scrap away the drywall, scrap until you can see the screw. Next you can continue with one of the two ways to fix nail pops; you may use a hammer to drive the nail back into the studs, then bracket each nail head with closely spaced drywall screws. You can also do this repair by removing the nail and drive a screw in its place, along with a second screw nearby in order to re- secure the drywall to the stud. Be careful when using drywall screws, recess their heads slightly so in case you create a dimple in the drywall surface, you can cover it with joint compound. If there are several screws placed in a row, spot- patch each one with compound and cover them with fiberglass tape.

Corner Bead Fix

Sometimes even good secured drywall outer corner bead can be affected by strong knocks, that lead the outer drywall to chip or crack. To this fix you will also need:

  • Metal cutting saw
  • New corner bead
  • Pry bat or claw hammer
  • Metal snips

To start this repair project cut out the damaged corner bead area. Based on the size of the area, you will have to pry part of the corner bead off the drywall sheets. Then, measure and shape the metal snips to create a new corner bead’s section, apply it using joint compound on the underside. Make sure to secure it on the wall, to cover and blend it back into the wall, apply 1 to 3 additional layers of compound on top of your new corner area.

Drywall is a strong and robust construction material which have many different applications since is used to partition any interior for instance: homes, offices, hotels, schools, industry and hospitals. Although this material typically lasts the lifetime of a building, when it is subjected to abuse or alteration there will be some repairs you will need to address. You can achieve a repair yourself (and save some money), because the finishing work for any drywall repair is really straightforward and manageable for DIYer.

If you are willing to complete drywall repairs there are some practices, you might want to keep in mind to achieve a great project; remember to wait at least 24 hours from the compound’s application to start sanding. Using light pressure with a fine grit sanding sponge is an exceptional way to create a smooth finish on the wall and last but not least, let the primer completely dries before you repaint the patch area, blend it into the painted area and you will have an even smoother final look.


Vinyl flooring usually has preserve its common presentation, such as single in rolls of large sheets, however time also has reward vinyl in matters of style and nowadays vinyl flooring is available in more practical, much easier to setting up formats.

At Finish Build vinyl flooring tiles are always recommended for commercial uses. Due to the lack of weight FinishBuild vinyl flooring products are usually purchased in 12-inch squares that feature adhesive backing. The thicker the tile is, the better it will hold up over longer periods of time, but what we really think it is important is the acoustic properties this material owns. Installing tile is an ideal project for DIY eagers, particularly in smaller rooms or in this case fashion shows ramp.

Nevertheless, it is important to purchase all tiles from the same lot because, while other lots may be labeled as being the same pattern and color, slight differences in shade may occur. When it comes about setting your chalk lines, starting in the center of the room is what we usually recommend. After removing paper backing, press tiles into place. Keep into account that trimming your tiles at the walls and other edges. Subsequently we suggest you to roll tiles in both directions to set them steady.

What FinishBuild recommends:

3 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationWhen it comes to installing vinyl planks, let me tell you is perfectly doable. Since vinyl flooring planks come with an easy interlocking system, you can easily jump on the journey of actually doing it yourself. At FinishBuild we are here, once again, with the purpose of helping you on do the first moves.

First of all let’s clean the room. Before starting, empty your room of all furniture and make sure that the surface of the room is perfectly smooth by removing nails, debris and scraping up any old adhesive. Take into account that your sub floor needs to be dry as well as be smooth and as even possible because every lump, bump and crease may appear visible. Make a template of the floor using felt paper.

Materials you would use:

  1. Pencil
  2. Tape measure
  3. Hammer
  4. Vinyl cutting knife
  5. Sealant
  6. Broom

6 1 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationPhase 1:

Once we have a clean surface, there is an important move you should definitely consider if you are aiming for outstanding results: Level your subfloor​, generally vinyl planks flooring products can be install onto existed flooring surfaces. Therefore check the condition of your subfloor, if a surface is in poor conditions, you may need to substitute it. You can drill in a plywood underlayment with screws fairly easily, nevertheless it is important to screw heads below the surface of the wood. If you install an underlayment over your existing subfloor, make sure the surface is level. Afterwards, sealing is our next step. Paint a coat of sealant onto your subfloor. Protect the bottom of your walls or cabinets with strips of masking tape to avoid splash. Once the floor is sealed, let it cure for as long as required before you start laying your vinyl planks.

Phase 2:

Now is time for you to make an important choice. Decide on which direction you will lay your vinyl planks. Subsequently, measure the floor to work out where the middle of your middle row will sit. This is your middle line. In order to be double extra sure, I personally suggest (and if you have the time) to face vinyl planks on the floor to get a clear idea of how can tiles adjust to the space. This also can help you to get a visual plus of the vinyl planks you might have to cut in order to fit edges. Next, hammer a nail at each end of this line and then tie a string chalk line between them. Snap your string chalk line to mark your center line on the floor.

Now proceed to set each plank by laying the first row of vinyl plank flooring, whether is by peeling them off on the back for each plank (in the case they are the adhesive type) or by assemble them if they come with the interlocking system. Subsequently flatten them it into place, over the top of the center line and remember that each vinyl plank has a directional arrow on its backing paper. At FinishBuild we strongly suggest that in order to obtain the finest visual result, lay all your planks facing the same way.

Lay the second row of vinyl plank flooring next to the first. Stagger the second row so the end of each plank lines up with the middle of the plank in the previous row. When laying the third row of planks, use your combination square to make sure its joins line up with the joins in the first row and try to maintain this staggered pattern going the whole way across the floor.

Phase 3:

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 8 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationOn this phase you must let go the extra vinyl material. Some of your vinyl floor planks will need to be trimmed to fit around the floor corners. Take into account that in phase 2 you can be aware of how much material is not going to be longer needed however, this phase allows you to measure and mark out your lines on each plank and make your cuts with a trimming knife. In order to get finest results, go over the cut line two or three times instead of trying to cut all at once. When your trim is finished, remove the backing paper and stick the plank in place hoping for the best. We recommend you (in case you have adhesive type) to curve and bend the board as you lay it down, visualize that when installing part of the vinyl plank would be against the floor while the part yet to be placed is in the air. Successively, roll the board down and onto the surface of your floor. The aim with this procedure is to avoid the development of air pockets, however you can also help yourself with a piece of fabric on your hand to press the boards to the ground.

4 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY Installation

To sum up, after installation, clean adhesive from tile surfaces with wet cloth. Fasten trim and moldings to the wall, not the flooring. In addition, avoid heavy traffic on the new installation for at least 72 hours while adhesive sets. If you are interest on see more about vinyl interlocking systems installation, we invite to check this video:

How To Install A Floating Vinyl Plank Floor


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  DOG DESTACADA 300x138 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home Review

Dogs are –in most of the cases- the first pet in American households, and in most of the cases are consider family members. While some have dogs for companion purposes, safety reasons, or just for fun motives, dogs are not only an unconditional love source but also a connection to nature in the sense that get the best of humankind and compassion.

Dogs are far relatives of wolfs, which are well-known for being strong canines, that even though they like to haunt in groups, wolfs are recognized for its self-determining sense of leadership and self-sustainment. Through the eras human race and this creatures began to establish alliances where, both parts benefit and work as a team. As you see, nowadays, we are not that far from that ancient agreement, they provide and we provide.DOG 2 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home Review

I personally love dogs, and at FinishBuild I have had the opportunity of writing about what are best flooring options materials, which are the best and new dog bed accommodations and now, I would like to share ideas regarding dog feeding stations. When it comes about best man’s friend, spoiling is a natural habit that most of us develop when we establish a solid connection. So, whether is buying a cool rubber toy, food snacks, or a nice bed cushion, there are always more in order to spoil these little fellows. I happen to own three dogs, each one of them come from separate families and two of them were rescued. Even though they are not inside home or an apartment, they are very attached to every single member of our family.

DOG 3 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home ReviewWhen it comes about feeding our dogs, we have managed to do it outside in order to avoid messy or spill situations. Nevertheless, they all have its own personal bowl when lunch-time arrives. It is very cool to see, how repetition has helped my dogs to recognize which spot is their own. You can make you dogs eat in any place you virtually have imagined. Patience is vital to train your dogs, therefore in case you happen to have them inside your house you can also make it happen. Choosing a spot is very important, with dogs you cannot swing between spots. In order to learn, dogs must own a permanent feeding spot. This is precisely when spoiling and creativity get together. Dog feeding stations are an original way of setting your dog’s spot, so whether is installed in a customized island kitchen or even in an assembled kitchen drawer, we can always find a way to add a dog feeding station.

DOG 4 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home ReviewYellow Brick Home on its blog offers a very interesting alternative, not to mention creative, regarding a dog feeding station for a DIY project. This project embraces the idea of founding a functional dog feeding place in a corner with bowls, subsequently assembled in plywood boards into a personalized corner. It is important to mention that ergonomics plays a vital role for dog comfort, since they do not have to bend over, Jack and CC definitely notice the difference.

Let’s take a look of plywood, this material has a lot to offer when it comes to modular additions inside the house, due to the fact that sizes are unlimited and thickness can fluctuate, you can find just the one your project might require. In the case of a dog feeding spot, plywood boards do not have to be too thin. In the case of the corner yellow brick home panels are 2 – 1″ (2′ x 2’/each).

What I personally enjoy as part of FinishBuild team, is that this article besides offering me a well-specified review -about the materials and tools used in the project- also teaches me how to do it in such an easy way that, I almost believe I could do it myself.

Another important fact that I also consider important to mention is that empathy is key in order to really catch the attention. People need to feel there’s more outside, that there are people who cares about the same things you feel passionate by.When I started to seek for creative ideas for FinishBuild news, Yellow Brick Home came up with its genuine touch which I found charming, however what really got me was the fact that they love dogs as much as me, and this was what actually kept me reading. Since my dogs live outside home I have come with some suggestion in case any other dog lover might want to apply this Yellow Brick Home idea but in an outdoor area.

Dog Feeding Station: What to take into account for an Outdoor Plan

  1. DOG 1 300x300 Dog Feeding Station: Yellow Brick Home ReviewIn the case you might want to use leftovers for any other occasion or even weak fixing, I suggest you to try with 3/4″ panels. In addition since this structure might be in contact to harsh nature elements, I think it would be cool if this corner dog feeding station is built in a solid compacted way, as a corner box addition.
  2. Dog bowls can vary and play some nasty tricks in the installation process, therefore I believe is very important to measure and double check this holes in the plywood boards. On the other hand, if you really want to be sure of the bowls fitting in, when drawing them in the plywood leave a small space between the guideline and cut it around. This, in the case you use other materials such as Laminate flooring products can actually be useful, since temperature influences in decreasing and increasing boards, there would be no troubles with your dog’s bowl.

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TIPS ON HOW TO DIY REPAIR YOUR FURNITURE destacada 300x138 Tips on How To DIY Repair Your Furniture

Did you know that 10 million household items are sent to landfill every year? It is really a pity that (for a variety of “reasons”), many people ignore that 3 million of these items cab be repair and reused; of course not all furniture you find is necessarily eye- catching, however with a proper repairing plan, right tools, a little bit of patience and creativity you can bring back shabby pieces of furniture; even the ones that were passed on from your relatives and you thought were not chic anymore.

There is not denial that the furnishings in our homes are common targets of a considerable deal of stress and strain, for instance legs get wobbly, surfaces get dinged, dented or even scratched. This is mainly due to the rough and tumble that is life in any home. Nevertheless, in most cases damages are reversible with little expertise, and fortunately you do not need to be a seasoned carpenter to make long lasting repairs that allow you to save money. Actually, whether if you are a beginner or a pro executing DIY project that improve your home’s appearance, then this post has been made for you.

Arm Yourself with the Basic Toolkit

TIPS ON HOW TO DIY REPAIR YOUR FURNITURE 1 300x300 Tips on How To DIY Repair Your FurnitureSince you will execute simple DIY repairing, you do not need a lot of expensive tools to make your furniture projects real. For instance:

Hide glue is one of the most essential tools you will need; this adhesive choice can make or break the long term success in your repaired furnishing. This amazing adhesive which is made from the skins of animals will dissolve when hot water is applied directly to it; this makes reparability easy and success. Modern synthetic glue is also another great item you can consider, it seals the surface of the wood and thus guaranties that no glue will ever be able to be used on top of it again.

Glue brush will be another item to include in your basic toolkit since hide glue is water- based; you will need it to spread the glue once you apply it for gluing joints and veneer. Generally a 3/8” wide brush will be more than enough to accomplish a good performance.

A 24oz dead blow mallet is a handy tool you need to have because they’ve got sand or lead shot in the head, which really helps giving a proper and direct thump where is needed.

West system epoxy syringe will be essential to get hot water into a joint. Sometimes you will need to apply small amounts of this liquid directly to the joint line to let it seep in. Small syringes are the perfect choice for this.

A fine rasp will be a great tool in case you will to clean up glue residue inside mortises before you re- glue the piece of furniture.

Scratches on Wood Furniture

Sometimes furniture polish and orange oil just do not work on helping you eliminate scratches on your wood furniture. To solve this problem and make your furniture pieces look much better, you may try taking a kitchen rag and mix about 1/cup of vinegar with ½ cup of olive oil (quantities might change, depending on how big the surface is), once mixed you need to dipped it in and rubbed it on. Make sure to spread the mixture over the entire piece of furniture, you will immediately start noticing the transformation. Try this and you will surely see differences that not only make your now usable furniture surface better but also will add a silky smooth and clean look.

Fixing Chewed Chairs

TIPS ON HOW TO DIY REPAIR YOUR FURNITURE 2 300x300 Tips on How To DIY Repair Your FurnitureEven though you have bought a bone, a toy or a piece of wood for your dog to chew in order to keep him away from chewing you chairs’ legs, your pet just find it enjoyable chewing them. Unfortunately, chew marks ruin the look of the furniture and most of the times also affect its structural integrity. To repair this problem you will need:

  • 220- Grit sandpaper
  • A putty knife
  • Fan bush
  • Auto body filler
  • Paper
  • Mineral spirits

Start this fixing by taking a look of the damaged area and clean it up, this way it is ready to be repair. Using the utility knife, scrape away any frayed edges of wood that stick out from the surface. What you should do next is to apply the auto- body filler on the chewed area; you might need to do a few applications more in order to build up the area so it will be level with the surrounding area. Once it dries, it is time to sand it down to the final shape. To accomplish a smooth sanding, use a 150- grit sandpaper on the filled area; sand both the edges where the filler meets and the non- damaged areas to feather it all together. Now you need to add color to your furnishing and a good tip is to mix the tone you have chosen with a little white to lighten, or black if you need to darken the color. In addition, colors like red, yellow or orange may help achieve the proper wood tone you would like to have. It is also important to make notice that once the acrylic paint is dried, you need to spray a couple of clear lacquer coats over the area, make sure the coats are light and start with a sheen that is slightly shinier than you need.

Scratches and discoloration on the surfaces of your furniture are just some of the damages your items are vulnerable to, but this does not mean you have to throw them away. Luckily, there are many of these problems that can be fixed by you; I think that learning some tips on how to repair your furniture will go a long way on inspiring your creativity, grow your patience and of course will save you money you can invest on another home improvement ideas. In few and easy steps you can find in the full blown DIY craze, repairing or refinishing what you used to call ugly and old furniture is possible, believe me! This is something that thousands of people are doing. Just by following a couple of key principles, you will be set on the right path to repair your furniture, you should also remember that any time you are thinking about removing original material or replacing parts, you need to be sure that it is completely necessary; of course this will not be a concern for a professional furniture conservator, but as you would like to repair your own furniture, it is important for me to remind you this.

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The most wonderful time of the year is already here! Christmas has been considered by many people around the world a truly magical holiday. I do not why but during this festive season people are jollier and kinder than usual, well I guess this is due to the Christmas spirit which is spread anywhere these days. I believe that the Christmas spirit should be preserved in each of us, no matter how difficult or challenging our situations are, when we focus on the inspiration that this amazing season of the year offers, harmony instantly makes from every household a beautiful place.

Christmas is fantastic holiday where everybody gathers in order to start a growing conversation about what Christmas means to them, they also strive to share it all with family and friends, this way comfort and inner calm show up allowing people to diminish their period of stress; I think that random acts of kindness are great chances to get you and your family in a more Christmas-y demeanor. On the other hand, I have to highlight that besides being one of the most awesome holidays of the year, Christmas is also the most wasteful one; the huge environmental impact this festive season causes can be reflected by the production of many of our favorite holiday treats, ornaments, staples and decorating items; having said this, what if we all could make our own eco- friendly Christmas decorations? This post is about giving you some inspiring ideas on how to make your own Christmas wreaths; I would like to share with you other possibilities of having beautiful unique (and why not bold) ornaments and decorating items that not only provide your home with eye- catching look but also are small changes with big and positive impact on our planet.

Christmas Wreaths: Natural DIY Project

You probably have got your Christmas tree covered with stunning ornaments, but now you are facing the challenge of completing your decoration for this beautiful season of the year, and of course wreaths are very traditional elements in any Christmas decor, so you should not miss the opportunity to create your own ones. Wreaths were first originated in ancient Rome; they were thought to be a sign of victory and status, so when it comes to create them my recommendation is to opt for colors and textures that suitably work for your home’s needs. What I really like about natural wreaths is that you can aim to include eucalyptus, fir or holly in order to have a truly fragrant environment at home. The first step you need to make is gathering a few Christmas wreath supplies that you probably have storage at home:

  • Wreath ring; you can find it in its basic flat version in a Christmas tree farm.
  • Pine, Cedar, or holly clippings.
  • Garden pruners.
  • Floral wire.
  • Wire snippets.
  • Your favorite decorations floral picks.
  • Floral sticks.

It Is Time to Start Your Natural DIY Project

  • Scour the woods for the attractive fir brush you will need to clip down to wreath size pieces; you will need to use approximately 25 large branches to complete a 14” Christmas wreath.
  • Fasten the floral wire to the metal ring.
  • Now you need to make a small bunch of brush about 3 to 4 pieces. Be sure to start with a large piece in the back, and then layer on smaller pieces.
  • Twist the wire around the cut ends of the brush to secure it to the ring.
  • Now, make another bunch of brush; then lay the second bunch on top of the first, slightly lower.
  • Take the wire and wrap the wreath 2 or 3 times around it, then pull the wire spool tightly towards you to fasten it. Make sure to repeat this step a few times more, add bunch by bunch until you scope back where you began the wreath.
  • Next, lift up the ends of the first bunch of brush you started with, then poke the final bunch un under the tips, and to secure the entire piece wrap it with wire.
  • Your wreath is almost ready, what you need to do to complete it is to make a loop with the wire, this way you will have an easy hanging, after that twist loose en around the wire frame.
  • Ok your wreath is complete, now grab some pruners to snip back any pieces on brush that seem to be too long or out of place.
  • The last and funniest step is to decorate your natural Christmas wreath the way you want. In case you will place it on a table, then I would like to suggest scent candles you can light up to provide your spaces with a warmer feel during Christmas evenings.

In my opinion, wreaths are the perfect complement to start these holidays; they are so versatile that you can strive to make them to suit almost any space of your home. Moreover, the charming side of creating your own natural wreaths is that you will enjoy of a fresh arrangement that lasts in the cold weather; this is just one of the many alternatives you can create, but you can always experiment with all kinds of materials that lead you to create the wreath arrangement that best fit your entire decor.

In the U.S. 28,000miles of ribbon are used for Christmas decorating purposes, all those miles of ribbon will be enough to tie a bow around planet Earth; if only every family reuse two feet of this DIY material, they will be recycling and upcycling a significant quantity of waste that cost you more money every year. I honestly believe that giving Christmas DIY projects a try would be an entertaining and delightful way of spending good quality time; whether you opt for natural wreaths, Mason jar crafts or driftwood trees, these decorations will make the best of your spaces this year, and the best part is that you will need simple materials that you probably have already at home. Think beyond traditional Christmas decor you can find in your local home store, and create extraordinary decorating items from ordinary materials…you dream it, we Build it!


destacada3 300x138 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter


Have you ever heard about the Dracaena plant? Generally known as mass cane or Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana, is a very widely used interior plant. Among the benefits this plant possess, the ability of air cleaning and make green homes, offices, malls, apartments and the landscape a more hygienic place in the most important one. Its structure is based on intense green colored plants that can be classify on species coming in ranges of forms and sizes.

5 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air FilterOne of the fascinating characteristics about Dracaena plant is that you can grow it almost everywhere, whether is in a 3 inch pot, or merely in water, Dracaena plant has a poetic way of enhancing your home spaces. This interior plant is propagated by cutting segments of old stems of generally from 10 to 20 cm long. These are allowed to dry off, and then inserted into moist and until they have rooted.

Among the popular varieties found in garden centers and used by interior landscapers you can find: Dracaena marginata, Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana, Dracaena reflexa, Dracaena Janet Craig, Dracaena Warneckii and Dracaena Rikki.

Positive aspects of Dracaena Plant

5a 1 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter

Nowadays, with all the mass consumption, Americans spend ridiculous amounts of money on electrical appliances, manufactured air purifiers, candles and any other item that can suppress strong odors. What FinishBuild loves about this particular indoor plant is that you can apply a more suitable strategy with them by placing them inside your home in order to purify the air instead of replace it with a stronger odor.

Dracaena plant is tolerant of most indoor lighting conditions: Since it can tolerate a wide variety of indoor light conditions it makes it ideal for a moderate natural light or beneficial artificial lighting. In any of the cases, keep into account that moderate light will provide all what Dracaena plant needs to support itself. Since it is a slow-growing plant, this indoor plant will maintain its height and shape for some time. On the other hand in the case where there is strong light source, the Dracaena plant’s growth will speed up, however the probabilities of developing mealy bug are very high in bright light. Beyond these bug situation there are no restrictions that might stop you from having them completely exposed to sunlight.

Even though low light is the least desirable lighting choice, these plant is a really one in a million kind, some  Dracaena plants can easily survive in low light, but you will require to dramatically reduce the amount you water the plant. This not only would allow you to control the moisture level but also the indoor plant’s process of photosynthesis.

4 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter

Watering is easy: Taking into account that Dracaena plant can be found from Sudan south to Mozambique, watering is fairly simple. If you Dracaena plant is placed in moderate light, it should be watered when the soil surface is dry to the touch. What we recommend in most of interior plant cases is to water them enough to moisten the soil throughout the pot. Therefore watered every week or two can work for your Dracaena in moderate light.

For strong light exposure, your Dracaena Plant may require more attention, either to leave some water in the liner or water more frequently, but the reward of attention would pay off with a faster growth process.

FinishBuild would like to remind you that Dracaena plant is not also a slow-growing but also a slow-reacting plant, subsequently it may take weeks for the plant to show symptoms of either overwatering or under-watering. And by then the damage will already have occurred, this is why we believe this information is highly valuable for these long-lasting natural air filters.

How Does a natural Air Filter Works?

4a 1 300x300 Garden Plants: Best Natural Air Filter

According to LIVESCIENCE air-purification capacities of indoor plants are real. Some of the plants that scientists have found most useful in removing VOCs, which are known as volatile organic compounds, such as carbon dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde. Interior plants not only help Mother Nature but also humans in health issues for example asthma and nausea, as well as chronic diseases such as cancer and respiratory illnesses.

Indoor plant’s ability to remove these harmful compounds is called Phytoremediation, which is the process that uses various types of plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, and destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. There are several different types of phytoremediation mechanisms.

Dracaena plant is also responsible of removing toxins, no wonder why we can see them in malls, offices and closed areas. According to HOUSEPLANTEXPERT, this indoor plant was use in the NASA’s clean air study which proved to remove a considerable amount of toxins from the environment.

Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul

Thomas Merton

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Did you know that in India there is a Villlage called Shani ShingnapuShani Shingnapur where doors are absent?  Well there is and despite this, no theft was reported in the village until 2010. However, when it comes to isolate home areas you can apply some alternatives that can work perfectly for open floor home areas to unify spaces. Besides home furniture items that usually work to visually and spatially delimit areas, you can also check FinishBuild picks for 2017:

What to take into account

The perimeter:

First step for you to set all the items properly is: visualization. According to ENTERPRENEUR, visualizing your success, achieving your goal, and completing the task is first recommendation when starting any project, therefore FinishBuild suggest you to grab a piece of paper and draft the purpose of each space in the perimeter in order to provide yourself an idea of the activities of each side of your household. One of the advantages of open spaces plan is that possibilities of interior design are endless, nevertheless make clear which functional zones can fit in the larger space, which uses need to be near each other, and what kind of furniture is required.

What FinishBuild Recommends:

2016 has been a new portal for innovating ideas in Décor and flats and houses are adopting the idea of unify spaces where enclosure is not as necessary as it used to be. On the other hand FinishBuild understand that even though we might be willing to share what define us the most, from time to time there might be things or simple social reunions that may require that sense of privacy or solitude.


Get a pleasant positive impact on yourself by adding your favorite patterns. Wallpapers are a very original way for fragmented home spaces, we suggest you to choose a wall with no windows and no doors. In addition to not overload these areas, paint the rest of the room the same color as the background of the paper and just wallpaper one wall. Bathroom, and living-rooms can get a sophisticated twist with an elegant grey print for instance. Use wallpaper to signal the “end” of one room and the start of another. Options on style and color are endless with wall covering!

This is one wise idea if you really want to divide areas with grace. You do not have necessarily build a whole subfloor, instead of that, explore with wood boards for playing with different levels within a room instead. FinishBuild suggest you to get the rustic touch with wooden pallets in the bedroom areas, try with an industrial mattress base frame. On the other hand using wood pallets to serve as a desk it can be useful when separating areas are a necessary task, try, for example, to locate then behind a sofa to maintain harmony between living-rooms and home studios.

Half walls:

Commonly known as half walls, knee wall or pony walls, are another suitable alternative for diving home areas in a no doors home plan. These home additions can considerably boost your home for isolate areas where solitude is necessary. So, whether is for bedrooms, or even bathrooms half are there to share you the feeling of connection and openness at the same time. However, you can also place it near the front door or between a kitchen and living room.

Sliding doors:

If you consider that a door might be required for a special place inside your home, FinishBuild suggest these type of doors that can adapt to the uniform but also open atmosphere of an open space plan. Through style, color and texture, sliding doors can be successfully used in minimalist interiors as they completely fit with the concept of the style which mixes elements with a rustic character with used and worn out look. We highly recommend them as partition walls in loft apartments helping the splitting of the living area.

Curtain walls:

A curtain wall can be a delicate divider between two spaces such as the living and dining rooms for example. A similar idea can also be applied to spaces like the bedroom to separate it from the bathroom areas. FinishBuild reminds you that if your goal is to find solutions that are flexible, curtains regularly tend to be the cheapest option. Curtains would definitely provide you plenty of privacy yet taking up almost nothing of space, and the best part is that whenever you are ready to get out of bed you just to slide them out of your way with one hand.


Last but not least rugs are a smart inclusion in any are you want to define, whether is for an special activity or just as a decoration item for a room. Visual interest and softness underfoot that large rugs provide can easily cancel the installing process of a physical barrier that might disturb the harmonious look and feel of the space.

When separating your room into smaller sections, the best you can do besides all FinishBuild options is allowing yourself to enjoy the process of creating the spaces of specific areas you want to actually be. So, whether is planning home or a yoga spot, trust your gut. Keep things that you love and keep into account that what really makes a place an outstanding stylish appealing is the character you add with your personal and individualist ideas you use to zones.

Dare to do it. We help you through it!




finishbuild thinks about school gym flooring options destacada2 300x138 DIY Garage Ideas: Genious Item Organization

Did you know that statistically speaking, garages are one of the most common areas for storing items of any kind? Whether is for dog food, gardening items, tool kits, sports items, or even old paint cans, no wonder why Americans often go for self- storage space renting.

Nowadays, garages are an important part of American households, since they are a vital extension of houses, garages usually tent to pack memories, projects we never dare to accomplish and any other promise with never reached, don’t you agree? We all have a trace of this, and whatever your reasons are, FinishBuild understands that sometimes finding yourself in clutter spaces can affect your mood toward others. Therefore we invite you to check our:

Garage organization draft: Purpose

Regarding sport items you regularly used, we suggest you to place them close to the garage door. Purpose defeat any other argumentation in garage organization systems, therefore in the case of rarely used items try to place them in spots where you rarely look, the highest-to-reach is a good example.

In the Garage, items you use together should be side by side. In order for you to find them without losing time, items such as gardening tools and lawn chemicals, should be stored close to one another, same situation with nails, hammer and carpentry tools.

In the case of bulky equipment such as lawnmowers, wheelbarrow and ladders, try to locate them in corners, where they can stay steady and protect you in case of being bumped or knocked over by your car.

What FinishBuild staff recommends

When it comes to your garage, our number one advice is: avoid items on the floor whenever possible. Since this area regularly provides shelter to your car, you might not want to be way-crowded in case of emergency. Subsequently, you might be surprise on how much freedom and positive aspects can you get from a free path. Nevertheless, the advantages of garage space can be wisely profitable if you consider these ideas:

 Set a proper base: 

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 8 300x300 DIY Garage Ideas: Genious Item Organization

Regarding flooring garage products, we consider that it does not have to be focused on a particularly chic look but a more serene and functional base, for this reason FinishBuild suggests you to try with a more neutral and long lasting material such as sealed concrete floor that can be also colored with some covering products like epoxy painting. In addition, we believe that an extra safety measures are never overrated for these kind of areas, therefore some vinyl sheet to protect high traffic areas can also enhance your household garage.

On the other hand, is highly recommendable not only to seal properly you garage foundations but also any other area that might cause you a future air or water leakage. On this way you might definitely be adding some extra safety measure on minimizing the danger of contaminants such as car drain, paint, solvents or gardening supplies toward other area inside the house or into conditioned spaces. 

Set proper illumination:

Garages should be able to provide you a suitable illumination atmosphere in order to allow you to find items you need, or even to provide you a time to time work area. FinishBuild suggest to add white lighting, opt for 4-foot fluorescent light bulbs which work well in cold temps. On the other hand incandescent bulbs are also another options in which you can find the halogen and xenon bulb types. These kinds provide a more focused lighting than fluorescents are highly useful for detailed projects. Even though Halogens produce the brightest most focused light also generate the most heat, therefore we suggest you to consider which is best for you.

Overhead Space:

finishbuild thinks about school gym flooring options 2 300x300 DIY Garage Ideas: Genious Item Organization

Garage would probably not be one of your gathering room first option, this is why FinishBuild encourages you to take advantage of upper space around explore to install some drill shelving units around your upper garage area. In addition, also keep into account that ceiling is an unlimited spot for hanging long, flat items you do not use every day, such as ladders and seasonal sports gear. Thus, make sure that any shelves you hang from the ceiling don’t interfere with your garage door’s operation and that there is enough clearance to avoid scraping the roof of your car.


For easy and quick storage, we advise you to purchase stackable clear-plastic bins with covers, they not only will help you to gather small handy tools but also help you to maintain them dry and ready to go. Try label them in order for you to keep a control of what you own. These clear jars are available in different sizes for sorting hardware and small items. However do not get to excited, buy just the amount you think your garage require, remember that plastics have a wicked influence on Mother Earth. On the other hand, if you aim for privacy, lockable cabinets are also a good choice for storing chemicals products and other items you want to avoid to your kids to get into.

Open Shelves:

When choosing storage units, you have the last verdict. Open shelves are another viable options for those who prefer direct access to tools and any other items in the garage. These shelves are less expensive, and the absence of swinging doors allow you to scan what you have stored. For some users cabinets with doors give the excuse to stay disorganized because you can hide the evidence, which might apply for some, in any of the cases it is a matter of preference.

finishbuild thinks about school gym flooring options 1 300x300 DIY Garage Ideas: Genious Item Organization

Tool hanger:

For the DIY’s, a tool hanger is the best option for men who are always using carpentry or engine tools on their daily basis, subsequently we suggest plywood drilled structure to hang tools for more accessible and comfortable work.

Adjust big items to the wall:

Even thought we might think of endless solutions to avoid items around your garage, there are some that just not would be able to hide. In the case of well-proportioned items, we suggest to gather wheelbarrows, ladders, and any other big items and even hang them on the wall instead of leaving it on the floor. It does not have to be suspended, with the use of some plumbing hooks screwed to the wall (1-1/2-in. hooks) you can attached them to the wall to maintain them steady.Be wise and drill a pilot hole and then drive in the screw hook to hold the wheelbarrow upright. To release the wheelbarrow, just turn the hook.

Care is equal to love:

Last but no least. Break-ins are common, therefore secure the entry door with a dead bolt and keep garage windows locked. And no matter how short periods you might think you would be away of your garage door, always close it. For more information regarding smart ideas, FinishBuild recommends this creative idea on saving space: http://www.familyhandyman.com/garage/storage/garage-storage-space-saving-sliding-shelves/step-by-step

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