CAT DEPARTAMENT DESTACADA 300x138 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

Numbers of pet owners are stupendously increasing nowadays. Whether is for those who are looking an extra- companion in their lives or those who decide to add a guardian to the little ones, we must agree that pets make us feel a lot of things. Nevertheless, when space is tiny such as an apartment, having a cat living inside the home is an experience that might pop your daily routine, however does not imply that cannot be makeable. For this reason FinishBuild has come with a couple of advices that can help you through the meow-journey inside a flat.

The good side of having cats in an apartment

Cats are among the best-suited of all companion animals to have in apartment. Since you do not have to take them out as a dog for example, cats are at much less risk of being hit by cars, getting into fights, or even become pregnant. Most cats are extremely well-suited to living indoors for their entire lives. In fact, many veterinarians and breeders recommend that cats be kept inside at all times, for their own health and welfare.

Disease-free: Cats inside apartments have a generously reduced risk of contracting infectious diseases from other domestic or wild animals. In addition due to the fact that they are widely available to a variety of high-quality commercial feline foods, cats do not require of a supplement on their diets.

the floors of cats 300x300 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

Walking-time free:  On the contrary to dogs, cats do not crave for outdoors to exercise, they are masters of finding curious ways of stretching up. However, you can contribute to your cat physical activity by adding some cat toys that will definitely maintain your indoor cat occupied and active for hours.

However, before bringing a cat into a flat, you as a prospective owner should consider whether or not this arrangement is going to be right for you, and for the cat in question.

Before cat-comfort inside your apartment, consider

CAT DEPARTAMENT 1 300x300 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

Risky areas: One of the biggest dangers for cats living in high-rise homes is that they can fall from a balcony or open window. For this reason owners who live in high places must be sure of adapting a suitable environment for your kitten. Netting, fencing or other barriers around balconies and windows that remain open, can help you greatly. Are you worried about the looks? Try FinishBuild advices on camouflage, plants and ornamental decorations can solve the problem.

Things you love: Remove the things you love. Kittens are curious and they will be ready to play with anything they can find, especially inanimate objects that you might love. Remember those lovely fabrics you use for having on the couch? Yes, those you might want to remove them. Try instead a couple of wicker balls for keep your cat busy.

What you must have for your cats inside you apartment

  1. Padded Perches: FinishBuild suggest you to yourself and your cat a good time by purchasing a padded perches which can be useful for them in order to have claws fun. Another option is to attach larger perches to the side of the ceiling.

CAT DEPARTAMENT 2 300x300 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

2. A cardboard box: Best human invention that cats would always be grateful for. Bring into your apartment a box, since cats love to get into suitcases, wardrobes, this items would be a very and simple toy to get.

3. A pet case: They might be a little freaked out by the unusual activity, especially if you have people your cat does not see regularly. Even though cats tend to be very detached and independent, others can be very territorial when it comes to guests reunions. Therefore, you might want to consider a pet case to keep them safe. You also do not want them running outside unnoticed when you are leaving doors open to carry stuff in or out.

  1. The litter box: Last but never least. This item is crucial for a cat apartment, since cats need to have free access to a clean litterbox at all times you might want to consider at least two litterboxes in appropriate locations throughout the home, especially if more than one cat lives there.

Are you considering more than one cat?

Despite cats might seem reserve at times, most cats are extremely social and do well when it comes to living together, so Finishbuild suggest that as long as they are properly introduced to their housemates, life can be joyful. The ideal scenery would be to have both from the very beginning, with the same age in order to learn together.

the floors of cats 3 1 300x200 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

According to reviews, it seems especially nice to have at least two cats in an apartment, this way both animals would have companionship, social interaction and a playmate, even though they probably will sleep most of the time. However, FinishBuild reminds you that cats are nocturnal by nature; they are naturally more active at night than during the daytime. Therefore beware at night for its own safety, you might want to let your cat know its spot for bedtime.

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¿Are you searching the best flooring for cats? According to National Geographic, Ancient Egyptians may have be the firsts on domesticating cats as early as 4,000 years ago. Furthermore, Egyptians venerated a cat goddess and even mummified their beloved pets for their journey to the next world. Nowadays, cultures have had adopted cats worldwide as their own companions. Like their wild relatives, it is important to remember that, domestic cats are regular predators able to follow prey and pounce with its sharp claws and teeth. This might be an important fact to consider regarding laminate flooring. Cats are quick and active, and their long tails aid their outstanding balance, which leads us to another important point, furniture, kitchen areas, closets, drawers and basically anything with more than two feet tall it is codify as playground.

Best flooring for Cats: Laminate Flooring & claws

Cats have protract and retractable claws on its biological configuration. Generally, when in normal relaxed position, cat’s claws are enclosed with the skin and coated around the paw’s toe pads. This interesting mechanism keeps claws cat sharp and also keep them far from contact with the ground. Even though scratches and marks would happen every so often, we would like to suggest you to invest on light colors on any of our laminate flooring products, such as, FinishBuild Sand Dollar Acacia, Gloss Birch or even Texture Hickory. Take into account that your cat claws around the house is natural. Feline behavior like stretching helps cats to tone their shoulders and legs. The use of clawing sometimes is to mark their territory both visually and with the scent of their paw pads.

Nevertheless, you also may want to consider providing certain independence to your cat in order to avoid odors, for example, consider Build Direct idea of combining areas through a door. A pet door, which are usually smaller that leads to the garage, where the litter pan waits. This would definitely allow your pet to feel free to relief stress and safe you extra cleaning time as well. Trying a scratching post would also be a wise element to add in order to avoid furniture scratching. Keep in mind that sanity depends on variety, for example old cushions are every cats dream, and they are the best fluffy partner ever. Another idea is having at least one litter box for every two cats, they actually love to play and sleep on them.

Porcelain Tiles

This might be a remarkable idea for cats. FinishBuild tiles, such as, Valencia Gray and White could work on your home areas. Nevertheless if you still concern about cat hair loss, Valencia Beige tiles would be another option. FinishBuild staff believe that when it comes to pets in general, the key to maintain clean and long lasting spaces is creativity, whether is a dog or a cat, there is always a solution to keep things in harmony.

Even though Porcelain tiles might be slippery and cold at times, other items like rugs or ornamental pieces of fabric can be a plus, working as an ornamental element and adding warmness to your comfy areas. Coloring is another aspect that Build direct and FinishBuild recommend, bright colors go very well with this kind of tiles, since are neutral pigments can be combine with endless styles.


Best flooring for Cats: Rectified Tiles

Are you the low maintenance flooring type? Then, Nexus Grey tile might be a good match to those of you who joins a busy life schedule. FinishBuild rectified tiles, like Nexus grey come 24×24 which is significant bigger than others on our catalog. Therefore, currently traffic areas such as, corridors and living rooms may match perfectly.

Rectified tiles basically go through a cutting process, which make them suitable enough to place in any home or commercial areas.  A precise size is performed, so all tiles are identical, allowing the tile contractor to set extremely tight grout joints. Nexus Grey flooring tiles come in a clear color with sparkling touch and modern look.

 Thinking together can ease your options towards pets and your family. For example, if your cat has white hair, you would not like to think on a dark flooring products such as, Imperial Gray or Cooper. The same statement will apply with a dark haired feline.


Engineered Hardwood

Regarding Engineered Hardwood flooring options, such as dark and thicker ones may definitely increase your cats comfort due to its durability and resistance to scratches, scuffs and dents. Some hardwood products even offer performance-enhanced finishes that are so tough they practically eliminate any worry about damage. Care must be given, of course, to protecting hardwood from moisture, so use a mat under water bowls and quickly dry any puddles from pet urine.

Anyhow, whether you own a crocodile, a rabbit, a couple monkeys, dogs or cats, keep into account that the best partnerships are those ones were each member is valued with its particular uniqueness. Working as a unit makes the difference. We hope you have had a great time, checking on us.

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