Synchronism, eye- catching elements and functionality are the first words that come in my mind when I think about decoration. These words define a superb way of living standard, therefore it is key to create a well- coordinated decoration project in any room of your home, especially in your living room. In this area you have the opportunity to polish your personality, show how wonderful your thoughts and ideas are in order to create a room that is not only visually appealing, but also functional whether for you, your family or guests.

Creating a living room design plan might be a daunting challenge; proportion, furniture layout, proper lighting, cohesive color and texture design are just a few of aspects to take into consideration when decorating a living room, and so it is very common to see how nearly everyone makes mistakes while striving to achieve their dream living room. In fact, even for professional designers is easy to fall in all sorts of traps when they are working on a decorating project; what I am trying to let you know is that it is fine if you have made some mistakes while achieving the living room look you have always wanted, that is what tips are for. I have compiled some of the most common living room mistakes as well as their solutions, feel free to check them out.

Absence of Color

Neutral color palette seems to be the easiest way to set a minimalist living room look, however opting for some shade of cream or off- white is not always the most modern and sleekest appearance for your living room; actually you may be causing the opposite effect, boring and sterile feel. It is certainly true that neutrals have never been a bad move when it comes to home decoration, but since your living room is the space where your guests, family and friends spend the most time, you should consider providing it with more than one single shade of bland color. A great solution to this cop- out is giving your living room personality through colorful patterns and creative lighting; and when I say colorful this does not necessarily mean that you have to paint your walls in canary yellow, but eye- catching pops of color on your throw pillows and blankets that adds to your living room personality and liveliness.

Placing Your Furniture Against the Walls

This is probably one of the most common blunders homeowners make when arranging their furniture. The reason why this seems to be easiest way to place them is because your furniture does not crowd the space, and allows everyone in the room sitting down face each other. You need to know that by thinking this way you are just only creating an illusion of more space, however by arranging everything flush against the walls you create an overly formal vibe, which an unwanted feeling because it lacks intimacy and thus makes the space feel less homey. A smart solution to correct this mistake is by striving to create a mix, and place some pieces of furniture along the walls, bring some others together to create cozy areas where guests can feel intimacy and they can comfortably chat.

Consider Only Overhead Lighting

When people walk into any living room, they should feel a pleasant ambience that can only be provided by lighting that has been done correctly; remember that your living room is not a dressing room and so you need to have a variety of light sources; play around the room with table and floor lamps, different heights and brightness will give your living room a warm and flattering room, you can opt for recessed, hanging fixtures, and to create the right mood for the right moment, dimmers will be a key element you will also need to install.

Including Furniture You Won’t Use

There are some elements you think look awesome, and you decide to incorporate them as part of your decor at the time, but you need to ask yourself if you will use them in the long term. Moreover, when you decorate with many small items you give your living room the feel of a cluttered room. To solve this mistake, purchase what you really need in your living room and then design your living room around it, the idea is to make choices that best suit your lifestyle.

Choosing Too Small Rugs

There is not denial that rugs are an expensive and typical element in any living room, if you buy them too small then they can mess with the décor of the entire room. Studying your living room’s proportions will be a great idea to avoid such mistake. Furthermore, remember that the rug should touch the front legs of every piece of nearby furniture, but if it goes bigger it is totally fine. Placing the proper sized rug can add character and create a true impact in your living room.

A living room is the symbol of peace and serenity in any home, so in order to make it to a beautiful and comfortable one you need to incorporate the elements and accessories that best portrait your taste and style, but keeping in mind that there are certain principles you need to follow.

At first glance it may seem a simple project, but the way you decorate your living room is not only a matter of look, functionality should also have a key role in the process of decorating such an essential room in your house. It is also important to mention that is absolutely fair if you decide to hire an interior designer you can work with in order to achieve the living room that best expresses your style. It is never too late to improve your living room’s decor, at FinishBuild we offer you an exceptional variety of furnishings as well as accessories that can incredibly complement the look you want your living room to have…you dream it, we Build it!


When it comes to share information with our readers about anything related to sleep, the National Sleep Foundation is the most skilled website we can think of to do some research that supports what we post. Today is not an exception, we would like to let you know what the benefits of daytime napping are; including the positive effects or drawbacks of this activity that is considered a very important activity in many cultures around the world. According to an article published by the National Sleep Foundation “more than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day”. Humans happen to be part of the minority of monophasic sleepers whose days are divided into two distinct periods; this is one for sleep and the other one for wakefulness.

Due to all of the daily activities and duties we develop in this globalized world we are currently living, people are becoming more sleep deprived than ever before; forgetting how important can be a short nap in the afternoon. This was something that people like John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Napoleon really valued, all of them are known for considering an afternoon nap a beneficial habit. To prove that these well- known people were right, there are several findings which reveal that a nap during the afternoon restores wakefulness and contributes to performance and learn better. Researchers in the sleep field have shown that napping for as short as 10 minutes does improve performance, while naps of less than 30 minutes duration offer many benefits. On the other hand it is important to highlight that frequent and longer naps may lead to adverse long term health effects.

Types of Naps

Now that we have established that daytime napping can turns into a healthy habit that many people strive to include in their daily routines, it is time to make notice that there are three different ways to classify a nap. Planned or preparatory napping actually occurs when a person decides to nap without getting sleepy, as the name suggests planned naps involve preparations and rituals; for instance if you expect to stay late at night, then you might want to take a preparatory nap in the early afternoon. Then there is the emergency nap, which happens when the body cannot longer be active due to tiredness, this type of nap is highly recommended it for people who drive for long distances or operate heavy machinery. Habitual nap is the third type of napping, and this is a very common habit among young children and the elderly that occurs at the same time every day.

Benefits of Daytime Napping

A nap in the afternoon from 10 to 30 minutes duration promotes as well as enhances both performance and learning abilities, let’s check what the benefits of daytime napping are:

Naps refresh your mind, when you take one from 30 to 40 minutes long; you are increasing your performance by 34% and improve alertness by up to 100%, in accordance with a study by NASA.

Scheduled nap are prescribed for those patients who are affected by sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, so when you take a nap you go a long way treating those sleeping disorders.

Napping can turn not only into healthy but also physiological benefits; because they can be a pleasant luxury, providing an easy way to get some rest and rejuvenation, just like when you take a mini- vacation.

The Backdraws of Napping

Even though napping has plenty of benefits, some people find it difficult to get a proper short rest, perhaps this is due to the fact that some of them cannot sleep in the afternoon by design; here we have enlisted the negative effects that such activity can cause:

Frequent and long naps can lead to sleep inertia, which is known for making people feel groggy and disoriented, just like when you awake from a deep sleep. This symptom usually lasts for a few minutes or half-hour, so it can be detrimental to those individuals who need to perform immediately after taking a nap.

When it comes to normal sleeping periods, napping can also have a negative effect on them. For instance, a long nap or a nap taken too late in the afternoon can adversely influences the length and quality of nighttime sleep. So if you deal with sleep issues at night, napping will only increase that problem.

If you have insomnia, then naps represents a problems; no matter how tired you feel during the day, napping in the afternoon will only perpetuate bad sleep habits in people who have temporary sleep troubles caused by stress or illness. Additionally, napping is a very backdraw among people who are at risk of a heart failure; naps do increase the chances.

As a cultural fact, in most cultures taking naps is left for the sickly, children and elderly, who are generally typed as a non- productive group. So napping in these cultures may be associated with this stigma that evidently leads to low self- esteem in a healthy person.

Tips To accomplish a Good Napping Time

A quick nap can work wonders to encourage you to perform at your best and improve your learning ability, so why not to set a great environment in order to accomplish a good napping time? The first thing you need to do is to make sure your nap is going to be a short one (20-30 minutes), during this time you improve alertness without necessarily feeling groggy. Regarding your sleep environment, you need to greatly create a relaxing impact wherever you take your naps. We would like you to visit our online store and find out all of the bedroom furniture pieces you can purchase and have at home; from bedrooms to couches, including lamps and dimmers who contribute to create the proper feel for a restful place to lie down. And if you are striving to reduce the amount of noise heard, our wide selection of carpets will be more than ideal to better the environment you need to have a short nap that fully energizes you.


Destacada 300x138 What You Need To Know About Berber Carpets

As a homeowner who is always looking forward to improve your spaces and make the most of them, it is very probable that you feel attracted by all the different colors and textures that you can find in the accessories that the home market has to offer. In this opportunity we would like to share entertaining information about Berber carpets, which is a style of carpet among all the types of carpeting you can opt for. But before to start mentioning the pros or cons of this eye- catching home accessory, let’s make some research about the origin of this amazing style of carpet. Berber carpet owns its name to a tribe of people located in North Africa; they make their cloaks base on the same multi-leveled loops, using heathered and flecked yarns in order to create unique loops from the largest ones to tighter loops that help to give the yarn special interest and definition.

At the beginning, Berber carpets were thought to be installed only in basement rooms or home offices; but then thanks to how versatile they are, this style can excellently fits in any type of décor, what makes it now a really popular choice for all of the areas of your home. Today is possible to find both traditional and modern Berber carpet designs that are exceptionally distinguished by its different knotting patterns, dyes as well as textures.

Opting for Berber carpet: Pros

Berber is one of the most durable styles of residential carpet; this is the most popular selling point of this type of carpet. Even though Berber is made in looped and thus the fiber is stronger than it is in cut form, this does not necessary mean that all Berbers are the most durable among the carpet styles. The key to select a good quality carpet is by comparing two products with the same pattern of composition, and choose that one which has better durability for the same amount of money.

a1 300x200 What You Need To Know About Berber Carpets

Since there are many types of Berbers, it will be very important for you to learn about them, in order to determine which one will provide you the best value for what you have paid. Moreover, this type of carpet is available in different prices that can be comparable to other cut- pile carpet styles. The fact Berber tends to be lower priced is mainly due to olefin fiber, which is a less costly material than any other fibers, like nylon or wool. Another reason why you can fin really affordable Berber carpets is because of their manufacturing process, which is less demanding than saxonies or friezes.

Additionally, this type of carpet can be found in unique designs and color schemes. Berber carpet generally has a flecked color skin, what gives it an amazing ability to match with multiple interior design schemes; and at this point we might want to highlight that in order to prevent wear patterns, and have your Berber carpets looking awesomely the whole year you should clean it every six to 12 months.

Fortunately wool Berber carpets are so versatile that they do not only provide your spaces with great appearance but also with comfort as they offer you a cushion sensation underfoot as you walk on them. Furthermore, Berber carpets contribute to insulate the room where they are installed, in both temperature and sound; this advantage make this style of carpet an excellent choice for your children’s bedroom or playroom, your family room or any other place of your home.

Opting for Berber carpet: Cons

Berber carpets are made from a loop construction; this can represent a con as there is the possibility of snagging or running, because objects can get caught in the loop and pull it out. However, it takes a lot of force to actually snag a Berber but there are some ways to prevent this from happening.

Another con you may find when having Berber carpets in your spaces is actually a contradictory statement (opposite to one of the pros we have mentioned), because many homeowners think that cheaper Berber have a rough feel and then they get cheaper olefin Berber carpets, finding them very comfortable and this is not an attribute of this style of carpet.

Rather than being stain resistant, we might define Berber as a great spills resistant alternative for your home flooring; spills then to sit on the surface of the carpet, so if you can notice them early, you are likely to prevent them from sinking into the fiber. On the other hand, most of the fibers of Berber are natural and non- toxic, they do not support bacteria growth; this brings you to another great attribute about this type of carpet, and it is due to the fact that Berber is fairly easy to clean and for instance, traditional Berber comes in multi- colored design, so it is easy to hide soiling or any other kind of stains that can occur. Basically this con can be omitted from our disadvantages list; we rather keep our thoughts positive and leave this at one less con.

Berber carpets have become a common option for high traffic areas with considerable heavy use for instance, offices. This way we can see how they have moved our from basement and have gain place in all areas of the home, Berber carpets can now be installed on stairs or railing posts. With Berber carpets there is no need to concern about your pets damaging the carpet, or the carper catching your pets’ claws; however in case you have a cat that really enjoys to sharpen its claws, there will be the possibility of damage the carpet material by repeatedly kneading the carpet, for this particular scenario we would like to recommend you to select a good quality carpet, this style of carpets take a lot of force to tear out one loop. And for more formal areas such as living rooms or dinning rooms, you can choose for a solid color that helps reduce the casual feel that a traditional multi-colored Berber can provide.

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Flooring is a permanent element in your home that you should give a special and important investment every now and then. Since floors are the most used (sometimes abused) surfaces in any home, good choices on flooring certainly contribute to the right selection of furniture, and also have special considerations on traffic, activities and inevitable accidents that will take place on them. In this post we would like to focus on another excellent flooring option you might want to consider for your home: carpets.

This option has been an amazing element in interior décor, due to its great attributes that help to create stunning looks in any of the spaces where installed. When considering carpets for your underfoot surfaces, you need to pay attention specially to the materials you will opt for as this soft flooring option offers softness, comfort, attractiveness, sound insulation, warmth and luxury at once; having mention this we are sure you would not like to go wrong on the selection of your carpeting. Moreover, purchasing quality flooring materials for your home, will allow you to have a feasible investment that lasts in the long term as well as in the short term, because the permanence of quality underfoot surfaces increases your property’s value.

Nylon or Polyester Carpets?

You will have to face many decisions in your life, selecting the most suitable material for your carpets will be one of them. Choose the wrong carpet for any of your home’s spaces and your carpeting will be a disaster before you are ready to get rid of it. Our best suggestion? Do some previous research, keep reading this post and compare these two types of materials for your underfoot surfaces base mainly on their durability, stain resistance, appearance, price and some other factors that might be important for you.


This is probably the most common category homeowners focus on; perhaps because it is not smart at all to like a carpet that does not last. Regarding how durable these two carpet materials are, we have to stand that nylon has the upper hand in this feature. This material is very hard and when dirt gets into this fiber, the sharps edges of nylon particles cut into the carpet fibers, and thus destroy them so this is how you can notice how remarkable the hardness of nylon is. If you compare these two carpeting materials in this category, nylon has also a better bounce- back than polyester, to prove this you walk on it and easily feel its resistance. Nylon fibers are more readily to return to an upright position; this is an awesome plus when you change the position of your furniture because it has been in the same spot for a considerable time, the marks your furniture can leave behind are easier to get rid of if your carpet in made of nylon.

On the other hand, polyester is a soft fiber which is able to make you feel really comfortable; however constant walking on this great underfoot surface makes it crush, this will turn out into a worn out look sooner than you would expect. Furthermore, polyester is also recognized by its attribute of not holding up too well; once dirt gets in this material, makes an instant negative impact, and furniture marks or wear show more quickly.

Stain Resistance

In this category, it is fair to say that there is almost a tide between these two carpeting materials; so you rather base your decision on the previous criteria we have shown. Fortunately, both of these materials perform stain resistance at their best; but since nylon is more absorbent and as you might know, liquids are very hard to get rid of so due to this, polyester is somewhat a better choice. However, we might warn that even when both nylon and polyester are good at resisting stain, this does not necessarily means your carpets are invulnerable to staining; immediate maintenance when you or any of your loved spill a drink, will be the right solution.


Until the two previous categories, it seems that nylon deserves the trophy of this comparison. However it will be more than fair to mention some of the benefits that polyester have; and one of them is that this carpet material is very easy to dye. Ok, this is not a huge difference because nylon can also be dyed; but if you are looking for the boldest designs and colors, you surely can find them in polyester.


Here is really worth to make notice that one of the biggest advantages of polyester is its price. Due to the fact that this carpet material can be made from recycled materials; carpet production of this fiber is cheaper and earth- friendly, this is what mostly draws people to these types of carpet. Polyester carpeting can be purchased for about half the cost of nylon, this translates into saving thousands of dollars.

Carpeting can be one of the wisest choices you can make for your home improvement project, it is a safe option for you and your loved ones, this means you will less likely to deal with slip and fall accidents as occurs on hard surface floors. They can create the look you want either in your home or business as they add style wherever they are installed; the best part is that there is a wide variety of colors, patterns, cuts, so possibilities are thousands when it comes to fulfill your style statements. According to designers and experts, carpets as underfoot alternatives are less labor intensive to clean or maintain than hard surface flooring, therefore carpet can cost less to maintain as well. Moreover, new technologies have made a positive impact on this type of flooring, as they allow carpet to be recycled into a whole brand new product. Manufacturer’s studies have showed that from 121 million pounds of worn carpet which have been collected, 85% was recycled into new carpet, consequently there is no need to acquire raw materials; sustainability takes place here and we absolutely like it!



Healthy body, healthy mind! According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, it is highly recommended that either children or adolescents participate in daily physical activities or events, at least 60 minutes daily. As you might know, physical activity has academic benefits as well; students that practice any physical activity improved their concentration and memory. There is also another fact that in FinishBuild we believe is important when it comes to having physical activity at school, for both children and youth; this could significantly reduce the number of overweight in students.

Students as well as athletes need safe, durable, and high-performance flooring; because this can help them achieve good results in all the activities they develop in this specific area of the school. FinishBuild takes into consideration all these aspects, and because we are a flooring company, we strive to accomplish the previously mentioned statements as well as gym floorings that look extraordinary.

Proving an optimal learning environment for students has to be an essential goal in any educational institution; this should go in conjunction with an inspiring area where students can produce endorphins (chemicals in the brain) that regulate mood, pleasure and pain; therefore they feel good about themselves and their academic performances. Thinking about a place where physical activities can be developed in the school, we could not think about any other one but a gymnasium and the different options people have in order to select the correct one. When you are looking for the products that help you achieve the flooring look you want, you may consider the following aspects: they need to be easy to maintain, quick to install, and look great, yet are durable enough to take a beating from thousands of students and still last for years.

Today’s flooring market offers a wide selection of alternatives for you school gym so you can opt for the one that better suits your needs. Among the gym flooring options we can mention for instance: tile, synthetic surfaces or maple.

How often and how to keep your school’s gym looking its best?

FINISHBUILD THINKS ABOUT SCHOOL GYM FLOORING OPTIONS 2a 300x300 FinishBuild Thinks About School Gym Flooring Options

Every type of flooring requires particular steps in order to be installed and have an exceptional performance; yet the only feature all types of flooring have in common is that they need regular attention whether in the daily or weekly care, as well as in the monthly or annual maintenance.

When we refer to daily care, we mean that depending on the use and traffic, dust mopping with damp mopping or autoscrubbing will be enough to make flooring looks great. And we believe frequent mopping is important since either students or teachers track the grit and grime every day, and cleaning them will help remove dirt and soil; these are the biggest cause of floor wear. As we have mentioned, depending on the traffic in your school gym, it would be necessary to dust many times a day, so make sure your cleaning crew perform this task, they will help the school extend the life of the gym flooring.

Burnishing is another monthly key alternative to consider when maintaining your gym’s flooring. It is recommended to remove scuffmarks and restore gloss. You can also opt for any spray-on floor restorers that are now available in any home market; these sprays enhance your flooring’s shine but please be careful to choose the specific product you need, sometimes people decide on products meant for resilient vinyl tile floors and use them on wood or synthetic surfaces: big mistake!. Once your cleaning crew has performed the burnishing task, they can use a dust mop with a microfiber mop, in order to pick up any remaining fine particles.

Most of the schools prefer to perform the yearly maintenance task during the summer time, because classes are not in session and traffic is at is at its lowest; however, there are some other schools which consider winter or spring break as an ideal time to the perform the gym’s maintenance. Whichever the proper opportunity you consider performing the maintenance of the gym is, make sure that you do not develop it when the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when humidity is greater than 80 percent.  Referring to the products that best take care of your flooring surface, the alternatives are limitless. However, from FinishBuild we would like to recommend you to choose a brand that offers a large selection of products, so you can have many options to select. Either water or solvent-based products, could suitably work on your flooring maintenance, but do not mix them together without consulting the FinishBuild’s advising center, these types of products will maximize the life of the shine on your gym’s flooring.

By developing these schedules maintenances, you will certainly observe that the frequency your school’s gym flooring needs to be resurfaced will decrease, and this ultimately will save your school money.

Interesting alternatives to protect gym school’s flooring

FINISHBUILD THINKS ABOUT SCHOOL GYM FLOORING OPTIONS 1a 300x300 FinishBuild Thinks About School Gym Flooring Options

Since there are many special activities that take place in school’s gymnasiums, for instance; proms, pep rallies or homecoming dances, we have thought about some options that may benefit you when it comes about protecting your flooring.  Additionally, FinishBuild likes to pay attention to every single detail, that is why we have also considered the fact that for school gyms, people wear different shoes, special events can result with food and drinks spilled on the floor. Consequently, none of these situations are good for your flooring finish, they actually reduce the life of your gym’s surface and we know it is a costly investment for schools in general. These are some options you can consider to protect the investment you have made: vinyl sheets and carpet tiles. You may wonder why? Well they are budget-friendly, and the covering process is finished quickly.

Vinyl covers advantages

  • Vinyl covers are easy to roll out; therefore, the covering process is finished quickly.
  • They are available in different sizes and thickness; this would depend on the particular time you will use the vinyl covering.
  • Vinyl covers’ maintenance is great! Quick mopping will be enough to clean them up.
  • You will find them in a great range of colors; so you can choose the one that best expresses your school spirit!

Even though vinyl may causes health problems due to the fact that it has been tested as the most toxic flooring material, if installed in outdoor areas where there is a proper air circulation, vinyl sheets should not be a problem. Protecting your flooring’s surface is important and these alternatives will help your gym’s flooring looking great longer, what will also turn into a positive impact on the school’s savings.

Carpet tiles advantages

9 300x300 FinishBuild Thinks About School Gym Flooring Options

  • They are easy to install and store; so installing them is finished quickly.

  • Carpet tiles feature a non-slip backing; which provides an outstanding traction.
  • Most of them carry limited warranty.
  • Carpet tiles cleaning stage is simple! Just vacuum them and that’s it.

FinishBuild knows your school gym flooring represents a large investment in time and resources, so a proper installation, and the right protection during special events or specific functions, will help keeping the look of your flooring in the long term. Remembering tips which might be irrelevant such as: spills on the floor should be removed immediately and when cleaning them, do not use products that leave a residue because it makes the floor slippery, are the most important considerations we can ask our customers to have in mind.

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