Kitchen decor items that contribute to organization

Cabinets are key elements in your kitchen that other than highlight the look of such important space, can also help you with the organization of everything you need in this area of your house. However, minimalism should be a word you should take into consideration when decorating your kitchen; the worst thing you can do is having overflowing cabinets with gadgets or all the types of Tupperware. Moreover, cabinet drawers will be a very useful and versatile option that not only will provide your kitchen with an impeccable appearance, but also will help you keep a limited number of pots and pans; let’s be honest, sometimes we have so many kitchen utensils and gadgets, that we do not even remember what we bought them for.

Bedroom decor item that contribute to organization

Wardrobe is generally that place of your bedroom where you keep at least a few items that you never wear; so you might want to start by deciding whether or not you really need to keep those pieces of clothing that perhaps do not fit you, or you do not love anymore. So, when it comes to closets or wardrobe, simplicity in their appearance is what you need to strive to achieve; an organized as well as an eye- catching way to show your closet is by selecting your most favorite clothing pieces, from sleeveless to long sleeve, hang them by color too and you will have a closet that is really attractive to the eye. Once again I must mention drawers, but in this case you can use them for putting your ballet flats, this way you keep your closet organized and at the same time you are saving the cubbies for wedges and heels. And if you are looking for ways to improve the displaying of your jewelry, use dishes and attractive drawer dividers; it is an excellent way to organize jewelry in flat drawers.

Living room decor items that contribute to organization

You may already know it, your living room can serve many functions. Therefore it is very important to find the right furnishings, and the most suitable ways to arrange them to handle both family time and visiting guests. When looking for the proper elements in your living room that not only perform at their very best, but also contribute to the organization of such space, a stuffed media center can absolutely be the best option you should consider as an open storage along one wall provides ample space, where you can store plenty of your favorites and necessary objects; electronic equipment, books, photos, games and so on. In this way, you maximize your living room’s space; and in order to provide your media center with a fresher and organized look, you can strive for installing fabric panels that conceal items stored. Fabric panels may be a challenging DIY project you can aim to achieve, however, if you would like to have another idea to consider, then custom polished doors might work wonders to cover and keep your media center looking great. Polished doors hide clutter, thus you can keep the space casual as well as well- coordinated; and to complete the right appearance in your living room, a table lamp on top to the media center might be the softest lighting option for movie nights or parties.

Bathrooms decor items that contribute to organization

I do not really why, but it is surprising what you can find in your bathroom that contribute to a clutter area, expired hygiene products and old make-up that you completely forgot about. In order to avoid this type of situations in the future, strive to have a bathroom vanity that is gorgeous and where you can find everything you need within your hand reach; there is no need to keep a lot of products in this area of your house, store only pretty things like a set of brushes, a few pieces of jewelry in attractive glass containers, or perfume bottles out in the open. On the other hand, in case you also count on cabinets or drawers in your bathroom, keep the space in them to store those less attractive necessities; you could divide your drawers by organizing all of those make-up and items you wear on occasions, and in the other drawer space you can organize those things you have access to everyday. Clear storage boxes are an amazing way to keep your bathroom organized, and the best part is that you can add gorgeous decorating details to them with paint, decorative labels or anything you want to make them looking prettier; but remember that they should be clear, because this is how you can help yourself identifying what is inside the box, without having to open it.

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Becoming a parent is, to say the least, the biggest responsibility someone can take on; there is nothing else that is more important than this life changing experience. Even though I am not a mother yet, I have heard it is incredible how the enormity of such life- defining issue can be. But how does it feel to have a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Well, there are parents who describe it as an overwhelming way to live their lives; however, they do a lot in order to help control and reduce the symptoms. I have known some people who have children with ADHD and to my mind, it is really admirable how they contribute to help their children overcome daily challenges; they do it all! They channel their children’s energy into positive arenas, and set a structured daily plan for them.

Parents of children with such conditions must know that the idea is to empower, and not to control kids who have been labeled ADHD. They should then make sure their child is surrounded by the right living space environment; this is a crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. After doing some research, I have compiled some suggestions that might help you develop the ideal living space environment for your children or teen with ADHD; you will be able to improve your home living style but most important, you will provide your child with optimal living conditions.

Optimal changes to the bedroom

When it comes to provide your kid with an optimal bedroom environment that contributes to eliminate those common things that increase your child’s anxiety levels, it would be very important to keep the walls within view fairly plain if possible, windows can be a distracting element for your child so strive to face his/her workspace away from them. In addition, too many toys in your child’s room or any other distracting item will certainly lead to more opportunities for distraction; good ways to address this is by focusing on what your kid loves the most, and store those items in out of sight or out of mind areas. In the long term, this will gradually allow you to explore new interests for your child. Regarding color options for the bedroom, fortunately there are plenty of alternatives; greens, muted browns, warm earth tones or calming blue hues are the best ideas you can opt for. Serene images put in nice artwork for your child’s bedroom is another great idea you can consider; gently flowing river over ranging ocean scene, or calming nature scenes such as flowers, gardens or trees are interesting alternatives that if placed in a limit number of posters, will harmoniously minimize visual distractions. By making these small changes, you will promote a soothing environment for your child with ADHD.

Optimal changes to the rest of your house

A proper home design for your child with ADHD will make the difference in his/ her development; this is why it is so important to create ADHD friendly spaces throughout your home. Start by creating a low- distraction work area, where there is little background noise that allows your child doing his/her homework and studying in a quite environment. Many homeowners love having eye- catching and colorful home items in each area of their properties, however for parents of children with ADHD it is recommended to forget about decorative objects that can easily distract their children, it would be better to strive for a relaxing almost spa-like feel home; with calming vibes that beautifully combine your and your child’s styles. Other aspects you should carefully check at home are good chairs, proper lighting, and temperature levels that make your child feel comfortable; this will be the best supportive way to create a home that meets your entire child’s needs. Place a workstation where you can close the blinds when it comes the time for your child to study

Today there are plenty of options you can choose from the home market, in order to offer your child with ADHD supportive ways that can lead him/her to live and enjoy of a stable, happy and suitable home. From beautiful work area designs, which can perform all of the features required by children with ADHD, to soothing wall color pallets that contribute to balance their moods or anxiety levels, you will totally succeed at being a parent of a child with this disorder; making small but significant changes at home will go a long way on helping your child to achieve a life that not only promotes learning for them, but also alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. Of course, it will be vital to address child’s problems at an early stage; this will certainly increase the chance of offering them a successful life.


One of the most romantic love demonstration of love is a breakfast in bed for your loved ones. You must agree with us on the fact that spending time in bed, reading, writing of even watching tv, is part of those little escapes to reality that can provide us a certain gratifying sensation of peace. Even though many might consider eating is only considerable when you are sick, at FinishBuild we believe that comfort rise up when you add a pleasant but also comfy headboard.

Advantages of having a headboard in your master room

Headboards are generally use for aesthetics. Aiming to a luxury bed furniture, headboards were originally used to insulate the bed, they started to become a status symbol of grandeur and wealth. However we have another reasons why having a piece of furniture like this can enhance your master room area.


Headboards for bed can be used as:

An inviting backdrop. Headboards would always provide you a focal point in your master bedroom. As a bedroom furniture, headboards are great way to add as a visual anchor to your mattress location, and there are plenty of varieties available which can ease your process of choosing the one that can work as an accent to your existing color scheme or bedroom style.

A siting back funding. Did you know that after a while, the grease that you naturally emanate can leave some marks in your wall? This meaning that if you have the habit of place yourself against your bed wall.  So whether is for greasy hair and sweat from a long train routine, it is quite common to see where their head may be coming into contact with the surface of the wall. This is where headboards role is accurate, in the case you enjoy sitting in bed to read, eat, use your phone or laptop, then you probably appreciate relying on an upholstered headboard for example, which can provide your back with contented while sitting upright in bed.

Pillow packer: If you are into having lots of pillows, then headboards are going to fit your setting. Headboards are quite efficient at keeping pillows in place, for those who frequently get annoyed at pillow slipping between the bed and the wall, will definitely find some tranquility with this bedroom furniture.

Multipurpose configuration. Headboards offer you another alternative when it comes to find a place to store you home items inside your master bedroom. Some headboards can now provide overhead storage in the way of shelves, and configured nightstands where you can place books, lamps or simply use the space for adornment.


Types of Headboards for your Bed

1.The canopy look: The canopy headboard look provides you the modern look on a medieval design, characteristically suspended from the ceiling beams using ropes, fabrics draped over to act as insulation against the bitter winter cold. We think that this style can suit you perfectly if you enjoy royal style, and the good part is that you can achieve this look at a reasonable price by getting inexpensive fabric that you like both sides of, a rope and a sheave simple system.

2.Four poster with headboard. As a variation of the canopy, come the four poster headboard that can come with or without draping fabric, which besides given you the sense of warmness and coziness, this design was a classic example of the 15th century where only the truly wealthy owned this bed furniture.

3. Covered headboard. Or commonly known as upholstered headboard. This bedroom furniture items introduces a more lightly way of support in comparison to canopy headboards. As the name suggest these headboards come covered with fabrics that depend on the style you want, however these materials sometimes tent to be vulnerable to oils from hair and skin causing stain patterns. Nevertheless, that strictly depends on the material applied, leather for example is a long-lasting fabric but can be expensive than others. Regarding style, and presentations, upholstered headboards design are also available on button-tufted, which besides providing a sophisticated and elegant look, also magnifies your comfort.


4.Iron headboard. I must personally say that this headboard option allows you to fit in any style you might want to pull trough. Whether is a classical, urban or even industrial style, iron headboards can enhance your master bedroom in an easy-going way. It also good to mention that these structures would add the strength you need for relying on cold seasons, or reading-times. Nowadays, new iron headboards come in many different powder-coated colors and finishes, so you definitely would not have a problem with finding the color you love.

What FinishBuild Recommends: Materials for Headboards in a Master Bedroom

Laminate: Laminate cannot also allow you to build your own multi-purpose nightstand headboard, but also can work if you are into a single and mobile laminate unite to rest on. FinishBuild laminate products can offer you a wide variety of fine refinished boards that are reasonable with your budget and actually ready-to-go. Matching your style regarding bedroom furniture would be a delight, since we count with a gamma you only need to choose between which is the color that can rally match your master bed. Headboards could easily display on Driftwood, with our LAVA tone, ARENA or if you preferred a clearer look, we suggest you SAND DOLLAR ACACIA in our Forest line.

Metal: Regarding more industrial looks we also have looks like Copper and Bronze for headboards. Generally these materials are highly durable and offer stability and natural bold touch. Stainless Steel is also another popular chromium look, which make of headboards a tough material over the years.

Vinyl: Vinyl sheets are one of the recommendations I have just checked for headboards. Even though I am not into adding this type of material to a bedroom, because of the multiple reviews on toxic levels, I would like to suggest vinyl as a way of giving an unusual but 100% personalized headboard and not to mention the fact that you would unquestionably have the adherence you need for breakfast on Sundays.

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When it comes to share information with our readers about anything related to sleep, the National Sleep Foundation is the most skilled website we can think of to do some research that supports what we post. Today is not an exception, we would like to let you know what the benefits of daytime napping are; including the positive effects or drawbacks of this activity that is considered a very important activity in many cultures around the world. According to an article published by the National Sleep Foundation “more than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day”. Humans happen to be part of the minority of monophasic sleepers whose days are divided into two distinct periods; this is one for sleep and the other one for wakefulness.

Due to all of the daily activities and duties we develop in this globalized world we are currently living, people are becoming more sleep deprived than ever before; forgetting how important can be a short nap in the afternoon. This was something that people like John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Napoleon really valued, all of them are known for considering an afternoon nap a beneficial habit. To prove that these well- known people were right, there are several findings which reveal that a nap during the afternoon restores wakefulness and contributes to performance and learn better. Researchers in the sleep field have shown that napping for as short as 10 minutes does improve performance, while naps of less than 30 minutes duration offer many benefits. On the other hand it is important to highlight that frequent and longer naps may lead to adverse long term health effects.

Types of Naps

Now that we have established that daytime napping can turns into a healthy habit that many people strive to include in their daily routines, it is time to make notice that there are three different ways to classify a nap. Planned or preparatory napping actually occurs when a person decides to nap without getting sleepy, as the name suggests planned naps involve preparations and rituals; for instance if you expect to stay late at night, then you might want to take a preparatory nap in the early afternoon. Then there is the emergency nap, which happens when the body cannot longer be active due to tiredness, this type of nap is highly recommended it for people who drive for long distances or operate heavy machinery. Habitual nap is the third type of napping, and this is a very common habit among young children and the elderly that occurs at the same time every day.

Benefits of Daytime Napping

A nap in the afternoon from 10 to 30 minutes duration promotes as well as enhances both performance and learning abilities, let’s check what the benefits of daytime napping are:

Naps refresh your mind, when you take one from 30 to 40 minutes long; you are increasing your performance by 34% and improve alertness by up to 100%, in accordance with a study by NASA.

Scheduled nap are prescribed for those patients who are affected by sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, so when you take a nap you go a long way treating those sleeping disorders.

Napping can turn not only into healthy but also physiological benefits; because they can be a pleasant luxury, providing an easy way to get some rest and rejuvenation, just like when you take a mini- vacation.

The Backdraws of Napping

Even though napping has plenty of benefits, some people find it difficult to get a proper short rest, perhaps this is due to the fact that some of them cannot sleep in the afternoon by design; here we have enlisted the negative effects that such activity can cause:

Frequent and long naps can lead to sleep inertia, which is known for making people feel groggy and disoriented, just like when you awake from a deep sleep. This symptom usually lasts for a few minutes or half-hour, so it can be detrimental to those individuals who need to perform immediately after taking a nap.

When it comes to normal sleeping periods, napping can also have a negative effect on them. For instance, a long nap or a nap taken too late in the afternoon can adversely influences the length and quality of nighttime sleep. So if you deal with sleep issues at night, napping will only increase that problem.

If you have insomnia, then naps represents a problems; no matter how tired you feel during the day, napping in the afternoon will only perpetuate bad sleep habits in people who have temporary sleep troubles caused by stress or illness. Additionally, napping is a very backdraw among people who are at risk of a heart failure; naps do increase the chances.

As a cultural fact, in most cultures taking naps is left for the sickly, children and elderly, who are generally typed as a non- productive group. So napping in these cultures may be associated with this stigma that evidently leads to low self- esteem in a healthy person.

Tips To accomplish a Good Napping Time

A quick nap can work wonders to encourage you to perform at your best and improve your learning ability, so why not to set a great environment in order to accomplish a good napping time? The first thing you need to do is to make sure your nap is going to be a short one (20-30 minutes), during this time you improve alertness without necessarily feeling groggy. Regarding your sleep environment, you need to greatly create a relaxing impact wherever you take your naps. We would like you to visit our online store and find out all of the bedroom furniture pieces you can purchase and have at home; from bedrooms to couches, including lamps and dimmers who contribute to create the proper feel for a restful place to lie down. And if you are striving to reduce the amount of noise heard, our wide selection of carpets will be more than ideal to better the environment you need to have a short nap that fully energizes you.


   NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP destacada 300x138 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!

When your little ones are already 18 or 36 months old, perhaps it is time to start thinking about the idea of replacing their cot by a toddle bed; this is an important transition which plays a significant big part in your little ones health as well as development. Moreover, providing your kids with an optimal bed can be the best way to avoid sharing your own bed or co- sleeping with your little one since this can create long term problems for both parents and children. In accordance with a report made by the ABC News, sleeping in the same bed with your kid diminishes the quality of sleep that they and you as a parent need, the results of this sleep deprivation is definitely detrimental to the whole family as yawing parents wake up in the morning and struggle in order to meet the challenges inherent in any busy day. And on the other hand, if your children do not have an adequate sleep, this may affect their physical and mental development as well.

Should you but a toddle or single bed for your kid? An innerspring mattress or latex made one? Should you place your little one’s bed on an ensemble or a slatted base? These are some of the questions you may wonder when purchasing the proper bed for your kids. And as we have already mentioned, this is a very important choice because it will allow you to give your kids a bed that supports their growing body and spine; so keep reading about the best tips and suggestions we have selected for you in order to accomplish such an interesting decision.

Explore all of the bed’s building material options and choose the proper one

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 1 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Sales people, Internet research and even talking to your friends who are already parents will be good ways to get the best references from brands as well as find out the composition of the construction materials used in the bed you want to exceptionally perform over time. At FinishBuild we focus on choosing sturdy construction and so we can offer you great quality beds, that stand up to many years of bouncing and many other toddler wear and tear. Even though it might be an expensive choice, solid wood will surely endure better than cheaper bedding materials. In case you opt for a standard bed frame, one d the consideration you can keep in mind is that you might need to install bed rails or pillow- style bolsters on both sides to keep your child safe from rolling out and fall.

Considering the Size

Since not all of the beds are not created equal, when buying your kid’s bed you need to consider the weight and age of your child. The transition from cot to a regular bed should happen in a proper bed with the right mattress. Since most of the toddler beds max out at about 50 pounds, it will also be useful for you to check the manufacturer’s information, in order to check if the bed will be able to resist when you want to sit on with your little one to snuggle together.

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 3 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Safety and Eye- Catching Appearance

It is very important that those gaps between the mattress and the frame of your kid’s bed fit snugly into the bed frame; otherwise they will represent an entrapment hazard for your little one. Furthermore, strive to choose attractive bed designs, that not only look beautiful but also have smooth edges so the best suggestion we can offer you is to look for a design with an even finish and rounded edges that will allow you to avoid unnecessary injuries; and remember that it is about your kid, so what can represent a traditional or conventional design for you (a bed crowned with a princess tiara or your little boy’s favorite cartoon), may be the lure your kid needs to successfully make the transition out of the crib. Another good tip is to opt of the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA) certification seal on the packaging of your little one bed.

Your Kid Bed’s Mattress Needs to be replace

Depending on the size your child has reached and the quality you have chosen for your kid bed’s mattress, you will eventually need to replace it. For instance, good quality sprung can last as long as five years; however there is a general rule of thumb which stands that changing your kid’s bed every three years NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 2 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!between the ages of 0 to 10 years, and every five years between the ages of 10 and 20, that you might want to take into consideration. In addition, it is important that you take cleanliness seriously when it comes to provide your kid with a healthy bedroom environment; today all new beds must be treated for dust mites before they are sold, so this should be an encouraging reason for you to avoid health problems with your kids. Prevent asthma and many other illnesses caused by the build- up of dust mites; air out the bed with no sheets on for at least two hours when you consider it is time to change the sheets, this is an ideal suggestion because it also allows you clean the room, this mean dusting and vacuuming it, remember that a clean and tidy bedroom is key in controlling the spread of dust mites.

Two years old is the average age for a child to leave the crib and get ready for a bed; of course this is a period of their lives where they are up and running the entire day; during this age of your kids’ lives there are also a lot “monkeys jumping on the bed” moments and so counting on a sturdy bed and a good quality mattress and box spring will be key in the growing process of your little ones. We are more than happy to invite you to visit our online store and find out all of the options on box springs, single bed frames and many other kids bedroom’s furniture, take them home and feel confident you are purchasing top quality pieces of furniture that provide excellent body support to your kids and attractive appealing that allow your little boo to rest comfortably…you dream it, we Build it!

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According to a poll developed by the National Sleep Foundation, 92 percent of people consider that their mattresses are a determining factor in getting a coveted good night of rest.  This nicely explains why the idea of counting on a comfortable surface where to spend a good night of sleep is not a recent challenge; first mattresses were invented by cave women and men, thousands of years ago. In fact (and to add a little bit of history about mattresses), we would like to mention that Egyptian pharaohs were the ones who discovered the luxury behind raising the bedding of the ground, as a result, mattresses became an essential element in the constitution of a healthy environment, where they could rest and thus, pleasantly developed their lives.

The statement that a mattress is a key element in any bedroom can absolutely be justified, due to the fact that a good or poor quality mattress directly affects your sleep; so along with good nutrition and exercise, these three elements are really relevant contributors to a good health. It is like running, we are more than sure that you would not run marathon without the right gear, would you? The main purpose of this post then is to show you how important is to make a conscious decision on your mattress purchase, and also to help you recognize those subsequent signs that warn you about considering the idea of change the mattress that is no longer make you feel comfortable on it.

Since it is a gradual deterioration process, it might be tricky to notice when your beloved mattress is declining in terms of quality, not to mention that as your body makes adjustments you can easily ignore those clues that are trying to tell you it is time to replace such an important piece of your bedroom. The following are some signs you should check in order to know if it is a good time to change your mattress.

Your Mattress Has Been Part of Your Life for over 8 years

It often happens, people tend to forget when they bought their last mattress and remembering the age of your mattress is one of the most important aspects you need to keep in mind. In accordance with the Consumer Reports magazine, a mattress should be changed every 7 or 10 years, and does not necessary believe in what the mattress’ warranty says, actually some of them guarantee your mattress will last 20 years warranty but this might refer to certain parts such as springs or workmanship, not about a mattress’ overall comfort.

Waking Up Is Downright Painful

Aches or pains in your back and lower back are common symptoms your mattress needs to be replaced. So if you wake up in the morning feeling tired or drowsy during the day, it is probable that your mattress is not giving you the right support through the night, so your body is working overtime in order to find a more comfortable sleeping position but that is not going to happen; and remember you need to make sure your mattress gives you an adequate support not only for a few minutes of napping time but for 8 hours of sleep at night.

There Are Other Places where you lie down and Feel More Comfortable

A very fairly sign your mattress is no longer suiting your needs is when you can achieve a good night of sleep in another bed that is not your own. This can be clearly proved for instance when you spend the night at a friend’s house or in a hotel, and you realize you woke up properly rested. Your mattress is suppose to make you feel refreshed in the morning, if this is not happening with the one you have at home, then it is time to replace that old mattress and improve both your quality and quantity of sleep.

If you are suffering from Annoying Allergies

Sometimes it is not enough having a mattress which is relatively new and provides a proper support; you still need to pay attention to allergy troubles that can be attribute to your old mattress. Dust mites are one of the most common causes of allergens and unfortunately they thrive in mattresses and bedding, so if you are suffering from bad allergies that get worse at night or when you wake up, this may be an indication that your mattress in making you feel this way.

Given that a good quality mattress certainly contributes to an overall health; in FinishBuild we totally support those amazing sleeping aid apps and ideas that sleep industry is launching every day in order to help us reach an excellent rest, however we still believe that noticing (in an early stage) the signs your mattress is giving you in order to replace it plays a crucial role when it comes to identify what is making you have a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. Additionally, you need to know that any mattress gradually loses its supportiveness with time, and thus there are more than one hygiene reasons to make us reflect and decide to change our mattresses. These signs we have just shared with you will help you to detect whether your mattress is still able to provide good postural alignment, or improve your sleep quality.

Keeping in mind that we spend around the third part of our lives in bed, it might be worth for you to do some research to get the right mattress for your need. And in order to avoid simple health issues like a crick in your neck and your lower back, or what can be worse headaches, irritability or allergies; changing your mattress in a period of time no longer than eight years will be an excellent investment you will be doing, after all striving to have good quality health is something you should not leave behind, spend the time and necessary amount of money to acquire the mattress that best fits your needs…you dream it, we Build it!


Marvelously designed home is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you are in the quest to buy a house, or contemplating a remodel of it; at this point the financial responsibility is one of the first considerations you pay attention to. Once you have reached your goal, the following aspect you should focus on is the time and labor that your gorgeous home requires in order to keep it looking as good as the first day you accomplish your dreamy home. As you might intuit, this post is about essential cleaning steps you might want to follow in order to maximize the appearance of your home as well as get all of the tasks done and still have time to create good memories with your loved ones. In FinishBuild we truly believe that the key is finding the balance between having stunning home’s spaces and minimize the cleaning time that such areas need.

When designing or executing a makeover in your home choices in layout, finishes and furnishings play an important role on the impact that a determine amount of time will be needed to clean everything; homeowners often tend to ignore this factor. There is nothing like a well- designed and functional home, with exceptional finishes and beautiful furnishings; however poorly maintained spaces ruin all the beauty that your house can perform. This is the reason why keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks is essential for you to avoid headaches or wasted money in repairs which could be avoided.

Whether you decide to do the regular clean-up of your home, or you call up your local handyman to help you out; make sure to take good care of your home in general so you will have rooms that look gorgeous for years to come. These are some steps you might want to keep in mind in order to accomplish a home that will be cleaned and happy in the long term.

Essential Steps: Exteriors…let’s start at your home’s curb appeal!


Rinsing off dirt and debris

To accomplish this task the right tool you will need is a pressure washer, this type of tool usually comes with an assortment of color coded spray and each one has a different spray. You can control the pressure, from high- pressure pinpoint spray to a wider and low- pressure spray. For instance, if you want to clean your home’s siding, low- pressure spray tip is ideal to achieve such task. Pressure washing is also a great option in order to remove algae stains from fencing, which is a typical sign of poor maintenance in an exterior.

Get the Deck Clean

Pressure washer will be your best tool to wash your deck; use a tip that produces a spray about the width of a two by four with medium pressure. The key in this cleaning task is to keep the spray moving, avoid to just focusing on one specific spot for too long, otherwise you could damage the surface permanently. As a final touch, you can apply a wood preservative; this contributes to prevent discoloration.

Clean Out Gutters

Gutters tend to especially accumulate leaves from the fall season or sediment from winter snows; as you clean the gutters, you can also check for cracks in the seams. A good way to clean them out is by using an old chisel on order to scrape the old caulking out and dry the area; then you can apply a new bead silicon sealing coat, this will keep water from getting behind the gutters and rotting the boards.

Get Rid of Faded Flowers

Removing faded blooms from your planters and container gardens does way more than just neaten things up; it actually directs your plants’ energy away from making seeds that turn into more foliage production, and thus more flowers.

Essential Steps: Interiors…cleaning them based on their prime material


As you might know, this is a terrific material either for walls or tiles. Glass is a versatile, modern and sleek choice that furthermore is non porous, this makes it nicer and easier to clean keeping stains or bacteria away from you and your family. The tight product to clean glass is white vinegar, if your spray it on your glass surfaces you can immediately notice that eats way from some mineral deposits and soap scum. White vinegar has incredible attributes, and we absolutely recommend it instead of using abrasive products. Scratches are common damages that your glass surface can suffer, so when it comes to the tool you need to use to clean glass; a supply of clean and soft cotton or microfiber cloths are your best alternatives. On the other hand in case you need to scrub, a soft bristle brush will be enough to scrub the area with causing any scratch. The best way to clean your glass surfaces up is by applying the cleaning product you have opted for, allow it to break the dirt down, wait for a couple of minutes and then take your sponge, strive to work from the top to the bottom, left to right (this technique ensures a streak- free shine).


A common choice for countertops, bathrooms countertops or showers walls or even floors, granite is well- known for its stunning colors and designs, not to mention how resistant is to scratches, stains. Even though this material is very strong, it cannot handle all of the cleaning products that are available in the market; for instance, vinegar or lemon can cause etching or strip the sealant off the stone. You rather opt for pH neutral cleaners such as castile soap or dish liquid. Regarding to the proper tool to make your granite looks awesome, a microfiber cloth to wipe, as well as a non scratching sponge are your best alternatives. How to apply the cleaning product on your granite surfaces? Shake the product and squirt it in an even pattern; then wipe off and see how the surface dries and shines.

Hardwood (floors)

We must start this cleaning step by mentioning that hardwood is a beautiful and elegant flooring option, however requires extra care and maintenance. Even if your hardwood floors come with a varnish, it will be needed to wipe up spills or stains in order to avoid them getting into the joints between floor planks, that will result into moisture damage. Since it is a very popular flooring option nowadays, there are obviously plenty of cleaning products for your hardwood. However a great solution that will not fail at making your floor performs exceptionally is hot water, a small squirt of dish liquid and a capful of vinegar. Of course there are many other homemade options, strive to find the one that best suits your hardwood flooring’s needs; remember that less product is better.

Furniture that Truly Shines

We cannot finish this post without mentioning what modern home design has taken as a must-have décor; high gloss furniture is here to stay and we do agree that it is gorgeous, sleek and clean. As it is made to perform its gloss, this type of furniture tends to scratch, dent or chip easily, so making the wrong decision on the cleaning product represents that the piece of furniture ends up worn or even damaged. The best product to accomplish a good cleaning of high gloss furniture is water, but do not use too much! Otherwise you can warp the lacquer. As an ideal tool to clean this type of furniture, a flat optical cloth is your best choice, this tool is able to polish and shine without basically any product as well as does not cling on to small pieces of debris which can scratch.

There are three basic aspects you need to keep in mind to properly maintain any object of your home, in FinishBuild we call it the essential cleaning triangle, and they are: the right cleaning product, the right cleaning tool and last but not least, the right cleaning technique. Whether you create an online or on paper list of your home’s tasks, you can be sure that this will be an excellent way to plan regular tasks for each weekend, so you will not end up too overwhelmed by all the cleaning activities you need to be done at home. The process of taking care of your home is quite similar to the one you do with your car; in order to keep your car’s engine healthy and performing at its best, you need to regularly change the oil, so empower yourself with these essential steps we have mention and go ahead! Upgrade your home’s spaces with the right cleaning items and ideas, enjoy of well-maintained rooms you feel proud of for years to come…you dream it, we Build it!


By letting go our last article of Feng Shui we could not resist working on how to improve your room areas. FinishBuild is very into sharing with you some health and unexpected bugs that might be sleeping with you at this very moment. In a 2011 census, the National Sleep Foundation found that 92 percent of people say a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep. However, a good sleep is not only about a firmer set up, but also a clean and odor free mattress.

Therefore, in order for you to avoid sleeping with the enemy, FinishBuild is mentioning a couple of health issues that an old mattress might cause you:

Body pain: This is number one cause of having a fluffy mattress. Mattresses do get old, they are not the exception. Among the primary rough consequences of using a weak surface on your bed we have neck and low back pain.

Mites: Dust microorganisms feed on the dead skin cells you spread naturally, and mattresses are the 24 store of death cells. As despicable as it seems, bugs are everywhere, no wonder why moms wash sheets and pillowcases frequently. And a slipcover labeled “allergy-proof” can help keep them from traveling from the mattress to your sheets and pillows going forward.

If you are thinking is not a serious issue, take for example the costs of having an unclean mattress. A whole gamma of bed bugs found across the US are known to impact human lives owing to the mental, physical and economic consequences they have. Even though some types of bed bugs only cause a mild rash in humans, others can cause us severe infestations. Furthermore, the bites of these ecto-parasites are also known to cause secondary complications and skin infections which include impetigo, lymphanigitis and ecthyma.

Types of bugs you can find in your mattress

As with all types of bed bugs, we would like to focus on types of bugs you may find in the USA. Bugs or dust mites due to this inability of flying, rely on passive modes of transportation. The Cimicids family, for instance has the characteristic of specialized organs to support their blood feeding diet. The bugs use these organs to attach to their host at nighttime and feed upon them for up to 10 minutes.

  • Cimex hemipterus: This is a tropical bedbug which also feeds on humans but enjoy warm regions to survive, such as Florida.
  • Cimex adjunctus: Bat bugs have also been observed in tropical regions as well as more temperate areas. This species feeds primarily on bats, however they are very sneaky and you might find it in your bed as well. Cimex Adjuntus do sometimes feed on human hosts, especially if the preferred source is no longer present.
  • Haematosiphon inodora: Located primarily in North America, probably most known as the Mexican chicken bug, also closely resembles a common bed bug. However, these insects are typically found on poultry farm, so if you happen to own a farm, or have a small area with chicks, you might want to check your bed every once in a while.
  • Cimex lectularius: Last but not least, the most common household bed, cimex lectularius is found worldwide. A number of other related pests resemble bed bugs in habits and appearance. However for proper identification usually you might require magnification and experience with distinguishing the different species.
  • Pediculus humanus capitis: This mainly feed on human blood. They have similar structure like those of common ectoparasites; Pediculus humanus capitis mainly have ability to transmit diseases in humans. Their bodies are also divided into head, thorax and abdomen. You would definitely might not want this fellow under your sheets.


What can I do about healing my mattress?

FinishBuild is taking some valuable steps you can follow in order to check, clean or just beware that your mattress is bug-free. It is important to accurately identify bed bugs before beginning treatment of an infestation. What we recommend in any case is to contact your local pest control experts in order to arrange an inspection and consultation.

Inspect: The first step is to unfold your mattress, thorough inspection of the facility in question; you might find some traces of these unwanted bugs. Inspect includes identification of the types of bed bugs, looking for places like cracks or gaps where they usually hide.

Arrange: Preparing the infested area for treatment. What we recommend for this process it to do it in a ventilated area. Arranging the process might include undressing and disposing affected mattresses, carpets, bedding covers, drapes, moving furniture away from walls and washing all bed clothes in hot water.

Spread: The futile process for getting rid of these unwanted fellows. Spraying and dusting bed bug repellents. The efficiency of controlling various types of bed bugs will depend on how thoroughly and carefully you spray and dust the repellents.

Cleaning and organizing is a practice not a project

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CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE destacada 300x138 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural Choice

Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, cork is sustainably harvested; this process is made around every 10 years so the bark can be harvested from the tree and then it grows again. Based on an article presented by the Floor Covering News newspaper, cork as an alternative flooring option has been used for more than 100 years in the United States, in 1890 to be precise; however in Europe the usage of cork flooring dates back over a century, being Portugal one of the most highlighted places and installations were mostly in commercial applications. Among all the features that this surface product offers, cork is a resilient floor option which is gaining popularity for its style and comfort. This warm and earthy surface is durable enough for an area with high feet traffic.

FinishBuild describes some features about its cork floors

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 1 300x200 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural ChoiceThanks to its natural versatility, in FinishBuild we have decided to include this great flooring option in our catalog; this way we have even more quality products to offer you, that will assist your home projects and this is one of the most rewarding reason FinishBuild works on.

  • Our cork floors are manufactured by an excellent company: KRONENHAHN, their manufacturing processes are well known since they produce cork for flooring purposes as eco friendly as standards ask for, thus FinishBuild guarantees the quality and the healthy considerations you need. Additionally, it is important to mention that in our catalog you will find also MOONWALK cork but in this case it works as an underlayment.
  • Cork is a natural insulator, this means that it muffles sound and lowers energy bills.
  • FinishBuild’s cork flooring is suitable for any room in your home; however if the area you want to give a go is a bathroom which frequently gets wet, we might suggest you to consider another of our flooring options, more suitable for this specific project.
  • A good feature regarding cork is that it can be installed over existing floors, and is installed glued or floating; our cork will require at least ¼ inch thick plywood as an underlayment, in order to be installed it.
  • Because it is available in a magnificent variety of colors and sizes, cork can be enjoy in its natural color, stained or painted.

Why cork as your bedroom surface?

Impressive benefit

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 2 300x300 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural ChoiceWhether your decision is on planks or tiles, cork is a great cushioned comfort alternative that the flooring market has been manufacturing in order to not only make it function as a flooring option itself, but also works as a brilliant underlayment in hardwood and porcelain tiles flooring installation.

  • Cork is an acoustic insulator; the surface minimizes the sound of footsteps.
  • It is rich with natural color and textures; this floating or glued surface cozies up a big or small bedroom.
  • Cork is currently one of the most earth friendly flooring options in the industry; it contributes to healthy air quality, because is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and termites, plus: it is anti microbial and this is why without a doubt, we are recommending it as your indoor space surface.
  • This surface material is available in many styles, colors and sizes. Existing in FinishBuild as planks, you can create an almost continuous looking floor.
  • Different from vinyl, cork’s pattern and color penetrates the thickness of the material, making the usable life of the flooring lengths.

Cork floors in a bedroom: FinishBuilds ideas

Embark yourself on your bedroom building or makeover journey, and enjoy this experience; the reward of achieving the look and benefits in your flooring will be immense. The following are some cork floor ideas we have thought about for your bedroom:

Original cork color

Take advantage of cork’s natural untreated features and create a very clean and simple look in your bedroom; a minimalist decoration strategy can suitably work on this idea. Remember that less is more so focus on the subtlety and texture of your room rather than in the design or color palette.

Always classic dark bedroom

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 3 300x200 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural Choice

Considering cork can be stained or painted, reflect a dramatic color palette using its darker hues, given to this material during the manufacturing process. Achieve a distinguished look which could be perfectly paired with lighter color furnishings.

Cork that looks like actual hardwood

Accomplish this appearance with the FinishBuild’s cork planks; since they allow you to create a floor that looks like hardwood, enjoy of the cushioning and sound proofing attributes this amazing material has to offer. Choose the furniture in your favorite color and make your bedroom has an attractive and charming look without being overwhelming.

Modern bedroom thanks to cork flooring

As an astonish flooring material, cork is so versatile that can fit into both classic and contemporary styles; so balance the natural look of your surface with a series of your favorite artistic decorative furnishings and make your bedroom reflect a sophisticated modern aspect.

Take home a low- maintenance comfort

CORK FLOORING IN YOUR BEDROOM A NATURAL CHOICE 4 300x300 Cork Flooring in your Bedroom: a Natural ChoiceBy purchasing any of our fabulous cork floors, you will be taking home an easy to clean and naturally fire resistant surface. So in order to keep you brand new cork flooring clean, try to have it free of dirty and sand, because they can scratch the surface. Furthermore, sweep, dust or vacuum it regularly and occasionally wipe your cork flooring with damp mop. For further maintenance and prevention; refinish your floor when signs of wear appear, place mats on more used areas, and also rotate furniture oftentimes, this last suggestion will help the result last longer and at the same time will give a different look to your bedroom from time to time.

Whether it is about resembling the rustic features of hardwood or the texture of travertine in the ceramic category; what is definitely clear is the fact that consumers want something real and natural underfoot, therefore one of the major trends in recent years has been moving the outside indoors. FinishBuild totally believes cork as an alternative flooring is a gift from nature that has arrived to stay and provides not only a soft surface and its inherent benefits, but it also adds a conscious renewable finish, what makes cork a really attractive option for today’s consumers, not to mention for eco friendly homeowners.

Live the experience as organically as you allow it, and enjoy the benefits of cork…you start, we Finish!

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