Kitchen decor items that contribute to organization

Cabinets are key elements in your kitchen that other than highlight the look of such important space, can also help you with the organization of everything you need in this area of your house. However, minimalism should be a word you should take into consideration when decorating your kitchen; the worst thing you can do is having overflowing cabinets with gadgets or all the types of Tupperware. Moreover, cabinet drawers will be a very useful and versatile option that not only will provide your kitchen with an impeccable appearance, but also will help you keep a limited number of pots and pans; let’s be honest, sometimes we have so many kitchen utensils and gadgets, that we do not even remember what we bought them for.

Bedroom decor item that contribute to organization

Wardrobe is generally that place of your bedroom where you keep at least a few items that you never wear; so you might want to start by deciding whether or not you really need to keep those pieces of clothing that perhaps do not fit you, or you do not love anymore. So, when it comes to closets or wardrobe, simplicity in their appearance is what you need to strive to achieve; an organized as well as an eye- catching way to show your closet is by selecting your most favorite clothing pieces, from sleeveless to long sleeve, hang them by color too and you will have a closet that is really attractive to the eye. Once again I must mention drawers, but in this case you can use them for putting your ballet flats, this way you keep your closet organized and at the same time you are saving the cubbies for wedges and heels. And if you are looking for ways to improve the displaying of your jewelry, use dishes and attractive drawer dividers; it is an excellent way to organize jewelry in flat drawers.

Living room decor items that contribute to organization

You may already know it, your living room can serve many functions. Therefore it is very important to find the right furnishings, and the most suitable ways to arrange them to handle both family time and visiting guests. When looking for the proper elements in your living room that not only perform at their very best, but also contribute to the organization of such space, a stuffed media center can absolutely be the best option you should consider as an open storage along one wall provides ample space, where you can store plenty of your favorites and necessary objects; electronic equipment, books, photos, games and so on. In this way, you maximize your living room’s space; and in order to provide your media center with a fresher and organized look, you can strive for installing fabric panels that conceal items stored. Fabric panels may be a challenging DIY project you can aim to achieve, however, if you would like to have another idea to consider, then custom polished doors might work wonders to cover and keep your media center looking great. Polished doors hide clutter, thus you can keep the space casual as well as well- coordinated; and to complete the right appearance in your living room, a table lamp on top to the media center might be the softest lighting option for movie nights or parties.

Bathrooms decor items that contribute to organization

I do not really why, but it is surprising what you can find in your bathroom that contribute to a clutter area, expired hygiene products and old make-up that you completely forgot about. In order to avoid this type of situations in the future, strive to have a bathroom vanity that is gorgeous and where you can find everything you need within your hand reach; there is no need to keep a lot of products in this area of your house, store only pretty things like a set of brushes, a few pieces of jewelry in attractive glass containers, or perfume bottles out in the open. On the other hand, in case you also count on cabinets or drawers in your bathroom, keep the space in them to store those less attractive necessities; you could divide your drawers by organizing all of those make-up and items you wear on occasions, and in the other drawer space you can organize those things you have access to everyday. Clear storage boxes are an amazing way to keep your bathroom organized, and the best part is that you can add gorgeous decorating details to them with paint, decorative labels or anything you want to make them looking prettier; but remember that they should be clear, because this is how you can help yourself identifying what is inside the box, without having to open it.

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Industrial style has become very popular during 2016, not only we are able to appreciate it in open plan floor apartments but also in houses as well. Even though at FinishBuild we have shared some of the basics on Industrial décor we would like to attend the questions and specify you the type of items you never can go wrong with when it comes about decorating and adding your personal touch to you bedroom.

Setting up the Industrial Vibe

Have you ever ask yourself what does your bedroom really means to you? Most of the time, our consciousness does not really pay attention to what we own inside our bedrooms and generally the way we grow up, environment, temperature conditions (believe or not), music and hobbies take charge on defining what this rooms look like. I am not saying that we should evade all those items that reflect our personality, on the contrary I propose you to pick the style you love and combine it with all your beloved things.

In the case you enjoy Industrial style, there is a plenty of things you can add to your bedroom in order to project this rustic but sophisticated look. If you are the type who already have a considerable quantity of items inside your room, we can start by suggesting you the black barrel which can definitely set the mood inside your bedroom. Keep into account that industrial style was introduced from the 1800s to the very early 20th century. FinishBuild takes this reference in this style in the color selection, which was basically based in very smooth colors such as, Black, Grey, Brown, White but most of all Silver and Copper traces.

Color: Whether is a big or small space, Industrial style needs the sparkling silver tones. Even though you might use the base colors (mentioned before) you can also add a strong electric tone, such as yellow or red, in order to add a strong contrast inside your bedroom.

Nevertheless at this point is vital to contemplate the idea of overload you resting space, what do I mean? For example I happen to enjoy Feng Shui style, however most of my items inside the bedroom are very colorful. For this reason my bedroom walls are painted in a neutral tone which is white. The reason is that in order to balance your bedroom style and personal items you must be wise enough to choose a color that not only match the style of your preference but also set the mood when it comes about resting or taking an afternoon nap. Subsequently if you happen to have lots of colorful items such as a pencil cases, baskets, lamps, climbing shoes, sleeping bags, decoration figures or drawers, we suggest you to avoid electric colors, and remain loyal to the life your personal items will hold.

On the other hand we suggest you to combine wood and metal materials, in dark or neutral tones which is fortunately quite versatile in Industrial looks.

Must Have Items for a Dreamy Industrial Bedroom

So, we already set a good flowing idea of your items and Industrial style, now let’s added to the vibe of a dreamy bedroom. Here we have a couple of items in order to combine and boost your Industrial vibe.

However, we must remind you that when it comes to Industrial style for your bedroom, in order to truly reflect it, you should take into account that the addition of rustic materials that would spread with no question this inclination.  Materials like uncovered brick walls, chunky timber shelves, bench tops, polished concrete floors, towering windows framed in black metal can be a huge guide in order to embody industrial style inside your bedroom.

Subsequently, with the patterns settled, let’s begin the journey of adding some good old-fashioned industrial items we believe you must have:

The Floor Lamp: We definitely recommend this illumination addition in a black tone, and adjustable floor lamp will dress your bedroom not to mention its functional purpose for those cold night where a good reading or even for commanding attention and as itself, a floor lamp would make the space a lot more intriguing.

The Steel Tamboured: this is another functional option that you cannot miss in an industrial bedroom look. Following the lines of combining your personality with this style, a tamboured made of steel would go perfectly with any of your personal items. This tamboured not only would empower your 1800’s vibe but also can be very useful for reaching things in your closet, guest sitting or even leg resting after a workout. Explore this style with a set of two in order to balance your bedroom’s look.

Painted Industrial Chair: Besides having the functional tamboured addition, at FinishBuild believe that every bedroom should have a chair, in the case of Industrial looks, a lightweight metal chair with any gold-painted patterns can work wonderfully as a reading chair or even for placed your workout outfit after a morning run-time.

The Gramophone: If you are really into the task of personify the industrial style you must add the classical record player. Whether is on full-sized or the tiny version, a gramophone would certainly set an outstanding affirmation of an ancient era that stamped the origins of good music as well. In the case you are able to cover the costs an antique leather chair can enrich your bedroom appearance in the Industrial vibe.

To sum up, a bedroom Industrial Style can only be consistent if you take the time enough in order to match classic past items with your own daily life items. We encourage you to create a modern space full of attitude but also a place where you can sleep in. Wooden in furniture, glass in lighting and brick in wall surfaces are used good steps to begin with in a dreamy industrial bedroom.

Would you like to read about a specific style? We are open to hear any suggestions.

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One of the most romantic love demonstration of love is a breakfast in bed for your loved ones. You must agree with us on the fact that spending time in bed, reading, writing of even watching tv, is part of those little escapes to reality that can provide us a certain gratifying sensation of peace. Even though many might consider eating is only considerable when you are sick, at FinishBuild we believe that comfort rise up when you add a pleasant but also comfy headboard.

Advantages of having a headboard in your master room

Headboards are generally use for aesthetics. Aiming to a luxury bed furniture, headboards were originally used to insulate the bed, they started to become a status symbol of grandeur and wealth. However we have another reasons why having a piece of furniture like this can enhance your master room area.


Headboards for bed can be used as:

An inviting backdrop. Headboards would always provide you a focal point in your master bedroom. As a bedroom furniture, headboards are great way to add as a visual anchor to your mattress location, and there are plenty of varieties available which can ease your process of choosing the one that can work as an accent to your existing color scheme or bedroom style.

A siting back funding. Did you know that after a while, the grease that you naturally emanate can leave some marks in your wall? This meaning that if you have the habit of place yourself against your bed wall.  So whether is for greasy hair and sweat from a long train routine, it is quite common to see where their head may be coming into contact with the surface of the wall. This is where headboards role is accurate, in the case you enjoy sitting in bed to read, eat, use your phone or laptop, then you probably appreciate relying on an upholstered headboard for example, which can provide your back with contented while sitting upright in bed.

Pillow packer: If you are into having lots of pillows, then headboards are going to fit your setting. Headboards are quite efficient at keeping pillows in place, for those who frequently get annoyed at pillow slipping between the bed and the wall, will definitely find some tranquility with this bedroom furniture.

Multipurpose configuration. Headboards offer you another alternative when it comes to find a place to store you home items inside your master bedroom. Some headboards can now provide overhead storage in the way of shelves, and configured nightstands where you can place books, lamps or simply use the space for adornment.


Types of Headboards for your Bed

1.The canopy look: The canopy headboard look provides you the modern look on a medieval design, characteristically suspended from the ceiling beams using ropes, fabrics draped over to act as insulation against the bitter winter cold. We think that this style can suit you perfectly if you enjoy royal style, and the good part is that you can achieve this look at a reasonable price by getting inexpensive fabric that you like both sides of, a rope and a sheave simple system.

2.Four poster with headboard. As a variation of the canopy, come the four poster headboard that can come with or without draping fabric, which besides given you the sense of warmness and coziness, this design was a classic example of the 15th century where only the truly wealthy owned this bed furniture.

3. Covered headboard. Or commonly known as upholstered headboard. This bedroom furniture items introduces a more lightly way of support in comparison to canopy headboards. As the name suggest these headboards come covered with fabrics that depend on the style you want, however these materials sometimes tent to be vulnerable to oils from hair and skin causing stain patterns. Nevertheless, that strictly depends on the material applied, leather for example is a long-lasting fabric but can be expensive than others. Regarding style, and presentations, upholstered headboards design are also available on button-tufted, which besides providing a sophisticated and elegant look, also magnifies your comfort.


4.Iron headboard. I must personally say that this headboard option allows you to fit in any style you might want to pull trough. Whether is a classical, urban or even industrial style, iron headboards can enhance your master bedroom in an easy-going way. It also good to mention that these structures would add the strength you need for relying on cold seasons, or reading-times. Nowadays, new iron headboards come in many different powder-coated colors and finishes, so you definitely would not have a problem with finding the color you love.

What FinishBuild Recommends: Materials for Headboards in a Master Bedroom

Laminate: Laminate cannot also allow you to build your own multi-purpose nightstand headboard, but also can work if you are into a single and mobile laminate unite to rest on. FinishBuild laminate products can offer you a wide variety of fine refinished boards that are reasonable with your budget and actually ready-to-go. Matching your style regarding bedroom furniture would be a delight, since we count with a gamma you only need to choose between which is the color that can rally match your master bed. Headboards could easily display on Driftwood, with our LAVA tone, ARENA or if you preferred a clearer look, we suggest you SAND DOLLAR ACACIA in our Forest line.

Metal: Regarding more industrial looks we also have looks like Copper and Bronze for headboards. Generally these materials are highly durable and offer stability and natural bold touch. Stainless Steel is also another popular chromium look, which make of headboards a tough material over the years.

Vinyl: Vinyl sheets are one of the recommendations I have just checked for headboards. Even though I am not into adding this type of material to a bedroom, because of the multiple reviews on toxic levels, I would like to suggest vinyl as a way of giving an unusual but 100% personalized headboard and not to mention the fact that you would unquestionably have the adherence you need for breakfast on Sundays.

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When it comes to share information with our readers about anything related to sleep, the National Sleep Foundation is the most skilled website we can think of to do some research that supports what we post. Today is not an exception, we would like to let you know what the benefits of daytime napping are; including the positive effects or drawbacks of this activity that is considered a very important activity in many cultures around the world. According to an article published by the National Sleep Foundation “more than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day”. Humans happen to be part of the minority of monophasic sleepers whose days are divided into two distinct periods; this is one for sleep and the other one for wakefulness.

Due to all of the daily activities and duties we develop in this globalized world we are currently living, people are becoming more sleep deprived than ever before; forgetting how important can be a short nap in the afternoon. This was something that people like John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Napoleon really valued, all of them are known for considering an afternoon nap a beneficial habit. To prove that these well- known people were right, there are several findings which reveal that a nap during the afternoon restores wakefulness and contributes to performance and learn better. Researchers in the sleep field have shown that napping for as short as 10 minutes does improve performance, while naps of less than 30 minutes duration offer many benefits. On the other hand it is important to highlight that frequent and longer naps may lead to adverse long term health effects.

Types of Naps

Now that we have established that daytime napping can turns into a healthy habit that many people strive to include in their daily routines, it is time to make notice that there are three different ways to classify a nap. Planned or preparatory napping actually occurs when a person decides to nap without getting sleepy, as the name suggests planned naps involve preparations and rituals; for instance if you expect to stay late at night, then you might want to take a preparatory nap in the early afternoon. Then there is the emergency nap, which happens when the body cannot longer be active due to tiredness, this type of nap is highly recommended it for people who drive for long distances or operate heavy machinery. Habitual nap is the third type of napping, and this is a very common habit among young children and the elderly that occurs at the same time every day.

Benefits of Daytime Napping

A nap in the afternoon from 10 to 30 minutes duration promotes as well as enhances both performance and learning abilities, let’s check what the benefits of daytime napping are:

Naps refresh your mind, when you take one from 30 to 40 minutes long; you are increasing your performance by 34% and improve alertness by up to 100%, in accordance with a study by NASA.

Scheduled nap are prescribed for those patients who are affected by sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, so when you take a nap you go a long way treating those sleeping disorders.

Napping can turn not only into healthy but also physiological benefits; because they can be a pleasant luxury, providing an easy way to get some rest and rejuvenation, just like when you take a mini- vacation.

The Backdraws of Napping

Even though napping has plenty of benefits, some people find it difficult to get a proper short rest, perhaps this is due to the fact that some of them cannot sleep in the afternoon by design; here we have enlisted the negative effects that such activity can cause:

Frequent and long naps can lead to sleep inertia, which is known for making people feel groggy and disoriented, just like when you awake from a deep sleep. This symptom usually lasts for a few minutes or half-hour, so it can be detrimental to those individuals who need to perform immediately after taking a nap.

When it comes to normal sleeping periods, napping can also have a negative effect on them. For instance, a long nap or a nap taken too late in the afternoon can adversely influences the length and quality of nighttime sleep. So if you deal with sleep issues at night, napping will only increase that problem.

If you have insomnia, then naps represents a problems; no matter how tired you feel during the day, napping in the afternoon will only perpetuate bad sleep habits in people who have temporary sleep troubles caused by stress or illness. Additionally, napping is a very backdraw among people who are at risk of a heart failure; naps do increase the chances.

As a cultural fact, in most cultures taking naps is left for the sickly, children and elderly, who are generally typed as a non- productive group. So napping in these cultures may be associated with this stigma that evidently leads to low self- esteem in a healthy person.

Tips To accomplish a Good Napping Time

A quick nap can work wonders to encourage you to perform at your best and improve your learning ability, so why not to set a great environment in order to accomplish a good napping time? The first thing you need to do is to make sure your nap is going to be a short one (20-30 minutes), during this time you improve alertness without necessarily feeling groggy. Regarding your sleep environment, you need to greatly create a relaxing impact wherever you take your naps. We would like you to visit our online store and find out all of the bedroom furniture pieces you can purchase and have at home; from bedrooms to couches, including lamps and dimmers who contribute to create the proper feel for a restful place to lie down. And if you are striving to reduce the amount of noise heard, our wide selection of carpets will be more than ideal to better the environment you need to have a short nap that fully energizes you.


   NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP destacada 300x138 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!

When your little ones are already 18 or 36 months old, perhaps it is time to start thinking about the idea of replacing their cot by a toddle bed; this is an important transition which plays a significant big part in your little ones health as well as development. Moreover, providing your kids with an optimal bed can be the best way to avoid sharing your own bed or co- sleeping with your little one since this can create long term problems for both parents and children. In accordance with a report made by the ABC News, sleeping in the same bed with your kid diminishes the quality of sleep that they and you as a parent need, the results of this sleep deprivation is definitely detrimental to the whole family as yawing parents wake up in the morning and struggle in order to meet the challenges inherent in any busy day. And on the other hand, if your children do not have an adequate sleep, this may affect their physical and mental development as well.

Should you but a toddle or single bed for your kid? An innerspring mattress or latex made one? Should you place your little one’s bed on an ensemble or a slatted base? These are some of the questions you may wonder when purchasing the proper bed for your kids. And as we have already mentioned, this is a very important choice because it will allow you to give your kids a bed that supports their growing body and spine; so keep reading about the best tips and suggestions we have selected for you in order to accomplish such an interesting decision.

Explore all of the bed’s building material options and choose the proper one

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 1 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Sales people, Internet research and even talking to your friends who are already parents will be good ways to get the best references from brands as well as find out the composition of the construction materials used in the bed you want to exceptionally perform over time. At FinishBuild we focus on choosing sturdy construction and so we can offer you great quality beds, that stand up to many years of bouncing and many other toddler wear and tear. Even though it might be an expensive choice, solid wood will surely endure better than cheaper bedding materials. In case you opt for a standard bed frame, one d the consideration you can keep in mind is that you might need to install bed rails or pillow- style bolsters on both sides to keep your child safe from rolling out and fall.

Considering the Size

Since not all of the beds are not created equal, when buying your kid’s bed you need to consider the weight and age of your child. The transition from cot to a regular bed should happen in a proper bed with the right mattress. Since most of the toddler beds max out at about 50 pounds, it will also be useful for you to check the manufacturer’s information, in order to check if the bed will be able to resist when you want to sit on with your little one to snuggle together.

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 3 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Safety and Eye- Catching Appearance

It is very important that those gaps between the mattress and the frame of your kid’s bed fit snugly into the bed frame; otherwise they will represent an entrapment hazard for your little one. Furthermore, strive to choose attractive bed designs, that not only look beautiful but also have smooth edges so the best suggestion we can offer you is to look for a design with an even finish and rounded edges that will allow you to avoid unnecessary injuries; and remember that it is about your kid, so what can represent a traditional or conventional design for you (a bed crowned with a princess tiara or your little boy’s favorite cartoon), may be the lure your kid needs to successfully make the transition out of the crib. Another good tip is to opt of the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA) certification seal on the packaging of your little one bed.

Your Kid Bed’s Mattress Needs to be replace

Depending on the size your child has reached and the quality you have chosen for your kid bed’s mattress, you will eventually need to replace it. For instance, good quality sprung can last as long as five years; however there is a general rule of thumb which stands that changing your kid’s bed every three years NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 2 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!between the ages of 0 to 10 years, and every five years between the ages of 10 and 20, that you might want to take into consideration. In addition, it is important that you take cleanliness seriously when it comes to provide your kid with a healthy bedroom environment; today all new beds must be treated for dust mites before they are sold, so this should be an encouraging reason for you to avoid health problems with your kids. Prevent asthma and many other illnesses caused by the build- up of dust mites; air out the bed with no sheets on for at least two hours when you consider it is time to change the sheets, this is an ideal suggestion because it also allows you clean the room, this mean dusting and vacuuming it, remember that a clean and tidy bedroom is key in controlling the spread of dust mites.

Two years old is the average age for a child to leave the crib and get ready for a bed; of course this is a period of their lives where they are up and running the entire day; during this age of your kids’ lives there are also a lot “monkeys jumping on the bed” moments and so counting on a sturdy bed and a good quality mattress and box spring will be key in the growing process of your little ones. We are more than happy to invite you to visit our online store and find out all of the options on box springs, single bed frames and many other kids bedroom’s furniture, take them home and feel confident you are purchasing top quality pieces of furniture that provide excellent body support to your kids and attractive appealing that allow your little boo to rest comfortably…you dream it, we Build it!

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Destacada 300x138 What You Need To Know About Berber Carpets

As a homeowner who is always looking forward to improve your spaces and make the most of them, it is very probable that you feel attracted by all the different colors and textures that you can find in the accessories that the home market has to offer. In this opportunity we would like to share entertaining information about Berber carpets, which is a style of carpet among all the types of carpeting you can opt for. But before to start mentioning the pros or cons of this eye- catching home accessory, let’s make some research about the origin of this amazing style of carpet. Berber carpet owns its name to a tribe of people located in North Africa; they make their cloaks base on the same multi-leveled loops, using heathered and flecked yarns in order to create unique loops from the largest ones to tighter loops that help to give the yarn special interest and definition.

At the beginning, Berber carpets were thought to be installed only in basement rooms or home offices; but then thanks to how versatile they are, this style can excellently fits in any type of décor, what makes it now a really popular choice for all of the areas of your home. Today is possible to find both traditional and modern Berber carpet designs that are exceptionally distinguished by its different knotting patterns, dyes as well as textures.

Opting for Berber carpet: Pros

Berber is one of the most durable styles of residential carpet; this is the most popular selling point of this type of carpet. Even though Berber is made in looped and thus the fiber is stronger than it is in cut form, this does not necessary mean that all Berbers are the most durable among the carpet styles. The key to select a good quality carpet is by comparing two products with the same pattern of composition, and choose that one which has better durability for the same amount of money.

a1 300x200 What You Need To Know About Berber Carpets

Since there are many types of Berbers, it will be very important for you to learn about them, in order to determine which one will provide you the best value for what you have paid. Moreover, this type of carpet is available in different prices that can be comparable to other cut- pile carpet styles. The fact Berber tends to be lower priced is mainly due to olefin fiber, which is a less costly material than any other fibers, like nylon or wool. Another reason why you can fin really affordable Berber carpets is because of their manufacturing process, which is less demanding than saxonies or friezes.

Additionally, this type of carpet can be found in unique designs and color schemes. Berber carpet generally has a flecked color skin, what gives it an amazing ability to match with multiple interior design schemes; and at this point we might want to highlight that in order to prevent wear patterns, and have your Berber carpets looking awesomely the whole year you should clean it every six to 12 months.

Fortunately wool Berber carpets are so versatile that they do not only provide your spaces with great appearance but also with comfort as they offer you a cushion sensation underfoot as you walk on them. Furthermore, Berber carpets contribute to insulate the room where they are installed, in both temperature and sound; this advantage make this style of carpet an excellent choice for your children’s bedroom or playroom, your family room or any other place of your home.

Opting for Berber carpet: Cons

Berber carpets are made from a loop construction; this can represent a con as there is the possibility of snagging or running, because objects can get caught in the loop and pull it out. However, it takes a lot of force to actually snag a Berber but there are some ways to prevent this from happening.

Another con you may find when having Berber carpets in your spaces is actually a contradictory statement (opposite to one of the pros we have mentioned), because many homeowners think that cheaper Berber have a rough feel and then they get cheaper olefin Berber carpets, finding them very comfortable and this is not an attribute of this style of carpet.

Rather than being stain resistant, we might define Berber as a great spills resistant alternative for your home flooring; spills then to sit on the surface of the carpet, so if you can notice them early, you are likely to prevent them from sinking into the fiber. On the other hand, most of the fibers of Berber are natural and non- toxic, they do not support bacteria growth; this brings you to another great attribute about this type of carpet, and it is due to the fact that Berber is fairly easy to clean and for instance, traditional Berber comes in multi- colored design, so it is easy to hide soiling or any other kind of stains that can occur. Basically this con can be omitted from our disadvantages list; we rather keep our thoughts positive and leave this at one less con.

Berber carpets have become a common option for high traffic areas with considerable heavy use for instance, offices. This way we can see how they have moved our from basement and have gain place in all areas of the home, Berber carpets can now be installed on stairs or railing posts. With Berber carpets there is no need to concern about your pets damaging the carpet, or the carper catching your pets’ claws; however in case you have a cat that really enjoys to sharpen its claws, there will be the possibility of damage the carpet material by repeatedly kneading the carpet, for this particular scenario we would like to recommend you to select a good quality carpet, this style of carpets take a lot of force to tear out one loop. And for more formal areas such as living rooms or dinning rooms, you can choose for a solid color that helps reduce the casual feel that a traditional multi-colored Berber can provide.

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No well-respected lady would have been without her box in the 18th century. Boxes have come from ancient times in order to treasure our belongings through time. Swapping the gender barrier, boxes are evolving with tendencies and improving its functional uses. Even though boxes have developed many aesthetics, FinishBuild would love to add some feminine glamour drop on your daily basis. The most common type of decorative box is the ladylike work box. Frequently fitted with a tray divided into many small compartments, decorative boxes are a system of packaging that is generally more than just functional, but also intended to be pleasing to the eye and artistic. The date of its origin is unclear, but since 17th-century, decorative boxes exist, covered with silk, adorned with beads and embroidery.

A decorative box is a form of packaging that is normally more than just functional, but also intended to be decorative and artistic. Nowadays, countless boxes are used for promotional packaging, commercially and privately.

When it comes about the types of decorative boxes, options are endless regarding materials and opening systems. Yet you might find decorative boxes that might be opened by raising, pulling, sliding or removing the lid, which may be hinged and/or fastened by a catch, clasp, or lock.

 Corrugated fiberboard: Shipping by container made of corrugated fiberboard, corrugated boxes are most commonly used to transport and warehouse products during distribution, nevertheless, this material is commonly used to as the structure of many decorative boxes. Corrugated boxes are rated according the strength of the material and the capacity of the finished box.

 Folding carton: Sometimes called a box, folding boxes are fabricated from paperboard. In the case of decorative boxes the paperboard might be previously printed, die-cut and scored to form a blank. These are transported and stored flat, and built up at the point of filling. These are used to package a wide range of goods, intended either for one-time use or as a storage box for the remaining goods. What FinishBuild loves about this material is that it considerably lighter than others.

Rigid paperboard: The rigid paperboard box is a set up box, made of stiffer paperboard, permanently glued together with paper skins that can be printed or colored. Unlike folding cartons, these are assembled at the point of manufacture and transported already arranged. When it comes to prices, set-up boxes are more expensive than folding boxes, since they are typically used for protecting high value items such as cosmetics, watches or smaller consumer electronics among other merchandises.

Uses of Decorative boxes

As we mentioned, uses for decorative boxes can be endless and offers you and entire gamma of applications inside your home. Depending on the purpose boxes can often be very enhancing, as they are intended for permanent use and sometimes are put on display in certain locations.

In the Bathroom

Cabintets : Inside the cabinet, for storing hair pins, cotton swabs, cotton balls or pill bottles, decorative boxes are a luxurious way in the bedroom, for instance, try using decorative boxes for potpourri holders, cosmetic brush holders, sewing supply holders, or even for manicure tool storage and small shadow box display cases for the walls.

As a jewelry box: also known as a casket, add to your gems container a Parissine touch, your decorative box should define your most beautiful desire for the things you love while you keep daily basis accessories in order. Explore the design option of attaching mini boxes to walls or underneath cabinets to hold necklaces, pearls and bracelets or even eyeglasses for easy access when leaving the home.

In the kitchen

As a recipe storage: Use decorative mini boxes throughout the home or workplace as a method of organization. In addition to recipe cards, creative uses for decorative mini boxes in the kitchen include tea bag storage, even those unwanted bills. Organization is key to a happy life, sprinkle tubes, spices and small kitchen aids, such as toothpicks and corn cob holders.  FinishBuild also recommends, connecting and decorating several boxes to form a caterpillar for example, and fashioning the boxes into bricks to build walls or create building blocks.

As a sewing portable case: For you, business woman, after a long day of work of a sunset weekend, try living-room areas for your decorative box of needles, reels of silk and cotton, and other necessaries for stitchery. Spend a day doing what you like while you add some style to your interiors.

As an Étui box: Coming from the French, this decorative box can work almost at any place of your home, whether is your personal studio, closet shelf, kitchen, or entrance, these version of decorative boxes are ideal keepers for woman’s possessions. Usually carried in a pocket or purse for makeup pencils, lip-gloss, shades, and any other girly secret accessories. In the 19th century, these boxes were made of different materials such as wood, leather, ivory, silver, gold and even tortoise shell. Today with FinishBuild, creativity and some women intuition you can create your own version of these cute box.


    top 5 destacada 300x138 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe Room

Did you know that women and even some men will spend almost one year of their lives deciding what to wear? According to The Telegrapgh (UK) shows that in a study based on an adult lifetime from the age of 16 to 60, conclude on the fact that most women will spend around 20 minutes deciding what to wear before hitting the town on a weekend night. However when it comes to a more luxurious occasion, deciding on what clothes to take, time can increase to approximately from 30 minutes to 52.

 FinishBuild staff is aware of taking your time in the matter; average women usually try two or three option outfits each morning before coming to a final decision. So, yes, women and men take their time when it comes to get ready to whether is work, casual party or just get in shape, after all that is our presentation card to daily tasks. For this reason we have come with a few useful advices for you to get the best of these areas in order to boost your creativity and make outstanding fabric combinations.

An entire room dedicated to personal attire sound like something you deserve, right? That and height of sophistication feeling after a good bath. When it comes to a wardrobe room, FinishBuild staff thinks of softness but luxurious area, an extremely personal with your own style and colors that reflect your spirit.  It can be a functional room purposefully designed to be useful but most of all enjoyable. There are many options, however depending on the size of the room, furniture should be adjusted. Whether is a small or large, FinishBuild would love to share these must have items in order to make of your wardrobe a place where you can always reinvent yourself.

1. Light it up

top 5 4 300x300 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe RoomExplore the world of senses, keep into account that parallel to your office, a pleasant atmosphere can influence in your performance. So, try boosting your mood by lighting incense-burner with a smooth scent, and set the aroma for spoiling yourself a bit, you deserve it.

The most important rule is not to forget or skip using one. You can stick to your signature scent if you have one, or you can also swapping between fragrances if it makes you happy. A light floral fruity scent may be a good option; coconut and vanilla are good choices as well, if you are into soft aromas.

Other than making sure the room smells fresh in general, you might want to make sure you keep it smelling good even when you are not getting ready. Therefore, try to add some aromatic candles as well, this viable option might not only help you on those cold days but also would be an extra touch for an outstanding room. Nevertheless, whatever style of fragrance you opt for, try always the most natural one. Commercial products are good, we do not deny it, but after using them what’s next? Even though candles and incense do not last forever, it does have a considerable lower impact to mother earth.

2. The Mirror

top 5 3 300x300 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe RoomMake of your wardrobe a complete happy place. Who is the best judge of our appearances? Us! So, keep definitely into account the goodness of a standout mirror. Although this might be a recommended purchase for your wardrobe, remember that the size and position are very important, having said this, if you happen to count with space enough try a big mirror which would make of your getting ready time an enjoyable process. And for you, detail boss, we strongly suggest an extra looking glass for close-up product application. A magnifying cosmetics mirror might safe you the night for those unexpected reunions.

3. The armchair

 The minutes that you commit to make-up application and hair styling should be in a nice and comfortable chair. FinishBuild think that an armchair would be a very nice option, because can offer you a place to rest but also work on your looks in a relaxed way. So, do not hesitate when it comes to what you deserve, get a throne for the ambitious women that is inside of you. On the other hand if you happen to have a small area, stool is a good idea for its multifunctional purpose. There is no objection on your choice as long as is cozy and functional for you.

4. Add some extra you

top 5 2 300x300 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe RoomChoose the color of your preference on jewelry boxes, cosmetics jars and perfume bottles. There is no “enough” when it comes about creating a charming and functional wardrobe, promise to yourself nothing but the best. Candles, photo frames, a vase filled with your favorite plants add a consistent personal touch. FinishBuild suggest you that in areas like this, neutral colors on the walls are a wise choice, due to the fact that you will have lots of elements storage, and for what is worth neutral colors allow clothes to stand out, making it easier to pick!

The lighting in this area is particularly important, just as important as accessories and clothing. If you do not own the proper illumination you might have trouble on seeing the details of your fabrics or make up courses. Keep into account that the difference between warm and cooler lighting also defines the style of the room.

To sum up, creativity is vital your wardrobe, if you feel with a lack of motivation, using design magazines, asking to friends or even check Pinterest can be a very nice source of inspiration. Remember that having different choices  does not make you odd, that is exactly what makes you unique, so whether if you like bright colors, or you happen to enjoy a classic style, our tips would match.

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Homes with kids generally need to deal with much activity during the day; something similar happens with their floors. These surfaces stand up to high feet traffic because when kids are growing up discover and are curious about everything that surrounds them. As you choose your kids bedroom’s floor, there are some important considerations you should study before start with any kid’s flooring building or replacement. For instance, people tend to think of vinyl as a good idea in a child’s room because of its attributes such as resilience and highly affordability, however according to the nonprofit Center for Health, Environment & Justice this flooring alternative is not a wise choice due to the material’s phthalate and lead risks. Another idea you cannot try ever is installing wall to wall carpeting; this flooring material is not easy to clean and therefore can represent health problems for your kids.

Two sustainable and bold flooring materials


In the 50s this flooring material was old- fashioned call linoleum, but today its name has been updated and can be found in sheets, glue- down tiles or click (which is a snap- together system use by many DIyers). Marmoleum is an attractive as well as a sustainable flooring product that really eases the installation process. Due to the fact that it is soft and naturally antimicrobial flooring, kids with allergies or asthma problems won’t need to deal with extra elements that can negatively influence in their health.   What we completely adore about it is that comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns, which makes it ideal for a floor that your kids will love.


It might sound odd as a flooring option but believe us when we say that cork floors is truly soft, warm and looks gorgeous once installed. This earth- friendly alternative is available at big- box stores as FinishBuild; you can purchase cork floors in moderate inexpensive prices and what’s more, its installation is easy because you can find it in interlocking planks, as engineered wood or laminate. Give cork a try and you will fall in love with all the amazing patterns and tones you can find it.

Flooring Options that your kids will love

Stunning kid’s room décor is not only about amazing furniture or good- looking walls design. So once you know what type of flooring you will be using in your kids’ room, it is time to pick the look you want.

Make it colorful

Bright colors are really amusing for kids’ rooms, so if you want to make a commitment with your brand new cork or marmoleum floor; place a colorful and soft foam tile. It is great for toddlers and they are easy to clean plus, by having one of these in the room of your kid you will be also reducing the risk of not needed dangerous falls. The extra bonus you achieve with a colorful foam tile is that you can pack it up and transport it to any room in your home.

Vivid Rug Circles

We have mentioned that wall to wall carpeting is not the best flooring idea you can think of however, geometric rugs in vivid colors is a very attractive detail you can incorporate in your kid’s room. Moreover, if you happen to choose rugs for your cool teenager, you can opt for a less vibrant color and invest on a more neutral piece your children will love.

Make Your Kid Room’s Floor the Focal Point

Feeling bold? Do you want to create a unique look in the room of your kid? Choose your flooring material in an unforgettable color and pattern; bright color is our suggestion. Opt for a solid color, and be smart about the rest of the decorative details; different shades and textures are recommended to balance out the entire room.

 Your kid’s flooring choice

Since it is all about getting to know your kid as he or she grows up, it will be an excellent idea to listen to him/her in order to find out what are his/her ideas and what will make him/her feels comfortable in his/her bedroom. Make sure the flooring and designing choice has your kid’s point of view; base on that decide the wall and furniture colors and try to include those elements that best define your children’s personality.

Natural look

Since it is your kid bedroom’s flooring, and you have the option to add eye- catching details that best complement the full look; you might be interested in natural pine floorboards that suitable match with white walls. Add pretty vintage pieces and let toys perform the colorful detail of your kid’s room. Find meaningful and funny pieces and make your children’s bedroom look stylish no matter how messy it is.

Used for playing, learning and sleeping, your kids’ bedroom is a space that should be a reflection of their constantly growing personalities. Providing a calming and clean atmosphere is as important as offering a safe space to your children; make them happy and also allow them to discover new things surrounded by charming decorative pieces that can also work as functional loads of storage.

A good suggestion we might add to this topic is that you do not need to limit to the children’s department when shopping the items you will place in your kids’ room; vintage style is a convenient alternative, if combined with other bright color and durable elements, this idea can work beautifully on providing your children’s room an attractive appeal. Another significant consideration you should take into consideration is using only non- toxic, formaldehyde- free adhesives when installing your children bedroom’s floors. You should also opt for non- toxic sealers and cleaning products.


At FinishBuild we always keep the eye on those partners that are always aiming to make us feel loved. Dogs are a significant part of American homes when it comes to own a pet, and for this reason we value them as a family member. While some homeowners opt for small breeds, others decide to go big owning larger dogs. But when it comes to bedtime, some owners might let these companions to crush in their sofa, while others provide them a cozy dog bed.

You might be surprise on how frequent society spoil their dogs in order to provide them a warm and sometimes luxurious relaxation area. FinishBuild is happy to explore and share a more detailed approach what are nowadays bed options but also unique designs for puppies.

Side Bed for Dogs: The woof side of comfort

Dogs nose friendly materials

According to  Randy Kidd, in “Sniffing out the source of our dogs’ remarkable ability to smell” article, the canine sense of smell and his collection of scents is, after all, at least hundreds of times and perhaps more than a million times more accurate and more expansive than humans. Dog noses collect scents by air-scenting (sniffing volatile oils that are traveling in the air) and sniffing the ground. A dog’s nose is ideally made for sniffing. When a dog sniffs, he inhales the scented chemicals into his nasal cavities, where they are trapped in mucus and processed by the sensory cells. Expiration forces air out the side of the nares so that its exit doesn’t interfere with odors still in the air or on the ground.

For this reason FinishBuild suggests you to go for recycled materials, in order to avoid strong odors on his bed, otherwise they might reject it.  Even though there are a number of dog beds available that are made from recyclable materials, take a look of the P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle bed, for instance, which is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

Beware of those friendly odors that come with your bed´s dog, if your dog is allergic finding beds for susceptible noses can be tricky, and you might have to go further more on what is your dog is allergic to. On the other hand, prevention is always a good policy; you might want to try a worthy alternative on hypoallergenic bed shelter.  Covers like these are usually made of 100% waterproof Nano-pore fabrics and they are also a barrier against dirt, dust, mites and fleas.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking the best dog bed, so whether you want to go for comfort and expense, comfort and affordability, or have special needs, there are so many varieties of dog beds on the market, FinishBuild shares and explores a few interesting options at the present time to let you know what is the best for you.

The bending dog bed

Our number one option is the majestic smart idea of Murphy’s Paw Design on saving space but also with style. Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed for the spoiled dogs and the stylish modern owner. This is an outstanding option for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs when it comes to bed-time and when the sun raises you to save space in tiny living-room areas with a touch of glamour.

The cot dog bed

Does your dog happen to have a really thick haired or long-haired? dogs have an unfortunate tendency to overheat, and when the hair is abundant these beds can definitely cool them down. If your dog tends to overheat while resting, therefore the finest bed choice for your puppy would be the cot style bed. A cot bed usually features a mesh or net material for the dog to lay on in addition to legs that elevate the bed off the ground for plenty of air circulation around your dog as they sleep. No to mention, that regarding care & maintenance cot beds are also great because of the ease of cleaning. Another tip on this dog bed is that if you own older dogs with incontinence issues, cot beds can do the job due to the fact that they do not retain odors after cleaning.

The useful cabinet

This is our favorite and more achievable than buying a manufactured bed, that might cost you a couple of bucks. If you are looking for a cozy but also hiding place, cabinet can easily do the job. So, whether you want to spoil your dog a little bit or just provide him a room as any member of the family, you could just allow your dog to hide under any cabinet in your house. The location options are endless; you can adapt dog bed areas into closets, kitchen cabinets, garage cupboards. Any hiding spot in your laundry or kitchen, or beneath your staircase, is a great way to give your dog that cave-like feeling.

Keep into account that building a dog bed area, it does not necessarily means that you have to replace the entire cabinet to give your puppy a nice spot, you can easily add a piece of fabric with sparkly and fun colors to recreate a door, or just decorate a corner under a counter. The laundry room, for example is the perfect dog-friendly location because of its tiled flooring.

Think big, but be creative!


When it comes to eco-friendly lifestyle, FinishBuild attempts to apply more planet-friendly ways to not only increasing our existence here, but also create a pattern for our youngest members in order to have a more healthy life. Have you ever heard of organic bedding? These new set of items basically gather sheets and pillowcases made from fibers grown without synthetic pesticides or genetic engineering. Regarding health these new set of eco-products attempt to be an option to enhance home areas, some bedding products use formaldehyde to make them soft. By evading this known carcinogen and opting for chemical-free sheets like organic cotton or bamboo you can develop more cozy and green life.

Ensuring that you have natural, non-toxic products in your bedroom can be an interesting path in order to make an outstanding step toward a healthier style. Since FinishBuild is aware of the importance of maintaining your health and wellbeing, therefore w have come with some useful tips to make your bed a more planet-friendly item in your home o flat areas.


Coil mattresses were introduced in the 19th century, inspired in part from the coils used to construct carriages according to SleepOutfitters. Subsequently, during the 1920s, latex introduced by a Scottish inventor named John Boyd Dunlop and latex mattresses were introduced shortly thereafter. However during 1950, the introduction of pillows and mattresses were made from polyurethane foam. Many materials had been part or our sleep-time history, and even though we barely pay attention, essential things are usually invisible to the eye. Nowadays, green options embrace organic wool- and cotton-filled mattresses that are just as comfortable as a chemical-filled mattress. The greenest option is latex. This last one do not grieve on lumps and gullies over time. Wool and organic cotton materials are the best primary green options when it comes to choose a suitable mattress, being eco-friendly is based on the principle of using natural fibers that do not release synthetic materials into the environment.

Resting easy knowing that you are relaxing in a natural bedroom can double your happiness on your daily basis, so if you cannot wait, try by choosing a mattress that is toxin-free and does not contain polyurethane foam and fire-retardants such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers, PBDEs. On the other hand, the consequences of these materials prove that animals exposed to PDBEs showed learning deficiencies, and high levels of the chemical have been found in women’s breast milk according to

Green Bedding platforms

Beds sustainable platforms are another eco-friendly items you can add to your bedroom in order to maintain the harmony between your furniture and mattress as well. Sustainable and/or recycled materials, such as FSC-certified wood and recycled steel, and non-toxic, water-based finishes are upright options to choose from.

As we mention before, latex mattress is a nice one of the best platforms to rest your mattress. Latex bed platforms are rigid surfaces on a solid foundation. On the other hand, other foundations of wood, made of untreated pine, can also be a natural element to consider for your health but not for our planet, however is good to share and let you know the best non-toxic selections.


In consonance with an exceptional article published by The National Sleep Foundation, which is about learning how important is designing a sleep- friendly bedroom environment, in order to enjoy the health benefits that people can accomplish by thinking a bit more serious when it comes to decorating this home’s area; in FinishBuild we have decided to base our today’s article on master bedrooms, those rooms that for some people is the least important zone in their homes and for some others is their island oasis in the sea of life’s complexities.

Your master bedroom’s main purpose is to nurture you and fuel you for the hard work of living in this busy crazy world we are living in nowadays. Since it is the place where you start and end your day, creating a pleasant master bedroom space promotes calmness, good sleep and thus overall rejuvenation to your happiness, as well as good health that turns into good performance in your daily activities. We did some researcher before to start this article, and found that both interior designers as well as some circadian neuroscientists agree that having a space that supports the soul filling act of sleeping, reading and snuggling the people and pets you love is essential.

5 Best Decorating Ideas to Optimize Your Master Bedroom

Did you know toy will spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping? This is the reason why sleep is the most important activity you can do to be healthy both physically and mentally; therefore you need to create an excellent sleep environment, which produces a perfect climate for all the bedroom activities you develop. The following are some ideas we have chosen for you in order to reach you magical master bedroom project.

Be Your Master Bedroom Interior Designer

This idea also applies in case you count on a professional interior designer for your project. Since your ideas and style should predominate, before to start the makeover talk with your interior designer about the special blend of the elements of design, and the aspects of your favorite environment aspects that you would like to subtly add into your design.

Establish Priorities, Focus on The Bed

Give priority in your bedroom makeover by investing in the high- quality and best comfort that you can afford. Your bed should be taken as the heart of your master bedroom, so make sure it has a mattress that is comfortable, fits your body and give you a good night of sleep. Take good care of it, dust mite resistant mattress pad are ideal to cover it; and regarding to when to change it, this will up to you because you feel that it is not comfortable anymore, and then it will be time to replace it. When it comes to sheets, two sets of them and pillow cases of good quality fabrics will make you feel really cozy.

Pillows should be the right for you, be careful when choosing them, because after a short time of use, they can take a pancake crappy shape that is unhealthy; you can also take care of your pillows by protecting them with dust mite pillows covers. Sometimes people consider having decorations on their beds; our advice will be to keep them to a minimum and with a purpose such as, hiding the wrinkly sleeping pillows. The idea is to have decorations that make you happier, for instance a beautiful fabric or colors that delight you.

It is all about décor details!

The accessories or decorating elements you can choose in order to enhance your master bedroom should be meaningful, without creating an overwhelming environment. Keep this space of your home clean and the accessories to a minimum, in order to provide a calming area; showcase items that tell the story of your life such as significant photographs. Moreover, you can consider adding something organic to your bedroom for instance; plants or fresh flowers, they do not only bring new energy into your master bedroom but remove toxins from the air. For a bold look, let your character shine and mix up your favorite accessories (perhaps artwork pieces) and finishing touches, be sure to have fun in the process of making all the elements work together those items you really love and are special to you will perform at their best.

Lighting It Up Properly

While sleeping, try to keep light coming in windows, a good idea can be using black out curtains or heavy drapes. In order to create a dramatic effect, your master bedroom lamps should provide a soft glow, by using lampshades you are keeping the light intensity to a minimum; remember that lower wattage bulbs are recommended, perhaps 45- 60 watts. Another great option to lighten your master bedroom is to install dimmers switches that allow you to control the lighting in your room and intensify it whenever you need it. An interesting fact about natural light is that when you are exposure to it at the appropriate time, you body’s clock is on track, so letting sunlight come into your room during the day can be considered an excellent idea.

Make Sure You Master Room Have the Right Temperature


Because a bedroom that is too warm or to cool can disrupt your sleep, 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal bedroom temperature. Over- layering can also be a problem, multiple blankets and pillows look awesome in your master bedroom, however too many covers can cause a night of fitful sleep; so select convenient materials that can suitably fit your nights after a day of hard working.

Home makeovers have become a craze these days; home renovations and easy décor boosters are evidence that everyone is looking for ways to enhance their living spaces and as this trend grows, homeowners are paying more attention to updating their home’s public areas, neglecting that the master bedroom should be the most comfortable and personal area of any home; boosting its décor will surely have a major impact on the quality and quantity of sleep, two really significant factors on people’s health quality. From FinishBuild we encourage you think about your master bedroom as one of the top priorities of your home, it meets you needs for rest and rejuvenation can be easier than you may think. Be aware of the investment and take the time to get inspired, your master bedroom makeover does not happen overnight but will be certainly worth it; focus on what you want in order to create your new master bedroom sanctuary.

Do not underestimate the importance of your sleep environment, design an inviting master bedroom that helps you quickly transition to rest…you start, we Finish!