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SHOWER REMODELING INSPIRATION FOR A GORGEOUS RENOVATION destacDO 300x138 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous Renovation

Home improvements represent an exciting challenge for any homeowner, bathroom update is one of the first projects people look to do, since its advantages allow you to enjoy of a great space you will stay in for the long haul or if you are looking to sell your property in the near future. Whether you are striving for more storage, or better efficiency and appearance in your bathroom, you can be sure a remodeling provides an endless array of benefits for you, your family and guests. On the other end of the spectrum, setting a plan and budget ahead will be a great way to blend your personal style with a real amount of money, in order to achieve your dream design. There are other aspects you need to pay special attention too, for instance making sure you choose quality bathroom accessories such as sink, countertop and toilet. In case you want only to make simple changes to this important space of your home, like installing new cabinets, redoing your shower/tub, or even tearing everything down to the studs and starting from scratch, I rounded up some inspiring ideas that might help you start this interesting update in your home.

Seamless Finishes

ip1 300x300 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous Renovation

A very popular trend that has come to stay is seamless showers, they create a sleeked look which offers easy access for anyone, even for people who face mobility challenges when step up and over a sill.

Enhance Mood

The design world has improved so much about bathroom’s utility and function, that today it is completely possible to enhance your mood by using different decor elements that contribute creating that desired feeling which harmoniously blend with functionality. Choose multi shower heads for your renovation, you will experiment how amazing is to enjoy a spa- like bathroom that can boost your mood as soon as you come in. If a small bathroom is your case, then strive to remodel it in such a functional way that you can minimize counter space by storing your personal products, rather than storing them.

Industrial Accents

Industrial design in your bathroom is a bold pattern that you can think of for your remodeling project. You can install tiles that extend halfway up to the wall with industrial fixtures. To balance your industrial accents, you may consider warm tones and some natural elements in order to avoid your bathroom looks overly cold.

Mixed & Matched Bathroom

SHOWER REMODELING INSPIRATION FOR A GORGEOUS RENOVATION 4 300x300 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous RenovationFor a bold look in your bathroom, mix various types of tiles that make this room feel more eye- catching and contemporary. To achieve a modern version of those colorful bathrooms of the 70s, you can opt for white floors made of natural stone, with hand painted tiles in your backsplash and clean shower’s lines, visual interest will make everybody want to come in. As additional inspiring ideas, when it comes time to the decorate you brand new renovation, hang bold and vibrant robes or towels to add pops of color and paint your mirror frame an accent color.

Classic White

Unlike the above idea that I have suggested, you might also consider an all-white bathroom that provides your space with crisp as well as eye- pleasing look. What I like the most about this inspiring idea is how bright your bathroom will be, and there are a wide variety of decorating choices you can select that will make this room of your home feel fresh for years to come.

Unexpected Materials

SHOWER REMODELING INSPIRATION FOR A GORGEOUS RENOVATION 2 300x300 Shower Remodeling Inspiration for a Gorgeous Renovation

Modern bathroom makeovers are following an interesting trend which consists on opting for unexpected materials, natural ones are at the top of the list. Rock, especial treated wood, slate are just some of the many materials homeowners choose for their bathroom update projects because they do not only add warmth and an amazingly chic touch, but are extremely durable as well as stain resistant.

Sometimes homeowners tend to renovate their bathrooms due to existing problems that include leaking shower or loose tile. There are some others who just do it because they want a change, a fresh and new look for this room of their home as they do with any other area, in any case there is nothing more relaxing than some quality time spent in a bathroom you designed, soothing lighting with warm colors are just some ideas to create your own personal escape and be ready for both, facing a new day or unwind from a long hectic day. Before you start this home improvement adventure, you will want to budget for the unexpected in case hidden damages show up, and you find them out just right before you start your renovation; build a 10 to 15 percent cushion into your budget, and if any extra incident happens then you will have a nice little windfall.

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destacada5 300x138 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

When showerheads first went out, they used to provide a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, thus a morning shower often felt like a drizzle. However, technology has advanced and we have to be honest on the fact that in this modern age we are living, we all are looking for ways to improve our lives as well as achieve moment of true enjoyment. In this constant quest, bathroom comfort is not the exception since taking a hot shower when it is cold outside, or a refreshing one in warmer weather conditions is something that definitely makes any difficult and stressful day disappear.

Even though there are many new shower head models available in the home market, some homeowners still consider the idea of changing their old microphone shaped shower head only when breaks down. Today it is possible to have fun while choosing the right shower head for your bathroom because you have plenty of options to opt for, at FinishBuild we offer a wide range of shower head selections, including those ones that are larger than others, rectangular, round or flat shaped; some others offer massaging or pulsating settings, and there are also shower heads that allows you to take a shower that feels like a strong rainstorm, as you can see when it comes time to upgrade your bathroom’s shower, option are vast and you can absolutely think of our online store to purchase yours.

As in each home improvement project, there are certain considerations you will need to think about when looking for showerheads. In case you have water problems for instance tough water, then you will need to regularly cleanse your shower head, as well as having a water softener mounted for your home. Furthermore, deciding what short of sprays you want is another aspect you would like to consider since shower head makers offer amazing alternatives, from sprinkling mists to water that comes out in patterns. Another important aspect to consider is the water pressure level your home has, many of the top rated low pressure rain shower heads sometimes do not give enough pressure for a fast and reliable shower; it would better for you to make a detailed review of the best showerheads for low water pressure. Last but obviously not least you need to include your budget in the plan as you probably will be looking for a high quality yet not pricey showerhead; well let me tell you that at FinishBuild you can find showerheads that will look stunning in your bathroom and will last a lifetime there.

Handheld Shower Head

s5 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

The most flexible option you will find is a handheld shower, which is ideal for senior, children or people with limited mobility. Handheld shower performs remarkably in those hard to reach places. Most of these types of shower heads are adaptable and sturdy. Additionally, there are many styles that offer a hand held shower head that include power saving, great water jet or switch design. Likewise, handheld shower heads are a budget- friendly option to upgrade your bathroom since you can acquire them for an attractive price (under $100), definitely a high quality and long lasting alternative.

Chlorine Filtering Shower Heads

If you filter the water you and your family consume, why don’t consider filtering the water that comes out from your shower head? Chlorine contained in water can dry the skin, so whether you or any member of your family face skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis, or just to improve your family’s health, it would be a great choice if you install a chlorine filter on your shower head, in order to remove this chemical from your shower water.

Rain Shower Heads

ip1 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

Designed to provide a showering experience that evokes like when you stand in the rain (but much warmer), with this type of shower head you can expect to have a smoothly water streams. Rain shower heads are ceiling installed and are usually made of either steel or chrome, but it is also possible to find them created of plastic. At FinishBuild you can opt for a rain shower head that have two spray settings, this will allow you to switch between a powerful jet and a rainfall mode.

LED Shower Heads

6 300x300 Brilliant Ideas & Tips to Choose Incredible Showerheads

Curious about adding some light, color and fun to your shower experience? Then a LED shower head is what you need. This type of shower head changes its colors depending on water’s temperature such as red for hot, green for warm and blue for cold; you can also find this option as an earth- friendly one since some LED shower heads are battery powered or even generate their power from water’s pressure.

Shower Heads with Speakers Included

Enjoy your favorite tunes while having a relaxing shower with a shower head that includes speakers. Connectivity options are different including basic AM/FM radio to Bluetooth, this way you can listen to all of your favorite songs from your device.

Sometimes people underestimate the importance of this element which plays an essential role in every bathroom. Showerheads are key in these rooms not only because of their aesthetics features, but also for the functionality they can provide you and your family with. There is nothing better than taking a relaxing shower that help you soothe aching muscles, not to mention that today it is also possible to find filtering shower heads that keep chlorine levels down, and thus they filter harmful chemicals out of the water, this contributes to keeping your family healthy.

I believe that when it is about choosing the perfect shower head for your bathroom, a worthy investment is the best ideas you can think of, turn into a choosy person while selecting the type of shower head you want to install in your bathroom and be sure you choose a design element that looks awesome and performs at its very best, visit our online store and acquire that shower head you have been dreaming about…you dream it, we Build it!

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Small bathroom 300x138 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017

Social Human condition has established that healthy body habits are highly recommendable nowadays or mandatory in other cases. This form of self – caring is part of some cultures between hygiene conditions and the fact that self-bathing is a matter of reducing skin and emotionally breakthroughs. Therefore, whether you are in the mood for spoiling yourself or just do it because it makes you happy, we remind you that at FinishBuild bath-time is me-time.

First of all we must agree on the fact that taking a shower can be easily accomplished by water and soap. Nevertheless, shower-times are more than that. We believe that we can create space that not only would satisfy your eye but also we would talk about how to make bigger than it looks.

Elements you must take into account

Small bathroom 1 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Mirrors:

In Feng Shui, the use of elements such as metal, can help you enormously space saving as well. Mirrors have the honorable addition of being able to reproduce what it reflects, therefore if you happen to have a very tiny piece of toilet and a sink side by side, we suggest you to place and long horizontal piece of glass just above these pieces, in order to get the best of visual tricks. Mirrors are not also a good way of enhancing your bathroom area but also are a nice functional addition.


Small bathroom 2 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017If your bathroom and you happen to have a space problem, there are some elements you can exchange in order to get the view of a bigger bathroom. Let´s begin with sizes, when it comes about bathroom, the proportions are a vital, and it highly influences decoration and can increase or reduce your bathroom physical areas.

Flooring Tiles:

According to some interior design companies, in order to get the best of space inside a house, flooring tiles and wall bathroom tiles should match. This addition can help you with harmony creation and in the case you need a visual but also spacious home area, continuity is vital and an important element. Therefore, we suggest you to get tiles that go with minimal contrast, lighter colors like BLANCO from our brand KRONENHAHN, line CASONA.


Small bathroom 3 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Opt for going with ¨less is more¨, when it comes about small sized bathrooms. Regarding the bathroom, aesthetics is the reflection of what your daily life can be and when there is less you gain in space. Therefore try by getting the goodness of our FinishBuild BA130 15″ SQUARE CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL model, which comes in 13″ H x 22″ W x 22″ D, ideal for tiny spaces. This reloaded versions not only can help you to safe space but also adds an outstanding aesthetic for guests including yourself. We also suggest you the BA129 16″ ROUND CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL that can offer a more uniform geometric appearance if you are not that into corners or pointy edges.


Small bathroom 4 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017How can we forget the proper use of manual locking systems? When it comes about bathing experience, you must be aware that privacy is everything and priceless. Regarding the materials you can use for shower doors, at FinishBuild we strongly recommend you to explore with glass materials that can easily help you to get a closer look of things and at the same time you can get the sense of spaciousness. In order to get the best of comfort, try by setting a focal point, we suggest you to start matching the perfect combination of unpretentious additions such as the glass on the door, the light clear tone on the tiles and even the size if the mirror you are going to get.


When it comes about illumination, remember to take into account that natural light can enhance your home spaces at reasonable prices. Natural light can work perfectly when you happen to own small spaces, which allows you to get the best of both worlds: privacy and nature. Therefore try by adding upper sliding windows that can easily offer you an outlet to unexpected odors and concentration of fumes. The use of recessed lighting is a choice in case you have no option but adding artificial light. Try non-direct lights that might come from the ceiling.

Go vertical:

Small bathroom 5 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Try to storage as much as you can but in a scaling way, customized medicine cabinets for instance, can be a nice solution to space craving. Therefore if you are into having your own personal items properly organized, going vertical is a cool option. On the other hand, when it comes about small bathroom dimensions, you should take into account that if cabinets are located on the base of your floor.

To sum up we would like you to remind you that you deserve a nice experience, and making yourself happy should be the journey not the task. Therefore if you happen to have a small bathroom, we suggest you to go functional with maximizing your space, with a Lazy Susan addition for personal hygiene products. Believe or not when it comes about physical illusions we must agree on the fact that theory is not necessarily better than practice. For this reason we have come with this research regarding which particular items should you avoid when it comes about small spaces. There are tricks everywhere therefore we must share them.

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Besides getting your body clean, bath-time offers you a unique momentum that in most of the cases works for reloading yourself. Bathtubs are the clear example of me-time level up, introduced in the late 19th century, these structures allowed you to perform a deep and precise clean-time without spending ridiculous amounts of water. Since water systems were almost inexistent, in order to fill bathtubs people had to warm the water up and then pour it into the tubs.

Nowadays, when it comes about bath tubs options are endless and even though there are a wide variety of types, such as soakers, whirlpools, claw-footed models; contoured shapes, ovals or squares; tubs with neck rests and armrests; tubs set into platforms; and tubs you step down into or walk into. Nevertheless, choosing a quality bathtub material can not only guarantee you fun but also money saving, therefore let’s check:

Bathtub materials

Fiberglass: Is a lightweight, moldable material. A fiberglass tub is the least expensive type you can buy, it price can range from $500 or more. On the other hand, it is predisposed to scratching.

On the other hand gel-coated fiberglass and fiberglass with an acrylic finish are variations on this material that have worked well the last years. Fiberglass- acrylic bathtubs hold up longer, nevertheless at FinishBuild, we recommend that if you are going to purchase a bathtub, take into account that accessible prices might cost you more. When it comes to this material stains, mold and mildew are easy to grow, while other issues like color fading and spider cracking can also ruin your bath-time.

Cultured marble: bathtubs are made from crushed limestone mixed with resin, then finished with Gelcoat. This gelcoat finish is also mixed with cultured marble making bathtubs more durable than fiberglass.

Cast iron: Enameled cast iron, also known as porcelain  are made by pouring molten iron into a mold of the desired shape, then smoothing it and coating it with a thick layer of enamel. This bathtub material is highly resistant to chipping, scratching and denting, as well as most types of chemicals.

Nevertheless, price and weight are something they have in common to install, they’re also going to be among the most expensive tubs on the market flowing around $700, 2.000 or more. When it comes to installation processes these tubs are very heavy, and may require extra flooring support and since they come in a limited gamma of shapes and sizes, you might only find one person accommodation tub.

Stone and wood: Bathtubs in stone looks can not only offer you a more natural rustic look but also heat water’s preservation, therefore if you are into soaking and spending long periods of tie, this material is the one for you. Stone bathtub materials range from granite, marble, onyx, travertine, basalt or sandstone. When it comes about installation processes, these tubs are extremely heavy, and require special structural framing to backing their weight. In addition, prices are very high (ranged from $5,000 to 16,000 or even more) , however it would be a wise investment due to the fact that stone is a very long lasting and durable material.

On the other hand, wood bathtubs have another classic but also wild look that definitely match any forest cabin. Even though you might have the possibility of customizing your tubs at any length, depth and stained to your color preferences, wood is not a long-lasting material to count on when it comes about bathtubs. Nevertheless, if you are still into this material for matching reasons or style, FinishBuild recommends you to keep into account sealers or any other covering materials.

Porcelain-Enameled Steel: This is a steel-based material covered in porcelain enamel. The result is a low-cost, smooth, glossy, and durable finish that is easy to clean. Generally the tub is stamped from a tinny sheet of steel, then finished with a layer of porcelain enamel. These tubs are durable and the surfaces are resistant to most common chemicals, and retains its gloss for a long time.


 FinishBuild Designs: Acrylic Bathtubs

Last but never least, we have acrylic. This is a type of plastic featuring a high-gloss finish and excellent durability.  Of all possible surfaces, acrylic has become the material of choice in the bathing world due to its natural warmth, ease of maintenance, resilience, and ability to be formed into soft contours. This bath tub material can round prices among $290-500 or even more. At FinishBuild acrylic is a popular material, such as, AM124-L 6′ Double Corner Acrylic White Whirlpool Bathtub – Drain on Left.

 Bathtubs can considerably reduce stress after a long day of work. Coming with molded armrests, such as the AM198-R 5′ Right Drain Rounded Clear Modern Corner Whirlpool Bath Tub, we guarantee you, bath-time will never be the same. Available on a triangle shape, this model can allow you saving space in your bathroom, not to mention that in case it does not work accurately, you count with one year limited warranty on all parts.

Acrylic counts with the characteristic of being a lightweight material, which is a significant feature in large tubs that can put damaging stress on structural elements. This particularity also allow to ease you transportation matters, in addition acrylic materials resists cracking and chipping, stands up to high temperatures and ultraviolet light.

Is it important for you to share a moment of truly relaxtation  with your significant one? FinishBuild also counts with AM125 Double Corner Acrylic White Whirlpool Bathtub, which allow capacity for two. When it comes to spoil yourself, options are endless, check what we have prepare for you at our online store

To sum up, what FinishBuild loves about acrylic material is that regarding cleaning we must also tell you that this material resists mildew and harsh chemicals, however it can be scratched, so FinishBuild suggest you to wash your tub with a mild, liquid detergent, rather than an abrasive cleaner.

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WHAT SHOULD I KNOW BEFORE BUILDING MY OWN SAUNA desacada 300x138 What Should I Know Before Building My Own Sauna?

Saunas not only exist from ancient times with the purpose of cleaning and distress your body, from Rome hot bath cameras were also a social alternative to bond and create alliances, and nowadays we still use them as social but also healthy conventions. Even though hot air or vapor have the goodness of ease your body into a more relaxing state, saunas also helps you to help your body  cleanse toxins, ease muscular aches and promote a deeper breathing phase. Thanks to saunas skin health increases in an optimum level and believe or not can make you feel younger.

What do I need to know before building my own sauna?

Installing a home sauna can be a huge, exciting not to mention that you would have an outstanding advantage above mortals who enjoy the art of relaxing-time. FinishBuild first tip is to choose the style you want.

Model and Size

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW BEFORE BUILDING MY OWN SAUNA 3 300x300 What Should I Know Before Building My Own Sauna?

Take into account that saunas do not have to be necessarily big, some saunas can be smaller just for a single person. Keep in mind that for example indoor saunas are the popular choice among Americans, however it is also possible to own external saunas which can go perfectly fitted near a pool or overlooking a view. Still, choosing the size is the most important part, because from that point you would design and start.

Take into account that if you plan to add an external sauna, electrical installation might have to own an extra care and protection, sauna electrical requirements can range from around 220 volts. Furthermore, in the case of any sauna installation you must remember an exhaust vent nearby, to siphon off moisture generated by the steam.

Types of sauna materials

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW BEFORE BUILDING MY OWN SAUNA 2 300x300 What Should I Know Before Building My Own Sauna?

Bamboo: Bamboo natural solid planks are now available for the construction field. As natural renewable source Bamboo has many benefits that can suit your sauna project. Highly recommended for asthma individuals, bamboo materials can also resist moisture and water environments.

Cedar: is another classic choice it gives off a pleasant fragrance, resists rot, doesn’t splinter easily and doesn’t absorb excess. However, you can use other soft woods, such as hemlock and spruce.

When it comes about flooring sauna materials, FinishBuild would like to emphasize that using the same materials for building these units can maintain the harmony and increase the flowing temperature into a balanced way. Nevertheless, people also consider concrete, tile or another durable highly resistant materials, due to the fact that moisture can be harmful and also tends to collect bacteria growth.

Vapor Barrier

This item is one of the must-have materials you cannot ignore when building a personal sauna. According to KANSAS UNIVERSITY, vapor barriers prevent moisture from passing through the insulation and condensing on the cold outer surfaces. Build it for two main functions, vapor barriers keep moisture inside a home, and prevent it from condensing in the insulation. In the case of saunas vapor barriers reflect heat energy back in and preserves moisture out of walls. These isolation materials should be install with stapler with the foil side facing you.

Sauna Doors

When it comes to sauna doors, the best option to opt for is insulated glass units which not only are easy to install but also can enhance your sauna interiors. On the other hand glass panel doors are also an outstanding look for sauna doors as well. Whatever you choose we recommend to pick up doors that come with non-locking ball latch systems in order to get an easy and functional access.


WHAT SHOULD I KNOW BEFORE BUILDING MY OWN SAUNA 1 300x300 What Should I Know Before Building My Own Sauna?

Take into account that saunas would be areas where humidity would play a constant role. For this reason FinishBuild suggest you to try with aluminum fixtures that besides protecting electric systems would provide your sauna a chic appealing. White glass vapor proof lighting can also be an interesting and safe addition to places where moisture would be recurrent.

Finally as another viable option you can also count on incandescent light bulbs that come with the advantage of maintaining a neutral temperature on the light bulb which are usually acclaimed for high heat use.

Burning Stove:

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW BEFORE BUILDING MY OWN SAUNA 4 300x300 What Should I Know Before Building My Own Sauna?

Last but not least, once you have got the structure you need to take into account the energy source. Regarding private saunas an installation that goes through the wall at stove level and then up the outside of the sauna structure it is almost mandatory. This might require a custom work to get the pipe for going through the wall. In addition you might need to get a double walled pipe so that the heat is reduced where the pipe comes into contact with the wall. Take into account that heat might be in contact with the sauna walls, therefore assure yourself a space line or an isolation addition for this path.



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Shower head cleaning not only can allow you to be in control of an optimum hygiene but also allow you to maintain an accurate performance in water spraying. Believe or not, over time mineral deposits can plug up the spray holes and make your shower experience less pleasant and less effective. If you actually happen to enjoy showering time as me. You might not find likeable a showerhead that only covers 75 % of its efficiency. Bath-time can not only might be the only place where you can find a little peace and silent but also it is a place where you take care of your body. Therefore, for this reason, because I personally think that we all deserve and should allow ourselves a me-time but also a clean one, I´ve come with the awareness of sharing a caring time to the appliances that make this possible.

Showerhead Deep Cleaning

In the case you can took off the showerhead

 Remove your shower head by turning it counterclockwise until it comes off the wall pipe. If you are unable to unscrew it by hand, an adjustable wrench can do the job, but first wrap the fixture with a rag to prevent scratching the finish. One you have been able to get your shower head off, pour white vinegar mixed with water to completely submerge the fixture and allow it to hang in the liquid.

Allow your showerhead to soak in the vinegar overnight. The acid in the vinegar should penetrate and dissolve any mineral deposits clogging up the spray holes. Subsequently, remove the shower head from the vinegar the following morning and clean off any loosened mineral with an old toothbrush. If you can, try to give it a try in your kitchen sink in order to assure yourself that the vinegar cleaning has been effective. If so, go back to your bathroom and reinstall your shower head and do not forget to help yourself with some plumbing tape to the threads of the wall pipe, wrapping your shower head counterclockwise. After this we recommend you to take a shower in order to enjoy and for re-checking purposes like leak proof, you might have to tighten your showerhead.

The Bag Fixed Shower head cleaning

Another practical and functional way of cleaning for fixed shower heads is to attach a plastic bag with poured white vinegar, just enough to completely submerge it and then wrap it with a strong rubber band around to keep it securely attached to your wall pipe. Afterwards, allow the fixture to soak in the vinegar overnight. Once you efficiently remove the baggie, run hot water through the showerhead for several minutes to remove the released mineral deposits and vinegar.

Can I use another available kitchen cleaner?

Lemon juice

Green and natural, lemon juice is one of the most reliable cleaner that Mother Nature provides. Lemon has citric acid and  when is combine with salt it becomes a copper and brass cleaner, however you should keep an eye and use it with precaution, because even though can return the light to metals, if left on for a long time cannot washed off well. The other benefit of lemon juice is the cool and fresh odor it adds to surfaces you’re planning to clean.


Do you want to stay tuned with non- abrasive products but also want to avoid vinegar odor? We have found in some cases that Ketchup is one rare option. Believe or not that red sauce you keep into your kitchen cabinet happens to be a great cleaner for copper pots and pans. This is due to the fact that among the ingredients, citric acid is part of these sauces. Acids support cleaning metals because they strip off rust, the dark oxide coating that forms on bare metal surfaces.

Bicarbonate of soda

Commonly known for cleaning, by mixing it with water you can create a mildly alkaline solution that helps dissolve dirt and grease. Acting as a good abrasive, Bicarbonate of soda lifts stains from carpets and removes marks from surfaces without scratching them. Besides avoiding the strong odor of vinegar, this powder, it also can help you neutralize strong odors as well.

What you must not forget when cleaning shower head in your bathroom

Even though nowadays, industry has been able to pull off a wide variety of bathroom cleaning products, harsh cleaning chemicals may damage not only your shower heads but also the covering toilet and sink refinishes, which overtime can be a budget expense. Therefore, besides always opting for the natural products if you cannot avoid purchasing at least one of the manufactured nice aromatized cleaning merchandises, try at least those ones that are not strong in odor or happen to have a long extensive list of chemicals involved.

Last but never least FinishBuild would make emphasize on taking care of you and your skin. Generally, nails can get weak when exposed to chemical and continued water exposure, so remember to wear gloves which not only help you on safeguarding your hands but also would definitely allow you to grip items better .

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Marvelously designed home is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you are in the quest to buy a house, or contemplating a remodel of it; at this point the financial responsibility is one of the first considerations you pay attention to. Once you have reached your goal, the following aspect you should focus on is the time and labor that your gorgeous home requires in order to keep it looking as good as the first day you accomplish your dreamy home. As you might intuit, this post is about essential cleaning steps you might want to follow in order to maximize the appearance of your home as well as get all of the tasks done and still have time to create good memories with your loved ones. In FinishBuild we truly believe that the key is finding the balance between having stunning home’s spaces and minimize the cleaning time that such areas need.

When designing or executing a makeover in your home choices in layout, finishes and furnishings play an important role on the impact that a determine amount of time will be needed to clean everything; homeowners often tend to ignore this factor. There is nothing like a well- designed and functional home, with exceptional finishes and beautiful furnishings; however poorly maintained spaces ruin all the beauty that your house can perform. This is the reason why keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks is essential for you to avoid headaches or wasted money in repairs which could be avoided.

Whether you decide to do the regular clean-up of your home, or you call up your local handyman to help you out; make sure to take good care of your home in general so you will have rooms that look gorgeous for years to come. These are some steps you might want to keep in mind in order to accomplish a home that will be cleaned and happy in the long term.

Essential Steps: Exteriors…let’s start at your home’s curb appeal!


Rinsing off dirt and debris

To accomplish this task the right tool you will need is a pressure washer, this type of tool usually comes with an assortment of color coded spray and each one has a different spray. You can control the pressure, from high- pressure pinpoint spray to a wider and low- pressure spray. For instance, if you want to clean your home’s siding, low- pressure spray tip is ideal to achieve such task. Pressure washing is also a great option in order to remove algae stains from fencing, which is a typical sign of poor maintenance in an exterior.

Get the Deck Clean

Pressure washer will be your best tool to wash your deck; use a tip that produces a spray about the width of a two by four with medium pressure. The key in this cleaning task is to keep the spray moving, avoid to just focusing on one specific spot for too long, otherwise you could damage the surface permanently. As a final touch, you can apply a wood preservative; this contributes to prevent discoloration.

Clean Out Gutters

Gutters tend to especially accumulate leaves from the fall season or sediment from winter snows; as you clean the gutters, you can also check for cracks in the seams. A good way to clean them out is by using an old chisel on order to scrape the old caulking out and dry the area; then you can apply a new bead silicon sealing coat, this will keep water from getting behind the gutters and rotting the boards.

Get Rid of Faded Flowers

Removing faded blooms from your planters and container gardens does way more than just neaten things up; it actually directs your plants’ energy away from making seeds that turn into more foliage production, and thus more flowers.

Essential Steps: Interiors…cleaning them based on their prime material


As you might know, this is a terrific material either for walls or tiles. Glass is a versatile, modern and sleek choice that furthermore is non porous, this makes it nicer and easier to clean keeping stains or bacteria away from you and your family. The tight product to clean glass is white vinegar, if your spray it on your glass surfaces you can immediately notice that eats way from some mineral deposits and soap scum. White vinegar has incredible attributes, and we absolutely recommend it instead of using abrasive products. Scratches are common damages that your glass surface can suffer, so when it comes to the tool you need to use to clean glass; a supply of clean and soft cotton or microfiber cloths are your best alternatives. On the other hand in case you need to scrub, a soft bristle brush will be enough to scrub the area with causing any scratch. The best way to clean your glass surfaces up is by applying the cleaning product you have opted for, allow it to break the dirt down, wait for a couple of minutes and then take your sponge, strive to work from the top to the bottom, left to right (this technique ensures a streak- free shine).


A common choice for countertops, bathrooms countertops or showers walls or even floors, granite is well- known for its stunning colors and designs, not to mention how resistant is to scratches, stains. Even though this material is very strong, it cannot handle all of the cleaning products that are available in the market; for instance, vinegar or lemon can cause etching or strip the sealant off the stone. You rather opt for pH neutral cleaners such as castile soap or dish liquid. Regarding to the proper tool to make your granite looks awesome, a microfiber cloth to wipe, as well as a non scratching sponge are your best alternatives. How to apply the cleaning product on your granite surfaces? Shake the product and squirt it in an even pattern; then wipe off and see how the surface dries and shines.

Hardwood (floors)

We must start this cleaning step by mentioning that hardwood is a beautiful and elegant flooring option, however requires extra care and maintenance. Even if your hardwood floors come with a varnish, it will be needed to wipe up spills or stains in order to avoid them getting into the joints between floor planks, that will result into moisture damage. Since it is a very popular flooring option nowadays, there are obviously plenty of cleaning products for your hardwood. However a great solution that will not fail at making your floor performs exceptionally is hot water, a small squirt of dish liquid and a capful of vinegar. Of course there are many other homemade options, strive to find the one that best suits your hardwood flooring’s needs; remember that less product is better.

Furniture that Truly Shines

We cannot finish this post without mentioning what modern home design has taken as a must-have décor; high gloss furniture is here to stay and we do agree that it is gorgeous, sleek and clean. As it is made to perform its gloss, this type of furniture tends to scratch, dent or chip easily, so making the wrong decision on the cleaning product represents that the piece of furniture ends up worn or even damaged. The best product to accomplish a good cleaning of high gloss furniture is water, but do not use too much! Otherwise you can warp the lacquer. As an ideal tool to clean this type of furniture, a flat optical cloth is your best choice, this tool is able to polish and shine without basically any product as well as does not cling on to small pieces of debris which can scratch.

There are three basic aspects you need to keep in mind to properly maintain any object of your home, in FinishBuild we call it the essential cleaning triangle, and they are: the right cleaning product, the right cleaning tool and last but not least, the right cleaning technique. Whether you create an online or on paper list of your home’s tasks, you can be sure that this will be an excellent way to plan regular tasks for each weekend, so you will not end up too overwhelmed by all the cleaning activities you need to be done at home. The process of taking care of your home is quite similar to the one you do with your car; in order to keep your car’s engine healthy and performing at its best, you need to regularly change the oil, so empower yourself with these essential steps we have mention and go ahead! Upgrade your home’s spaces with the right cleaning items and ideas, enjoy of well-maintained rooms you feel proud of for years to come…you dream it, we Build it!


destacada5 300x138 Shower Systems Tips to Boost My Bath

Starting the day jumping into a shower is a regular habits that most of Americans own, it usually help us to waking up happily but also clean. When it comes to get an invigorating start, At FinishBuild we think that, getting a spare time to relax yourself in the shower in the morning or evening, helps to soothe our tired bodies and wash away the activity of the day. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a hot shower in a beautifully designed contemporary bathroom that gives you an amazing experience. Therefore, we have prepare plenty of basic notions that you definitely appreciate in order to lead your lifestyle to a nomadic whole new level of cleaning yourself.

First of all you need a shower system in your bathroom that provides effective performance. But how can you tell which one is the best for you? We have the information you need to gather from on different types of showers available nowadays in the market. There is a huge variety of showers, showerheads, and shower systems for you to choose from renovating you are into renovating bathroom system, models and functions.

What is a Shower System?

ducha7 1 300x300 Shower Systems Tips to Boost My Bath

A shower system is a prepackaged shower systems or you can customize your own, generally, when it comes about a shower system we are referring to valves, showerheads, hand showers, body sprays, water outlets, and volume controls. These components will vary in the number of valves that are used, however, these valves can be in either single handle to control water temperature and flow rate, or dual handled with water temperature controlled by one hand, and water flow rate controlled by the other. When a single valve is used, the best choice is a thermostatic temperature control valve, for example, both for optimal performance and in consideration of the safety of the user.

Your shower system will also have one or more water flow or volume control valves. This is a type of valve that turns water on or off; water flow is adjusted from the off position into increasing amounts of water flow. Your shower system can have an independent shower volume control for each outlet that is installed in the shower – such as one each for the showerhead, hand shower, and body sprays.

Types of showers

Digital showers: What we like about FinishBuild digital mixer shower is that takes water from both the hot and cold water supplies and mixes them to achieve the preferred temperature. Thermostatic mixers include a thermostatic device which will accurately maintain the temperature.

Its power unit is usually installed in a loft or airing cupboard which allow you to adjust flow and temperature by a control panel. These control panel is fitted within a 10m radius giving you more freedom in your bathroom layout. Digital showers are an interest option for boost your bathing rituals, they are very smooth regarding design and in addition are available in either mixer or electric variations. The wireless models offer you a sense of freedom, at the same time as the remote range is connected to the control unit by a completely hidden wire.

Electric showers: FinishBuild Electric showers, work on a cold water supply and heat the water on demand, however if hot water is require, can easily be heated by an element providing hot water instantly. They are extremely economic with a 99.7% energy efficiency and hot water wastage free. Regarding installation, we recommend a higher kilowatt rating for better flow performance, for proper performance.

ip1 300x300 Shower Systems Tips to Boost My Bath

Mixer showers: The benefit of FinishBuild mixer showers is that come with a diverter which gives you the option for multiple outlets from the shower unit draw from both hot and cold water supplies and usually deliver higher flow rates. This make of mixer showers an ideal alternative for homes with readily available hot water such as a large capacity hot water cylinder. Shower mixer showers include fixed head, adjustable head, and handset on a riser rail

Power showers: This shower arrangement allows massage fans to vary not only from both hot and cold water supplies but an integrated drive system to boost the water-flow rate. With the ability of choosing water-strength preference, power showers offer you low pressure to strong/high flow rate shower.

Eco showers: Eco-friendly shower systems are design to be Mother’s nature best friend, saving up to 50% of water consume, eco showers come with a fitted flow regulator, with a focus on water efficiency.

Electric shower: In an FinishBuild electric shower product, hot water is created by a boiler device. It has its own heating system which helps to generate hot water, water is heated up as it passes through an integral heater within the shower unit, rather than coming from the hot water cylinder, therefore there is always enough hot water to go round. This shower can be used at any time without requiring the need to switch on the boiler. For very practical uses, electric shower can enhance your guest bathrooms if you are not into fitting ad extra system for adding comfort and hot water on cold days.

Regarding design, Showers can be:

ducha6 300x300 Shower Systems Tips to Boost My Bath

Fixed Showerheads: The fixed showerhead is the most frequently FinishBuild options for household installations. There are two types: the fixed showerhead and the hand-held showerhead. The fixed showerhead which is mounted as a permanent fixture to the shower unit’s wall, this showerheads are usually constructed to allow for adjustment of height so that short or tall people can comfortably use the same shower. On the other hand, fixed showers most commonly come in single handle, two handle and three-handle shower systems.

Hand-Held Showerheads: Hand-held showerheads are connected to the shower unit’s wall via a flexible hose or tubing to allow for freedom of motion when in use. FinishBuild definitely suggest you to get one of these design style if you happen to have little kids at home, since they are very functional   you can also use it for limited mobility users or furry four footed babies (beloved pets). Hand held showers also make cleaning the tub, shower, and surrounding areas a piece of cake.

Water Saving Showerheads: This option of showering appearance allow you to reduce you water and gas expenses.  The trick is that flow is measured in a standard pattern in order to maintaining gradual water income during the bathing time. 

What should I take into account before getting a Shower System?

Before installing a shower system, FinishBuild recommends you to consider:

  • Water pressure course: You will need to install enough shower outlets to fully accommodate the number of outlets that you install (just in case you have a multifunctional shower option system. At least 50psi for a shower system that has three outlets or more you be necessary.
  • Last but not least, you should also count with a loyal 100 gallon hot water heater to guarantee you an adequate supply of hot water (although a 50 gallon hot water heater is sufficient for showers of eight minutes or less).
  • Take into account that if your plumbing system is connected to a water softener, this can restrict the hot water flow needed for your shower system to perform fine.
  • The drain in your shower should also be large enough to dispel the volume of water that a shower system can put out. Optimally, your shower system should feature one 3” drain and two 2” drains.

To sum up we might like to add, that no matter what shower system you have or you would like to have, knowing about the plumbing and drainage structure would definitely add a 60% of your success in the showering arrangement performance.

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Lighting in our homes’ spaces is a factor that influences our daily performance in a wide way, since as a high or low in important places can generate unnecessary dry eye by excess of light in the area assigned to rest or in the TV room, that look much the view in a single point. In any case the key element to take into account is to be practical and opt straightly for the point you need to start in order to organize the most suitable lighting plan which is defined by premises such as: what light certain specific area needs or how to light it up. You might not be aware of how common is to find people who are trying to get the right lighting in their homes; the most common problem that shows up when it comes to lighting is that too often we find areas that are too bright and some others too dark. In FinishBuild, we have come to the conclusion that due to repeated ineffective specifications on how to best install or place fixtures in living areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, homeowners do not feel sure about the proper lighting solutions and tricks. Having notices this we believe that in order to make a change in the way you are improperly lighting your spaces, it will be better if you first  know what not to do, this might allow you to look and act like a pro in this essential home improvement.

Lighting Blunders you are Making and How to Avoid Them

Transform a room of your home into a seamless blend of functionality and style.

Miss layers of light

Sometimes too little or too much of one type of lighting in an area make it feel uncomfortable; and it is incredible how sensitive we humans are to light, we can conclude then that harsh or dim spaces eventually can cause discomfort. To avoid this mistake, the advice to follow is to use the three types of lighting at your disposal in every room, this means: ambient to achieve overall lighting, task to make notice specific lighting function, accent to help you decorate or make notice a focal space. Strive to use all these types of light and experience a space that is not only lit throughout, but also change as you need it.

Lighting that is too bright

Feeling you are onstage every time you get into any room of your home can make you feel uncomfortable, often this effect is provided by too many recessed lights. There are some occasions where homeowners or even home builder take it too serious when it comes to opting for recessed lights into a space; too many of them can create a living room which make you feel like you are in a stadium. To overcome this blunder, the greatest solution you can find is the best kept secret to adjust lighting: dimmers. They allow you to control your home’s lighting from day to night, for any event and even they perform exceptionally at building your mood.

Bathrooms which are too dark

This happens when you use vanity lighting in the entire bathroom; a suitable task light at the vanity is essential to create a bathroom that will warranty a functional space. Additionally, we need to let you know that counting on one fixture to light the entire space, even if it is a small one, may leave your bathroom feeling and looking dingy. The use of multiple lights in this important room of your home will provide the right ambient lighting for the rest of the room, as well as keeping your vanity bright; recessed lights or semi- flushmount fixture are good options.

Not paying attention where shadows might fall

Too often it is not a matter of fixtures or their quantity in the room, but placement of the light in the wrong spot. If we take your kitchen as example, shadows can plague your kitchen workplace as they block any light that comes from above or behind you, keeping the light from where you need it. This is why we recommend under- cabinet lighting, they are a must in any kitchen because they help you focus the lighting on those functional areas, and therefore increase task lighting. Additionally, under- cabinet lights also serve as accent lighting when the kitchen is not being used.

Wrong size fixture choice

This is very common when you fall in love with a fixture, therefore you want to take it home no matter its size. Undersize or oversize fixtures will definitely bring more problems than solutions to your home, even if you love them! To avoid this mistake, focus on the fixture which should fit your décor as also fits the required scales of the room that is going to assign to. To achieve this, make sure to create a model; this means you can mock up a fixture by using cardboard to help you get a general idea of how the overall shape will sit in the room.

Decorating your home is not only being aware of how to develop your furniture placement, room size and color selections, but also you need to know how available is natural light for that room, or how can fixtures address right lighting for your spaces. Great lighting plan can undoubtedly make all the difference in any room of your home; then avoid the previous common blunders, and help your home’s spaces to reach their full design potential. Change the mood in your home’s rooms…you dream it, we Build it!


In FinishBuild we certainly believe home is where the heart is, however it can also be a very dangerous place for bran new crawlers and walkers; this is the main reason why today’s article is dedicated on some essentials items as well as tips on how to make your home’s rooms as safe as possible. It is completely true that most of the time parents’ eyes are the best device they can use in order to keep your child away from dangerous situations or injuries, but what about when you do not have any help with childcare and as it is very common, get interrupted from time to time to answer the door or use the bathroom? After we analyzed this, we have come to the conclusion that life will be so much easier as well as entertaining if you spend some time on seriously baby proof your home; a weekend or even a whole day will be more than enough to get done this task, at the end we are sure you will feel glad you did it.

FinishBuild’s child- proofing products for your home

Keep your toddlers safe with our best array of baby proofing products for home that you can totally purchase online in our website.

Keep electrical outlets covered

Considered as one of the major potential dangers for crawlers but at the same time one of the most loved items by them, electrical outlets are an interesting item that children like to touch, perhaps because they see you plugging in an appliance and they want to do just the same you do. Electrical outlets, especially if they are placed at a hip level, can be easily reached by your baby; our electrical outlet covers are ideal for your child- proof home because they stop your children to stick their fingers in and being accidentally electrocuted. Moreover, we recommend you to keep all the electrical cords out of your toddler way, this way you avoid them to pulling or chewing these potential pieces.

Be sure to invest in a baby gate

This is a baby- proof home essential that helps protect your baby from potential hazards and should definitely be in your “to do” list. The top or the bottom of stairs and doorways are the areas where you need to install safety gates. Across entrances in the home will be awesome if you do not want your child to go.

Choose your favorite and most suitable flooring

As we have mentioned on previous article and due to the fact of maintain and care aspects, carpet is not considered one of our nursery flooring because of the allergy problems they can represent for your kids. Our laminate or hardwood floors are good options to install in the living area of your baby, as he will spend a lot of time there. Wood floors are excellent options for children’s bedrooms as they are easy to wipe up and are less attractive to attract dust, which is the main cause for allergies; choose from our wide range of wood floors and provide your child with a safe surface where to crawl around and play on.

Toilet Precautions

Bathrooms might not be seen as a hazard for your kid, but the water in the toilet can be a danger for a curious child. Keep the toilet always lids down and secure by installing one of our lid locks. With these useful items you will be preventing both children lifting the lid and falling in and dropping things in such as your mobile phone or house keys.

Lock cabinets up

Kitchen’s closed cabinets tend to be really an attractive adventure for any child; so make this new exploration safer by installing latches on the insides of the cabinets and drawers and avoid children to get in. latches are also highly recommended to be installed to lock cabinets that have cleaning products. Do the same for any low cupboards which represent a risky situation. Additionally, store hazardous items up high and far away from your baby’s small fingers.

Set alarms!

You baby- proof home should be a place where every room is equipped with a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector, this is an essential item for your family’s safety. With the arrival of a baby in your home, smoke detectors are strongly important for the safety for your loved ones, we recommend to install these alarms outside every bedroom or sleepy area, and in case your home has more than a floor; make sure there is at least one in every floor, plus make sure that the batteries are regularly changed and that every smoke detector is working.

When it comes to baby- proof you home, do not worry about where to start; take your time to make your incredible home in a baby proof space that provides a safe environment with our exceptional selection of products and as another great idea we can give you, remember you can also consider the idea of hiring a child proofing expert; you can start when your baby is still brand new or why not before he or she arrives…dream it, we Build it!


Having kids is such a wonderful experience. It is an opportunity to grow and a chance to share common values that have been into your family through years. Even though you have been blessed with another piece of heaven into your regular basis, it takes a huge sense of responsibility to maintain your kids in a safe atmosphere at all times.

Safety is one of the main factors that switch to “on” continuously on your brain isn’t it? Therefore, for you Moms, who are still wondering if you are making a good job, we assure you, there is nothing to worry about; love will always tell you what to do in order to provide a harmless environment for your babies. Love, and of course a few extra tips that FinishBuild would love to share with you on our todays post.

Bath-time is a regular activity on our daily basis, we have learnt how to do the basics, and others take this daily task as an anti-stress experience. Subsequently, whether you want to rub your kids mud from a long afternoon soccer physical activity or preparing them for a nice bedtime, we have come with some recommendations for you to have stress out of line and a marvelous time.

Bath-time safety

Supervision is our first recommendation regarding bath-time journeys, children can drown in only a few inches of water, therefore whatever you do, never leave a young child alone in the bath. If you cannot ignore the doorbell or the phone, wrap your child in a towel and take him along when you go to answer them. Bath seats are meant to be bathing aids and will not prevent drowning if the child is left unattended.

On the other hand, beware of electrical appliances in the bathroom, if you regularly use them (dryers and razors) be sure to unplug them and store them in a cabinet with a safety lock when they aren’t in use. We strongly recommend you to use them in another room where there is no water.

Slippery surfaces

When it comes to bath-time, we understand that a wet tub or wet tile floor is not always a good friend for restless children. Injuries can easily occur if a young child slips while sitting or standing on it. Therefore if you, dear Mommy, are not in the mood for taking a second bath with your baby, you can locate a nonslip mat or appliques at the bottom of the tub.

On the other hand, nonskid rugs or bathmat are always a nice option to have next or inside the tub or shower. Always wipe up water that has splashed on to the floor quickly, so it will not add to the risk of slipping.

Proof tub & Sink knobs

Hot water injuries are one of the situations you would definitely want to avoid when having children in the bathroom. We suggest you to install childproof tub and sink knobs, so a child cannot turn the water on. Also use a faucet cover that pads the faucet and prevents burns caused by brushing up against it when it’s hot. They are available in countless fun shapes, such as, elephants, hippos and whale.

Bath seats

One of FinishBuild favorite options regarding your baby’s safety is Bath-seats. Usually between 6 and 8 months, babies can be too big for a baby bathtub. Eventually your baby would be ready for shower or bathtub areas. Bath seats, work for both areas, whether is a shower or bathtub you would have the opportunity to graduate to your best convenience. These help keep slippery babies in an upright position, which is handy when your baby is just learning to balance. But bath seats and rings aren’t essential. Many parents manage the precarious job of bathing babies by climbing into the tub with them. However, we might like to add that even though your baby might look safe and steady; do under no circumstances left him unattended.

So, if you are thinking of buying a bath-seat for baby, FinishBuild suggest keeping these tips into account:

  1. Make sure the seat has a T-bar or strap that runs between your baby’s legs.
  2. Check for material, rough edges could scrape your baby’s skin.
  3. Consider a seat that comes with attached toys to make bath time fun.

Bath seats are designed to ease your baby bath-time. Make of your routine a pleasant experience Mommy.  Pick from a variety of lie-back seats instead of taking 2 or 3 shower per day.

Extra safety tips

To sum up, we would like you to keep in mind some extra advices that might become handy when it comes to take care of your little one.

Position is our first extra tip in order to make your baby’s bath-time a pleasant moment, when you work from the top down, it helps you to have a panoramic view of what you are doing.

Take your time with your baby’s face, by using a soft fabric in order to clean eyes and the outer part of the ear and behind the ear. Lift and separate. And remember to lift and detached as best you can any folds in your baby’s neck, armpits, and groin.

When it comes to baby wash use, put a small amount on the washcloth or your hand and gently rub it onto your baby’s body from the neck down. Aim for keeping your holding hand soap-free to prevent a slippery situation.

Happines is a long undisturbed, hot bath