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When your little ones are already 18 or 36 months old, perhaps it is time to start thinking about the idea of replacing their cot by a toddle bed; this is an important transition which plays a significant big part in your little ones health as well as development. Moreover, providing your kids with an optimal bed can be the best way to avoid sharing your own bed or co- sleeping with your little one since this can create long term problems for both parents and children. In accordance with a report made by the ABC News, sleeping in the same bed with your kid diminishes the quality of sleep that they and you as a parent need, the results of this sleep deprivation is definitely detrimental to the whole family as yawing parents wake up in the morning and struggle in order to meet the challenges inherent in any busy day. And on the other hand, if your children do not have an adequate sleep, this may affect their physical and mental development as well.

Should you but a toddle or single bed for your kid? An innerspring mattress or latex made one? Should you place your little one’s bed on an ensemble or a slatted base? These are some of the questions you may wonder when purchasing the proper bed for your kids. And as we have already mentioned, this is a very important choice because it will allow you to give your kids a bed that supports their growing body and spine; so keep reading about the best tips and suggestions we have selected for you in order to accomplish such an interesting decision.

Explore all of the bed’s building material options and choose the proper one

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 1 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Sales people, Internet research and even talking to your friends who are already parents will be good ways to get the best references from brands as well as find out the composition of the construction materials used in the bed you want to exceptionally perform over time. At FinishBuild we focus on choosing sturdy construction and so we can offer you great quality beds, that stand up to many years of bouncing and many other toddler wear and tear. Even though it might be an expensive choice, solid wood will surely endure better than cheaper bedding materials. In case you opt for a standard bed frame, one d the consideration you can keep in mind is that you might need to install bed rails or pillow- style bolsters on both sides to keep your child safe from rolling out and fall.

Considering the Size

Since not all of the beds are not created equal, when buying your kid’s bed you need to consider the weight and age of your child. The transition from cot to a regular bed should happen in a proper bed with the right mattress. Since most of the toddler beds max out at about 50 pounds, it will also be useful for you to check the manufacturer’s information, in order to check if the bed will be able to resist when you want to sit on with your little one to snuggle together.

NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 3 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!Safety and Eye- Catching Appearance

It is very important that those gaps between the mattress and the frame of your kid’s bed fit snugly into the bed frame; otherwise they will represent an entrapment hazard for your little one. Furthermore, strive to choose attractive bed designs, that not only look beautiful but also have smooth edges so the best suggestion we can offer you is to look for a design with an even finish and rounded edges that will allow you to avoid unnecessary injuries; and remember that it is about your kid, so what can represent a traditional or conventional design for you (a bed crowned with a princess tiara or your little boy’s favorite cartoon), may be the lure your kid needs to successfully make the transition out of the crib. Another good tip is to opt of the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA) certification seal on the packaging of your little one bed.

Your Kid Bed’s Mattress Needs to be replace

Depending on the size your child has reached and the quality you have chosen for your kid bed’s mattress, you will eventually need to replace it. For instance, good quality sprung can last as long as five years; however there is a general rule of thumb which stands that changing your kid’s bed every three years NEED A BED FOR YOUR GROWING KID WE CAN HELP 2 300x300 Need A Bed For Your Growing Kid? We Can Help!between the ages of 0 to 10 years, and every five years between the ages of 10 and 20, that you might want to take into consideration. In addition, it is important that you take cleanliness seriously when it comes to provide your kid with a healthy bedroom environment; today all new beds must be treated for dust mites before they are sold, so this should be an encouraging reason for you to avoid health problems with your kids. Prevent asthma and many other illnesses caused by the build- up of dust mites; air out the bed with no sheets on for at least two hours when you consider it is time to change the sheets, this is an ideal suggestion because it also allows you clean the room, this mean dusting and vacuuming it, remember that a clean and tidy bedroom is key in controlling the spread of dust mites.

Two years old is the average age for a child to leave the crib and get ready for a bed; of course this is a period of their lives where they are up and running the entire day; during this age of your kids’ lives there are also a lot “monkeys jumping on the bed” moments and so counting on a sturdy bed and a good quality mattress and box spring will be key in the growing process of your little ones. We are more than happy to invite you to visit our online store and find out all of the options on box springs, single bed frames and many other kids bedroom’s furniture, take them home and feel confident you are purchasing top quality pieces of furniture that provide excellent body support to your kids and attractive appealing that allow your little boo to rest comfortably…you dream it, we Build it!

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In FinishBuild we certainly believe home is where the heart is, however it can also be a very dangerous place for bran new crawlers and walkers; this is the main reason why today’s article is dedicated on some essentials items as well as tips on how to make your home’s rooms as safe as possible. It is completely true that most of the time parents’ eyes are the best device they can use in order to keep your child away from dangerous situations or injuries, but what about when you do not have any help with childcare and as it is very common, get interrupted from time to time to answer the door or use the bathroom? After we analyzed this, we have come to the conclusion that life will be so much easier as well as entertaining if you spend some time on seriously baby proof your home; a weekend or even a whole day will be more than enough to get done this task, at the end we are sure you will feel glad you did it.

FinishBuild’s child- proofing products for your home

Keep your toddlers safe with our best array of baby proofing products for home that you can totally purchase online in our website.

Keep electrical outlets covered

Considered as one of the major potential dangers for crawlers but at the same time one of the most loved items by them, electrical outlets are an interesting item that children like to touch, perhaps because they see you plugging in an appliance and they want to do just the same you do. Electrical outlets, especially if they are placed at a hip level, can be easily reached by your baby; our electrical outlet covers are ideal for your child- proof home because they stop your children to stick their fingers in and being accidentally electrocuted. Moreover, we recommend you to keep all the electrical cords out of your toddler way, this way you avoid them to pulling or chewing these potential pieces.

Be sure to invest in a baby gate

This is a baby- proof home essential that helps protect your baby from potential hazards and should definitely be in your “to do” list. The top or the bottom of stairs and doorways are the areas where you need to install safety gates. Across entrances in the home will be awesome if you do not want your child to go.

Choose your favorite and most suitable flooring

As we have mentioned on previous article and due to the fact of maintain and care aspects, carpet is not considered one of our nursery flooring because of the allergy problems they can represent for your kids. Our laminate or hardwood floors are good options to install in the living area of your baby, as he will spend a lot of time there. Wood floors are excellent options for children’s bedrooms as they are easy to wipe up and are less attractive to attract dust, which is the main cause for allergies; choose from our wide range of wood floors and provide your child with a safe surface where to crawl around and play on.

Toilet Precautions

Bathrooms might not be seen as a hazard for your kid, but the water in the toilet can be a danger for a curious child. Keep the toilet always lids down and secure by installing one of our lid locks. With these useful items you will be preventing both children lifting the lid and falling in and dropping things in such as your mobile phone or house keys.

Lock cabinets up

Kitchen’s closed cabinets tend to be really an attractive adventure for any child; so make this new exploration safer by installing latches on the insides of the cabinets and drawers and avoid children to get in. latches are also highly recommended to be installed to lock cabinets that have cleaning products. Do the same for any low cupboards which represent a risky situation. Additionally, store hazardous items up high and far away from your baby’s small fingers.

Set alarms!

You baby- proof home should be a place where every room is equipped with a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector, this is an essential item for your family’s safety. With the arrival of a baby in your home, smoke detectors are strongly important for the safety for your loved ones, we recommend to install these alarms outside every bedroom or sleepy area, and in case your home has more than a floor; make sure there is at least one in every floor, plus make sure that the batteries are regularly changed and that every smoke detector is working.

When it comes to baby- proof you home, do not worry about where to start; take your time to make your incredible home in a baby proof space that provides a safe environment with our exceptional selection of products and as another great idea we can give you, remember you can also consider the idea of hiring a child proofing expert; you can start when your baby is still brand new or why not before he or she arrives…dream it, we Build it!