Building Materials Innovations for a Modern Home

A home is more than a structure where homeowners take up residency,   for many people when it comes to describe their homes; most of them totally agree on the fact that there’s no place quite like it. Your home should be a unique place, where you and your loved ones can create beautiful memories, and fortunately today’s new homes can offer more than what potential buyers want. From larger spaces that allow people to better socialize like the kitchen and living room, to more storage areas, homeowners are seeking greater building materials that suitable fill their homes’ needs, thus builders are responding to this demands with innovative building materials that provide the most remarkable features. Solar shingles and not only solar roof panels, light- conserving windows as well as insulation made from recycled materials are just part of the revolutionary building materials that are giving the home market an advanced version. The way your old house was made may be very different regarding how houses are being constructed; the home building industry is constantly developing great ideas on how to make homes that truly suit your needs and so you should stay on top of it, the following is a list I have compiled about new building materials that will possibly feature in your next home improvement project.

Solar Thermal Cladding

This is the ideal building material for you in case you are trying to either reduce your energy bills or aiming to have an earth- friendly home. A cladding system is designed as a thermal storage device that can be used in colder climates; these prefabricated panels are great solutions that can be installed onsite via an aluminum cladding mounting system. Solar thermal cladding uses the sun’s energy instead of fossil fuels; this is the reason why such an innovative building material clearly generates both low- cost and eco- friendly thermal energy.


Fiber cement or plasterboard are the traditional materials panel boards are made of, but today they can also be made from straw. A German company called Novofibre has manufactured what they call unique oriented structural strawboard, which is basically made from wheat straw fiber and a formaldehyde- free adhesive. Some of the many great features of this building material are: strength, elasticity and malleability; these panels are lightweight and they provide both sound and thermal insulation benefits. In addition, the eco- friendly feature I need to highlight about this material is that since the board uses wheat straw, which would normally be burned as agricultural waste, strawboard is cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Self- healing Concrete

As you may know it, concrete is a building material which is everywhere. Concrete not only tends to crack but also represents around 7 percent of annual global carbon emissions. A project called Materials for Life (M4L) was the beginning of the self- healing concrete’s technologies; researches from a lot of engineering schools in universities like University of Cardiff (Wales), University of Bath and University of Cambridge  evaluated the viability of three different types of self- healing concrete. The result turns into a mixture which contains bacteria within microcapsules that germinate when eater enters a crack in the concrete. This turns into limestone which can plug the crack before water and oxygen has a chance to corrode the steel reinforcement.

There are still people who believe that when it comes to building houses, the old ways are the best however the true is that innovative development in the construction industry makes it easier and safer to build in anywhere. Today new building materials allow architects to better accomplish their visions and thus homeowners are able to personalize their homes with innovative materials that not only give their home an updated look, but also help them to enjoy of resource- efficient areas and add value to the entire property. Building techniques and materials have notoriously changed in the last century, and even though some things remain the same, there are some others that have changed dramatically, for instance strength, flexibility and durability are the most highlighted features you can find in those new building materials. Face the challenge and change the appearance your house currently has for a unique and modern one…you dream it, we Build it!