Build your Personal View this Summer: 2016 Outdoors Chairs top 5


On 2016 it comes a season that all of us wanted or not enjoy in some way. Summer season is here and FinishBuild has come with the idea of seeing you a bit more restful during the sun period. Outdoors activities are a beautiful option to share with your love ones whether you are into vacation or simple taking a break on your sunny nest. And there is one interesting element that would be always present on those relaxing situations: chairs. Seats are one of the most antique man creations which has also evolved and changed from time to time. However, its purpose would never face any variation. Subsequently FinishBuild is glad to take a small review on the most trendy chair summer looks with the purpose of distinguish the comfy ones.

On 2016 minimalist looks seems to reclaim its position in almost any design area, but when it comes to summer season variety and colorfulness plays Jake mate. From sofas, chairs, hammocks, cushions to bean bags, there is an enormous set of furniture available for every single living style. Whether a garden or balcony, summer season fever is apparently contagious and the latest trends in outdoor furniture design blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Ergonomic aspects

Nowadays, the comfortable your chair is, the happiest you are. Adaptations regarding healthy postures, coziness and color appealing have been developed in order to provide a great but simple seat.  Therefore, on summer season vibrant colors, modern shapes, as well as miniature versions for the little ones in the family are now available. Over the years, the wide armrests, slanted back, and low-level seat have made it not only the preferred summer chair, but truly a statement in cottage style. On 2016 materials like cedar, fir, eucalyptus, resin, engineered wood and recycled plastics provide us a beautiful gamma of seat options to enjoy this summer to the fullest.


Stackable side chairs go definitely with 2016 summer looks. Its relaxed but strong  features provoke the easy going atmosphere that only holidays provide, besides its colorful shades comes to the special injection “air moulding” technique used to create them. On the other hand, Stackable side chairs are resistant to water and UV rays which makes them perfect for outdoor usage. If that does not sounds good enough this product is made with recyclable materials.

Bellevie chairs. If you are 100% in the minimalist wave, then chairs of the Bellevie design collection are for you. The goodness of these chairs is the lacking of jewelry, ornamentation or rough edges. Part of its aesthetics is the powder-coated and the UV-resistant aluminum at the same time which guarantees the solidity with lightness. The slatted structure and the soft, unadorned edges are the reason why this chairs does not only appear light, but it lets water drain when it rains, avoiding the development of wet patch. And since its style goes perfectly with any are, do not be surprise if you find them in an apartment or outside of a house.


On Wood.  When it comes to select a furniture material, wood is the safest way to add to an outdoor look for a sunset summer. The material itself radiates warmth and naturalness and on 2016 wooden furniture comes with generous shapes and straight lines which allows furniture structure sufficient space for all kinds of comfortable pillows and blankets or even can be provided of pads made of weather-resistant polyester in order to guarantee resilience. You might want to try cushions with covers made of dirt and humidity repellent materials, which are able to remain outside when it rains. Regarding the types of wood for this summer season teak for example requires little maintenance compared to other types of wood, however if you refinished it might last longer. As a result, if you are looking for a lounge atmosphere for this 2016 summer season: cushions and soft but strong fabrics are for you!

Spirals style.  FinishBuild staff has enjoyed this researching time and for sun season we gladly suggest these comfy spiral futons with lounge air. Spirals Teak Collection has based its muse on Danish design dimension, and  since this material is precede by its reputation on resistance to harsh weather, makes a it a relaxed option for deep seating with friends and family.

Colors on 2016

On this summer season you can mix. According to Mike Howes, director of Paint by Conran, pink color is set as the biggest shade trend for the year.  Soft blush is warm and soothing on any summer furniture, cushions too, therefore if you combine it with some fuchsia, your summer spaces will bring a fresh and sophisticated feeling. However if this style seems too feminine for you, maybe trying with some contrasting colors, such as, pale green or gold for an elegant perception.

On the other hand soft and smooth also combines with minimalism styles, therefore give it a chance to the soft palette. Pastels shades have come to the front part of this 2016 summer. They represent an easy way to bring calm and softness to any room and even outdoors. The perfect match with a dove grey, light green and creamy blues, would work gorgeously when all mixed together in light patterns and textures.

Rattan furniture

While many might disagree, we still love the classic look of rattan material on summer furniture. Nevertheless, design has been improving as well as other furniture styles. As a result this global and also eco-friendly trend maintains the balance between old and new which now comes in a variety of colors and styles. What we love about rattan furniture is that goes perfectly with the sunlight bright or romantic conservatory.

A whole variety makes rattan the perfect example of durability. And nowadays, rattan chairs are molded to create a compact structure and lightweight garden stool. Available in neutral shades, rattan seats frame are now covered in weather-safe resin wicker which makes them an attractive addition to your outdoor decor, even if it rains or shines. Rest a stack of magazines on top, and keep your sunscreen handy on the lower shelf.

Let´s enjoy the summer felling because with us, You start and we Finish!