Mediterranean Backyards: Bring Mediterranean Style to your Backyard

Are you looking forward to add an outdoor space in your home? Or are you bored of the same typical backyard style? In FinishBuild we have been thinking of some interesting ideas that might help our readers in order to makeover that entertaining extesion of their home, which is called backyard; we talked it over and conclude that Mediterranean backyard style is an excellent way to whether build or makeover this versatile exterior space. The main purpose of an outdoor living space is to make this home addition as usable as possible; functional in such way that allows you to take more advantage of your property, and also make it an enjoyable space for you, your family and friends. Likewise, it is important to make notice that having a well- excecuted backyard opens up even more the chances to significantly increase the of your home, as you might know this is an important factor to keep in mind in case you plan to sell your property in the future.

We need to advice you that in order to develop a successful backyard improvement project there are certain aspects you would like to check, this way you concretely decide what the best landscape decorating ideas are; factors such as identifying what kind of climate you are living in, how much ongoing maintenance your new backyard will need, or analyzing what is the budget you need in order to create a beautiful exterior area will be really helpful for you before taking any decision.

Tuscan Backyard Design

Since we are focusing in an outdoor space, materials are basically what lead the overall style, having said this it is important to accurately make choices that best reflects your pesonality. Among the most common materials to achieve a backyard with Tuscan vibe, stone and terracotta are at the top of the list; followed by concrete (which works amazingly in almost any space or style!). Once you have made your decision about your backyard’s pavement material, it is time to think if you would like a covered or uncovered area; you might want to let the sun shine on your Tuscan backyard or instead choose on pergolas, arbors, trellis or awning for some shade; the idea is to look through designs, note which one draws you to and then add those ideas in your own backyard improvement project. To make your backyard a truly Tuscan- feel space, we would suggest having a fire pit or fireplace in order to keep warm during cooler nights, a spot to grill and eat a typical al fresco dinner is another must have feature in your mediterranean backyard. Good furniture and waterproof fabrics for cushions or pillows are also perfect items that help your outdoor area appealing, we would recommend these items in orange, brown, red and golden colors.

Luxurious Mediterranean Backyards

Nothing says luxury more than columns in your outdoor area. They were very popular in Greek and Roman buildings, the best example we have is the Pantheon in Athens. Obviously we are not suggesting to include 20 of those columns in your backyard, but you can adjust the number that best fits your taste; homeowners who choose this style usually use columns in their outdoors as supports for pergolas. Lighting plays an important role in this type of Mediterranean style because it highlights the shapes of the column at night, offering a beautiful scenario in your backyard.

Rustic Mediterranean Backyards Style

Pay some tribute to the Mediterranean architectural design by incorporating one of the most popular European features which are arches. Materials such as stone, slate or concrete are suitable for your backyard pavement. Rough furniture or wicker furniture is the proper symbol of rustic style; tablecloths or pillows in rustic fabrics match beautifully with candle holders and lanterns; get inspired and enjoy every step of your outdoor project.

Mediterranean Sea Style

As you may know, color plays an important role in making a landscape design you have always want. Sea is the most iconic image that comes to mind when we think about Mediterranean- inspired lanscapes. Cobalt blue is an excellent element that truly captures the escene of Mediterranean sea. The proper combination to achieve this style can be made with glass mosaic and ceramic tiles.

Eye- catching exterior spaces are the most suitable way to add visual appeal to a well- coordinated home. Moreover, enhancing the beauty of your home’s outdoor space with the materials that best work for this purpose, definitely provides you with an comfortable as well as functional area to socialize with friends, entertain guests, enjoy your coffee in the morning or simply read a good book. That Mediterranean vacation you have always dreamed of can attractively be bring to your own backyard, create an outdoor living space where you and your family can pleasantly eat and sit outside, choose the design that best evokes your personality…you dream it, we Build it!