Best & Worst Sleeping Positions for Your Health

Did you know that we spend one third of our lives asleep? In accordance with the National Sleep Foundation, it is recommended that every adult get from seven to eight hours of sleep per night. And what’s more, do you know that sleep posture does affect the quality of your sleep? This clearly explains why our health, body, mind and even our mood are most of the times determined by how well or bad we sleep at night. And there are plenty of reasons which can make our sleep difficult; ranging from eating or drinking wrong foods or drinks, to actually our sleeping position! This post is precisely made to share with you interesting information related to how the sleeping position you are taking on to spend your night, directly influences positively or negatively in the optimization of your hours of sleep and overall well- being.

We have to make notice that as bizarre as might sound, finding the “right” sleep position can represent a challenge for many people; whether you consider side, stomach or back is the best sleep posture for you; it is important to know that often people tend to choose one position based on how well they are able to breathe, and this is an excellent way to define how to sleep, because the smaller the airway in your throat is at night, the more you are going to feel the need to sleep on your stomach. However, what if your most favorable position is not the best for your health? In this case we need to let you know that, you are naturally going to gravitate toward a position that you feel best sleeping in, no one stays in one position the entire night and actually it should not be this way, otherwise you might be facing good circulation problems.

Best Sleeping Position: On Your Back

This is considered one of the best postures to sleep. Sleeping on your back harmoniously align your head and spine, like in a neutral position so you do not add extra pressure or curves to the back. This position does allow you to comfortably rest all night long. There is another great sleeping position that might interest not only men but mostly women and it is the starfish position; it is good for your back as well as to prevents wrinkles or skin breakouts. The only thing you should concern about this posture is that you can unconsciously place your arms up and thus add pressure on the nerves of your shoulders, this can turn into pains.

Best Sleeping Position: On your Side

Patients who have obstructive sleep apnea are suggested to sleep on their side. This sleep position is also beneficial for people who snore and experience neck and back pain, as well as for those pregnant. Now deciding which side to sleep plays also an important role. On one hand, sleeping on the right side may be detrimental for the heartburn and on the other hand if your sleep on the left side you are putting a strain on internal organs such as the liver, lungs or stomach. In any case an ergonomic pillow that is thick enough will be the solution in order to find the balance so your head does not tilt down.

Worst Sleeping Position: The Freefall

People who sleep in this position usually lay on their stomachs with hands up around the pillow and their head is turned to one side; as an interesting fact we can add that this is physically the least comfortable position to sleep for many adults. It is said that freefallers are generally extroverted people; they give the idea of being nervy, but they are actually truly thin- skinned people that take criticism personally.

Perhaps what your are about to read make sense with what has been mentioned few lines above, but sleeping on your stomach in definitely not advised since this position does not support the natural curve of your spine, and thus you need to overarching it. By sleeping in this position you are putting over pressure on joints and muscles, this leads to pains and numbness. However, the freefaller can be a beneficial choice for someone who snores as it helps him or her to keep the upper airways more open, but take into consideration that if you suffer from neck or back pains, then this position must be avoided.

Worst Sleeping Position: The Fetus

This position is based on sleeping curled up on your side with your knees drawn up to the chest, and it is one of the most common sleeping positions. People who adopt this sleep posture are described as tough on the outside, yet shy and sensitive at heart; they just need time to warm up to people but soon relax. Furthermore, the fetus position leads to neck and back pain, strains on your joints (especially knees and chin as they are tucked into your chest) so a good tip to avoid this and not quit on this sleeping posture can be choosing a mattress that is soft at avoiding press points but not softer at supporting your neck.

Dr. Hooman Melamed who is an orthopedic spine surgeon at the DISC Sports & Spine Center, located in Los Angeles Calif. has stand that around “eighty percent of the population will have back problems at some point in their lives oftentimes caused or aggravated by the way they sleep”.  As you can see, your snoozing style can tell more about you than you imagine. The way you sleep can be the ideal indicator of how stressful or worry your day was as well as how much control you have over your life. Sometimes people do not pay attention to this important factor; knowing what the best posture to sleep for you is can absolutely contributes to reduce those back and neck pains you are feeling for a long time, stomach troubles and even premature aging. Discover the most suitable sleep position for you and choose the best bedroom products from our online store, that help you out to accomplish such an important goal…you dream it, we Build it!