Best Places to Place Your Microwave

According to Cambridge dictionary, comfort is the absence of pain. Well known as a pleasant feeling, comfort is nowadays a priority on our daily routines. We invest time, energy and resources on activities that agree on our basic concepts of happiness in order to ease and get a more comfortable life. Entertainment, holidays, drugs or reassuring religions are among the common windows to escape realism, and from time to time creative activities are necessary. This post is aiming for a more philosophical mode to attempt what comfort represents to FinishBuild and what we wish for you in order to get the comfort you deserve.

When it comes to kitchen appliances comfort, convenience and accessibility are vital in order to enjoy meal-time. However, while it is smart to carefully select appliances for quality and brand, size is also another important fact that you should take into account. Since at FinishBuild we want you to get the best of our products we have come with some advantageous tips in order before purchasing any microwave oven.

The style of household appliance is definite to own a big impact on the shopping. Nevertheless, since subjectivity is an inescapable aspect of our human condition, we should visualize first the location of our future acquirements.

Microwave oven place possibilities


Even though microwave ovens location can be simple, such as on the corner of a countertop, on the other hand if you attempt to a more smooth location can also be useful and unique experience.  One of our first options is safe space on your kitchen countertop by hide these devices, they would not be only doing the job, saving you space, but also would definitely add a more minimalist touch on your kitchen. By this suggestion we are not saying that you have to cover it, but consider, for example to place your microwave inside one of your upper cabinets in order to avoid bending yourself. Take into account that the main purpose is to ease the eye for a more harmony between your kitchen items, and with this idea you might be really surprise with how many cabinets actually are the exact sizes of a microwave.

Over the Stove

When it comes to functionality and maintaining homogeneity inside your kitchen areas, microwaves over the stove are a very accurate solution. The principal benefit is that this place comforts you on saving space, which is essential in small kitchen. Regularly, stoves require a range hood that will evacuate the food odor, or steam in order to keep the air fresh and clean. Due to the integrated fans that microwaves have, microwave works as a range hood likewise, meaning you will have two items in one, so the functionality is greater than before.

On the other hand, height aspects are tricky, keep into account how you handle the pots when you take them out of the microwave because you may burn your hands or even worst, spill the pot all over yourself. And least but not last, beware on using your microwave if there is something cooking on the stove.

In a spare cabinet

This is one of our discreet appearances. You might want to have a microwave drawer-style. Spare cabinets can provide you easy access, but also would make of your microwave a more integrated item. Readily available for your kids or a rush time, this configuration selection is one the safest for all users due to the benefit of a convenient height. Also, if you are a microwave frequently user, this location might go perfect with you, since its wide open, you would not have to worry about an extra door to open which is the case of the hidden option.

On the Kitchen Island

Regarding microwave locations, FinishBuild is always trying to suggest you unexpected thoughts that boost your creativity, microwaves on the kitchen island can help you to keep them out of sight without covering it up, which makes it a strategic use of the island as well. Regarding space, microwave in island can save your main kitchen cabinets for storage. Positioning the microwave away from the main cooking area can make cooking time more, functional, so someone who is not doing the main cooking can use it without worrying about bumping into the one who is.

Anyhow, whatever place you choose remember that comfort starts from your own point of you because no one knows you better than yourself.

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