Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for Dogs

 best flooring for dogs 300x138 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for Dogs

¿Are you looking for best flooring for dogs?

¿Best flooring for dog pee?

best flooring for dogs 3 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for Dogs

Dogs do not sweat as we humans do? Their sweating is actually through

their paw pads. Dogs pant to cool themselves off. A panting dog can take 300-400 breaths with very little struggle.

Since every single individual is important in a home, FinishBuild would like to dedicate our today post to our soft companions, those who are always happy to see us after a long day of daily routines. We have come with a couple of ideas in order to laminate your comfy areas in pro of your hairy friends.

Best Laminate Flooring for Dogs: Pros of Dogs

Regarding laminates floors products, we have come to you with the idea of providing cool tips on our selection of laminates styles. But first of all, let´s get to know our target a bit more. It is well known that domestic dogs have innate complex behaviors from their wolf ancestors, these forms of social communication influence on their ability to be trained, playing skills, and most of all its aptitude to fit into family units or even so,  social situations. According to American Public Health Association, dog ownership is generally related with a considerable high level of physical activity on people. Regarding children aged 9 to 10 years, who happen to own dogs, are more likely to spent more time in light and moderate physical activity and recorded levels of activity counts per minute (25; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 6,44) and steps per day (35; 95% CI = 14, 701) than did children without dogs.

best flooring for dogs 2 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for DogsMore over dogs have had an important impact to society nowadays. Due to its remarkable intelligence, diligence and carefulness dogs are performing as protagonists in hunting activities and herding. But the most honorable so far, are pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, companionship, and guiding handicapped persons.

According to Human Society Org. nearly 43.3 U.S. Pet Ownership Estimates, which means 36.5 %, have at least one dog joining their homes (2012). It is estimated that three-quarters of the world’s dog population lives in the developing world as feral, village, or community dogs, with pet dogs uncommon. And a 63.2 % consider dogs as a family member.

Even though dogs are known as the best partner ever and they might seem the ideal companion, they would always be attached to the wild behavior are most of cases. Barking, jumping up, digging, rolling in dung, fighting, and urine marking specially, became a particular issue when it comes to Laminate flooring products. Nevertheless FinishBuild would love to let you know that there is always a light at the end of that wild puppy track.

Best Laminate Flooring For Dog Pee. Flooring for pets.

Dog Pee Laminate Floor

best flooring for dogs 14 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for DogsGenerally large and dogs can overtime cause variations on Laminate floors. Due to their nature, scratch and marks would be unavoidable. However, thinking about thickness due to the constant traffic is definitely a good idea, you might want to take into account Laminate of Rating: AC3 on any of Finish Build Laminate flooring products. We also consider that since fluids might be a recurrent situation, dark colors such as Driftwood, Heron, French Cottage which offer an amazing laminate floor option to your pets comfort.

Another interesting option to consider in laminate flooring standards chart might be AC4 class which on previous articles we have introduce them to you as one of average thickness and steadiness that are resistant allowing you to hold against any of your pets thus guaranteeing you durability.


On the other hand, it is important to take into account that laminate flooring products usually do not match to wet and bad odors. Therefore, spill accidents or in this post case, dog urine urgencies can be very tough to get rid of when they seep into laminate flooring boards. FinishBuild Vinyl flooring is a good choice if you want to avoid slippery surfaces. It is also called resilient flooring because it is one of the most durable flooring options, no scratches and water resistant, ideal for quadruped ones.

Best Flooring for pets: Caring & Maintenance

When it comes to Dogs, keeping your laminate flooring boards free of hair and fuzz might be a recurrent activity. Nevertheless, cleaning your laminate flooring areas properly with basic procedures, such as vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, can make your flooring areas life more long-lasting. Finish Build also would like to add supplementary steps that can guarantee hygienic pet hair free.

As an alternative of sweeping in a brushing motion that can spread pet hair, opt to vacuum your floor with a laminate floor attachment. This will eliminate most hair, and you can buy a simple, lightweight vacuum for this daily cleaning instead of a heavy duty machine. Robotic vacuums can also be effective in cleaning up dog hair.

puerta 5 300x300 Dog Pee Laminate Floor: Best Flooring for Dogs & Pets. Laminate Hardwood Floors for DogsKeep in mind that pet hair can store in any place in the house, so you might like to clean beneath furniture around corners where pet hair can accumulate. For high or difficult areas, you may use a slightly damp terry cloth mop can be effective, or use a dry dust sweeper.

In order to avoid damaging laminate flooring looks and the presence of strong odors cleaning and prevention are you best elements on favor. You might want to try to clean it with white vinegar, which has both cleaning and disinfecting properties. For preventing future spilling, 1 cup hydrogen peroxides & 1 tbsp. Ammonia, a powerful scent, can clean and takes the odor away so the dog won’t repeat it.

If a specific area of your laminate flooring is damaged due to our dog pee, odor can concentrate and add a not so good smell on family areas. Therefore, it may be necessary to replace a few boards, which is always a good idea to leave some spare of FinishBuild laminate flooring products in storage.

However, since we mentioned a few lines up, dogs are very smart and are capable of following orders, which lead us to training. You can train your dog in order to do its basic needs outside. If is not possible, consider placing a moisture resistant pad in a specific area inside the house. Another tip is to keep dogs nails clipped because scratches cannot be removed from laminate flooring spaces. Anyhow, we truly hope that this article can help you to have a general idea of Dog and FinishBuild laminate flooring products.

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