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FinishBuild feels glad to notice that after detailed selection criteria, we could finally made our minds up and thus, we decided to go on exceptional brands that take into consideration every single detail when it comes about costumer’s designing project; after all, they say life is made of details that make the difference. One of the most relevant features we paid closed attention to, was choosing brands that work on the idea of producing great quality products as well as their constant inspiration, in order to keep their products at the forefront of the flooring industry. FinishBuild promises that the brands that have been chosen will allow any client to accomplish their designing ideas.  These brands fulfill our costumers’ needs; from amateurs, who are daring to start the building or remodeling projects they have always wanted, to demanding customers that are very skillful in the flooring field.

FinishBuild goes only with the best brands

Looking over the brands we opted for, we have Kronenhahn; which is a laminate and porcelain tiles flooring manufacturer located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Besides the exceptional variety of flooring they have to offer, what we surely like about this brand is how easy their products can be installed and how beautiful they look once they are finished. And this is another goal we continuously strive to; for FinishBuild is significant to provide our customers with products that ease their lives as they reach their designing ideas, therefore this is precisely what we see in this brand.

One of the premises we have in FinishBuild is that when it comes about nature, we need to care and preserve it as much as we can; that is why we believe working in the less aggressive way possible with wood and its excellent benefits, results into a really good combination. This is mainly why our next brand takes place; Kronoswiss, which is an eco-friendly laminate flooring brand that belongs to the “Swiss Krono” group; the first factory was founded in 1966, and it is located in Menznau-Lucerna (Switzerland). Regarding to this brand, what we found really interesting of it, was that they attractively combine contemporary and innovation in their products. Kronoswiss also makes furniture pieces and interior design wood products; they produce wood-base materials following the traditional Swiss quality (what we totally love!), process and distribute them worldwide.

Adaptable is the adjective that best talks about the following brand: Nuvelle. It is located in Riviera Beach, FL; they manufacture their products across the United States and that has made them highly well-known in the country. Nuvelle specializes in the Harwood and laminate vinyl field; this brand also offers a “design advice” section in its website, what we consider is a plus since sometimes it is important to count on experts’ point of views, before to start the building or remodeling process. As Nuvelle stands: luxury and durable flooring as well as smooth ends are the characteristics that best describe this brand thereby, they are certainly one of our top suppliers.

Next brand we decided to opt for you is Parkay Floors. It covers an appealing and wide variety of products; they make flooring products such as: Laminate, Vinyl and engineered floors, as well as transition moldings and stairs. Parkay Floors products are treated with quality process; this is what has made them one of the brands we liked to work with. Since for FinishBuild is key to keep customers updated regarding to interior and exterior design, one of the reason we have Parkay Floors as our suppliers is because they clearly care about innovation, when it comes about the options customers count on to develop their designing ideas. This company has a “Parkay Sync Color Matching System”, which is a really useful online system that helps customers to make their parkay flooring, molding and accessories choices fitting attuned, before buying the products and materials.

A flooring underlayment is an ideal product used on the laminate flooring installation; in order to provide stability and protection. It is specially recommended for areas with high moisture levels (such as basements and bathrooms). Moreover, flooring underlayment acts as a sound absorbing component that is able to reduce noises underfoot. Since it is necessary to make a good job which guarantees your new flooring’s conditions in the long run, in FinishBuild we strive to choose the brands that best work for you; this is why in order to reduce noises or footstep sounds that may come from another areas of your house, or even to create a moisture barrier in the sub-floor, we absolutely consider Moonwalk Underlayment as your best option when it comes about improve and preserve your flooring project. Furthermore, what we like about Moonwalk Underlayment without a doubt is that by having one in your building or makeover project, you take advantage of its three benefits, which are: moisture and soundproof control, at the same time tape and overlap sealant. Having said that, the performance you get with one of our flooring options and Moonwalk as your chosen underlayment will turn into an absolute good combination.

      Why has FinishBuild chosen  these brands?

There are several reasons we can mention to describe the characteristics we studied before deciding to work with the mentioned brands. However, we firmly believe that  creativity, eco-friendly, quality, innovation were the most highlighted ones that convinced us to choose them, so when it came about selecting these brands, the real question it should be asked was: why not?

Through their different collections; these brands provide a wide selection of laminate, engineered, and hardwood flooring and accessories, all of them are made to keep your designing projects in the long term, and this is surely important to FinishBuild.

These brands’ products have been chosen by customers for a long time, because of the quality in their materials as well as the multiple interior design options clients are able to select from, in order to reach the type of look they are after.

The brands we have opted for not only allow our customers to make their designing projects real, (through the quality provided in their flooring materials) but also offer advising and suggestions based on the opinions of their qualified experts; and this is one of the goals FinishBuild shares with all of them.

FinishBuild believes in the excellence of the brands shown in its website, they are clearly renowned in the flooring industry, therefore we consider them as your best alternatives, because you deserve the best that the market offers.

You are more than welcome to visit our website, and feel free to take a look at our catalog. There, you will find the previously mentioned brands portrayed in the varied lines we have created, all of them made thinking of you.

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