Best Bedroom flooring options

On this occasion Finish Build would like to make reference of a quote that we mentioned on our social web sites, such as Facebook and Instagram: Comfy Floors on a Sunday. Our staff would like yout to take a closer look on laminated flooring regarding your favorite place in the entire world, your bedroom. What type of floor is the best to install in our bedrooms?

When it comes to choosing bedroom flooring, generally, each one of us is happily attached to that special place. Therefore, taking in consideration it would be the first thing your feet will step down in the morning and the last thing you will step off, this precious place must have an exceptional flooring style. The importance of laminate flooring selection relays on the person who will actually be living there. So, you must ask yourself what would be the theme of your space to sleep.

Go vinyl

If you are the type who think that there is more than one use for a bedroom besides sleeping, and one of those uses are keeping a place to store all your clothes, Finish Build vinyl flooring is a recommended bedroom choice for dormitories because they are endless multipurpose. With vinyl floorboards the ability to get a floor that reproduces the look of any material, pattern or color you like, is possible. Finish Build Smoked Tawny or Wild Lava might be a good option, for instance.

In a low traffic space such as most bedrooms you will probably just have to sweep or vacuum the floor clean every week or so in order to remove loose debris. Vinyl flooring is very easy to keep clean. Consequently you would be able to create your bedroom into a vintage boutique.

Finish Build porcelain tiles

On the other hand, if you are the super clean type who enjoy cut lines and simple blocks of color. You might want to take a look of Finish Sonoma Sky, Valley or Wind. Valencia Gray and Bellagio Silver are also nice options for your boudoir. The success of crating new comfy spaces is about having a room full of endless possibilities but not one piece of clutter to be seen. High contrast in wall colors and high gloss finish might be combined with underlayment padding in order to create a bedroom floor that can have the look of natural stone, with the soft feel and warm insulation properties of vintage items. If you want to know more about  Finish Build porcelain tiles you can check our article:

 Classic Laminate

Finish Build laminate floors products such as, Driftwood Arena, Caliza, Lava or Iron would add a peaceful plus to that relaxing place. So, if you are into books as in a lifestyle itself, wood look floors would do the job on creating a cozy atmosphere.

Laminate is great in bedrooms because it can achieve the look of expensive natural flooring products at a fraction of the price. It is also really easy to keep clean because laminate floor materials are designed with an invisible top wear layer which acts as a barrier over each piece, protecting it from stains, dirt, smears, and water penetration. Remember that moisture is an important fact to  keep in mind. So, if there is a bathroom attached or nearby your laminate floors, rugs can be placed at the door to cut down on drips and solve the problem.

Porcelain and Rectified Porcelain

rectified porcelain tiles for a living room 2 300x300 Best Bedroom flooring optionsIn the mood for fresh and clear, empty space? Finish build has it. If you are thinking about a bedroom as the place where you deserve to feel relaxed and calm, we happen to have it cover too. To this task Finish Build would definitely suggest porcelain tiles such as Amira, Antalya or Apolo. They come on very neutral presentation and would go perfect your Zen style. For many people relaxation comes with minimal discomfort, minimal distraction and minimal worry.

Finish Build porcelain is a manufactured hard tile material that is made mostly from clay mixed with other natural ingredients. The surface of these tiles can be glazed, so in a minimalist room, a toned neutral color scheme, such as beige or white, you would be likely to feel your well deserve after work peace. Finish Build rectified porcelain products, such as Nexus Grey are also a good choice they are long lasting and most of all easy to clean. This for example, would not be a problem if you have an immediate bathroom next to your chambers.

Bedroom floors maintenance

Finish Build products are also a low maintenance option, only requiring the regular sweeping or vacuuming that all floors need to remove loose dirt and dust. In order to refresh the area, mop can be used with a light no abrasive clean agent. Combining the beauty of nature look with the precision of straight lined planks, hardwood is a warm and inviting choice for a bedroom but is important to be aware that over time hardwood floors can wear down due to foot traffic and furniture scratches. But in regular moderate low foot traffic floor such as bedroom, damage will be much more gradual.

Traffic jam

Right before jumping on Finish Build products, once again, purpose is important in order to remind us the traffic circulation fact. Generally, grown-up bedrooms are low traffic therefore there is less stress on their floors. On the other hand, in children’s rooms the floors may get a little more use through the activities and circulation of normal everyday play. Either way you want to choose a flooring material that is easy to maintain, and isn’t a hassle to keep clean, sanitary, and free of stains. This will in turn help to keep the entire bedroom healthier and more comfortable.

Remember in any of the cases, to choose what you really like. We hope this feww tips can help you on your current project. Because here at Finish Build. You start. We Finish!

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