Believe Me! These Ideas Make Your Home Look Cheap

What would be your answer if I ask you: do you own a well-coordinated an attractive house? This is a good question you should honestly answer yourself, in order to identify what makes you love your home or what you would like to improve in it. The fact that you do not count on a huge budget to decorate your home does not necessarily mean that you have to own a house that looks cheap and ugly. Most of the time homeowners struggle really hard to decorate a home, and this project needs to strictly stick to a super tight budget; however this is not a reason to make wrong decorating choices that certainly tend to make your home look cheap.

There are some other people who actually do not have idea on how to make the best from their interior spaces, they only give in to the impulse and fail to purchase elements that seemed to be the perfect home décor style, but they are just not right for any of your rooms; the result then is a home that looks cheap and non-attractive. About decorating a house we need to understand that this is a process that takes time and as well as a very keen eye; you go out to your favorite home furniture company and see elements you love in that place, but that does not mean it will look gorgeous in your home. There are a lot of decorating ideas that does not help beautifying your home but actually make it look cheap. Here I have enlisted the most common ones.

Wrong Arrangement of Massive Production Art

It is very typical that homeowners have collections of accessories; I mean all those little ceramic birds in different sizes, shapes and colors you have kept for years. Moreover, if you combine old accessories collections, with generic mass production prints and artwork you end up having a room that looks boring and weary; this idea which at the beginning may be a good one does not add any hint of originality to your spaces, but instead cheapens it. To avoid this cheap idea, strive to purchase original art from local painting artists that often have interesting pieces of artwork in affordable prices. Or you can also give your DIY spirit an opportunity to create your own original artwork inspired by the style you want to reflect. In addition, I would like to share what I consider one of the most popular ways to display accessories collections; by following the rule of three you arrange the elements you love into groups, this way you will properly gather and display them, feeling proud of what you have done.

Choosing Furniture Sets

Today furniture industry offers a wide variety of items you can choose from, however with this vast diversity of elements even the most skilled designers can make mistakes. Often homeowners believe that opting for an entire bedroom set is the easiest and best choice they can make, well you need to know that this does not enhance the room at all. Furniture that has been created and sold in sets usually lacks in quality as well as suffers from notorious mark-ups, and what’s more you may be dealing with an uncomfortable issue as this type of furniture rarely works well in the space that it is intended for. Avoid furniture sets and instead use a little bit of your creativity, by mixing and matching your own style; a good idea to achieve this can be including fabrics, woods and colors that make your home performs at its best and most importantly, if you look for affordable ideas; they are absolutely on a budget elements in many home stores, so with budget and room style in mind it is time to go for shopping excursion.

Kitsch Decor

As real as life itself, there are moments and spaces you need to give the treatment the way they are meant to be; owl clocks, quote art in Curlz script, flower power decals are some of the many items that should not be displayed in your living room or entrance hall, believe me, they are making your home look cheap. It will be better to keep them sparingly in your little girl’s bedroom, this is the best you can do! Adding character to your spaces will definitely reflect your style and personality. Building your home’s character is something that does not happen overnight. Start with small home shopping items explorations, see samples and find items you love plus, do not get carried away and buy everything you like one time and one place.

Excessive Themes

Too much of a good thing displayed in one area is the easiest way to cheapen your home, trying to blend modern with vintage and bold colors will only make your home feel like an overabundance place. To replace this idea, you can focus on creating a focal point in every room of your home. Elements such as couches, fireplaces, gaming table or large paintings are the main objects of the room so it is easy to identify them as the focal points in a certain area; no matter what the focal point of the room is, the idea is to make it as inviting and eye- catching as possible.

Using your Fridge as Your Message Center

Besides the fact that nobody is going to read them, bunch of note on the refrigerator not only makes your kitchen look cheap but also cluttered. Your home needs a specific place where you and your family leave messages or permission slips; this should be an area everyone knows notes have to be written only there. A built in bulletin board on a wall might be the most suitable solution.

When it comes to decorating your home, there are a lot of common wrong decisions you can make; choosing items or elements that do not help enhancing your home but instead diminish from the attractive flow of the elements and rooms around it is something that happens to everyone. Fortunately there are also plenty of creative solutions to fix those mistakes that only make your home look cheap and unpleasant. Whatever your budget is, the main plan you need to keep in mind is executing a home decorating project that adds beauty and value to every space of your house, so you just need to make a list where you include those hand me down items that you do not want to have or any element that keeps your home from looking cheap.