Bed Designs For An Eco-Friendly Style In A Bedroom

When it comes to eco-friendly lifestyle, FinishBuild attempts to apply more planet-friendly ways to not only increasing our existence here, but also create a pattern for our youngest members in order to have a more healthy life. Have you ever heard of organic bedding? These new set of items basically gather sheets and pillowcases made from fibers grown without synthetic pesticides or genetic engineering. Regarding health these new set of eco-products attempt to be an option to enhance home areas, some bedding products use formaldehyde to make them soft. By evading this known carcinogen and opting for chemical-free sheets like organic cotton or bamboo you can develop more cozy and green life.

Ensuring that you have natural, non-toxic products in your bedroom can be an interesting path in order to make an outstanding step toward a healthier style. Since FinishBuild is aware of the importance of maintaining your health and wellbeing, therefore w have come with some useful tips to make your bed a more planet-friendly item in your home o flat areas.


Coil mattresses were introduced in the 19th century, inspired in part from the coils used to construct carriages according to SleepOutfitters. Subsequently, during the 1920s, latex introduced by a Scottish inventor named John Boyd Dunlop and latex mattresses were introduced shortly thereafter. However during 1950, the introduction of pillows and mattresses were made from polyurethane foam. Many materials had been part or our sleep-time history, and even though we barely pay attention, essential things are usually invisible to the eye. Nowadays, green options embrace organic wool- and cotton-filled mattresses that are just as comfortable as a chemical-filled mattress. The greenest option is latex. This last one do not grieve on lumps and gullies over time. Wool and organic cotton materials are the best primary green options when it comes to choose a suitable mattress, being eco-friendly is based on the principle of using natural fibers that do not release synthetic materials into the environment.

Resting easy knowing that you are relaxing in a natural bedroom can double your happiness on your daily basis, so if you cannot wait, try by choosing a mattress that is toxin-free and does not contain polyurethane foam and fire-retardants such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers, PBDEs. On the other hand, the consequences of these materials prove that animals exposed to PDBEs showed learning deficiencies, and high levels of the chemical have been found in women’s breast milk according to

Green Bedding platforms

Beds sustainable platforms are another eco-friendly items you can add to your bedroom in order to maintain the harmony between your furniture and mattress as well. Sustainable and/or recycled materials, such as FSC-certified wood and recycled steel, and non-toxic, water-based finishes are upright options to choose from.

As we mention before, latex mattress is a nice one of the best platforms to rest your mattress. Latex bed platforms are rigid surfaces on a solid foundation. On the other hand, other foundations of wood, made of untreated pine, can also be a natural element to consider for your health but not for our planet, however is good to share and let you know the best non-toxic selections.