Baby Bath-Time: Safety Must Know Tips

Having kids is such a wonderful experience. It is an opportunity to grow and a chance to share common values that have been into your family through years. Even though you have been blessed with another piece of heaven into your regular basis, it takes a huge sense of responsibility to maintain your kids in a safe atmosphere at all times.

Safety is one of the main factors that switch to “on” continuously on your brain isn’t it? Therefore, for you Moms, who are still wondering if you are making a good job, we assure you, there is nothing to worry about; love will always tell you what to do in order to provide a harmless environment for your babies. Love, and of course a few extra tips that FinishBuild would love to share with you on our todays post.

Bath-time is a regular activity on our daily basis, we have learnt how to do the basics, and others take this daily task as an anti-stress experience. Subsequently, whether you want to rub your kids mud from a long afternoon soccer physical activity or preparing them for a nice bedtime, we have come with some recommendations for you to have stress out of line and a marvelous time.

Bath-time safety

Supervision is our first recommendation regarding bath-time journeys, children can drown in only a few inches of water, therefore whatever you do, never leave a young child alone in the bath. If you cannot ignore the doorbell or the phone, wrap your child in a towel and take him along when you go to answer them. Bath seats are meant to be bathing aids and will not prevent drowning if the child is left unattended.

On the other hand, beware of electrical appliances in the bathroom, if you regularly use them (dryers and razors) be sure to unplug them and store them in a cabinet with a safety lock when they aren’t in use. We strongly recommend you to use them in another room where there is no water.

Slippery surfaces

When it comes to bath-time, we understand that a wet tub or wet tile floor is not always a good friend for restless children. Injuries can easily occur if a young child slips while sitting or standing on it. Therefore if you, dear Mommy, are not in the mood for taking a second bath with your baby, you can locate a nonslip mat or appliques at the bottom of the tub.

On the other hand, nonskid rugs or bathmat are always a nice option to have next or inside the tub or shower. Always wipe up water that has splashed on to the floor quickly, so it will not add to the risk of slipping.

Proof tub & Sink knobs

Hot water injuries are one of the situations you would definitely want to avoid when having children in the bathroom. We suggest you to install childproof tub and sink knobs, so a child cannot turn the water on. Also use a faucet cover that pads the faucet and prevents burns caused by brushing up against it when it’s hot. They are available in countless fun shapes, such as, elephants, hippos and whale.

Bath seats

One of FinishBuild favorite options regarding your baby’s safety is Bath-seats. Usually between 6 and 8 months, babies can be too big for a baby bathtub. Eventually your baby would be ready for shower or bathtub areas. Bath seats, work for both areas, whether is a shower or bathtub you would have the opportunity to graduate to your best convenience. These help keep slippery babies in an upright position, which is handy when your baby is just learning to balance. But bath seats and rings aren’t essential. Many parents manage the precarious job of bathing babies by climbing into the tub with them. However, we might like to add that even though your baby might look safe and steady; do under no circumstances left him unattended.

So, if you are thinking of buying a bath-seat for baby, FinishBuild suggest keeping these tips into account:

  1. Make sure the seat has a T-bar or strap that runs between your baby’s legs.
  2. Check for material, rough edges could scrape your baby’s skin.
  3. Consider a seat that comes with attached toys to make bath time fun.

Bath seats are designed to ease your baby bath-time. Make of your routine a pleasant experience Mommy.  Pick from a variety of lie-back seats instead of taking 2 or 3 shower per day.

Extra safety tips

To sum up, we would like you to keep in mind some extra advices that might become handy when it comes to take care of your little one.

Position is our first extra tip in order to make your baby’s bath-time a pleasant moment, when you work from the top down, it helps you to have a panoramic view of what you are doing.

Take your time with your baby’s face, by using a soft fabric in order to clean eyes and the outer part of the ear and behind the ear. Lift and separate. And remember to lift and detached as best you can any folds in your baby’s neck, armpits, and groin.

When it comes to baby wash use, put a small amount on the washcloth or your hand and gently rub it onto your baby’s body from the neck down. Aim for keeping your holding hand soap-free to prevent a slippery situation.

Happines is a long undisturbed, hot bath