American Farmhouse Style: Architecture and Family

American farmhouse style homes were initially influenced by many 18th and 19th century designs; in the earliest 18th century, they were built based on function and geography. Shaped by the needs of the farmers and their growing families, American farmhouses had to resist local climate and were built with the materials available, of course there were not architects or builders to make them and as a result, farmhouses were built with raw logs, native stone or mud. Things evolved considerably in the mid- 18th century with the advent of railways, which made possible to transport manufactured materials across the country; this gave farmers access to more style options for their humble dwellings as well as the ability to start building with brick and lumber.

Allowing families to live where they also worked (their farms), American farmhouse architecture significantly evolved to meet the needs of these families, they could finally have more than a simple structure that sheltered them, and opposite to this they had a place of pride to entertain their relatives or community and most important, to have some comfort in their lives.  Now, focusing on the surface choices you can make in order to reach the Farmhouse style in your home, FinishBuild believes that whatever of our floors you decide on, try to get them in a medium shade, (this is not too light, not too dark) and please make sure your floors have texture, avoid anything flat and shiny. At this point it is appropriate to mention that you can visit the FinishBuild’s showroom, and therefore see how our samples look and work in your farmhouse flooring project.

Flooring ideas

When you look to replace your current floor, be sure to consider all the material options and decide on what works best for you, your farm animals or pets and your family. An ideal flooring for your farmhouse would be one that is durable, provides warmth to your rooms, as well as is soft underfoot, easy to take care of and most important, a floor that can hold up a lot. As you might know, wood flooring mainly come in two types:

Engineered wood: our excellent engineered wood flooring is made out of two layers of wood. The first one is the top layer which is visible upon installation, and it is attached to the second layer, this is the core. What makes this surface material one of your potential farmhouse flooring option is the fact that is made entirely out of wood, and its natural tones give you the opportunity to complement the look of any room with a range of matching colors that would interesting combine with the whole look of the space.

Solid wood: you can find this awesome flooring material in planks made out of solid wood from a single piece of timber. Solid wood is used generally for its appearance and it has the feature of expanding and contracting with moisture and temperature change, it is a great flooring option for any of your farmhouse’s rooms. However, most contractors will not recommend installing solid wood directly over concrete, in basements or with radiant floor heating.

Did you know that…?

There are two types of finishes which are commonly used on hardwood floors, they are: surface finishes and penetrating finishes. Regarding to surface finishes; they tend to be the most popular because of the fact they are really easy to maintain and this of course increase the durability of the floor. On the other hand, you can find your hardwood in a penetrating finishes, which soak into the entire piece of wood, additionally a wax is applied in order to provide shine to the surface; this wax needs to be reapplied occasionally and it is important for you to know that not all cleaners out there in the market can be used with this finish.

American Style farmhouse features

The look you can appreciate in a farmhouse originally strived to functionality rather than style, and it is certainly true many American farmhouse architectural aspects have changed along the years; however, straightforward and functional design is still taken into thought. Whenever you see an American farmhouse, you can observe they have:

  • Two and a half or two stories.
  • Welcoming and functional porches.
  • A front door located on the porch, which is traditionally a single paneled door.
  • Glass panels in their upper shelves, and this is to allow light into the kitchen or back hallway.
  • Tall and narrow windows lay out for cross breeze.
  • Rich, earth tone colors, whites as well as pastels pallets, all of them inspired by the style’s evolution experienced during the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Formal rooms in front, separated by walls and doors from family rooms in back.

American farmhouse is a classic home style; first emerging  in the Midwest in the mid 1800s, it ranges from small, simple structures that after an evolution period became more elaborate homes bordering on Victorian. Today Your farmhouse style does not to follow only one genre, you can add some modern features and you surely achieve a beautiful look. FinishBuild’s wood floors are a great choice since our wide planks are made especially for both modern and classic styles; they boast a more open, expansive floor plan and thus fit the scale of any of your home’s rooms so much better. By visiting our website you can find many amazing elements and accessories that will infuse your spaces with a wide variety of accents to properly get this style. FinishBuild totally supports and wants to be by your side while you achieve this home project; feel free to reincarnate the American farmhouse style or at least fake it as its best and create the modern look you have always wanted by just balancing good furnishings and the accurate architectural details.

Make is classic, elegant and comfortable…you start, we Finish!